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Shavua Tov and a great month everyone :)

"Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world"- Voltaire


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should..

Bien Fait......Look Good....Do Good......

I got a request all the way from Saint Petersburg -Russia to repost this....and it is a great way to start the week.....really is.....so here i it is:

I  have a very special friend in Japan....and so over the years she tells me, that if you send or receive a blank message via sms or email from a friend it is considered special...it is really special to receive it in that manner....so if you have someone out there that you like....try it...do it......

Nella gente che si commuove per un film.
Credo che tutti abbiamo un romanzo nel cassetto, chiuso da qualche parte. E chi non ha un romanzo ha una melodia, una poesia, un quadro. Ecco: credo anche che dovremmo aprire quel cassetto.
In people who are moved by a movie. 
I believe we all have a novel in the drawer, locked up somewhere. And who does not have a novel has a melody, a poem, a painting. Here it is: I also believe that we should open that drawer.

The moral of this story is that: if the lady who designed the Nike swoosh had had a Jewish lawyer or better yet
a Jewish female lawyer(smiles) her share would have been 350 million dollars not $35

una de mis bachatas favoritas....Zacarias Ferreira -Amiga Veneno

I admire women who are well read....she could have been sending tweets or sms messages on her mobile.....

Comment vous portez votre sac, vous ? Sous le bras, comme une pochette ? Sans les lanières ? Adepte du multi-sacs genre Bag Lady ? Tout ça, ça en dit aussi long sur vous que le sac lui-même.

How do you carry your bag? Bag as clutch? Ignore the straps? Multiple cross-body mini bags? It says as much about you as, well, your actual bag does.


So I keep hearing the same big statement over and over again these days - "Magazines are either dead or dying and it's only going to get worse." Now I'm not in on circulation rates, I don't keep track of who's up and who's down or what demographic is still buying print publications. All I know is how I feel and how my peer group around me interacts with today's magazines.

As far as I can tell, magazines have reached a new elevated space in the world of luxury. They are the ultimate indulgence and a way to truly escape. 

I'll leave you with a quote that says it all, from the style queen herself, Miss Carrie Bradshaw:

Sometimes i say to myself that the most beautiful thing in the world is a slender girl with blond hair. But that is nonsense, because often enough I know a brunette who seems to be almost more beautiful....than I see some of my trigueña friends and it starts all over again.(smiles)

punta del este decoration shops

and yes of course Israeli girls....not only beautiful but intelligent.....

Don Draper's best scene from Mad Men  - I love this..

Better Than.............(concordo) I agree

Gordon Gekko: You see that building? I bought that building ten years ago. My first real estate deal. Sold it two years later, made an $800,000 profit. It was better than sex. At the time I thought that was all the money in the world. Now it's a day's pay.

Dark pools are private stock markets that connect buyers and sellers electronically so no party's identity is revealed

"Ahava" means Love in Hebrew

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Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic


Ine Neefs

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Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 8.21.02 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s the street style from fashion week never seems to end! This time Miroslava Duma is hanging out with her good friend; the Russian born, American educated fashion consultant Nasiba [Naseebs] Adilova (she works for Mira’s Buro 24/7). The pair matched in white outfits, Naseebs and Miroslava in Dior and Chloé. Yes, I’m loving Mira’s sheer top with the green embellishments, trés chic. And Naseeb’s white trench deserves a shout out too.
Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 8.21.06 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 8.21.12 PM

Nouveau Riche & Old Money

Russian Oligarchs are famous for being nouveau riche

Most everyone has heard the expression of Nouveau Riche people and people with old money. What does it mean exactly.

This french term means “New Rich” and describes people who acquired their wealth within their own generations. They usually come from middle or working class families, and have worked their way up. Nouveau Riche men & women are known for splurging around with their money, showing off and buying many status symbols in order to be seen as a different class compared to the one they originally came from.

Old Money

This is the opposite of Nouveau Riche, as the naming = this means old inherited status & money. They are known for being elitists, looking down on the Nouveau Riche and claiming “they lack the proper pedigree”. Old money people tend to stick together and not often mix with others. They marry within “their circle” to keep as they say “the pedigree noble”. Some people see them as typical aristocrats, but I’d say their more adaptable to their wealth, take it more for granted and don’t really show off as for them luxury was in their upbringing.


"There are people who have money and people who are rich."  and then there is rich rich and the Amir, Prince Alwaleed is that and more.........

HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal- Kingdom Holding

Princess Ameera bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel often called Princess Ameera al-Taweel, in the English-language press, is a Saudi Arabian princess and philanthropist

It is a norm....the rain in London.....

