5770 More Miscellaneous Tidbits

I am back............ and I could not start without the new
developments regarding
the annointed one,the Anti Christ,the more events that happen the more it
what I wrote earlier or what I discuss with VVIP's around the world about Mr
Obama,.Two fiascos,
first his ego made him believe he would win the 2012 Olympics for the
for Chicago ,thinking with his
mere presence and his speech it would turn the trick,,he was shot down
by having Chicago finish
last in the voting,
and having Lula and his cohorts win the Olympics for Brasil.Did no
one tell him that the Olympics
are bought and paid for like politicians are..????....And then the Nobel
prize,,what a joke,a person
that has done nothing,achieved nothing ,well the Nobel prize has
seized to be something special,,
the Norwegians are totally out of touch with reality,,and the theory
of someone in the background,
as in Middle East deep pockets having him elected and pushing in the
background got him the
Nobel Prize,if he had any class he would have rejected it,but his ego
is too big,,he really believes
he is the annointed one..Finally one last take in Obama,,he wants to share
the wealth,he wants the
rich to give to the poor as long is not his money,,he loves to live in
luxury with taxpayers money,One last take on Obama and his family,
earlier in the summer there was a European jaunt by the Obama
family.In Paris the Obama daughters went shopping-on a Sunday.So
the streets around Bonpoint one of the pricest childrens clothing stores,
and also one of Tiffany's favorites..only I pay for my niece not the taxpayers)
the stores were closed as it is customary in Europe,in Paris ,,and the store
opened just for them,since most French shops are closed on Sundays by
law,.Then they went on to Rome for the G8 summit,,and a picture was snapped
of Sasha Obama with her feet dangling out of the limo after the family had
visited the Pope..how dumb down can that be to the Italian perception..I better
stop there as this blog is not about the annointed one.
You heard me speak about Villa Moda and my friend Sheik Majed Al-Sabah of
Kuwait,the Sheik has become the undisputed Sheik of Chic.Over the years he has
convinced Tom Ford to create a fragance specially for Villa Moda
VVIP's(and yes I have lots
of bottles)..(smiles)..in addition he enlisted Miuccia Prada and
Roberto Cavalli to design
caftans for his clientele.He has also expanded the bussiness to
include branches in Dubai,
Qatar,Syria and Bahrain.It came as something of a surprise,not to
me,then,when Al-Sabah was outsted
from Villa Moda most recently,,following a shareholder vote. The cause
apparently was differences
of opinion with the Dubai International Financial Center,Villa Moda's
majority shareholder.
But do not expect the Sheik to ride off into the desert sunset.He is
already working on another
boutique concept..The moral of this,,I will say it in Spanish first as
it sounds better than I will translate,
"crea cuervos y te sacan los ojos"work with crows and they will poke
your eyes out"or in retrospect
do not start a public company where you are not the majority stockholder.
Another take on Luxury.After all the carnivorous consumption of the
Naughts,"luxury" now has a
negative connotation that indicates how over-the-top ,the nouveau rich
or someone with bad taste. IT's
a word bandied about by the person who throws money around with big
parties,magnums of champagne
at clubs just to spray on people(honestly), or mega-mega-mansions .
Even one of the luxury world's
kingpins,Bernard Arnault,recognizes it..Arnault was quoted in a
publication that shall remain nameless
by stating"The word "luxury" suggests triviality and showing off,and
the time for all that has gone"
So I should say .forget luxury .The proper word to use today is
quality.That's is what counts and what
people should look for in everything you buy.
More on Dubai,.Why is Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al
Maktoum in denial about the
precarious position of his Emirate.Why is he trying to pass the blame
to his cohorts?.Why does he
not own up to the 165 Billion Dollar debt they cannot cover?Why does
he not acknowledge that if not
for Abu Dhabi's help they would have crashed much earlier...They will
not pay the debt and like good
Arabs will default and will cause another run on banks and stocks
worldwide...remember JG predicted
this downfall two years ago....and Miami also continues to be in
denial//a short comment,Obama's reckless
spending is similar to Al Maktoum's,,and it has devasted the US DOLLAR
and will continue to do so..
One last thought on Dubai...."The problem is that many people had
their head in the sand regarding Dubai, This risk has been there for
some time but they have been thinking of investment gains and not
understanding investment risk.
Oops,I did it again I went to another wedding where there were vows of
eternal love,,words referring to the
love of my life and so on,,only this time to get divorced in three
months..so again my percentage of divorces
of weddings I have attended went up to 92%,,a dear friend just
informed me after reading my previous blog,I am
disinviting you from my wedding...wise choice given the circumstances...
Why is everybody is still blaming poor George W Bush,,,he has been
gone for over a year and he is blamed
by Obama,by European politicians ,Asian politicians and Middle Eastern
wannabes...I even went to a Manu
Chao concert and he ended it by blaming George W Bush for all the
ills of the world,,including the hoax that
is Global warming,wars,famine and anything you wish to add...and while
in the subject of Manu Chao who really
understands his songs..besides moi,,and I like how he changes
languages during his songs..very nice.very
clever...but alas,..stop blaming MR Bush..in his own way he is ,was an
honorable President,,,his sin was to
follow the Vice-President's ,,,Dick Cheney's advice.
Why does Hugh Heffner continue to humiliate himself
in the Television show

