Miscellenaous Tidbits XIII

Gosh. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Cheers..I started writing this post at the Hotel George V-Four Seasons in Paris,(thanks Amir,Chocran Prince Al Walid-والأمير الوليد
and finishing it here at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Seoul,South Korea and the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel in Shinjuku-Ku,,,,

Kate Moss and Co. Celebrate Her New Longchamp Line in Paris

There were Tom Waits people, in a Tom Ford suit...at the tour'd'argent..strange..que je ce que j'ai dit, étrange, oui...Do you understand my point?"

Liliane Bettencourt ....Generous to a Fault?elle est..that she is

Chic Paris.....

I am re-reading again for the third time,la vérité by Mouna Ayoub and finding new concepts about her and many other topics.....

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group has treated my book like the best-seller we hope it will become. That pertains to editing, marketing and generally a level of attention that is nothing short of flattering...stay tuned...JG

tutta la Francia dice no al velo integrale e chiede che questa pratica sia proibita sul territorio della Repubblica».All of France says no to the veil for women...this practice is now
prohibited in the territory of the Republic of France(I concurr)

Overheard this today at Le Cinq Restaurant at the George V-Four Seasons in Paris-Je veux divorcer(I want a divorce)

il a un parfum qui sent comme de l'argent-He has on a cologne that smells like money(really)

What a demode statement, hmmm?

I had someone tell me the following?????

"I modelled for Kmart, too, you know."
"Pierre Kmart?"
"And Walmart."
"Madame Walmart?"
"Yeah! Do you want to take a look at my portfolio?"

Arab regimes are restoring abandoned Jewish historical sites, a subtle acknowledgement of where power now resides in the Middle East

It’s strange seeing the synagogue’s Hebrew letters in the middle of Beirut. Hezbollah billboards near the Southern border sometimes bear propaganda translated into Hebrew, and there are Hebrew letters on the tombstones of Beirut’s Jewish cemetery.

Brace yourself for the IPO stampede...many are coming out...YES!!!!

Shimon Peres to German MPs: Hunt down remaining Nazi war criminals

kitto katsu (Japanese for "you would surely win")

Mai Senza.......davvero un must?(Without ever ....... really a must?)

Dammi un bacio(give me a kiss)

Prada’s “First Spring” Film by Yang Fudong-is a black and white film depicting young men in what is supposed to be Shanghai in the 30s & 40s... the film follows young gentlemen—decked out in Prada menswear of course...it is a must see...

Apple announces the following: iPad our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device ...and it went out yesterday for hoi polloi..I already have a couple of them to experiment with...not bad but...........I always want more and expect more from Apple,,so for the moment it will do.

est très jolie

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré


BIOB-what Obama is still doing...Blame it on Bush...poor George W Bush still being blamed for all the ills of Obama...how sad,,,it has been a year and he ,Obama, cannot own up to his incompetency and arrogance.

Moving up in investments is Megha Mittal

Some info for and about Jews . In the Mishnah’s tractate Rosh Hashanah, the rabbis engage in their trademark Talmudic discussions and determine that we must celebrate the beginning of the new year not one time but four. The first celebration, in the month of Nissan, is dedicated to the reigns of Israel’s kings. The second, in Elul, to animal tithes. The third is the one we all know, Rosh Hashanah, which falls on the first of Tishrei, when the Hebrew calendar starts anew. Finally, there’s Tu B’Shevat, the 15th day of Shevat (a one-day holiday which begins at sundown this evening), when we are to calculate the agricultural cycle and all biblical tithes involving trees and fruit.

Versace Doesn’t Expect to Break Even Until 2011..it is time for an IPO.

Have you seen how bad Donatella Versace looks???it is so sad I decided not to post her latest pic...veramente(for sure)

Mais Oui?,

Gulf Gap in Davos Belies Booming Saudi Arabia Economy ..



Courting Disaster is a must-must-read-great book.

Valentina Zelyaeva:
"I think it's discrimination (to ban underweight models). We are skinny, this is our work."

Parting Shots:

Today I spent my time in Omotesando Hills and as always,,so amazing,you have to give it to the Japs,,they too know how to live and enjoy life.

The past is not important! We must look to !TODAY,,,THE FUTURE IS NOW, This is why I have never understood gravestones. Once you are dead, you are gone! It is demode to be dead! You are of no interest to the world because you are in the past...

