5770-The Ivy-Getty Museum-BH Women-JG

Here is an addition of Tales of the World to the blog,and illustrated with pics and
another short take on Michaelangelo,Dr Steven M Hoefflin,the best plastic surgeon
in the WORLD.

I Want to tell you a Beverly Hills Tale..and see if you understand the concept..in Los Angeles on Monday's the Getty Museum is closed; but The Ivy in Beverly Hills is open and it is filled with (women)
living,breathing,eating,chatting,texting works of art,from abstract to modern...most likely created by
one of the hundreds of plastic surgeons embedded in Beverly Hills..than that is me...wearing a Mona
Lisa smile..like Mona I have a secret..I am wearing the same quirky smirk as the women, for unbeknownst to those around me...I too am a work of art..sculpted my Michelangelo...Dr Steven M
Hoefflin,the best plastic surgeon in the world...so the moral of this Beverly Hills tale...is that "Perception
is not Reality"

For centuries, poets and artists have been unsuccessful in creating a uniform definition of "beauty". Early attempts to do so have left behind a montage of words and images for the rest of us to ponder and appreciate. Today, more than any other era in history, there is an intense interest in beauty
After years of research....

The Beautiful Face- "The First Mathematical Definition, Classification and Creation of True Facial Beauty" authored by world-renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Hoefflin ..
The Beautiful Face combines years of surgical experience and research by Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Dr. Hoefflin, one of the most sought-after experts in plastic surgery has studied, analyzed and measured thousands of faces and has quantified his results as a mathematical equation. After seeing over 55,000 patients over his 30 year career, Dr. Hoefflin has found that the fundamental difference between an unattractive, average, attractive and a beautiful face lies within a few millimeters and a few angular degrees.

With this in mind, he has developed “The Formula of AH (Angles and Highlights)” that allows for the first time, a mathematical definition of facial beauty

Doctor Steven M. Hoefflin isn't shy about the limelight. The silver-haired plastic surgeon often appears on TV shows, but as a policy he refuses to comment about his celebrity patients. It has been widely reported that Dr. Hoefflin is the original "Doc Hollywood," the cosmetic surgeon to the stars.

If a celebrity is looking for a face lift, breast enhancement, nose job, liposuction or other cosmetic work,chances are good that he or she will turn up at the private rear entrance to the Hoefflin building, a block-long, red brick medical complex in sunny Santa Monica.

As per his famous facelift technique it is one that cannot be duplicated,,when you have had a facelift with Dr H,it is not noticable like many that have facelifts and look like they are exiting from a wind tunnel..his technique,of course patented,leaves your face nicely lifted,nicely sculpted,and does not change your appearance but gives you back your young face...it is no wonder that many times when I look in the mirror,I call him and thank him for bringing me back(smiles). A facelift specialist must be an artist,must be a sculptor,most have soft hands to mold,and Dr Hoefflin meets all those requirements,,that is why I call him Michaelangelo...I rest my case.

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5770 From Japan- Tokyo Tidbits V

A Tokyo sunset with Mt Fuji looming on the horizon with Shinjuku in the foreground.

Tokyo is now the most expensive city in the world to live in according to research done by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The rise in the yen (or collapse of the dollar) probably has something to do with this.

Still hard to believe this is only 1.5 hours from Tokyo.(Mt Fuji)

Can you hear that endless mechanical noise? It's the sound of thousands of inkjet printers in Japan, grinding out nengajo, the traditional New Year's Cards that are so much fun to receive on January 1st. Just as video camera technology around the world is greatly aided by Japan's tradition of school "Sports Day" events, when children run relay races as proud parents capture the action with the latest HD video camera, printing technology owes a great debt to the custom of New Year's Card giving in Japan -- I wouldn't be surprised if the printer driver installed in your computer has built-in support for a paper size called hagaki, which is Japanese for "postcard."

Recently I wrote about how one of the more pleasant aspects of Japan was the high level of service you can generally expect. The Japanese version of "the customer is always right" is okyaku-san wa kamisama, literally "the customer is God," and it's not hard to see this attitude in action

Ah, the Japanese schoolgirl, that perennial trendsetter and object of adoration. Few items of clothing evoke such a spectrum of emotions as her attire (be careful when Googling it). Once considered a sartorial example of the East’s rigid conformity, Japan’s schoolgirl uniform has now reached such a globally iconic status that earlier this year the government tried harnessing its powers through “Kawaii Diplomacy.”

