Miscellaneous Tidbits 5773 - JG 34

happy holidays, wherever you are in the world.

amour,Gloire,et Beaute to all of you for 2013
Familia, salud, Deus, amor y prosperidad.
bahala na ang diyos!

This is the world through my eyes, everything I like or find inspiring :)
accessories, beautiful photos, -people and -things; big cities, celebrities, clothes, fashion, flowers, food, glamour, interior design, inspiring quotes, lingerie, love, magical moments, making memories, movies, music, passion, romance, summer, sunshine, traveling and so much more


ani ohev otach אני אוהב אותך

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  • 4. Merry
  • 5. Little
  • 6. Whatever You Celebrate (JG celebrates Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah)
  • 7. And others..the secular....Christmas and
  • 8. A
  • 9. Happy
  • 10. New
  • 11. Year!!! 2013
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Looking Ahead

The secular new year forces people to look forward, and tradition requires them to make resolutions.

I prefer the Jewish new year, a time to look inward rather than outward and think about the cyclical nature of ritual, to the secular one, with its don’t-look-back determination. On Rosh Hashanah, we ponder how to be our best selves rather than vowing to become a different person.

I Can't Live Without:
1. Fed-Ex.
   2. Evian water in crystal bottles and crystal glasses to drink it in
   3. Black Prada men's clothes
   4. non fiction books and magazines about fashion and current events
       from around the world 
   5. daily 2 hour walk and daily massage.

Es verdad. El dinero no da la felicidad, pero ayuda a cumplir los caprichos más insospechados. Desde unos zapatos al precio de un Picasso hasta un apartamento cerca del cielo.
It's true. Money cannot buy happiness, but it helps to meet the most unexpected quirks. From shoes to the price of a Picasso to an apartment near the sky...to any other whim you might desire.....

In many places around the world, New Year's Eve is a time for FORTUNE-TELLING. In Finland for instance, friends play a game in which teacups are overturned to reveal a TOTEM underneath: red button=wealth, doll of yarn = a baby born; a ring =an engagement........What would you want to find in yours????

Sara Chafak

La Bella Figura!

It has been suggested that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was the longest-running post-war prime minister for two interconnected reasons: He was “crafty” (furbo, a word meaning both shifty and cunning), but at the same time, he displayed a bella figura. This wonderful Italian term, la bella figura, beyond the meaning “beautiful figure,” implies a certain style. It means more than just looking good; it means making one’s best impression in scent, in a confident walk, in a becoming appearance. All these facets give Italian men that certain personal style that has continued through
the centuries. 
Style is alive and well today in both city and countryside from Milano to Napoli. Men’s grooming traditions have always followed suit and thrive there today.

spaghetti alla vongole

The Italian city of Milano is recognised internationally as one of the world’s major financial and business centres and one of the most important fashion and design capitals worldwide.



If Mattel were ever going to design a Persian Barbie doll, they wouldn’t have to look much further than Lilly Ghalichi for inspiration. This Beverly Hills bombshell (who co-founded the luxe swimwear line Have Faith – Swimgerie, along with another G Girl, Jennifer Stano-David) has turned mirror pics into a fine art with her perfectly tousled hair, towering Louboutins & all-out glam style.

 Jennifer Stano-David

Blue Star Jets Logo

Lucian Freud's Woman Smiling

Lucian Freud's Woman Smiling is regarded as the work that pioneered the style of painting for which he is most recognised

 La fashion designer inglese Bella Freud, figlia del celebre artista Lucian Freud, ha creato una collezione di tre candele profumate, collaborando con il profumiere Azzi Glasses, tre fragranze - Incense Wood & Oud, Snow Lily e Fig Leaf & Tomato - racchiuse in un accattivante confezione di cui sono protagonisti slogans quali “Ginsberg is God”, “Je t’ aime Jane” che sono un leimotiv della collezione di maglieria da lei realizzata.

 and by the way:
 The British fashion designer Bella Freud, daughter of celebrated artist Lucian Freud, has created a collection of three scented candles, by teaming with the perfumer Azzi Glasses, three fragrances - Incense Wood & Oud, Snow Lily and Fig Leaf & Tomato- embodied in a catchy packaging which features slogans as “Ginsberg is God”, “Je t’ aime Jane” that are a leitmotiv of the knitwear collection she made

 Bella Freud

 Bella Freud Fall/Winter 2012

Sjal Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil

This Anti-Aging Face Oil is a powerful, modern treatment oil made with an artisanal blend of rare essential oils and Supra-3. Supra-3 is a proprietary anti-aging bioactive complex designed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, plump and revitalize skin. This "liquid silk" weightless oil is infused with Himalayan Blue Sapphires and Aquamarine known to facilitate clarity, calming and balance.


some of the

Best of 2012

Al son de Pe y Bosé

Penélope Cruz sufre por Miguel Bosé en el videoclip de 'Decirnos adiós'

El videoclip se rodó el pasado mes de octubre en el céntrico hotel Orfila de Madrid. Bastaron solo 18 horas para darle forma al trabajo. Bajo las órdenes del reputado realizador, director y fotógrafo Jaume de Laiguana, Penélope y Miguel se adentran en dos historias de desamor paralelas.

"I was never what I wanted to be."

