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Some of my favorites views of Tel Aviv 

Again , my blog is  style, beauté, société, art de vivre et plus!!!"Glossy, sophisticated and totally glamorous, Allure, beauty, charm, enchantment, fascination, interest, magnetism, musings, romance, prestige, ravishment, razzle-dazzle and sparkle from around the world.
Shalom from Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv), my loyal readers. ..Un beau weekend to all!!!I started writing in Kfar and am ending writing this post in Spain!!!
“Engagez-vous !”Disfrutenlo!!!Enjoy reading it!!!

Here are my Tidbits:

Sometimes in a rarified realm of certain places, with certain people, the talk is usually of beautiful things.
Of sumptuous things.
Of expensive things. And there is nothing wrong with that, however there has to be a steady amount of depth added to that, otherwise it becomes really so tedious, same same( that is how they would  say it in KSA).

Buon Compleanno ITALIA


 All my readers know how I rave about my all time favorite magazine Vanity Fair- however it is only a monthly periodical, that is why I love Vanity Fair Italia too, and their magazine comes out once a week,and that is great..more reading for JG

Things that make me Happy:

* sticky notes handwritten on gifts

* Share tips

* Find out places, music, amazing non-fiction books

* Setting the haircut at the salon with Mr FF

* Talking to my mother, sister, my niece Tiffany, dear friends

* Any feelings reciprocated, love, admiration, loyalty, humor, irony, sarcasm

* surprises like gifts, visits, phone calls, kindness

* Things that remind me of childhood, things that remind me of my late father

* Getting tired of traveling and sleeping in own bed

* Give food to someone starving in the street

* When someone wins something they really deserve

* Black and White Hollywood movies from the 1940's and 1950's
   I love their style,class , mannerisms

* Being a Jew`

* Shabbat and all Jewish Holidays

O que tem na água deste País?

Eu estava discutindo exatamente isso com meus amigos. O que tem na água deste País? São as mulheres mais lindas do mundo.And I do not mean Brasil,I mean rather Israel/

MyTake on Japan:

 I will comment on some  warped Japanese words like warosu (LOL) and it's past tense warota ("I loled") to gugure ("look it up on Google, fool!") and so on. Japanese net users are notoriously lazy, and many slang words they use are expressed in the Roman alphabet to make them easier to type, like "www" (which is short for warau, meaning to laugh, hence it corresponds to "hahaha"), GJ ("good job"), "ry" (an abbreviation for ryaku, itself meaning "abbreviation"), nau (the English word "now"), k tkr (short for kita kore roughly meaning "yes, it's here, I've been waiting for this!") and so on. 

Not only is it sad that Daslu was sold by owner Eliana Tranchesi, a dear friend of JG, but the fact it was sold for a pittance is even sadder. Eliana's grandparents and parents will turn in their graves.And I know that her legal problems led to this. Really sad...It was an overeach.   For those who do not know here is some info: Daslu is a posh multi-brand boutique-department store in São Paulo, Brazil. The boutique is known as the "fashion designers mecca" of Brazil as it houses more than 60 labels plus 30 store-in-stores and is the place where Brazilian socialites, ranging from multi-millionaire soccer players to conglomerate bigwigs shop for the latest accessories and clothing. It is also a renowned shopping institution in South America for being a "purveyor" in chic and exclusive couture.



This is a great book to read, even if you are not Jewish.

To the Golden Cities: Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L.A. (Hardcover)



French fashion colossus LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is adding another jewel in its crown.
The Paris-based holding company behind luxury brands Christian Dior, Dom Perignon and Guerlain has agreed to buy Rome-based jeweler Bulgari SpA in a cash-and-shares deal that will see Bulgari's founding family become the second largest family shareholders in LVMH. The wily Mr Bernard Aurnalt wants to rule the world of luxury, he is after Hermès, but that acquisition will be much harder.. as he is detested by them.



More Prada


 Miuccia Prada totally intrigues me. She has such an amazing eye and follows her own path when it comes to designing clothes. She knows how to surprise us and makes me look at clothes from a different perspective.

  Et vous, avez-vous l’impression d’être audacieuse ?And you, do you feel daring?


My favorite lyrics from Lucio Dalla-Song is called Caruso!!!I can picture myself hugging the ragazza(girl who was crying) in the Gulf of Sorrento...Signore Dalla is a genius!!!

Qui dove il mare luccica
e tira forte il vento
su una vecchia terrazza davanti al golfo di Sorrento
un uomo abbraccia una ragazza
dopo che aveva pianto


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This is the movie all must watch..and of course Vidal Sassoon is a Jew


My sources tell me that today it is raining in lots of places around the world. Either that or it’s just plain grey, chilly and not remotely springlike at all. Not good at all for a Saturday ;(.



Un samedi à Un Dimanche à  L'Espagne...

The past few years have been an interesting time for Goldman Sachs. They’ve never lost “it” and in fact have only grown stronger, yet the public seems to have thought otherwise. It got to the point where GS employees were told point blank not to mention the firm’s name in public, and you’d be hard pressed find someone using the phrase“I work at Goldman Sachs” but like in Sun Tzu, The Art Of War :
Master Sun-" When you do not want to do battle,even if you draw a line on the sand ... not fight with them but rather set up a strategic change to confuse them!!! And  of course GS does confuse them!!!!And Goldman Sachs is winning big time.