For better or worse, it may be working. On Tuesday, the Asahi Shimbun reported that CONOMi, the Niigata-based company making nanchatte seifuku (fake school uniforms) has seen its business booming, not only here in Tokyo but in China, South Korea, Australia and Brazil.

super-trendy Tokyo girls known as Ageha Koakuma -their hanging out place is Shibuya

ARK Hills Heliport is located on the rooftop of the ARK Hills complex, which is situated in the Akasaka/Roppongi area — a vital and cosmopolitan business zone in the very heart of Tokyo.

The combination of the cutting-edge technology Eurocopter and high quality and design Hermes-style has given birth to this special edition helicopter that promises moments of luxurious comfort.

Boasting “high safety”, “high performance” and “low vibration”, the EC135 model enjoys a high degree of popularity in the business aviation market as a versatile and comfortable mode of transportation. Moreover, its very quiet performance makes it possible to operate this helicopter in urban areas night or day.

Omotesando Hills' big Christmas tree

Omotesando Hills and Roppongi Hills the same as Japan's "holy fashion,"

Omotesando - Tokyo fashion High End District
Why is Omotesando Hills one of the Best Tokyo Places to see?
Omotesando street - Tokyo's "Fifth Avenue" is one of the reasons Tokyo is named a fashion capital.

The street has an impressive range of couture-fashion boutiques cafés and restaurants, all aimed for the well off, stylish customers.

Strolling down the avenue is also an excellent tour in modern architecture in Japan.
There are some exceptional architecture highlights all within a fifteen minute walk along the Street.

Omote-Sando literally means 'formal road', since this was the route the Emperor took to Meiji Jingu shrine.

There is a fierce competition between designer labels on the street. This battle goes beyond price and couture fashion quality to the outstanding modern architecture of their stores.
There is hardly a world famous architect who hasn’t built something here, resulting in an avenue which is an urban masterpiece.

Tokyo is a city that embraces the concept of niche, and you can’t get more niche than Obika. Located in the Roppongi Hills complex, this stylish dining bar specializes in mozzarella and premium prosciutti from Italy

Last night I left Shibuya’s Club Quattro absolutely speechless.

I’d just seen a group called Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra, undoubtedly the best act I’ve seen in Tokyo.

The concept of the sky bar may seem like a throwback to the 80s, but there’s nothing cheesy about sipping Evian water ,yes in a crystal bottle and with an Evian crystal glass, at the New York Bar in Shinjuku’s Park Hyatt. Perched high above the world on the 52nd floor, the New York bar offers one of the most impressive views of the city.

The jazz band strikes up at 8:00, and the place can get quite full. There’s a Y2000 cover charge at night.

Japanese now a little less lost in translation

As the tools of Social Networking envelop the globe, Japan’s market remains an elusive jewel that every major player wants in their crown. However, not even the mighty Facebook has been able to usurp local favorite, Mixi and its growing audience.

Yappa! Abbreviated Japanese ain't all that bad....

Ah.Ah Osaka ,here to watch Asada Mao,Mao Asada,or Mao-san if you wish fight for her life and qualify for a spot that will allow her to compete for the Gold medal of women's figure skating at the Vancouver Olympics in February 2010...the National qualifying Championships ,are being held here in Osaka..a stone throw from Tokyo.
CONGRATS MAO ASADA.,you stared at the precipice,you stared at the abyss and you
overcame...here is the news.... Mao Asada punched her ticket to the Vancouver Olympics on Sunday, winning her fourth consecutive national title.BEWARE KIM YU-NA

In Osaka everyday activities, as in the market, there is more than one way to skin a horse. And one of the important butcher's knives we commonly deploy is that of the quality assessment. But how can we tell if a given share, currency, or hotel is any good?

I'm glad you were thinking about that question, because I have some photos at hand to illustrate.

Witness the Osaka Hilton. At first, you make your way into the lobby, and decide that it is a good quality hotel, based on the singing lady and piano, and well-dressed people standing around listening.

However, I put it to you that this is not a sufficient indicator. Would you have walked into a regional Goldman-Sachs office, said "wow - nice chandelier and golden lions", and instantly hurried to your broker to buy as much as the market would take? Exactly.

A much better source of insight is the obligatory wall clock display. I propose the inverse of the sum of the variation between the clocks, as a quality-of-hotel indicator. Let's call it, I don't know - how about the Jan Hotel Quality Index. In this case the variation is minimal, and thus the JHQI is massive. But you wouldn't expect the Japanese to be taking lessons in punctuality - I bet that any variation is more the fault of Rolex.