Why Does A Mourner Say Kaddish?

i can't be bothered typing in haiku today

Friends, Chic ones, countrymen, lend me your...no, I don't really want anything from you anyway.

it's not nice criticising the hostess at a dinner party.

Achinoam Nini..Noa,,the upcoming Israeli Singer....She is the real truth

You know, we need to rise against this class warfare. It is so demode. Why can't they just leave the beautiful people alone? They don't get it....And this is something that's quite true. "They" being the demode ones, don't get it...and Princes Sofia knows this!!!!!!!

You are 50 kgs. That's pretty fat, for someone who wears Balenciaga

You don't have to be around people who waste your time....

Do you take fashion seriously? You know, fashion is serious bussiness

Are you fashion enough?"

am I the only one that does?non,,,of course not!!!!

I suppose you're right, then.

I don't care, really - yachts are demode. So tasteless. Whatever.

Private planes are always in style as are Bodyguards,,,in the crazy world we live in,,,they are must...I dare to say,that Gianni Versace would still be alive had he had them......better if they were ex-Mossads..and I do not subscribe to the theory that Andrew Cunnan killed him....


Soooo,I am exhausted, but in an exhilarating way!

I sprayed it with my special CARTIER COLOGNE


Before I forget last night there was a Full Moon over Tokyo Bay...it was so beautiful...wish you could have seen it...!!!!

That is IT for now.... Comme toujours,, tous est fabuleux, tout mieux serait un péché

Posted at the Park Hyatt Tokyo-Shinjuku-Ku...Tokyo ..January 31,2010...4:08 A.M.

Current conditions 46 °F
Passing clouds. Cool.

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XII

I am back!!!!..More thoughts ,ideas,observations not in order but at Random ,as they come to mind ....sometimes they come in rapid fire like...sometimes in a slower process..I am writing this from the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh,at the Kingdom Centre...what a creation,,it is a tribute to Prince Al Walid,,it is really an incredible place in a desert like city that has come a long way...they are still Neandertals(smiles)...but.............

How nice the Scott Brown Senatorial victory in Massachussetts,,,it has put a stop to the reckless Obama Agenda and his unlimited spending of tax payers money...from now on maybe he will be more humble,,,but I doubt it,,......

Most people invest for Capital Gains.....when they should be investing for Cash Flow type investments...
as GG said on Wall Street movie"Liquid,Rich enough"/////I totally subscribe.

Beauty is in the Genes.....

How nice,this past Diwali was lucky for Mugdha Godse again!!!!!

Losers Are... Well, Losers

Jane Aldridge, photographed on a balcony at the Hôtel de Crillon, in Paris, where she attended the 19th annual Bal Crillon des Débutantes.

Regarding President Obama’s attacks on alleged greedy bankers (no ethnicity specified), “To some people, banker is a code word for Jewish; and guess who Obama is assaulting? He’s assaulting bankers. He’s assaulting money people. And a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there’s—if there’s starting to be some buyer’s remorse there.” Thanks, but no thanks.

“Anti-Semitism is still rampant, but it is partly a failure to teach history that allows Nadia Mateiko, an art student in Kolomiya, to say of [Prime Minister Yulia] Tymoshenko: ‘I don’t want this Jew to be the president of my country(Ukraine). It is not their land.’ (Ms Tymoshenko is not even Jewish.)”

Goldman Sachs played Washington like a fiddle ...and played Obama like a fool..buy Goldman stock their stock will be Golden,is Golden ,always has been Golden{sic}...remember they
are like cats thrown from a tenth story building,,,they always land quite well.....

Non sequitur.......is Latin for "it does not follow."

Las Fantásticas: Las Mujeres de El Cartel -This is a book about the women of the Capos of the Drug Cartels...it is interesting but not surprising how this women act and conduct themselves...if you read Spanish,,I reccomend it...

I want to continue to wear size 46/48 at Dior,Forever........the same for Prada and Slimane

the nouveau rich do not know what Luxury is, as Luxury is for the Rich

“ I was raised to be European Like

“ I don’t ask myself questions. I go by instinct.

“We are dealing with the deification of this one branch of the ruling family. Any son of the family is a god.”(Dubai's ruling family)

Beneath Dubai's veneer of tough Islamic morality, is a sordid world of vice not just tolerated, but exploited, by its wealthy two-faced elite

I am pleased to know there are others who feel as I do, the vice exploitation in Dubai is disgusting. Dubai simply seethes with prostitutes and with fat middle-aged men using their services ..

I know the answer to this but here is a question??/Does aging happen little by little-or all at once,at a specific moment?

