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Palm Island this is what the Goldsteins look at during the day and night.....


Shall I catch a falling star?....Shall I bring it to where you are? If you want me to I will.....


Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things wanted you to know - JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should.... 

This is one of the best posts that I have written. I know you will agree with me... a little bit of this and a little bit of that and it is full of interesting anecdotes that will flatter, impress you and make you think...

I want it all
I want it all
I want it all. 
And I want it now. 

L’amore non si spiega»

Eric Burdon:
" It's a hard world to get a break in
All the good things have been taken
But girl there are ways to make certain things pay
Though I'm dressed in these rags, I'll wear
sable some day. " 

and here is Mira Duma wearing sable...it is my favorite fur....

What a cute pose she is giving, right?! Actually, I can say that sable is a close relative of marten, which you may have come across more easily (since it is more affordable). Sable comes in two distinct types. One is the Russian sable, as you see on Mira, in very dark brown-chestnut color. The other is Canadian or golden sable, which is lighter in colour, in a golden yellow. What makes Russian sable invaluable is its incredible softness and "dense" touch. Moreover it has a very rich color palette, browns, chestnut, mocha, etc. The most valuable Russian sable is known as Barguzin sable.

I am so looking forward to Sochi and the Ladies Figure Skating and
 Asada Mao all set for figure skate gold showdown

 a conversation by 3 gorgeous Russian girls: A Russian woman should only have to pay for her candy and stockings,”Nastia, very tall with black hair, said, making the case that plastic surgery solves everything. Dasha had new prospects: an Italian diplomat and a Finnish entrepreneur. “We look for foreigners,” Dasha explained.“Men are impossible.” Anastasia and Nastia murmured their agreement. “Except Jewish men,” Dasha interrupted. She crossed and uncrossed her legs and signaled to the waitress for another drink. “The best men are Jewish.”Jewish men are stylish and important men. And they are the most generous. You must date Jewish men.” Anastasia and Nastia nodded seriously, as though Dasha were imparting the secret to successful dating. Dasha "It’s simple. If you don’t like a man, I tell you it’s because he is not Jew,” she said in her accented English"....should I say I rest my case????? (smiles)




Some Questions and Answers to enlighten and challenge you:..my answers ,,,what are yours??? 

Gstaad or Gold Coast? 
Gold Coast. 

Levi's or Lagerfeld? 

Mikimoto or De Beers? 
De Beers(big diamonds) 

Kumomotos or Kobe beef?
Kobe Beef.

Full Metal Jacket or Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink.

"I Touch Myself" or "Can't Touch This"?

Late nights or early mornings?
Early mornings. (money never sleeps) 

Raccoon Eyes or Red Lips?
Red Lips

Black magic or white lies? 
Black magic...the one Frank Sinatra
sings as in //"That Old Black Magic!!!

Royalty girl or Beautiful and no class?Royalty of course but Beautiful too!!!!

este es uno de mis favoritos....me gusta como habla al final.....

If you're wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you are halfway there to turning heads"

 thoughts of     bags of books     fresh and fragrant flowers     the scent of my special Cartier Cologne     the feel of evian water while taking a shower at Prince Alwaleed desert compound -Riyadh
the great indoors     writing on paper     daily walks     pretty things     the joy of living

the femininity of women     the symmetry of a staircase     taking photographs    women wearing lipstick     travelling
savouring life     connectivity in all forms     macchiatos     cosy, comfortable shatush....

and… devouring strawberries

This was nine years ago, everybody is getting older and JG is getting younger(smiles)

and here is an iPhone pic taken today of moi by the Jewish Princess....I was playing a little basketball....

XO JANE: The New Birkin Obsession

Serge and Jane by Serge Birkin - $60


In South Florida fashion isn’t just another generic concept for locals, it has become a way of life. As one of the few regions in the world, where Europe, South America, and the United States come together to create a culmination of cultures and styles, South Florida is truly a place of fashion enlightenment –where designers, artists, and fashionistas get the chance to throw on some of the most daring pieces of a sensational collection, turning the sidewalks into their very own runway show.
I would like to pay homage to one of the most fashionable clothing boutiques in South Florida, The Webster. Located in the heart of South Beach, right behind The Palace on Collins and 12th, The Webster accentuates all that makes South Florida so incredibly unique.