So far, so good. But that can hardly be enough. We must look for other clues to make up the entire picture. And here, I suggest the Unhappiness of People in the Lobby number. The theory here is that rich people are the most likely to be dissatisfied with everything, and unhappy people on business trips are more likely to be important fat cats. Here, almost everyone looks suicidal - a fantastic quality pointer!

But we still have to look out for that one extra thing - the Wow factor that all good hotels aspire to.

And here we have found it, in the form of...

...a wedding-themed stick-your-face-in-the cardboard photo thingy for kids! (or midgets)

So this hotel does pass the quality test, and, thankfully, it has some Jinglish for those who almost forgot that we are in Japan: "The atrium plaza is designated as the public space".

And this reminds me a little of the market. If you are buying stocks, perhaps you should do more due diligence than counting the number of gold elephants in the company's atrium.

It's snowing in the mountains...really looks beautiful

A few more tidbits about Tokyo....Tokyoites take their last train, or shu den, very seriously. Most folks who live in the suburbs just don’t flag cabs home, even if you live within the Yamamote line. I think the only people who do board the exorbitant taxis are those who only have a short distance to go or are just too drunk to care.

It’s not uncommon for Tokyoites to set a reminder on their keitai, or mobile phones, that it’s time to leave for the station.

In which case, it’s perfectly fine to down your drink, throw down your share of the bill, and take off with a hurried goodbye.

I will end this latest edition with the following observation :

I'm a big fan of Japanese girls and the kawaii things they do, and and I love observing the never ending parade of attractive female . In Japan it's supposedly bad manners for a girl to laugh while showing her teeth, and the way they cover their mouth when laughing really starts to look cute to a guy after a while. Then there's the two-handed "bye-bye" wave that girls will do amongst themselves when parting, which is fun to watch, if a little bizarre. But the cutest thing I've ever seen a girl do is get embarrassed about something, then try to pull her bangs forward as if she could hide her red face underneath her hair. While I think the unique mannerisms of Japanese girls are kind of cool, not everyone agrees, and the derogatory word for girls who act like super-cute children to push the emotional buttons of males is burikko (boo-REE-kko), lit. "pretending girl."

There you have it,,,and It is really nice to be able to change from Tel Aviv to Tokyo without not feeling at home....

Once again stop blaming George W Bush,,it is not his fault for the ills of the world,,and the dear leader,the chosen one,the Anti-Christ has worn his welcome by
blaming Bush..I better stop as ...as..as.........JG

Sun., Dec. 27, 2009-Tokyo- Market Moves: 91.28-91.31 yen/dollar ...日間無料試読

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


5770 Miscellaneous Tidbits IV

It is Christmas in some parts of the world. In other parts of the world it is not Christmas

Anyway, Merry Chic-mas. And to the few of you that celebrate Christmas...I guess....Merry? I can't say it. Merry's such a demode word. Not a nice, fashionable sort of word.

I bet you did not know..
The sun is shining, the grass is green

The orange and palm trees sway

There's never been such a day

In Beverly Hills, L.A.

This is the often-omitted first verse of the best selling holiday song of all-time, White Christmas, written by composer Irving Berlin.

Destroy All Vintage

Coco Before Chanel.-It’s a beautifully shot movie, skating over the main events of the designer’s life before she hit it big

An economist would tell you that a “budget” is a plan in which you lay out how you are going to spend your money. In my opinion economists have less value when it comes to economics than a drunk in a bar. They’re paid liars. Actors are also paid liars, but with actors even the dimmest dullard from the public knows that the actor is simply acting- it appears that many people don’t know that the economist is acting. I suppose if you’re going to put your belief in these economics, one might as well put their trust into actors. Extend that to celebrities and one ends up with what half the celebrities of the world are doing: asking people to put their belief into them. This Bono and his concerts for the people in Africa, for example. And all these other charities with celebrity spokespeople.

“Oh! The recession, the recession…so awful…imagine how poor old Louis Vuitton feels about this recession! Can’t be good for his back pocket…”
“Louis Vuitton is a brand. The person is dead.”
“Oh. Fab! it is Bernard Arnault and his LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA conglomerate that is Louis Vuitton now.

"SYDNEY, PARIS, TEL AVIV, Rome, Florence, Capri, Portofino, Greece, KSA,DOHA....................."Montenegro, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, London, Dubai, Cairo… Oh, and Moscow." Whew! I understand why people are spending and staying and traveling to the places they are, because I’m one of them///and many more...AMANKILA,MAURITIUS,ST BARTH,LA ISLA DEL ENCANTO,GOLD COAST,MAKATI..it is intoxicating ,I will stop ,but more later.