'the girls next door"???and it wasn't too long the former
girlfriends in the girls next door show were swearing eternal love to
Mr Heffner?as this new girls are doing now?one
thing that it has not changed is that this new trio of
girlfriends,,,have the same zero IQ as the others....I continue
to speak with people i know about their adventures with the
Kardashians,,speciall Kim..more porn films are coming
out about her,,how dumb,how tragic...and do you wish to bet how long
the Kloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, the Los Angeles
Laker basketball player,,recently married to Kloe after a week of
courting...how long will it last???the odds in Las Vegas and
my odds are short,,,If it was a stock I would short it..The other day
I met a gorgeous girl at a party..and you know my take
about beauty,,it has been devalued...anyway this ..this....this..I
will leave it there..this girl said to me..sumise about a statement
she was making to me,,I corrected her and asked?do you mean
surmise?yes that is it she proclaimed, however I do not need
to speak or write properly as I am gorgeous and that is
enough...needless to say ,,my answer silence...good thing my sister
was next to me..and yes we had a laugh about this and other atrocities
she uttered.//
Here are some thoughts on Japan,as the people that know me are aware
of my connection there and my presence in Tokyo
for the last 20 years...I think I have been there at least 250 times
and this country never ceases to amaze me..here are some
thoughts......I wrote last time about how some words related to
Buddhism customarily receive the honorific o in front, for example
otera (temple) or ohaka (grave). This prefix (which is sometimes used
as go) is added to certain Japanese words to highlight their
importance, which is done both in everyday life as well as more formal
situations. Words like money (okane), relationships like mother or
grandmother (okaasan, obaasan), and some everyday comforts (oyu
boiling water, ofuro hot steaming bath, gohan rice), are usually
included in this category. While words having to do with death or
Buddhism tend to take the honorific prefix, Shinto terms usually
don't, although this is one of those things that the Japanese would
never notice about their own language. Adding the honorific o sort of
"softens" the word to the ear -- for example, calling someone stupid
(baka) or fat (debu) might be quite insulting, but a woman might use
obaka or odebu as a cute-sounding term of endearment referring to her
husband or child. Words related to children or babies nearly always
take the prefix.
One last tidbit about Japan,,about Tokyo....Japan is often said to be
a "vertical" society, in which a given person has a higher or lower
social level based on their status, age or number of years in an
organization, a concept that takes some getting used to when coming
from the U.S. Interestingly, there's a similar relationship between
Tokyo and the rest of the country that seems to be a relic from
Japan's past. Basically, Tokyo is by definition the "heart" of Japan
by virtue of its being the designated capital, which is reflected in
interesting linguistic ways. For example, all trains come in two
types, nobori or "climbing" and kudari or "descending," and after a
while I figured that this had to do with whether the train was going
towards or away from Tokyo. Similarly, there are words like jokyo suru
which means "to come to the capital," a concept I can't picture us
making a special word f or in English. "Standard Japanese" is defined
as whatever people in Tokyo happen to speak, which is again quite
different from the U.S., which has no official geographic linguistic
Here is a cheap promotion for my favorite Dr....Michaelangelo as I
call him...Dr Steven M Hoefflin,,the one I thank everyday(smiles)
The quest for beauty for a woman may well be stronger than the quest
for power, success, or wealth for a man"
Steven M. Hoefflin, MD, FACS

