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I started writing this new post in Kuwait, at the opening of Hotel Missoni Kuwait, yes I got a VVIP invite and my friendship with the Missoni's goes back 20 years, so I had to be here!!!!And I am finishing the post at home in Kfar Shmaryahu, I got to sleep today in my Gold bed(smiles)...!!!!

Universe, philosophy, vision, commitment. Contrasts, balance, diversity, cultures, politics, harmony,Fashion...that is my blog:

Modestia Parte-Modesty Aside, this is one of my better BLOGS!!! I will present and you decide!!!!

Here ar my tidbits:

I am my fragrance
Je suis mes fragrance-
Oui, je suis ... Cartier pour JG il est

Félicitations,Auguri, Muitas felicidades, CONGRATULATIONS to the hacker who got into my Mossad secured Gmail , however that hacker option has been blocked. I am sure is someone that got rejected. Fortunately those who are privy with JG, know he would never send such ridiculous links. Thanks...Toda Rabah!!!!!

Distressed securities are securities of companies or government entities that are either already in default, under bankruptcy protection, or in distress and heading toward such a condition. The most common distressed securities are bonds and bank debt. ... So with this in mind, I had someone from the past asked me how to proceed, my advice!!!Gordon Gekko's 101- "if you want to buy something,you cripple it, break it up, buy the pieces cheap, and reasamble it later and sell it for a big profit"

One of my Favorites-
Missoni is one of those brand that have a distinct brand identity but manage to play with it each season in innovative ways. (pic courtesy of Getty Images)

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Some of my world currency collection

Vanessa da Mata-what a singer!!!!!

Brett Ratner to direct PLAYBOY movie about Hugh Heffner!!!

It’s never about what  you have, or your technique, it’s about being extremely open and very attentive, and being a very, very present but silent observer. It’s about your approach to people, your interest!!!!

From Annette Tapert, the coauthor of the popular The Power of Style, comes a book that is just as beautiful and entertaining but that redefines an attribute even more intangible. In word and image, it evokes a unique Hollywood era and eleven of its goddesses who lived, and left as their legacy, the Power of Glamour.

Again I am living a charmed life(smiles), the life of Riley(smiles)..just got advanced copies of magazines, including my favorite Vanity Fair, many new films not yet released to the public, and so many non-fiction books that I get more spoiled everyday!!!!

 ‘Dark blue Cartier Gold or Platinum Bubinga glasses are like portable eye shadow and the world looks more beautiful through tinted glasses. Everybody looks 10 years younger. That is why I wear dark glasses anyway.’a la Beverly Hills

I have tried to keep my mouth closed for the last couple days as the Galliano debacle has unravelled but I’ve reached my limit, and just need to say a few things.
At first I had mixed feelings about John Galliano's incident in  a Paris café called La Perle(Marais),he made comments  that were anti-Semitic. Galliano is one of my favorite designers of all time, but after watching the video I cannot defend his actions. Here is my take: It seems whenever a “famous” person gets angry- a derogatory remark is ALWAYS anti-semetic- What are they so afraid of?Why are so many afraid of Jews and resentful, of course they hate our successes despite the odds, we are triumphant!!!! This man is a moron, telling people they wouldn’t be alive if his hero, Hitler, had his way. Guess he doesn’t know Hitler hated homosexuals as much as he hated Jews.
Presumably he also didn’t realize that the House of Dior is now run by a Sephardic Jew whose father was the leader of the now virtually extinct Jewish community of Casablanca and not the fascist-lovers of the WW II era...what a pity, so much talent only to ruin his image this way!!!!Just write him off, like Mel Gibson, as a man who just destroyed his own career...What devils possessed Galliano we may never know. What private hell he is living through is equally unknowable.”

  Today FEDEX came late and I received a pleasant surprise four new iPad2...
The iPad 2 is here—and none other than Steve Jobs pulled the curtain back on it. The new device is 33 percent thinner than the old iPad and has a new chip(A5) that Apple says is twice as fast as a PC. It has the same battery life as the original iPad. It also has a front and rear-facing camera and a gyroscope like the iPhone. It will be available in both black and white. Pricing will be the same as the original iPad.