Dangerously decadent: “When I had fugu [pufferfish] in Japan(thanks Mao Asada)-it reopened my food palate/

I love the look of the sexier, curvier model. I want us to go back to that: back to when women had bodies and boobs. In New York,,in Beverly Hills, it’s crazy how skinny the girls are.

Still having trouble getting that reservation at Mozza?Call JG(smiles)

Ooh La L.A.
“So many people do look the same in L.A.,” in Beverly Hills to be more precise.

So dissapointed,,,I really believed in you Carrie Prejean but than perception is not reality...but I will not ask for my legal

donation back..no I will not.

Marriage of Convenience- so many of them.

Celebs “Support” Filmmaker, Then Bail During Screening-why did you expect it is Hollywood

Runway shows, inundated by gatecrashers, hangers-on, and D-lebrities, are no longer reserved for apparel insiders.so DEMODE

Besides death and taxes, an unavoidable nuisance in life is that shops almost never launch on the scheduled date. (Restaurants are worse.)

“It’s the illest thing we’ve ever done,” FOR YOU TO DECIPHER

Ever noticed that waitresses in L.A. are hotter than models or actresses? If you haven’t, your boyfriend has.Remember I always

say this,,specially those waitresses in the West Side,,Beverly Hills ,West Hollywood to be more precise.

“This is a million times more fun,” I mean reading a non fiction book rather than the mundane other.

I’m impressed with the evolution of Yotam Solomon’s collections//as he is Israeli ,of course.

Psst! Wanna Go Backstage?

Si, Es Verdad

So Much for Noblesse Oblige

So Bad It’s Good?

What is it with designers looking schlubby for their catwalk bow?

The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows

For those who celebrate Christmas may all be well and wishing all Health,Prosperity ,Peace and Love.

Please do not blame poor George W Bush for all your insicurities(smiles)

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5770 Random Thoughts and Tidbits III

I will start by quoting my favorite axiom,those who know me well are used to it and even my detractors like it,and dislike it at the same time,,so here is the axiom and some background"Fabulous ,any better would be a sin"//here is a little story about it,,one of the few friends that I have,,and yes we do have few in this life,is Bret Rattner,he of Rush Hour fame,,Bret is one of the best Hollywood directors and had early success despite being still relatively young//he always liked that I was happy,positive and saying Fabulous when asked how I was doing,,one day he asked me ,I am sure you are Fabulous,,and I spontaneously said,yes ,Fabulous, any better would be a sin,,this particular day he was with Charlie Sheen and was getting ready to film a movie that Bret directed called "Money Talks"starring Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker,,,so he heard my line,,Charlie did,,imagine my surprise when I heard him repeat it on the movie "Wall Street"but leaving out the Fabulous,,just said"any better would be a sin"and by the way Bret is a Jew,,,so he knew that I had patented the Fabulous line and asked me to try and get credit for the line used without my permission,but I felt it was not worth the time,,,but in the future perhaps I will.

A bit of history of the modern Hebrew language. Hebrew is essentially a modern language with ancient roots. As a language of religious study, it has been used by Jews for two thousand years. But religious study did not mean daily use. Therefore Hebrew was neglected for over 1,000 maybe even 2,000 years (that debate is related to the use of Hebrew in pre-inquisition Spain where Judaism had a golden age from 711 to 1492 CE.) When the Zionists first arrived in Israel (then Palestine ruled by the Ottoman Empire) the use of Hebrew in daily life took on a renewed interest. Clearly there was a need for the language although at times Yiddish was assumed to be the best alternative. Eliezer Ben -Yehuda was not the only European Jew who had in mind reviving the language. But he is remembered today as the one to invent new words and clearly passionate enough to make Hebrew a modern usable language. Literature and poetry in Hebrew started coming from Europe at about the same time. But these were based on the knowledge of religious Hebrew used in Torah and Mishna studies in the Yeshivas.

I have been visiting Tel Aviv for thirty years, since I was a teenager, and something always draws me back. Part of it is the sheer sense of wonder that this city founded on the sands in 1909, by meshuga (crazy) Zionist pioneers, not only still exists a hundred years later but crackles with energy twenty-four hours a day. In a century it’s grown from nothing to a sophisticated metropolis, home to about 390,000 people. It has an internationally renowned university, a stock exchange, a vibrant media and music scene, numerous museums and art galleries, electric nightlife, and world-class restaurants. Its inhabitants are engagingly friendly and often extremely beautiful, and love to party. Phones don’t start ringing for the night’s action until ten at the earliest, and it lasts until dawn,..and I suggest you
visit Kfar Shmaryahu,..my home away from home,,.And more important Tel Aviv is where my mother was born,,my two sisters were also born there..so it is more special for that reason too.

