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שבוע טוב
Shavua Tov! May the coming week bring us peace & good health.

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Sans élégance de cœur, il n’y a pas d’élégance.


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Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

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He was too old for me, he’d had three wives, he drank, he was an actor and he was goyim,” Bacall wrote in her autobiography of her prime passion.  All that meant nothing to the slinky 19-year-old model who met the 44-year-old star while filming To Have and Have Not.  They wed in 1945 (Bogie coolly muttered “hello, baby" at the end of the ceremony) "Bogie and I were ridiculous, holding hands like teenagers….we mooned and swooned, we really loved,” Bacall has said.  The honeymoon ended in January 1957 when Bogart died of cancer.  Wrote Bacall: “No one has written a romance better than we lived it.” 

And Bacall looks better no doubt about it..........

Miss Universe Venezuela is gorgeous again this year.
She put a lot of weight on lately, but she looks even better now!

to the immediate left is Palm Island and to the right is Star Island....far far into the distance where the cranes are, is  Fisher Island only accessible via Ferry..............


I do not want to rain on anyone's parade but after you are thirty years of age you should no longer buy the expensive beauty creams that are over the counter ie in fancy stores: Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys just to name a few.....you need to get them from Doctors(plastic surgeons) or Dermatologists who specialise in beauty and are licensed to give you stronger creams and potions.
However this products are very good for over the counter.......


I found the key to happiness....yes , read below.

That is right....I give no drama and want no drama...

AL being AL

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Munsbach -Luxembourg

Munsbach (LuxembourgishMënsbechGermanMunsbach)
"If you don't know than you don't know"

J’ai souri à l’idée de voir à quel point les standards de beauté ont évolué en quelques années. C’en est vraiment fini des visages parfaits, aujourd’hui ce qu’on recherche c’est une présence, un style, une attitude, bref, tous ces mots qui ne veulent rien dire, ce truc indéfinissable qui crée le mystère.

"Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?"

WOW- Liu Wen

Hear this or not, as you will. Learn it now, or later -the world has time. Routine, repetition, tedium, monotony, ephemary, inconsequence, abstraction, disorder, boredom, angst, ennui-these are the true hero's enemies, and make no mistake, they are fearsome indeed. For they are real.

The Filipino philosophical expression "Bahala na!" is usually interpreted as a fatalist remark, comparable to "Whatever will be, will be", the expression and its meaning might have been altered throughout the ages. It might have originally been "Bathala na!" ("As God wills it!"), but was changed at one point in time. It might also be uttered when the Filipino has exhausted all possible ways to get out of a difficult situation. A modern fuller version of the phrase is "Bahala na ang Diyos!

thigh gap

no thigh gap

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Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic


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Chanel. What can I say?? A lot, per usual.  I’m in love with the ideas and visions of this fashion icon. Let’s just start with her full name: Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel. Note to parents: name your daughter something awesome. Gabrielle Chanel would have made a successful brand, but she took it a step awesomer and used the alliteration. Coco Chanel. Brilliant.

emily johnston tamara mellon

The Tamara Mellon tie-front t-shirt dress {$395} is, quite simply put, a genius design. There's nothing fancy about this piece. It's beautiful and easy by its very nature, yet sophisticated and elegant in its own way - depending on which way you choose to wear it. Yes, this little black dress can be worn any which way you like. In truth, I can't think of how you'd wear it and not love it. And yes, I have proof. This dress has been tried, tested and approved with two thumbs up by sister ML(smiles)


Phoebe Philo, Givenchy, Chloé, Proenza Schouler and Lanvin. Great, all those fashion names, but how to pronounce them correctly? To guarantee you won’t sound like a fool at your next fashion party, top model Lindsey Wixon can teach you how to pronounce the most complicated names in the fashion industry. Watch and learn! 

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee (ABL)

Hermes Bolide Salvatore Ferragamo Python Special Mini Limited Sandals Shoes Bag Weekend Travel Shopping Relax Mother Son Best Friend Forever

a little take on Japan

One of the defining features of the Japanese people is humility, known as kenson . This manifests itself in interesting ways, most commonly in the form of Japanese people vehemently denying compliments paid to them about how good their language skills are, how attractive they look, and so on.

Have you ever been curious about how writing in Japanese works? Well, I'll give you a brief overview. Japanese has not one but three writing systems: hiragana, for expressing basic Japanese words and grammatical particles; katakanagenerally used for expressing foreign words or names; and kanji.



And in the old days when you did a facelift you were taped up for at least ten days....now it is not so and the real great plastic surgeons do the procedure with  local anesthesia......
I have written before about how the scalpel may look scary but it gives great results...but again plastic surgery is not for everyone. And yes, I think going under the scalpel is great....I recently saw for the upteenth time this movie of Humphrey Bogart (Dark Passage) where he undergoes a facelift and he is very pleased with the results.

many many moons ago that is how it used to be...you waited to remove the bandages to see how nice or how bad they did your facelift....nowadays you can tell the results almost immediately....

Gwyneth Paltrow

(rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), laser surgery. face lift and chemical peel, breasts implants......

El ayer y hoy de: Penélope Cruz

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 


Always camera-ready Sheikha Mozah.
Just ignore the people next to you and strike a pose.


صورة: ‏‎Another #Exclusive #picture from #Hadath #Festival ... More to come!!!‎‏
صورة: ‏‎Wait for #Exclusive #Pictures from #Hadath #Festival for #TheQueenOfStage #MyriamFares‎‏
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Charlotte Gainsbourg covers Net-a-Porter's The Edit


It’s the last few weeks of summer. And here are some pics of acquaintances and the fun they are having........

….And once this summer is over, it’s back to basics(smiles)

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Franca Sozzani
The inspirational editor in chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani.  At the magazine’s helm since 1988, Sozzani is best known for the photographers she’s helped launch–Meisel, Lindbergh, Ritts, Roversi–all of whom went on to become enormously successful. Sozzani is gearing up for Italian Vogue’s 50th anniversary this fall– I’m sure the commemorative issue will be a keeper.

I’m not a huge fan of Silicon Valley. It reminds me so much of Hollywood and the movie and TV industry.
In Hollywood every one will talk and listen to you about your project.  But while they are standing there, right in front of you, they are not looking at you. They are looking past you to the next project where they can raise/sell more.  Where they can be a bigger star. There is always a bigger fish. Who ever is standing in front of them is hopefully just the bait.
Silicon Valley has become the exact same thing these days. No one wants to literally start from scratch in a garage and build something. No one wants to bootstrap a business to profitability.  Those are such archaic notions these days.

made in Downtown Los Angeles - sweatshop free............

J. Lo at Selena Movie Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Un luogo-non-luogo. Di quelli che non esistono sulle cartine. Dove riprendere fiato e perdere la testa. Dove togliersi le scarpe - piedi nudi a sentire la terra - e indossare un sogno. Dove tutto è concesso: anche essere leggere. Dove tira sempre il vento: con la pioggia e con il sole. Un luogo-non-luogo che profuma di pane caldo, cipria e rose rosa. Un luogo-non-luogo che è un po' una casa. Da cui vedi sempre il mare. Di quelli che ti entrano dentro e porti con te. Ovunque tu sia e ovunque tu voglia andare.

They taste delicious but they are bad for you....they are addictive so if you can, just every now and then....

Nadya Loren

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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