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Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ, ISO 259-3 Tell-ʔabib - Yapo, Hebrew for "Spring Hill"-Jaffa; Arabic: تل أبيب‎, Tall ʼAbīb),[

 Israel and it's ancient sea port cities of Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa(Yafo) have been known for their romantic charm throughout the ages. The long, lazy, white sandy beaches of Tel Aviv seduce tourists from New York and London to Tokyo and Paris.

Having comeback to Israel, to my home Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv), has inspired me to write a bit more. By the way I have just passed six hundred followers, not bad for the short time I have been blogging. Thanks to my followers and to the many that read without following!!!!. I thank you.
OOPS...I did it again!!!this is really one of the better better posts!!!how arrogant Mr Goldstein,
no , is not arrogance is perception being reality!!!Again I propose and you decide!!!

Here are my Tidbits:

Você e o Espelho. Está gostando do que reflete?

Você gosta do que vê quando olha no espelho?
Não digo da sua forma física, mas sim da imagem que você está passando através dos seus atos.
You and the Mirror. You like what you reflect?You like what you see when you look in the mirror?
Not so much your physical looks, but the image that you are passing through your actions.?

One and only...live the moment

"You'd think this place is paradise, turns out lots of people who come here to live don't like it that much."

Lou Doillon

 The much mentioned Brett Ratner, famous Hollywood director and Beverly Hills neighbor of JG...he has
directed videos for many famous people. ..here in pic from video "Touch my Body" directed by Brett,,,,from left to right:
Mariah Carey, Jack McBrayer and director Brett Ratner

Ladies Love (Respect, Admire, Bow Down In The Presence Of) Lloyd Blankfein -Men too. And by the way Fortune magazine, ranks Goldman Sachs as the number 1 company in the world...alas I concur!!!!

 The fashion world claims to be shocked over John Galliano’s anti-Semitic outbursts. But it’s an industry based on exclusion, and plenty of iconic European fashion figures don’t hold up to scrutiny.And Natalie Portman, the face of Dior Cherie perfume, denounced Galliano, saying she was “deeply shocked and disgusted.”
Much as it pains me, I must beg to differ with my divinely anointed sovereign, the Holy Empress of All Jewesses. I’m disgusted, sure, but I’m not deeply shocked. I’m not even a little shocked. In fact, I’ve realized that I’ve been subconsciously expecting something like this to come out of the fashion world for some time.

Walk into a Chanel boutique and ask to try something on. Unless you look like a billionaire( maybe I do,smiles) or Blake Lively or a member of the harem of the Sultan of Brunei, they make people feel like a character from Schindler’s List desperately trying to convince an impassive Gestapo clerk of your worth as an essential worker. “Please, I beg you! I’m not a violinist, I’m a steel welder! And a French size 36! I swear!”..you get my point...and I rest my case...later I will perhaps write more on another blog.


I started reading this digital magazine and added it to my subscription. I like their format

The DVD's or films that I like, like books and magazines too, are usually scrutinised, re-read and rewatched so I will not miss any details. Today I saw with my two sisters for the fifth time-The September Issue -and it is eerie such tiny details so similar to the film "The Devil Wore Prada"...much more than people realise.  Kudos to Meryl Streep, she really played Anna Wintour to a T.

 Existe o humor e existe gente sem senso de humor.
Existe ironia e existe gente burra.
 There is humor and there are people with no sense of humor(the SEC-Security
exchange commision comes to mind(smiles)and many others.
There is irony and there are stupid people

Anti-Semitism has gone out of fashion − but who says that the Jews don’t rule the world? We do(smiles)

 ‘Proud to Be Jewish’ and highly honored.  JG  loves to be a Jew and to be called a Jew !!! I am, and I will take this pride to my grave!!!!


 Martin Margeila - The rumored retirement of Martin Margeila called for the biggest, brightest and whitest book you've ever seen. Filled with back stage pics, studio shots etc. Everything except (of course) a pic of the man himself...it is a nice book and is already in my collection!!!

Banana Prada Club

My Parting Shots:

I like how the English girls when they like something or they want to know if you like them... it would go something like this "do you fancy me"..it sounds nice..well here is one more when English girls want to say they really really like you " I am over the moon for you.

Today I dreamt awake of Via Marguta 51 in Roma, Italia

You always match the shirt and the pants with the horse?

It's the Dorian Gray effect without needles, peels or surgery

Los italianos son más de vestir a la mujer de la calle que de crear looks para la pasarela, además de combinar cómo nadie el color..The ITalians designers are more apt to dress the woman on the street, than to creat looks for the catwalk, and for sure they know how to combine colors better than anyone.

at the end of a long day of sight seeing in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem or Masada, one would search for an oasis to relax upon and enjoy a fine feast of Israel food. In Tel Aviv, that would be a restaurant mystically named Aladin.
Aladin Restaurant sits perched upon an ancient hilltop overlooking the modern skyline of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Middle Men is a film that bombed in the Theatres is so  bad ... I saw it today, and I stopped watching after seven minutes..no wonder the producer lost 32 Million Dollars...when I am asked to invest in films in Hollywood, I say , no thanks..investing in films has been a graveyard for many rich men....led them to ruin!!!!

It makes me wonder this:
Could Van Gogh have worked for Microsoft? Could Picasso have flourished at Pixar?Could Michelangelo have worked for Apple and Steve Jobs? And by the way the complete name of Michelangelo- was:
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni  (6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564).and not to insult Michelangelo, but Dr Steven M Hoefflin is today a master of sculpture!!!!not with statues but with human faces, the master Michelangelo would be proud of Dr H's work(smiles)


In Hebrew the word for falsehood is SHEKER-שקר
The word for truth is EMES-האמת

The genes were fabulous and they are still fabulous

edo'  was the (the old name of Tokyo)."I know you did not know that!!!

Michael Jackson(RIP) shows he's still the man - dancing to R. Kelly's bounce bounce with good friend Brett Ratner.

Someone asked JG if he was the one that shorted Bear Stearns stock -,before I answer, this is a great Mao Asada third person speak(smiles)..in reference to Bear Stearns, I will remain coy and say "no comment"!!!

For the fourth straight year, Apple tops Fortune's Most Admired.

And yes I love my new iPad2 and Tiffany loves hers too...and we are waiting for the  iPhone5 to come out!!!!

The French use the word Illico. Illico is an Italian word. But yes, the French use it and that means it is utterable now----tout de suite---illico, bien sûr -Illico presto!!! it means immediately.. Synonyms (French) for "illico":


 The foie gras and truffle treatment worked very well

D-Day is coming:
The women's short program will take place on March 25 and the free skate the following day at Yoyogi National Gymnasium(Tokyo)...Yu-na Kim and Asada Mao, meet again for the World Championship of Ladies figure Skating....and yes, deep down there is no love lost between the two!!! I will be there.
Cara de pocas amigas(sonrisas)

And with this friendly faces pic(smiles) I will end this post!!!!

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The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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