For centuries, poets and artists have been unsuccessful in creating a
uniform definition of "beauty". Early attempts to do so have left
behind a montage of words and images for the rest of us to ponder and
appreciate. Today, more than any other era in history, there is an
intense interest in beauty.

After years of research....The Beautiful Face combines years of
surgical experience and research by Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Dr.
Hoefflin, one of the most sought-after experts in plastic surgery has
studied, analyzed and measured thousands of faces and has quantified
his results as a mathematical equation. After seeing over 55,000
patients over his 30 year career, Dr. Hoefflin has found that the
fundamental difference between an unattractive, average, attractive
and a beautiful face lies within a few millimeters and a few angular

With this in mind, he has developed “The Formula of AH (Angles and
Highlights)” that allows for the first time, a mathematical definition
of facial beauty...and I am witness to this theory and its success.
Here are some thoughts on Oil ..Black Gold..Texas T.....To a lot of
big investors, oil looks like a pretty safe place to park money right
"Oil became a safe haven as traders (who) lost confidence in the US
banking system ran to oil to protect themselves from the deteriorating
economic world around us," "Some critics now call that excessive
speculation, but what I call it is reflection of the reality. You have
to remember the value of any commodity when expressed in a currency
will ultimately be determined by the confidence and faith in that
underlying instrument....but again,,,this is like beautiful women a
commodity that is overvalued as there
is so much beauty in the world as well as a glut in OIl...I rest my case.
If you know me,,you are aware that I know lots of models and some so
called Top Models..and the perception from the outside
looking in is that they are amazingly happy,,,when the reality is
something else..most of the time they are miserable,unhappy,
sick and always worried about their apperance....and if you saw these
girls sans makeup,.or waking up you might be compelled
to run away..the other day I was with my sisters talking to one of
them..could be called a friend and my thoughts and that of my
two sisters..Do you really need to be this skinny to be a model???
Seriously, does she even weigh 80lbs???? She has to be hungry......
has to be!//and she was,,she asked me if I had any candy on me///no
sorry I did not....and they worry so much about
being healthy and thin which is a contradiction and they all committ
the cardinal sin of being chain smokers..go figure..do not eat,
but smoke so you will eventually get cancer and have your skin dry up
earlier in life..I always tell them you are missing the real
picture...and the ones I know make pretty good money but they are
always trying to get someone to pay for them or trying to get
away with not paying...how classless,how clueless..so I will stop
there and will not reveal more secrets.
And what is up with breast implants they keep getting bigger and
bigger...and the world would criticise in the past
American girls for doing it and now the world has joined in..does not
matter where I go in the world ,and I go everywhere
and they are out of place..too exaggerated,,I think if done tastefully
would look fine but the symetry from the size of
a woman and the size of the breasts most be sublime but they are like
flying balloons that look cheap and not classy,
like they belong someplace else...they belong where my investors
acquiantences want to go...Topless Bars...so sad..
And it most be nice someday to touch one and say ..wow this are
real,rather than plastic or rubber like..and here is
the killer..why do women want to deny they have implants when it is
obvious even to hoi polloi...one girl I know that models,,
overnight went from nothing to massive and when asked how it
happened,,"I have been drinking lots of milk"stupid statement
but true..it is too obvious..they do stand up like I called
them...candles on a Birthday cake or inflatable balloons some
Sorry but that is reality...here is another cheap promo for another Dr