Three lessons for those who lost money in the Dubai crisis.,,,1) Diversification is not just a buzzword..2) Debt does matter ... eventually... 3) Foreign investing can be risky

One of the most famous phrases related to Japan is deru kui wa utararu (de-ru KOO-ee wa oo-TAH-reh-roo), which means "the standing nail is driven" and describes the tendency of Japanese to want to "hammer down" anyone who rises above others, or who stands out.

A central concept in Chinese society, guanxi loosely translates as "connections" and relationships." But to Chinese people, it means much more than that: Guanxi equals power.

"Sometimes, money cannot buy you guanxi. But if you have guanxi, you will definitely have money," according to a Chinese saying.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

...Robert Frost

Are there any of your Phones on somewhere else in the daylight world?

SmArTaLiCuS <:)ג

The ultimate consequences of a choice
may be very different
from their first appearance.

If your power is great enough,
others will do
what you would like them to do,
even if it is not in their own best interest.yes and no.

Plato"there is no such thing as a lover's oath"

Before I even knew it, you had broke my heart...anonymous

Mensch (מענטש) a Yiddish word that means "a person of integrity." A mensch is someone who is responsible, has a sense of right and wrong and is the sort of person other people look up to. In English the word has come to mean "a good guy." Menschlichkeit (מענטשלעכקייט) is a related Yiddish word used to describe the collective qualities that make someone a mensch.

The opposite of a mensch is an unmensch, which means an evil or cruel person.

Pronunciation: men-shh
Alternate Spellings: mentsh

"L'esperienzia de Questa Dolce Vita

Lavish Palaces....Lavish Villas and Perfumed Houris

Be careful what you wish for.......

Recién casados... recién deprimidos (recently married..recently depressed)

"Il devient risqué de se cacher dans un paradis fiscal"

The Star of David or Shield of David (Magen David in Hebrew, מָגֵן דָּוִד with nikkud or מגן דוד without, academically transcribed Māḡēn Dāwīḏ by Biblical Hebrew linguists, [maˈɡen daˈvid] in Modern Hebrew and Mogein Dovid [ˈmɔɡeɪn ˈdɔvid] or Mogen Dovid [ˈmɔɡen ˈdɔvid] in Ashkenazi Hebrew and Yiddish) is a generally recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism.[1]///and that Star of David will slay you if you dare to go agains Israel and the Jews,the Israelites..

La Marseillaise//one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard,,my late French born father would always get emotional when he would hear it and always stood at attention//and I cannot help it when I hear it get emotional myself,,if you have not heard it do so...and by the way for no particular reason the old Russian National Anthem is also a beautiful song..listen to it,you will like...but there is nothing like Hatikvah(התקווה),the national anthem of Israel ,my anthem too ,דבר הכי טוב ... כמו זה.(the best,nothing like it).And my niece Tiffany,the Jewish Princess does a rendition that is inspiring.

Here are a few Wall Street or World Markets thoughts that will help you make money//

"I made my money by selling too soon. "

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. "

VALUE INVESTING -- The art of buying low and selling lower.

STOCK ANALYST -- Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

But you know my favorite,and it could be applied not only to Stock markets around the
world but for everyday life..here it is again"IF YOU DON'T KNOW THAN YOU DON'T KNOW"

I will end with the following see if you can follow"Navy Blue Is the New Black or
is it Black is the new Navy Blue"you can ask Miuccia or you can ask me.

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.


5770 Brasilianisms-Rioisms

In the past I have lived,visited Brasil so many times,,spent lots of time in Rio where eventually I
bought a home in Alto Leblon(the BH of Rio)..but security concerns,economic downturn,and
disullusioment overall with the corruption in the country made me stop going,but let us hope that
this economic reverse will perhaps sway me to return as in the past...and Brasil,and Rio is one
of the most beautiful places to live and to visit.