- Brigitte Bardot

  someone sent me this....clever girl...furbina

Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

Prince Alwaleed and Silvio Berlusconi at the George V in Paris

Victoria Beckham in Spain is called  Pija(Posh)

Chicas bien

Pijas- y chicas bien » “logopijas”

Y las “logopijas”, (¡por favor!, no es un insulto, sino una definición). Es otra de las variedades de las pijas. Se caracterizan, porque no hay prenda o complemento en su cuerpo que no tenga el logotipo de una gran marca, de un genuino “status simbol” que marque su nivel.

Les gusta el glamour, buscar los momentos únicos y diferentes. Locales elegantes, con clase, “cool” e incluso “fashion


Usan Nenuco
Y si, muchas  niñas pijas y  muchas mujeres adultas  tambien....entre las modelos españolas bien sûr.....es un olor encantador y combinado con otros perfumes o colonias mucho mejor....en dias de calor no se diga....

Fabulous.........-Yu-na Kim....Queen Yuna

a little take on Japan:

In Japanese, there’s a magic phrase that softens requests, expresses gratitude, opens doors and makes everybody feel good. The phrase is よろしくお願いします (yoroshiku onegaishimasu) and, you guessed it—there’s no exact English translation.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu defined (kind of)

The simplest, quickest and easiest way to understand yoroshiku onegaishimasu is that it means both please and thank you. It’s used to make a request and also to thank the person, either before or after they do it for you.


AKB48 is a dancing and singing girl group that takes the concept to its most ridiculous extreme. It's a cultural phenomenon

Japanese music

some music genres in Japan:


A form of a sentimental ballad, enka is possibly the closest thing to traditional Japanese music that could still be categorized as pop within the country. A Japanese counterpart of French chanson and good old American blues, enka rose to prominence in the post war period and remains relatively popular to this day

A band you might be familiar with from Kill Bill (they’ve even appeared in one of the izakaya scenes), and later The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, though this time one that has been successful long before they happened to attract Tarantino’s attention. An all-female trio, they’ve been playing some energetic surf and rockabilly since the late 80’s and still enjoy popularity around the world


more tidbits:

Fat Grafting to correct hollows of Upper or Lower Eyelids

Structural fat grafting can be performed on upper eyelid hollows, to smooth hollows under the eyes, to fill sunken cheeks, for filling sunken hollows under eyes eyes and is often used for blepharoplasty correction when too much skin and or fat has been removed in an eyelid surgical procedure. Fat Grafting requires specialized training and specialized surgical instruments, as well as patience and attention to detail on the part of the surgeon.

esta frase es de mi agrado

es reconfortante estar cerca de alguien y reconocer su olor'

this phrase is to my liking

" is comforting to be around someone and recognize their smell(fragrance)"

certains des meilleurs, certains d'entre le chic et quelques-unes des belles du monde!!-some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden”


Tu scendi dalle stelle

The kind of outfit that makes people stare in awe and envy. The entrance maker. The look that people will remember long after you’ve left the room. That is Fashion -



 She got her first break in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. She played the role of a model.

  • mugdharamp.jpg

mugdha godse

tu es belle

Via Twitter
“At the airport to Paris to attend fashion week show & take advantage of new collections to prepare my appearance looks for next season”

Tom Ford fragrance ad



Glass Winter 2012 Melissa Stasiuk by Billy Nava

Will Beyonce Cover Vogue‘s March Issue?

L'Officiel Thailand January 2013 Vlada Varnavskaya

From Abraham to Armageddon: The Convergence of Current Events, Bible Prophecy and Islam

my fourth time I read this book....it is amazing.....

and my third time to read this one too.....they have a relevance as they both deal with the late Edmond Safra..........



Anno Domini

the meaning of AD & BC is one that confuses many , and in their mind AD stands for: After Death [of christ], and BC: Before Christ. It turns out AD actually stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for "in the year of our lord". I was correct on BC (Before Christ), though in 18th century England BCE was also in use, and stood for Before Common Era....I thought you should know........
St Dennis

"Stupid is as Stupid Says"

The global warming kooks are incoherent.....as it snows around the world and it is colder and colder....one must ask this question>? Is this the sign for global warming?
now their excuse is to call it "climate change" what a crock........
Such is the ideologically fuzzed out brain of liberals. "they tell us they will be proven right in thirty years."Why not next year, even this year. How about last year? Our modern scientists are so ignorant and incompetent that they cannot even give us some idea of this Armageddon within a foreseeable future.....like everything else, only Elohim (אֱלֹהִ֔ים



Beautiful tribute to an amazing designer.....Perfect song!

Demi Moore, 'Gimme more'
At the height of her fame, Demi Moore was dubbed "Gimme Moore" for her extravagant demands.

“I already knew there were a billion idiots in this world. Old news.”

I am going to beat this information to eternity but it is worth it....this is a lethal combination, even if you are classy, gorgeous beautiful woman with  good manners this will help tremendously.....and even if you are not so gorgeous, are ill mannered and hateful, this will help you for a bit....that is until your real personality comes out(smiles).....I believe that for women this combination is lethal....you will smell like a million dollars....for sure.....

combine this two =

D&G men's cologne with Dior Addict........

"Even if I now saw you
Only once,
I would long for you
Through worlds,

Izumi Shikibu 

I got this belated pic from someone that admires the King, Elvis Presley just like I do....it made my day....


2013 Femina Miss India Calendar Wallpaper

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Don't change a thing. This blog is fantastic.

Tô muito feliz e quero vocês, leitores queridíssimos, aqui SEMPRE, sempre mesmo hein!!! :)

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.......


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