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More of my favorites places in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been described as the Miami of the Middle East, which it sort of is but also as the Los Angeles of the Middle East too...the reality is that it has the best of both, specially the similarity of the weather of Marina del Rey or Santa Monica...here are a few more of my favorites views of Tel Aviv

How are you? Ma shelomkha מה שלומך
Thanks again for reading my blog and for your emails asking me to continue to write.
My list of followers is expanding, now up to 640 plus, so thanks again...Toda Rabah

Here are my Tidbits:

The Festival Of Purim
Purim is a very special holiday, celebrating the miracle of Jewish survival. It is as great a miracle today as it was over 2000 years ago( The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand)
2011:   March 19-20-(Jewish Year 5771)
במרץ הי"ט-במרץ העשרים

 For years, I thought only one thing about the bandhgala. That it is an incredibly good-looking piece of formal wear for men...so I commisioned
Brioni to do some jackets for me, in black of course and in Shatoosh material....

A common myth is that Jerusalem is important to Islam. In fact it is important to Islam only when they can deprive the Jews and Christians from visiting it, such as when they fought the Christians in the Crusades and the Jews in modern times. During the hundreds of years that they possessed it, they neglected it and it was barely mentioned. They suddenly rediscovered it in 1948 when they ethnically cleansed it of Jews and barred Jews from visiting. I can assure you that if they get partial control of it in any peace agreement the number of Moslems who actually come to visit it will be close to zero.But sorry now that we have reclaimed it, we will not give back..it is our capital..it is ours.Jerusalem is our symbol, it is Israel!!!

Ferran Adria has been called the world's greatest chef. He is certainly one of the most creative. Gourmet magazine referred to Adria  as "the Salvador Dali­ of the kitchen". ..my two sisters and I we were granted a private meal at his restaurant, "El Bulli"..His restaurant, El Bulli, was recently named best restaurant in the world by the prestigious Restaurant magazine. Without a doubt, Ferran Adria  will hold a prominent place in culinary history...we were treated to the best Tapas(appetisers)..it was a combination of fish, gambas(shrimps)..boquerones(a small delicacy only found in Spain).../we are not big eaters so we skipped the main course..we all three shared  desert , a specialty called "Pastel El Bulli"(puff pastry of pineapple)!!!

Someone from the past, asked me to write again about the Four B's that women should
So here they are:
The four B's
Beautiful,Brains,Bold and Brash ..
if you live in New York City..you
could also practice the Four B's
but in reference to shopping at:
Bergdorf ,Barneys,Bendel and


Vive La Crêpe -
French Connection Crêpes, which originated in Brittany, in northwest France, during the Middle Ages, are a thin, light, delicate pancake served as a meal or snack, any time of day. The word crêpe derives from the Latin crispus, which means "curled” or “wrinkled.”

I love this film!!!

Amadeo Modigliani, Self-portrait, 1919. “Modigliani should have been the father of a family. He was kind, constant, correct, and considerate: a bourgeois Jew.” Yes a Jew..I bet you did not know that.I rest my case.

si potrebbe fare un caso che a lei piace rosso-you could make a case that she likes red

The March issue it is interesting, and it will help in the upcoming IPO(Initial Public Offering) for Prada. The praise is well deserved , and I love the comparison to The Alchemist:
Inside the issue, Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn and Sasha Pivovarova model the new season's freshest trends - from sophisticated sportswear to colour-blocking; Miuccia Prada's incredible ability to turn any trend into fashion gold is explored in The Alchemist; whilst More Dash Than Cash gives a step-by-step guide to mastering denim this season.

It's always amazing to see entrepreneurs take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity(a la Ivan Boesky)—and beat Apple's supply chain in the process. Clearly, there are some people who are willing to pay $2,000 to have an iPad 2 right now and these scalpers are catering to that demand. Scrappy traders have been a source of wealth for China for millenia and there's poetic justice in them bringing the iPad 2 back to China where it is made. Kudos!
And if you're angry that you can't get an iPad 2 right this instant and are unwilling to pay the market price (these traders are, after all, matching supply and demand, so it is a market), take a deep breath and relax. Believe it or not, it's not the worst thing in the world.

Focaccia  is a flat oven-baked Italian bread, which may be topped with herbs or other ingredients.
Focaccia is related to pizza, but not considered to be the same.
Focaccia is quite popular in Italy and is usually seasoned with olive oil ...and is one of my favorites.

My Parting Shots:

The Chinese say " May you live in interesting times" and I do(smiles)

Interesting, today I found out I have twins following my blog, they are identical twins, so I am curious if their take of my blog will also be similar!!!!

Well!!! Elite Models Agency is the FIRST EVER AGENCY with an iPad app. Go get it on iTunes NOW!!