Seu cabelo é bem liso!
English: You hair is so straight

An Ipanema sunset from the rooftop pool at the Fasano

Brasilians love their country. They have a good thing going and they know it.
One of the things that makes Brasil special is its language. Imported by the Portuguese and infused with bits of other languages and liberal amounts of slang, it's a living, flowing vernacular.
For me, the Portuguese language, more specifically Brazilian Portuguese, is one of the keys that unlocks the inner beauty of Brasil.
Their mellifluous language is a window into the soul of the Brazilian people.
In Brasil, the simple act of communicating is virtually an art form. It is infused with so much nuance and spirit that it's a joy to be involved in the conversation.
One thing that's apparent is that Brasilians use their entire bodies when they talk. Which is a good thing, since physical gestures make it easier to communicate and understand the message.
Brasilians stand close when speaking, which can be uncomfortable for an Anglo-speaker. At first, it may seem as if they're invading your personal space, but in fact, that is the norm in Brasil.

Ahhh... the Brasilian bikini - aka fio dental - the dental floss bikini. Brasilians are fond of wearing as little as possible. Especially at the beach, claro!

Baixo Gávea (lower Gávea) is a small area north of Leblon near the Jockey Club.
It starts around Praça Santos Dumont and ends around Rua José Roberto Macedo Soares.
Every Sunday night there's a happening street party that gets rolling around 10 or 11 as diners begin emerging from the informal restaurants in the area.

It's not a street party on the scale of Lapa. It's much more relaxed. And one thing that's striking about Baixo Gávea is the people there are really good-looking. Even for Brasil, when it comes to beautiful people, Baixo Gávea is off the hook.
It's a young crowd, with lots of college kids and a fair mix of Rio's film community typically mingling in the street

And again.did I mention the people there are really good-looking?

Brasil has spectacular beaches along its coastline, including Jericocoara, in Ceara state, which was named “The Best Beach in the World” by the New York Times.

Not to be outdone, The Travel Channel has anointed Ipanema as The Best Beach in the World, many years running.

Many Brasilians will tell you that “Floripa,” Parati, Buzios or Fernando de Noronha have the best beaches.
When it comes to beaches, Brasilians enjoy an embarrassment of riches.
But when it comes to in-town beaches, Ipanema reigns supreme.
And on Ipanema, Post 9 is where it’s at.
Many Brasilians will tell you that “Floripa,” Parati, Buzios or Fernando de Noronha have the best beaches.
Through some act of God (thank you again), there are many more women in Brazil than there are men. Of course, that makes it more appealing for a Brasileira to leave Brazil in search of a mate....

Until then, though, why not shop around while you're still here. This explains why foreigners feel so welcome in Brazil. It's not difficult. Just walk outside your door and you'll feel right at home.

Women and girls in Brazil can be quite direct with their intentions

In fact, don't be surprised when you are the subject of admiring glances and even stares from Brazilian women.
(Amazingly, over half of the Brazilian population is under the age of 21).

Brasilian girls really know how to dance. Their great genes, a culture brimming with great music full of rhythm and their willingness to shake their bundas all coalesce into something especial.
Certainly, dancing with a gorgeous Brasileira who can really work it is one of life's finer pleasures.
Of course, this is the web so we can't dance here. But we can watch.
Que bom!
Brazil is just as accomplished for its success in producing freakishly gorgeous women as the seleção is in racking up World Cup wins.
Believe me; mingling with Brasilians world-famous supermodels is way better than any ceremonial lei you’ll get in Honolulu.

By the way,I always say that beauty is devalued,so here is an anonymous quote from someone that knows"Anonymous said...
I used to live in Brazil and the love motel is one of the things I miss most.
I was also a Brazilian woman lover as well...until I visited Eastern Europe and saw women considered supermodels in Brazil flipping burgers at McDonalds. Now I live in the Baltics and see women so beautiful every single day that my head hurts....so TRUE.

That oft-repeated swipe at Brasil’s vast unfilled potential is getting old – fast.
For Brasil, the future’s here.

The main reason Brasil is stepping right to the front of the world stage is oil.
Lots of oil.

But their sudden good fortune doesn’t faze most laid-back Brasileiros.
Any native knows all about futebol, Carnaval and the beach.
And they also, instinctively, know “God is Brasilian.” but I know us
Jews would disagree(smiles)...G-D is Israeli,Jewish if you like.

Places that Brazilians like to get their flirt on include... well, everywhere. But most specifically - clubs, botequins, the street, the beach, concerts, the store, the pool, in line, the post office, the bank, etc. Yes, everywhere.
Of course, Brazilians like to look good all the time and that includes while at work.
The business attire of Brazilian women would shock a typical North American woman. They proudly display their femininity and ooze sex appeal with high heels, tight short skirts and low-cut blouses.
When it comes to dating, Brazilian girls can be aggressive. Stealing a friend's boyfriend isn't verboten. In fact, it's fairly common.
There are simply too many women in Brazil for the number of available men. And of course, since Brazilian men have such a bevy to choose from, naturally they do...To illustrate - there's an old joke among Cariocas that goes like this: "They say that every man in Rio has nine girlfriends. So where are my other seven?"

