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Chanukah has ended and it was the best Hanukkah ever...It was fabulous, any better would be a sin.

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graphically a golden spoon!!!!

stay gold stay golden

Best wishes for those who celebrate the new year- 2012 . For us Jews is 5772 and our new year has come and gone.
This blog has passed the mystical 50,000 views and is rapidly approaching 3,000 followers, being that, the tidbits are fairly new, it is amazing how it is progressing. Continue to read and enjoy.

Here go my tidbits:

O que 'e o bem e o mal?
What is good or what is bad?
Black hat or white hat ?
Sera que em toda pose de santa... tem uma santa?
Is it possible that in each saintly pose..there is a Saint?
Sera que em toda cara de ma tem uma ma?
Is it that in each face of bad person there is a bad person?
Na verdade, todo mundo tem um black and white hat dentro de si.
The truth ,all the whole world has a black and white hat inside of them.
 Nao existe o todo certo nem o todo errado.
It does not exist that all is correct or all is wrong!!!

Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us. "

Esta frase se la dedico a una amiga especial, ella sabrá quien es:
"Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectiblemente te encontrarás a ti mismo(a), y ésa, sólo ésa, puede ser la más feliz o la más amarga de tus horas"
Pablo Neruda

Margaret Thatcher was a staunch defender of Jewish causes and a supporter of Israel in her political career, unlike most Tory politicians before her.

And again I have seen an advanced copy of this movie and as an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, it projects her quite well. I loved this movie,  but more so was the performance of Meryl Streep as Thatcher...she was fantastic.

The best book store in the world...  this chain of book stores is like none.....walahi(I swear)
And the best one is in:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
152 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

The sport of Kings!!!!!!!

' For the times they are a changing ' Bob Dylan(a Jew)

certains des meilleurs, certains d'entre le chic et quelques-unes des belles du monde!!-some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!!

sunset in the desert of KSA-  غروب الشمس في صحراء السعودية


The Jewish Princess- my niece Tiffany Goldstein,  fronting the Tel Aviv coastline....she is flashing the peace sign , a la Japanese a la Gisele.

Only one word.....יפהפייה



    Princesse Ameerah Al-Taweel

    l'épouse du prince alwaleed bin talal bin alsaud bin abdul aziz

    small, speculative companies generally don't IPO.
    Instead, they stay private. And/or they do what Facebook just did, which was do a "private IPO" with Goldman Sachs.
    What's a private IPO?

    It's a mechanism in which Goldman's rich clients can invest in Facebook. But you can't.
    One of the reasons Goldman just invested in Facebook was to create the ability for its clients to invest in Facebook--through a "special purpose vehicle". Specifically, Goldman has bought the right to buy $1.5 billion of Facebook stock for its clients via a single private investment entity. Goldman's clients who want to invest in Facebook will be given shares in the investment entity. And if the value of those shares rises, they'll cash in.
    Voila! The private Facebook IPO. Just for Goldman clients.

    Goldstein Musings:

                 The cello is the most evocatively Jewish instrument.

    When classical composers wanted to bring alive the music of the Jews, they often turned to the cello, the instrument that most approximates the range, tone, and texture of the male voice. After all, Jewish music was the voice of men—men went to shul, men prayed and women’s voices even outside the synagogue were often stifled.

    Italia! Oh Italia! Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty.

    Lord Byron

    This just occured to me the other day: The fact that woman is the predominant character of Italian life, even if not the most conspicuous, can be read in many small signs.
    Almost as many popular songs are dedicated every year to La Mamma as to voluptuous hussies or romantic beauties. "Mamma mia" is the most common explanation. What other people call for their mother in time of stress or danger?

    If we are only reading things that interest us, we'll never find anything new. We'll never try something a little bit outside of our comfort zone, and we'll never grow as humans.

    Living inside a comfort zone is dangerous, and turns you into an uninteresting human being fed by other people’s opinions. Broaden the topics of things you read and learn how to have your own opinion.

    We’re obviously all at the mercy of forces we only dimly perceive and events over which we have no control, but it’s still unsettling to discover that there are people out there—human beings of whose existence you are totally oblivious—who have effectively toyed with your life.( politicians around the world)

    More tidbits:

    Prabal Gurung designs Sephora's New Uniforms    -I like them....stylish and chic

    Gresso - the luxurious Avantgarde Grand Premiere phone

    Here We Go: App By Agency For Models To Be Discovered

    Factor App

    This is the first such application allowing models to be discovered via iPhone or iPad.

    And I am not getting a commision from Dr Frances Prenna Jones(smiles)....many readers asked to post this again.

    Sometimes when it is not broken it must not be fixed , however when it comes to Dr Frances Prenna Jones- Formula 2006 she has found another special elixir to perfect the formula.

    The Science Issue Bridget Malcolm by?

    You need to try this..it will do wonders...no excuses

    The life and career of the King, Elvis Presley

    marilyn monroe photo

    Marilyn Monroe

    The greater reality of Monroe was her talent, otherwise she be just another sad case, or one of many starlets. The soul of Monroe is in performance: that combination of comic timing, vulnerability as well as strength, and her precise body language, a grammar yet to be duplicated.
    Genius cannot be duplicated, and the duplication of Monroe be it through the medium of writing or surely when done through performance is finally (no matter how well intentioned and thought out) a reduction of her power.