This I am sure I will never get(Ginecomastia)..most men now,young or old suffer this,,and muscular men are top candidates,,even the terminator has it...I hardly ever dream,but my worst nightmare would be to wake up with this condition...but again ,,never..non..no.

I have been re-reading some of my favorite poets and philosophers.....Tolstoy,Keats,Lord Byron...so here are some
of my favorites quotes and lines from the Poems.

My Tolstoy favorite quotes:

Boredom: the desire for desires.

What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness.

Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life is impossible

We lost because we told ourselves we lost.

Here is some of my favorites lines of Lord Byron

For truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.

If I could always read, I should never feel the want of company.(nowadays I seem more and more to agree with this line)

For pleasures past I do not grieve, nor perils gathering near; My greatest grief is that I leave nothing that claims a tear.

And now John Keats...and I like him so much :

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

You speak of Lord Byron and me; there is this great difference between us. He describes what he sees I describe what I imagine. Mine is the hardest task.(Love it)

More at random thoughts and tidbits:

morbidi e felici, avvolti da una poesia che solo lui sapeva raccontare(Federico Fellini). A 50 anni dalla prima de La Dolce Vita, Morbid and Happy ...like a Poet that knows how to recount(Federico Fellini)...at 50 years the film "La Dolce Vita,
his great film has stood the test of time...and those times and ways how people lived,dressed and enjoy,,, are better ,in my opinion than now.

The Idea of Waiting for Something or Someone, Makes it more Exciting. (Andy Warhol)

The Saad Group (مجموعة سعد‎)is a Saudi Arabian based privately owned conglomerate with operations in construction & engineering, real estate development, tourism, medical services, financial services, investments, and education..so why do they have us Jews giving them advice and telling them how to invest their massive profits?I rest my case

"Good Artists Copy.....Great Artists Steal"....Pablo Picasso

Parting Shots:

I mentioned on a previous blog why I would not and do not do bussiness in China..and an example is what happened to Avatar...if you have been living in another planet..Avatar is smashing all kinds of attendance records,,as it was doing in China..so the powers to be there ,,decided they did not like it,so they pulled the film off and substituted it with a state run film...and as usual giving a lame excuse which no one believes...the Chinese do not like anyone doing better than them...their regime..not so much the people...and do not forget how they are sensoring Google.

I overheard this at a sidewalk cafe on Dissenhoff Street,,,Prada or Chanel? I think I'll just wear McQueen

another eavesdrop from an ITalian girl..."Peccato che non credo più nell'Amore"(Too bad that I no longer believe in love)


It was pleasant to watch again the other day this French film from 2006,,Prête-moi ta main ...so nice...grand film

I spoke recently with a girl,someone famous, that told me of all the friends she thought she had...only to realise she had none ...advice,beware of un faux ami-a false friend,or if you wish,faux amis-false friends-amigos falsos.

n'existe pas"..Doesn't exist


Vogue, il mio mantra è L'importante è avere stile!!.

kisses and cake ...and no I have not forgotten,,,yes,no sugar..just wanted to see if you were paying attention

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein ..

organic Israeli Jojoba oil

Mr. Cool Gets Hot
As president, Obama has walked the walk. But now, with his agenda endangered, he has to learn to talk the talk.

Too-Thin Models

It was not a joke.

Denying the Undeniable

Two days before it's set to unveil a major new product, Apple Inc. reported a surge in quarterly profit and revenue that showed demand for its technology hasn't cooled off.

Netanyahu at Yad Vashem: World must stop calls to destroy Israel

Shvat 11, 5770 | | Israel Time: 02:53

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XI and some Jewisms

I am back in UAE..today in Abu Dhabi..here to acquire more distressed debt.. there is plenty to be had,,,not as much as in Dubai and Doha but the great options are here too....I will write again many miscellenaous thoughts,,some at random,some more organised ..but I feel you will like and will enjoy reading them..so I will start with the following:

I do not like sad news but here is one that cannot be helped.....Anne Frank's savior Miep Gies ///Gies, who died Monday night at the age of 100, was the last living person in the group who had helped hide Anne's German Jewish family,... Gies, preserved the Diary of Anne Frank ,Anne's diligent recording of her feelings as she became a teenager living under cover has become a document "that endures as a testament to the human spirit in the face of unfathomable evil," The New York Times wrote in its obituary of Gies.