Lula did a great thing in winning the Olympics for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil(take that Mr Obama,the
Dear Leader)
And the IOC did the right thing in choosing Rio as the site of 2016 summer games, the first ever in South America.
After all of the work that's been put in so far, anything less than a world-class effort at this point is not an option./

Come to beautiful, cosmopolitan 'cidade maravilhosa'- 'The Marvelous City' and have the time of your life!

I will end this blog with these must phrases to use in Brasil

. Tudo bem?

“How’s it going?” (lit. “Everything good?”)
A super-common informal greeting. The correct response is also “tudo bem”.
2. Oí, árbitro! Cadê o penalty?
“Hey, ref! Where’s the penalty?”
A useful phrase to know when traveling to any football-loving country. Shout as needed at the television, radio, or, when possible, the referee himself.
3. Não, não posso faze-lo.
“No, I can’t do it”

Photo by SFMission.com
As my Portuguese professor once explained to me, Brazilians tend to avoid saying no. When they do say no, however, they say it as emphatically as possible. If you really want to be clear, tack on another não to the end of the sentence.
4. Legal
One of the most useful slang words in the Portuguese language, you can use legal to describe a whole host of things. People can be legal, as can clothes, places, and, ironically, gangster rap.
5. Como? Não falo português europeu.
“Come again? I don’t speak European Portuguese.”
Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese are two very, very different dialects. So different, in fact, that Brazilian TV shows are frequently translated and broadcast with subtitles in Portugal.
Even if you already speak Brazilian Portuguese, you’ll probably need some practice before you can understand speakers from Europe or Africa.

6. Dirige mais rápido, estamos num bairro perigoso.
“Drive faster, we’re in a dangerous neighborhood.”
It’s unfortunate, but Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world in terms of income distribution, and most major Brazilian cities have several favelas, or shantytowns.
While the favelas and their residents have made many important contributions to Brazilian society and popular culture, they can also be very dangerous places, especially for visitors.
7. Como vai, gatinha?
“How’s it going, baby?” (lit. “kitten”)
A pretty simple pickup line. I take no responsibility for what happens if you actually try to use it.
8. Que diabo…quem projetou esta cidade? Não faz sentido!
“What the hell…who designed this city? It makes no sense!” (for trips to Brasilia)

In 1954, Brazil’s government decided that the country needed a new capital. So, they did the logical thing and built a giant, airplane-shaped city called Brasilia in the middle of nowhere.
Oscar Niemeyer was hired to fill Brasilia with unusually-shaped buildings.
9. O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso!
“Brazil is magnificent!”
Lindo maravilhoso is a Brazilian idiom which literally translates to “beautiful marvelous”. You can use this phrase to smooth things over with any Brazilian friends who may have just heard you publicly mocking their capital.
10. É o jeitinho brasileiro.
“It’s the Brazilian way.”
How can Brazil be the world’s largest Catholic country, the world’s party capital, and an industrial giant to boot?
Why did Brazil lay out its capital in the shape of an airplane and stick it in the middle of nowhere?
The answer is simple: É o jeitinho brasileiro.
This are some sayings for more experienced foreigners
that interact with Brasileiras.

* Que droga!! (What a shame/annoyance, also “What the hell..” NOT talking about drugs)
* Que saudades! Hard to translate; “I miss him/it/her/them so much” sometimes works. I hear this AAAAALL the time from Brazilians in Europe talking about their homeland
* Cara – Dude (not so much “face” in Brazil, as Spanish learners would think; for that say “rosto”)in Italian Cara is Dear.
* O meu coração é tão feliz! – My heart is so happy! I love this one. If you’re so happy (usually from love), then your heart is actually what is happy.
* Nossa!! – Wow!! (short for “nossa senhora” – our lady, but used literally just to say “our!” for amazment at anything)
* Cadê – this one was mentioned in the post, but is good to know for those who think that Spanish and Portuguese are so similar. “Onde está” (where is), is more informally rendered as cadê (this includes the verb). Cadê você? Where are you

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.
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5770 Japanisms