friend..and a Jew of course..Dr Leonard Hochstein of Miami
Beach...he is the master...no one can do them like does..usually most
breasts are not done perfectly..but he does them at a high
price...but again good ,the best cost money and when dealing with your
health,your looks, than you must pay for the BEST,and
that he is.
One must always stand up for his friends .and I consider Ivan
Frederick Boesky a friend despite his disgraceful exit from
Wall Street and his two year stint in jail...Ah, for the simple days
of the 1980s. Way back then, the crimes of greedy traders were obvious
and unambiguous, and the crooks had the decency to look the part. Few
played the role of the greedy financier as well as Ivan Boesky, who
went all the way from immigrant's son to millionaire investor to
disgraced jailbird. I only wish our current financial crooks played
their parts as well.Boesky has become a cultural touchstone. He is the
inspiration for the Gordon Gekko character in the film Wall Street.
Gekko's famous "greed is good" line is a reworking of Boesky's
statement, "I think greed is healthy. You can be greedy and still feel
good about yourself." Little did Boesky know that his words would be
repeated endlessly by Wall Street boosters every time the stock market
goes up for more than a few days..one must know that many times there
is more honor here than politicians will ever have or wish to
have..and while all his so called friends jumped like rats from a
sinking ship some of us stayed the course...and yes I do believe in
Ivan Boesky...and besides one Jew .good or bad must stand up for
another one.
I will end by doing a quick thinking of subjects and statements..see
if you follow ,if they make sense to you .or if you even care..but you
' If a man does things for you which seem to be a miracle, you pay
him. Why grumble?" I love this Coco Chanel quote"afin d'être
irremplaçable, doit toujours être différent,,here is you laymans term
translation"in order to be irreplaceable one must
always be different"and that I am ,,,,are you?..Versace fashion ended
when Gianni Versace was killed,,if he had heed the advice to have
bodyguards he more than likely would be alive///here is my favorite
quote that I totally subscribe..in three languages...including italian
where it sounds the best..." In passato le personne sono nati Reali
.Oggi viene da diritto d'autore
quello che fate" Gianni Versace

Dans le pesse les personnes sont nees de Redevances-Redevance est de
nous jours de le vous faites" Gianni Versace

"In the past people were born Royal. Nowadays Royalty comes from what you
do" Gianni Versace

While we are so close to so many holidays...ours Chanukah and
Christmas for others..I tell many,..and of course to my Russian
Princess,it is not nice to only be good to people on special
days..rather honor them always..and this quote says it all
" Don't strew me with roses after I'm dead.
When Death claims the light of my brow,
No flowers of life will cheer me: instead
You may give me my roses now!
author is Thomas F Healy and I totally agree,,you should too and live
up to these quote.
Another ironic quote..you always here me say"If you don't know than
you don't know" how about this quote.
"The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows."
the author ,another person I admire,
Aristotle Onassis...//and this one is for the wannabes but also from
Onassis...."To be successful, keep looking tanned, live in an elegant
building (even if you're in the cellar), be seen in smart restaurants
(even if you only nurse one drink) and if you borrow, borrow big.
I will end this blog with a quote I received for my Birthday from a
very special Israeli girl ,one that I have all the respect for..a
inside and out...thanks Tal Ortal Yagur...here is the quote about JG

"The day you were born,
Is the day god decided
World can not exist without you"
(Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)

On your birthday I wish you a cordial regards,
I do not say success because you have a successful,
But I will say a lot of luck and love,
May you only know health, joy and happiness for the rest of your life.


With that I will end it for this time

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.