Here is a message I received the other day.....Warm up the ovens,” “You’re so Jewish, get your yarmulke,” and “We’ll write you letters when you’re in Auschwitz..JG's answer,,,,.of course, total silence...no reply

The results are in: the words “shpiel” and “klutz” have been thoroughly absorbed into the American vernacular, while “mensch” and “kvetch” remain primarily in the linguistic domain of Jews.

Everyone should keep Kosher...for some .for moi...Kosher,equals pure...the market for kosher food among non-Jews is setting records...that should tell you something...

Omri Casspi, the Sacramento Kings rookie who is the first Israeli to play in the NBA..(impressive)...I am impressed and I
am hard to impress

• While his plane(Delta Airlines) sat on a Miami runway, an Arab-American man shouted, “I want to kill all the Jews!”(JG included,,smiles) When the plane took off, he was no longer aboard.

• C-Span call-in shows tend to attract questioners who spout anti-Semitic tropes on the air. C-Span’s hosts, moreover, tend not to correct the record

iTalmud, the mishnaic iPhone application. The whole Talmud, with multiple search functions, in the palm of your hand—for only $19.99.

• Yitzhak Aharonovitch, the captain of the Exodus—the famous ship that brought 4500 European Jews to Palestine in 1947—died in Israel. He was 86.

• Britain’s highest court struck down a North London Jewish day school’s admissions policy of judging an applicant’s Jewishness by the traditional test of whether his or her mother is Jewish

I forgot to mention,,during Chanukah....• At a Moscow club, 1,440 Hanukkah candles were lit simultaneously; organizers believe this is the new world record.

The Life of David
Robert Pinsky ..is also a must book to read.....

David Lehman’s A Fine Romance wittily explores the enormous contribution of Jewish writers and composers to the American musical scenewittily explores the enormous contribution of Jewish writers and composers to the American musical scene..another great book on the contribution of Jews

• Waldorf Astoria is building a luxury hotel/residence in Jerusalem’s Mamilla neighborhood, which has seen several other similarly expensive new developments of late.

Google explains that it is not responsible for anti-Semitic and racist search results: “One reason is that the word ‘Jew’ is often used in an anti-Semitic context.” In other words, don’t blame the messenger

Everyone sees but few perceive,,,

Sign of the times...sadly the DOLLAR is in the dooldrums so much that...Several Asian central banks intervened yesterday to temper the rally in their currencies as the dollar weakened broadly, highlighting fears that rapid currency rises may hurt economic recovery.

More Tidbits about the Modeling world......
We’ve seen that super-skinny women can be as unhappy as the fattest fat girl. We know how awful it is to obsess describes a Top Model friend to me, starving herself to be a “straight size” model, the industry term for girls who meet the prevailing standard of beauty //and they also take up smoking to kill the appetite...how smart..smoking takes away the hunger ,or so they say..only to risk cancer,bad odor and other side effects to remain thin..

some interesting Tidbits:
Sou muito diferente porque vivo num mundo que não merece minha lucidez(I am very different because the world does not merit my being so lucid)

Dirty Money or non Dirty Money that you want to make dissapear without having to pay taxes to crooked politicians to spend and give away,,or if you are a Jew ,Diamonds are your best friend.

Overheard quite frequently...I am not any better or any worse than everyone......everybody does it.....

While at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel,a few moons ago,,I overheard this conversation by two famous Hollywood Directors.."You are lying" said Director 1 to Director 2..again Director 1."You are lying and you know it"//Director 2,,,to Director 1" I know I am lying but hear me out"...only in Hollywood in Beverly Hills would you hear this.

Apple stock soars to all-time high....The buzz continues to build about the company's widely anticipated -- albeit unconfirmed,-- tablet computer.Word has it that that Apple has rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in late January, most likely for a product announcement.And my sources tell me that a new iPhone with 4G is due out this summer..I got lots of new shares from the Amir himself...so Apple is a winner again,, for a short while,anyway as stocks suffer sooner rather than later ,Isaac Newton's,law of gravity,,,what comes up must come down........//Chocran...You are the best..Prince Al Waleed///أنت الأفضلAfdal//so If you are holding Apple shares,,,wait a bit than sell,sell,sell.....

I like how famous Reggaeton singers from Puerto Rico..ie.Daddie Yankee,,/Don Omar,Wisin&Yandel,,,,at the end of their songs laud themselves on how good they are..how much better they are than everyone...it is really nice to hear their confidence..and why not...they are really GREAT..as is PUERTO RICO.