I am not a fan of H&M but this is nice.....

a little take on Japan

Japan's unique use of the English letter "H" (always pronounced エッチ ecchi) to represent anything related to sex is one of the more famous cultural tidbits about the country. If a man or women thinks about sex overly much they are ecchi, and the most common way to refer to the act itself is エッチする ecchi suru, lit. "to do H." The term has been around qui te a long time, emerging as a slang term used by female students to describe BL relationships back in 1890 before changing to its current more general meaning by 1955. Most Japanese assume the letter "H" comes from the first letter of the word hentai, though this is only one theory. Alternate theories include that ecchi became popular as a result of the Marilyn Monroe film "The Seven-Year Itch" (the final word sounds very similar), which was released that year, or that the "H" represents the first katakana of the English word "erotic" (エロチック) 


facelift, technically known as a rhytidectomy (literally, surgical removal of wrinkles), is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to give a more youthful appearance. It usually involves the removal of excess facial skin, with or without the tightening of underlying tissues, and the redraping of the skin on the patient's face and neck.

When Lebron James left Cleveland to play in Miami he made this statement" I am taking my talents to South Beach" as he did not feel appreciated in Cleveland......

Brasil has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world....and Dr(Prof) Luiz Toledo also did not feel
appreciated so he took his talents to Dubai.

and do not fear the long canula he is holding....Dr Toledo invented a technique for liposuction that can remove all of the fat....all lipos leave ten percent of fat in the dermis and only he, Dr Luiz Toledo can remove it all....he also has tiny tiny canulas to remove all those stubborn little pockets of fat

certains des meilleurs, certains d'entre le chic et quelques-unesdes belles du monde!!-some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden”

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

The fashion icons always share the same taste and style despite the differences in time, geography and culture.

Sheikha Mozah vs Jackie Kennedy





Quand je veux me faire de vrais cadeaux, je m’offre des magazines anciens. J’aime tout. La mode, les photos, l’odeur du vieux papier, la folle créativité, l’absence de cynisme. La période que je préfère, ce sont les années 70. À cette époque là, la femme se redéfinissait. Avec maladresse, avec sérieux et avec beaucoup de joie.
Je feuilletais avec émerveillement un Vogue de l’année 73. En couv, Sylvie Vartan, sublime. Et à l’intérieur, ces quelques phrases D’Emanuel Ungaro :
“Chaque femme doit trouver l’air de sa chanson. Quand elle l’a trouvé, elle s’est trouvée elle-même. Il y a une harmonie intime entre le dehors et le dedans, c’est cela le style.

When I really want to get myself a special gift. I get myself old magazines. I love everything about them. The style, photos, the smell of old paper, the crazy creativity, the absence of cynicism. My favorite period… the 70s. This decade saw the woman redefine herself. Oftentimes with clumsiness, always with seriousness and tons of joy.
I was bedazzled flipping through an issue of Vogue from ’73. Sylvie Vartan on the cover… sublime. On the inside, a few quotes from Emanuel Ungaro,
“Every woman has to find the melody to her own song. When she’s found it, she’s found herself. There is an intimate harmony between her inner and outer self, a harmony called style. 

Paris, I love you...

If I was a movie producer and was making a 007 - James Bond movie I would cast as the villains -
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.....they are the perfect villains....real villains.....

 Érika Martins - Lento (Clip Oficial) Participação de Julieta Venegas

It's a Versace love triangle, with Donatella Versace sitting right at the heart of it. 

Heidi Klum shared this very special selfie from the Elton John Aids Foundation after party last night after the Oscars. The picture features Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace and Heidi taking a moment to admire their matching attire. Yes, they were all wearing Versace and showing off some serious cleavage. We'll just say this - Gaga, lose the scarf! That'll do you no good in case of an emergency nip slip

And Mark Zuckerberg loves churros here he is at my favorite charrería  in Madrid....

in the tuileries

 photo IMG_9363_zps043479e6.jpg
 photo tuil5_zps8c3ea489.jpg


Bar: Where the wild things are

The world famous Israeli supermodel name is also the place where everybody knows your name.

Israeli model Bar Refaeli. 
The Hebrew word bar (pronounced just like the place where everybody knows your name, except with a trilled “r” sound at the end) can mean “open field” or “prairie” (as in pirhei bar, or wildflowers) as well as “pure” or “clean.”

Bar is also the Aramaic version of the Hebrew ben, meaning “son” or “son of,” and there are many phrases involving bar in the sense of being capable of, fit for, or having a certain quality, in which Refaeli’s first name essentially functions as the suffix “-able” does in English.
This is where bar mitzvah comes in, meaning someone who has come of age in the sense of becoming responsible for performing the commandments. Another bar phrase is bar kayma, meaning “sustainable.” This is also the name of an actual bar – a cooperative vegan restaurant and bar in south Tel Aviv, to be precise.

 "gros bisous"
You all come back now....hear.....

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.......

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