Laure Heriard Dubreuil, the tres chic founder and CEO of The Webster Miami, lives a pretty charmed fashion life.

and this art form should never die......

and this is ART too...

more tidbits



Andrea Diaconu one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Jean Luc Godard

Battaglia hanging on......

Gracias a Patricia....y aqui , su comentario " mi foto es mas artistica, sobre tres bellas tumbas judias..yo soñe esas fotos, como si tendria q hacerlas..

Hit or miss? Celebs make style statements

modestia parte me salen admiradoras hasta por los codos(sonrisas)....de todo el mundo.....

more tidbits

Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic


a 'bottom selfie' - a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.

algunas estan gordas

one of my favorite videos 


One of my favorite French Words
bon ton (bn tn) 

a. A sophisticated manner or style.(moi)rsrs
b. The proper thing to do.(moi) (smiles)
2. High society.(moi)- sourires

The Russian rat pack has a new appendage: Nasiba Adilova. Or is she an old appendage? 




 One of my favorite singers...a great romantic song....no special meaning to me or for anyone, I just think she sings great and interprets much nicer!!!!

a little take on Japan

Once a Japanese girl saID to me.....JG. you are 'good head.'" I was thoroughly confused by her statement, but after a while I realized she was praising my intelligence, since the way to express "smart" in Japanese is 頭がいい atama ga ii, literally meaning "your head is good." Naturally there are other phrases centered around the word head, such as 頭が悪い atama ga warui, or "bad head," meaning stupid; 頭が固い atama ga katai, using "your head is hard" to express stubbornness; 頭が柔らかい atama ga yawarakai ("your head is soft") to represent someone who is flexible and open-minded; and 頭が古い atama ga furui, lit. "your head is old," i.e. someone whose thinking is old-fashioned.

a little take on Beauty

One of these two sisters needs a buccal fat pad removal(smiles)  

The latest plastic surgery trend? Mouth corner surgery
Yes, mouth corner surgery. It's called a Smile Lipt (a combo of a lip and lift)

certains des meilleurs, certains d'entre le chic et quelques-unes des belles du monde!!-some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden”  

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

Ondria Hardin for Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance 2014 Campaign by Juergen Teller

Gisele Bundchen by Inez & Vinoodh for Porter No.1 Spring 2014 [Editorial]

When you give someone a fragrance, you're giving them something of yourself. It's a gift of your essence



no one should go through life and not read this!!!!!



As I have mentioned previously I am not a fan of reality tv....and I have to give credit  to Lauren Conrad of the fake show "Laguna Beach" as during a radio interview she was asked a loaded sexist question...and her answer was clever and had the right attitude.

What's your favorite position?
with confidence Lauren answered "CEO"
Now that is what I call the right attitude

Reinast the most expensive toothbrush

Reinast the most expensive toothbrush
Reinast is the optimal combination of technology and design creating a visually apprealing and stylish symbiosis of form, colour and function. Its different colour variations adapt seamlessly to every surrounding by transgressing from a purely functional to a design object. 
Reinast was developed to be durable. The only replaceable element is the bristle head. Every six months we send our customers five new bristle heads. A service that is naturally at no charge.“- Reinast
A Reinast toothbrush cost $4,375 / € 3,200 .

my sister ML loves them 

 photo trill1_zpse7dedd13.jpg
 photo trill2_zps048cb7e4.jpg


 have you heard that J Brand Jeans is collaborating with Simone Rocha

Rocha, who shows here at London Fashion Week, is a bit of a legend. Her collections have been met with fantastic reviews and enthusiastic sales. She represents some of the best talent in London at the moment, so it is no surprise that J Brand Jeans would want to get her on board for a creative collaboration that will launch later this year.

Boker Tov: Enjoy the Breakfast 

the language of the Hebrewman  
and by request.....here it is.....

Hoy fue otro día diez !!today I had another fabulous day...a day with a  grade of ten, you could say!!!!

 “I´ll be back”

The native name of Israel is Yisrae'el I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is..... 

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