I love this film., there is su much meaning...the film-(Roman Adventure) was fabulous and the song is amazing!!! worthy of ROYALTY-  It has always been one of my all time favorites songs!!!!And they do not write lyrics like this anymore..the art has been lost.

Al di lá(Italian)

Al di lá del bene
Più prezioso, ci sei tu
Al di lá del sogno
Più ambizioso, ci sei tu

Al di lá delle cose più belle
Al di lá delle stelle, ci sei tu
Al di lá, ci sei tu per me
Per me, soltanto per me

My Take on Japan:
I've come to respect the concept of kinben (diligence and hard work) a lot, and why I probably obsess more about cleanliness..

Licca-chan doll. Licca is a popular fashion doll in Japan -- way more popular than Barbie  -- who is half-Japanese, half-French, probably considered by most Japanese to be the "ideal" child.

Parting Shots:

J’aime Rodarte ou Je Deteste Rodarte?

Check out the latest Autumn/Winter ad campaign photos for Jimmy Choo photographed by Brett Ratner featuring model Heather Marks.

Too many accesories do not look good, but she manages to pull it off!!!

One of my favorite foods!!!!

  • Mozzarella di Bufala (buffalo mozzarella), made from domesticated water buffalo milk-
    Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, or Buffalo Mozzarella, is the traditional Italian mozzarella. It is made from the milk of water buffaloes and comes from the Campania region in southern Italy. The cheese has a specific curdling, spinning and pickling process to meet the standards set by the European Union.

  • While on the subjet of food, I love tempura but one of my favorites is Uni tempura. If you’re bored of the normal shrimp tempura routine, try this. Something about the soft and molten-like texture of the warmed uni against the crisp texture of the tempura batter makes it extra special, at least compared to things like shrimp tempura. It is definitely another way to enjoy sea urchin besides the typical sashimi/sushi way.

    Glamorous people know how to party.  Glamorous parties are the ones where the champagne flows like water from a spigot and where everyone laughes wholeheartedly with their heads tilted back, all teeth exposed, top and bottom.  The most glamorous parties invariably occur on a yacht, with a minimum attendance of 400 people:  Everyone knows that the party really doesn’t start cookin’ until the first 200 people have left.  Never forget that the most crucial element to a glamorous party is a diverse mix of guests.  Ideally, the rich and famous rub shoulders with models and starving artists.  Also, it’s important that not all the attendees be nice.   It helps to have a few mean gossips to stir the pot and get the blood moving.  Oh, and what is really impressive is an ice scupture.  Like of a dove.

    au crépuscule

    “Making a good social impression is about understanding boundaries, communication, social savvy and my favorite factor: knowing thyself”

    Coconut trees, sunny fine sand beaches, turquoise seas.....farniente, farniente...and farniente staring at the horizon !

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

    Prada soon will go public with their IPO(intial public offering )coming in Hong Kong as I mentioned before, I cannot wait.- and ,
    Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, Crédit Agricole and Goldman Sachs will jointly manage the sale, with Goldman Sachs being the top underwriter of the IPO

    Victoria's Secret is launching two new bra styles and a fragrance for its best-selling Incredible collection with a foxy new campaign starring Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman, Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, and Candice Swanepoel.

    The other day , someone from many moons ago mentioned the Buddah Bar in Paris, and there are many not  flattering stories about this place,,,,I will comment on it on my next blog!!!

    And everything should go like Julieta Venegas sings in Lento(Slowly)..that is the way it should be...posterity works better that way!!!!!

    Es posible tenerlo todo en la vida?, si es posible, pero lo mas importante cuando lo tienes es mantenerte FELIZ!!!!! y no es facil!!!!pero si se puede!!!!walahi ,yes.

    G-d - אלוהים
    YHWH is the only proper "name of G-d" in the Tanakh

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