    It is Marilyn Monroe through a glass darkly, a dimming of her radiance. No bio can compare to a single film clip of Monroe.

    Phases of:

    Ornamented: -verb: Adorn; beautify

    Be·ing: -noun: Fulfillment of possibilities; essential completeness

    Arab people (Arabic: عربي‎, ʿarabi) or Arabs (العرب al-ʿarab) are a panethnicity of peoples of various ancestral origins, religious backgrounds and historic identities, whose members, on an individual basis, identify as such on one or more of linguistic, cultural, political, or genealogical grounds. Those self-identifying as Arab, however, rarely do so on their own. Most hold multiple identities, with a more localized prioritized ethnic identity — such as Egyptian, Lebanese, or Palestinian — in addition to further tribal, village and clan identities.

    I was asked to post this since I mentioned it in the last blog...it is number 1 in Italia and in Spain...

    Kim Jong-Il 280X450 11384A

    Kim Jong-il [kim jong eel], noun: The egomaniacal and delusional—even by fascistic standards—ruler of North Korea who died of a heart attack.

    Kim Jong-un [kim jong uhn], noun: Kim Jong-il’s 20-something son who commenced his glorious, heavenly reign of North Korea by complaining that South Korea had declined an invitation to his dad’s funeral.

    Kimjongilia [kim-jong-eel-ee-uh], noun: Kim Jong-il’s signature flower, similar to a begonia but immortal and omniscient.

    A must see film!!!!

      " It is not enough to conquer one must learn to seduce"  Voltaire
    A must book to read!!!


    Brasil is having something of a renaissance—and in handling preparation for both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, as well as its recent economic boom, its cities are bustling with new forms of culture and positivity.

    My Parting Shots:

    740 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10021

    740 Park Avenue


    Despite the popular admonition “Dress British, think Yiddish,” these haberdashers helped put the America in the Anglo-American national style, and preppy dress is all the richer for their creativity and innovation.
    Not to belabor the point, but save for Brooks Brothers, essentially every Ivy League clothier was Jewish...and of course the king of them all , Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lifshitz) of Polo fame.

    The best dry shampoo out there:
    The key to making this product work is to not be light handed. The first time it didn’t work because I just hadn’t applied enough, it takes a hair amount to cut  through the oil.  Start by working in the product around the frame of your face, massaging it in with your fingertips and then working it back through the length of the hair.

    For all Barbara Palvin’s fans out there!

    Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has an abiding love for hotels. Get him going, and he will wax poetic about the elegance and beauty of the Hotel Georges V(Four Seasons) in Paris, which he owns. Now he can also boast about the newly renovated Savoy Hotel in London. Alwaleed and his wife Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel joined Britain’s Prince Charles to unveil the Savoy on Tuesday in London (see photo).

    Tom Cruise may have top billing in the latest “Mission Impossible” movie but the real star is the breathtaking Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world.                   
    And I am going to rain in Dubai's parade as the Amir, Prince Al Waleed is building a tower(Kingdom Tower-Jeddah-KSA) that will dwarf Burj Khalifa...sorry!!!! it is a battle of the egos!!!.and I did ask him(The Amir) about the similarity to the Tower of Babel....and I got a smirk back(smiles)

    For Chanukah gift,  a Japanese friend sent me this pair of LV wooden glasses, not yet available to the public, and I will see how they look on me after the customary dark blue tint...I will post a pic of me wearing them on future a blog.

    December 31st is an important day in Japan, called Omisoka, when Japanese will make their final preparations for entering the new year. They'll bustle around town buying cleaning supplies to finish their oh-souji or "big cleaning" and will probably get their car washed, so they can enter the new year with everything fresh and new. New Year's Eve is the day when Japanese eat Japanese soba (buckwheat) noodles< /a>, which supposedly helps everyone enjoy long lives because the noodles are long, and December 31st is the busiest day for restaurants that serve noodles.

    And While on the subject of Japan this is amazing!!!

    Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo created a 30 second TV commercial for the launch of the new brand campaign ‘more with Google’ in Japan. It features the image search functions ‘sort by colors’ and ‘similar images’ projected as image mapping.

    ROBERT BRESSONFOR MANY FILM CRITICS, film historians, and filmmakers, Robert Bresson is the alpha and the omega of cinema. If you watch one of his movies is like seeing  film for the first time. Such claims continue to resonate with each generation that discovers Bresson.

    Famous in France, Japan and the United States, the man that Vogue called “the Picasso of Pastry” revolutionized pastry-making with regard to taste and modernity. With “pleasure as his only guide”, Pierre Hermé has invented a totally original world of tastes, sensations and pleasures.

    The trouble with year-enders is that the sum of the parts does not necessarily reflect the whole, or vice versa.

    For those in the world that celebrate the New Year....this has always  been one of the most beautiful songs to listen to.
    Auld Lang Syne by Susan Boyle on Grooveshark

    The Best........... That's it! :hx :hx :hx /// till the next one!!!

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