Gofre estilo de Valencia!!! Waffle Valencia style




ITALIAN CHIC but she should lose the bag!!!the bag is not kosher!!!



Le juste équilibre : où est la frontière du vulgaire ?

C'est quoi un homme élégant ? 

I liked the recent cover  of 

L'Officiel it featured Beyonce and the articles were not too shabby!!
Beyonce strikes a pose in an animal-print jacket and face paint for L’Officiel’s March issue.
The French fashion magazine featured the 29-year-old entertainer in African-inspired dresses and jewelry by Gucci, Azzedine Alaia, Fendi, Pucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, and Lanvin



Starbucks is conquering the world again, the owner, founder and biggest stockholder is a Jew(Howard Schultz)....before he started the company, hardly anyone in America, in USA knew what a Cappucino was, what a Latte was, and of course a 
  • Caffè macchiato, also known as "espresso macchiato", is espresso marked with a little milk.
  • Latte macchiato too were like foreign words.


    "Painter and Model" is arguably Picasso's greatest painting since "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"


    Luxury: the Power of blending scandal with private JETS!! but that is not applied to all!!! it needs to be said..it needs to be read!!!


    Fountain grass at home in Kfar Shmaryahu provides a fancier counterpoint to the formal garden

    te lo agradezco , pero no!!!esto tengo que decir casi todos los dias(sonrisas)

    Dubai is still living in Fantasy land, here is an example why!!! Let's say you owned $10 million in debt guaranteed by the government of Dubai and wanted to insure it against the risk that the government wouldn't have enough money to pay you back. If you decided to buy a swap that would pay you $10 million should Dubai default, the cost would have been $4,000. Four grand to get 10 million in protection!
    And because it's a swap, you didn't even have to own $10 million in debt; you could just speculate that things would be worse than expected for Dubai and make a massive profit.
    Remember, in 2007, oil had hit $140 per barrel, sending gushers of money to the oil sheikhdoms in the Middle East -- measured in the billions of dollars per week. Dubai default? How?!?And of course they did default and the Furbi(clever ones) cashed in and send them to default becomes of dumb decisions like this and many other dumb ones...their ego did them in....
    Goldstein and others will say to Sheikh  Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum   we took it to the bank(smiles)                            
    مرسي, merci awi مرسي أوي, merci khaaleS مرسي خالص, merci geddan مرسي جدًا ...


    Definition of puckish: whimsical; mischievous; impish. 

    Someone with no drive, no personality , in this times is Démodé /not kosher..boring and shallow!!!!

    And I am so wary of the Self-Righteous: (Liberals) You do not want to believe those people who say they are honest..and worst those who say "TRUST ME"

    My Parting Shots:

    "IF someone turns right, I'm going to turn left. Even if turning right is the thing to do, I'll turn left. I hate copycats.

    The only woman who says anything new is Miuccia Prada. She stimulates all designers to risk and create!!!

    confute: to refute conclusively

    Sad Commentary

    To redact is to edit, or prepare for publishing. Frequently, a redacted document, such as a memo or e-mail message, has simply had personal (or possibly actionable) information deleted or blacked out; as a consequence, redacted is often used to describe documents from which sensitive information has been expunged.

    Uh oh, if the Kardashians are endorsing Pepsi's Skinny Can, it can't be good.
    Uh oh, if the Kardashians are endorsing Pepsi's Skinny Can, it can't be good.

    Here's a little observation I've made: when something gets "too" popular, it will peak then rapidly lose popularity for a number of years proportional to how trendy it was..but within 12-15 years this negative stigma will wear off making a comeback possible.


    a vaga nostalgia de não sei que mundo perdido

    Some things are better left unsaid, all the rest is rethoric!!!

    Wildfox Couture - Vive La France from ny lon on Vimeo.
    I really like this video

    O mundo acordou passado com as tristes notícias vindo da terra do sol nascente-The world woke up yesterday with the sad news from the land of the rising sun
    G-d be with the Japanese people||||

    I want to sincerely express and give my support to Japan and to the people affected in the earthquake and this disastrous event. I invite you to give your support in any way you can.

    PS: Thank you very much for the readers who were worried about me. I'm not in Japan at this time, and I really appreciate your concern. Thank you again, and let's support them.

    I am posting this blog from the SHA Wellness center in Alicante,Spain. I spent two days of bliss with the best spa treatments.Both my two sisters and I feel great...my hair and face are shining...on our way back to Tel Aviv we will make a quick stop at el bulli to have lunch and enjoy the world famous cuisine and it is by VVIP invitation only(smiles)...some say is the best restaurant in the world!!!

     And give it to the Japanese as this news just broke:

    ISU plans to hold worlds in Tokyo

    LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) The International Skating Union says it has no plans to cancel the world figure skating championships in Tokyo, which is scheduled to begin on March 21....They are resilient,,,the Japs they are!!!

    la paix, la joie, l'amour-peace, joy  love to all ....till the next one!!!! come back!!!

    The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

    I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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