Of the invisible pillars of Japanese society is tatemae (tah-tay-MAH-eh), literally meaning façade but in actual use, "the way we pretend things are, even though we know they're not"; the word is usually paired with honne (HOHN-neh), which means the way things really are, or a person's real intentions. Of course, Japan isn't the only country to wear different faces for different situations. During the love-fest surrounding the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson by the media that did nothing but tear him down at every opportunity while he was alive, I'm reminded that America, too, has its tatemae and its honne at times. Anyway, Michael, thanks for all the fun memories over the years

Although Japanese are now quite familiar with images of Christmas presents being delivered by "Santa-san" (as he's usually called) it wasn't always that way. During Japan's long period of sakoku ("chained country"), when the only foreigners allowed were Dutch traders in Nagasaki, Christmas was celebrated unofficially as "Barbarians' Winter Solstice." The starting point of Christmas as a general cultural phenomenon is said to be 1900, when department store Meiji-ya decided to expand its operations into the upscale Ginza part of Tokyo. To attract customers, they decided to decorate their store with a Christmas theme, which caused other stores to follow suit in short order. Confectionary company Fujiya introduced the British tradition of "Christmas cake" in 1910, and now millions of Japanese families reserve a cake from a cake shop or convenience store to eat on Christmas Eve each year. Christmas is seen as a fun time for families with kids, and Toys R Us has successfully trained parents and grandparents in the art of Christmas present giving. December is also a time for couples to enjoy a special night together, walking beneath the beautiful Christmas lights that sparkle in many parts of Tokyo this month.

You've been in Japan too long when you get a nihongo ga jozu ("you speak Japanese very well") and feel mildly insulted.

The Japanese love to abbreviate long, hard to pronounce words. Whether its lopping off some kanji to change Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University) into the more manageable "Todai" or coining shortened terms like konkatsu, the "wedding activities" that are so popular with single people too busy to find potential marriage partners, the Japanese are efficient speakers. It's also interesting to see how they create on-the-fly slang words for anything they like, shortening Starbucks to Sutaba or rendering the somewhat unwieldy title of Monster Hunter into the more concise Mon-han. They also use many of the abbreviations found in English, but find it easier to pronounce acronyms such as JAL (Japan Air Lines), ANA (All Nippon Airways), LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and even VIP as if they were normal words (e.g. "jal" "ana" "lax" and "vip") rather than saying the letters individually, as we do in English

There comes a time in every Japan-loving gaijin's life when he or she must take the plunge and climb Mt. Fuji. An active volcano 12,388 ft (3,776 meters) high that rises gracefully from the prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi, Mt. Fuji is an incredibly beautiful image of the country. In Japanese its name is Fuji-san, with san being the correct pronunciation for the character for mountain, although this character is read yama in other situations, and foreigners are famous for using the wrong name (Fuji-yama). Climbing season is from July 1 to August 31, during high summer, since it's really hot down at sea level yet freezing cold at the apex. Climbers usually start from the 5th level, the highest point that vehicles can reach, and take one of three walking routes up to the top (the 10th level). As you climb up, you pass the various miles tones and get a special stamp on your walking stick to commemorate each achievement; eventually you'll reach the top, out of breath from the thin air but happy to be having such a great experience. Traditionally mountains are associated with Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan, and Mt. Fuji has been considered a holy place for thousands of years.

Today I'm continuing my series on how Japanese may experience anxiety when traveling to the U.S., feeling the need to become more assertive and speak their opinions more clearly than they do in Japan. Another big part of this phenomenon is forcing themselves to say yes and no directly, since these simple linguistic concepts which you and I take for granted aren't so simple in Japan. The word "yes" in Japanese is hai, and it's certainly used to indicate agreement to a question...but also as a general agreement word (called aizuchi) which is uttered every few seconds while someone else is talking, more or less to show that you're listening attentively, so it can have other meanings than what we expect in English. "No" in Japanese is iie (pronounced ee-EH), and it's not often used in normal speech as it's considered too abrupt and p otentially rude. Instead, if you asked someone if they liked a certain food, they might reply with chotto... ("well...") which would clearly indicate their dislike. Another word the Japanese will use when they want to indicate a negative is muzukashii, which means "difficult" but is universally understood to be a softer-sounding stand-in for "no" in many situations. I've heard that Chinese, when they learn Japanese, overuse the black-and-white yes and no rather than more nuanced words for expressive agreement or disagreement

I will end this blog with this observation about Tokyo and its suburbs:Akihabara is the area of Tokyo famous for its Electric Town shopping district and for being the international "Mecca" of otaku culture. It's a popular destination with foreign visitors to Japan, and you can always tell the train has arrived there because all the gaijin will get off in a hurry.

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am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.