IF you like poetry...this woman,Elizabeth Barrett Browning.,is one of the greatest..if you have not read her most famous poem called,,How Do I love Thee?
Let me Count the Ways...and the last line in this poem is amazing,,here it is."if God choose,I shall but love thee better after death."

Two other lines from other poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning that I like so much..
here are the lines..

Who so loves believes the impossible.

Since when was genius found respectable?

More tidbits.....

Have you ever eaten mounds of Tokyo Nobu’s rock shrimp tempura..you must.

And by the way again thanks to The Amir for the Marc Chagall Exodus painting..it
has been framed in real gold and it looks terrifically VVVIP at my Kfar Shmaryahu home....it made my mother very HAPPY TOO..nothing better than that feeling.

Today, Botox injections are the number-one most-performed nonsurgical dermatologic procedure. The doctors I spoke to still seem awestruck, describing the neurotoxin as a "wonder drug" and a "miracle," Botox is so firmly entrenched in our cultural consciousness, it's become a household word—not to mention an adjective ("She's or He is so Botoxed")—

Radici—it’s the Italian word for roots

Se dico borsa, penso... Birkin Hermès ..If I think a women's purse..I think of the
Birkin Hermes,,in honor of Jane Birkin or even the Kelly Hermes bag...The expensive price tag is down to its exclusivity - the waiting list for a special edition can be six years.and one with the biggest Birkin Hermes collection of bags is non other that Victoria Beckham...here a list of her Birking Bags.....The bags range from the Orange Birkin, the Etoupe Birkin, the much admired Pink Ostrich Birkin, Etoupe Birkin, White Birkin, White Kelly with Orange piping, mini black Kelly, Blue Jean, Brown Ostrich Vintage Kelly, Shearling Kelly, Rouge Box Kelly, Tri colour Vintage Kelly, Vert Anis Birkin....phew

Una donna è elegante quando... è in armonia con ciò che indossa //a woman is elegant when she is in harmony with what she wears

Il mio colore preferito //Black is my favorite color

La classe è... cultura //Class is Culture

Il mio mantra !!!!! Fabulous meglio sarebbe un peccato//.My mantra my Axiom if you wish is............Fabulous,any better would be
a sin.

La capitale dello shopping?The capital of Shopping is Via Montenapoleone ,a Milano

Se dico scarpe, penso...If I say shoes..I think...Louis Vuitton shoes.

Il mio tessuto preferito? Shatoosh...My Favorite cloth material,,Shatoosh,sorry Peta

Important places.... Jeonju, South Korea ,next week...Vancouver Winter Olympics..in mid February.

"O-GENKI DESU KA?"///Genki Desu///

I am posting from the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi..another quick trip to handle distressed debt...thanks recession..and in a few hours will go back to Tel Aviv..
As always I am observing the world around me,,reading...learning ,evaluating,,thinking,analysing...evaluating...comfirming my inner thoughts about humanity ,women,the world affairs,politicians,Royalty and so on...and it is done in the quest of acheiving and striving for PERFECTION<,,less than that does not interest me.........

Some Parting Shots:

Slow down and enjoy yourself.

Ah, love. The mystery.

"I don't think YOU are very FASHION, hmmmm?"

Lawyers should be only seen and heard in courthouses, hm?

Please use the servant's entrance next time."

I detest freeloaders with a sense of Entitlement



Written at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi...UAE

2010 Shvat 2, 5770 | | Israel Time: 22:37

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits X

I am back in Israel and happy to be,,but must admit my trip to Doha and Dubai was great...nice distressed debt to be picked up for almost nothing...so I guess when I
am accused of being a JEW that takes advantage I should apologise,,but no...if I did not buy this distressed someone else will...and there is so much to be bought in Dubai,,it is like taking candy from a baby ..or like JG.....I better not go there
Here are some tidbits..thoughts and ideas that you might find interesting...and I've been told I am harsh to judge .but I prefer reality than perception...and I accept criticism all the same..and my silence is better than insults or getting down to discourse with no manners or class..enough said,,here is the post.

big taboo in Israel is the term "Arab Jew". You're not allowed to say that.

Middle Eastern Jews in the diaspora are perhaps more laid-back about using that label. In Israel there is a complete dissonance that is held into a false dichotomy, that you can't be an Arab and a Jew, which of course is complete nonsense, [even] historically

What became apparent to me when I came back to Israel was that the culture of Jews from Arab countries was not valued. They had a very low status. It really opened my eyes that it's still so prevalent and is such a painful issue for so many people.