Is it just me or is LVMH becoming a bit of a fashion monopoly this spring?

 The Richest Jews in the World
Sorry JG, you didn’t make the list...I know and I am heartbroken(smiles)  Same top-ranked Jew—Oracle magnate Larry Ellison, who moved up one spot, to fifth, and shot from net worth of $28 billion to $39.5 billion (a recovering economy will do that, I guess). After this I feel like I have nothing(smiles)..I will survive ...I am sure(smiles)!!!!

 Prince Al Walid Bin Talal Bin Al Saud Bin Adbul Aziz - the Amir himself is having this tower built, it is obvious he is doubling down to make sure no one has any ideas on topping his towering tower...looks like Babel to me(smiles)..I did tell him and he smiled!!!! he, like JG, does have a sense of humor!!!

O que é escrito sem esforço em geral é lido sem prazer. What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure

Money, brings "a false sense of security. Sometimes you have so much money you believe you can't even die[sic}

Someone asked me what I do in Dubai and what is it like in Dubai...how do you feel like in Dubai-here is a list:

  1. 80 degrees Fahrenheit is cool.
  2. 70 degrees Fahrenheit is chilly.
  3. People who aren't from Dubai always ask if you've been in the Burj Al Arab. Now they asked if you have been to Burj Khalifa.
  4. Shawarmas are fast food.
  5. You can't imagine life without A/C.
  6. Everyone has more than one cell phone...not as many as JG has,(smiles)
  7. In McDonald's, a hamburger is called a beefburger.
  8. McDonald's has McArabias.
  9. You have accidentally said "close" or "open" the light.
  10. When you have a few extra days off, you go to Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, or Muscat.
  11. You love that the malls close really late.
  12. People get excited when it's really cloudy.
  13. When it rains, newspapers always do a 2-page spread showing people walking in the rain.
  14. You call all your friends habibi/habibti
  15. You have developed a high heat tolerance.
  16. You are never surprised to see the police speeding by in a Mercedes, BMW, or even a Hummer
  17.  School parking lots are like an exotic cars showcase
  18. You are way cooler than anyone who does not live in Dubai/or has lived in Dubai 
  19. You know some phrases in Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu


      Italians use their hands to speak and say nice and not so nice things...I have cropped some of the not so nice ones!!!

      Number 88 Avenue Foch

      ˙ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ǝq oʇ ǝɹɐp”..that I am for sure..in the most Fabulous way , of course!!!!

      they don't come cheap, but they're definitely a piece you'd keep forever. Worth the investment if you want to buy yourself an expensive treat. If you are a nice girl, nota wannabe furba you get to have them!!!!

      WHO         WHAT      WHEN     WHERE      WHY

      JG-Kfar Shmaryahu, not all Versace here..that is for BH and Palm Island!!!!and here is enormous too..it is a double double of all!!!! two of each..!!!!!

      SomethingALaMode - RondoParisiano feat. Karl Lagerfeld from SomethingALaMode on Vimeo.

      Wow.....sin palabras....Bravo Signore Lagerfeld!!!!Eh bien
      , oui.
      Ce doit être un non-sens pluridisciplinaire et d'autres. Si vous consacrer toutes ces choses qui font de la conception et de laisser une partie de Chanel en d'autres mains, nous serions tous plus heureux droit?non?-In other words, he is so multi-talented, if he left Chanel all his other pursuits would benefit from his having more time to engage in them!!!

      C'est un monde petit
      , tandis que dans Alicante, à la SHA - Wellness Clinic je suis tombé sur rien d'autre que Mouna Ayoub, et elle est toujours à la recherche tout à fait chic, mais son âge montre malgré tout la chirurgie plastique. Tout ce que j'ai été un signe de loin.. It is a small  world, while in Alicante, at the SHA - Wellness Clinic I ran into none other than Mouna Ayoub, and she still is looking quite chic but her age is showing despite all the plastic surgery. All I got was a nod from afar....All I could think was, "Vaya con Dios" Tout ce que je pouvais penser était "Vaya con Dios",,in other words go with G-d

      I live in Real Ville{sic}....I live in Literal Ville{sic}... I am a conservative. And yes Liberals are what is wrong with this world,,, with all their political correctness they are creating a vacuum for everyone!!!!!

       And of course make sure the publisher does not go bankrupt(smiles)


      Une pensée, une prière ou un don … Chacun de nos gestes sera précieux.
      A thought, a prayer or a donation ... Everything we do is valuable.


      There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good...

      Till the next one, I hope I am still entertaining you , and I hope that in Gordon Gekko's lingo that "Tell me something I do not know" and I hope that I am accomplishing that, telling you something(s) you do not know.

      Fri, March 18, 2011 Adar II 12, 5771- at Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv)..3:29am Friday (IST) -
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      The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

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