There is awareness among the Mizrahis (Jews of Middle Eastern origin) that there is a continuing and blatant socioeconomic and cultural discrimination that persists

I've spoken to so many people who grew up in Israel and recall the social messaging that everything about you — your parents, your culture, your history and your heritage — is common, uncivilised, barbaric and associated with the enemy. And if you want to get ahead in Israeli society, then you really need to drop those customs. It's a story that keeps repeating itself. So many [Mizrahis] would recall spending their childhood building up a fake identity to belong in Israel. All countries have social pressure but in this instance it's trying to persuade the majority population to adopt the preferences of the minority.

Yes. On the one hand the Mizrahi accent, which of course is the original Hebrew accent that is closer to Arabic, has been effectively wiped out and people who still speak it are pretty much ridiculed.

But then you see these examples of resilience, of people making efforts to relearn, remember and restore that culture and you think it will survive against the odds.

Whenever people have tried to raise that flag they have been told: "We mustn't do that because that undermines our unity and our national security."

Until Israel makes peace with itself, it won't be able to make peace with its neighbours.

That is just my observation and does not take away for the love of my mother's country and for that matter my country....long live ISRAEL

More Tidbits:

Fuller Lips Imply Youthfulness

• There is a new iPhone app named iSurgeon that allows you to see what you would look like with plastic surgery. It also allows you to pretend you are a plastic surgeon and perform procedures on fictional patients

I just got an advance copy of the book "GAME OVER" about the race for USA President..
it is full of great inside info,and lots of juicy details..I highly reccomend it,,,and it is a hard to put this book down...

By the way this month will be amazing...Fabulous,,,as four IPO's I have been working
on are coming out...so I will not say more about this.

Remember I called it a few months ago...price of Oil is going up and up...and you can blame the Traders for playing this game up and up...

Today is a holiday in Japan, Seijin-no-hi, or Coming of Age Day, when everyone who turns 20 years old this year is officially recognized as an adult and a full-fledged member of society. Venture into any Japanese city right now and you'll see hundreds of young people decked out in beautiful kimonos and smart new suits, greeting each other and taking group photos together. In Japan, the official age of adulthood is 20 (as commemorated in our wacky "You Must Be 20 Years Old to Purchase Tobacco and Alcohol" T-shirt), and today is a special day to endure long speeches by elderly community leaders, have lunch with friends, then maybe go drinking. For pare nts it's a proud day, too, and doting fathers are all too happy to plunk down $5000 for a gorgeous kimono that their daughters will in all likelihood wear only once. In the past, Coming of Age Day was always held on January 15, even if that day fell on a weekend, but a few years ago the Japanese government began its "Happy Monday" initiative, which moved these holidays to the nearest Monday.

I told you so......Big freeze could signal global warming 'pause' The Arctic conditions which have brought Britain to a standstill over the past week could be the start of a "pause" in global warming, some scientists believe////The world could be in for a spell of cooler temperatures, rather than hotter conditions, as a result of cyclical changes in ocean currents for the next 20 or 30 years, it is predicted..

San Marino turns on bogus residents over tax avoidance
The tiny European sate of San Marino is to conduct an emergency census of its population in an attempt to expose tax avoiders who have made bogus residency claims. ...Why do they succumb from pressure from the European Union,,,is there no
HONOR in not wanting to pay taxes so crooked politicians can spend it at will or give it away...but alas there are lots of Tax Havens where they refuse to be intimidated...Great.


I will end this post with the following:
some tidbits

Agent Provocateur
The UK's answer to Victoria's Secret, but more expensive and cooler, because it's British. Founded by Joe Corre, Vivienne Westwood's son.

An up and coming fashion designer.....Stefano Pilati [Officially: STEH-fah-no pee-LAH-tee; But in the US, you'll most likely hear it as: Ste-FAH-no Pi-LAW-tee]

The Italian fashion designer best known as the creative director behind Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), a post he's held, to much critical acclaim, since 2004. Absolutely no relation to Joseph Pilates.

Finally I will end this post with some of my favorite quotes from Voltaire....

"The perfect is the enemy of the good"

If you see a Swiss Jewish banker jumping out of a window, follow him, there is sure to be a profit in it...and I agree.

Till Later....à plus tard...a più tardi...até mais tarde...עד מאוחר....まで保存...وحتى وقت لاحق.....μέχρι μεταγενέστερο...hasta más tarde....JG

Tevet 26, 5770 | | Israel Time: 03:31

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is