Miscellaneous Tidbits XX

Ciao bellissime, come va?

I am back now, hmm? I love you all. Apart from you, and you, and you. And the fat one over there. And what are you doing wearing wayfarers?

To the right side of the blog you have selections from my 5,905th iPhone. ....Enjoy, hmm?

I am writing this blog from the gorgeous pink sands of Bermuda,on my way to Paris Fashion Week,.......I will write this blog more at random than the previous ones,,by the way I totally enjoyed the Ladies Figure Skating at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver,,,it was without a doubt the main event of the Vancouver Winter Olympics...my favorite skater did not win,,but Yu-na Kim deserved the Gold...she was totally impressive...she deserves to be called: Queen Yu-Na as Koreans refer to her.

Here are my tidbits:

Once again, my object of writing is to stimulate your mind,your inner thoughts,your curiosity and your intellect........and I've been told by hoi polloi,by chic persons,by brilliant minds,by stupid minds,by fools,by by by by...you get the point(smiles),,that I succeed in doing that so enjoy,think hard,think fast,and open your mind for the mind conquers all.

I've noticed that there's a lot of perfumes that are being launched lately...so maybe I should launch
a JG perfume...(smiles)or my own IPO(how arrogant you are JG)(smiles)

Humble isn't my strong suit, hmm?( My strong suit's Tom Ford,.Brioni and Prada)

The answer to your question, by the way, is no.

Obrigado, I Thank Thee.

Has Purim replaced Passover as the best holiday vehicle for expressing individual Jewish identity


• Platform heels started in the late Renaissance era as a symbol of wealth. Now you know.

Eat less, walk more. Simple enough.

LA SENSUALE VANESSA PARADIS PER ROUGE COCO, IL NUOVO ROSSETTO DI CHANEL -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKQaRH4P2gE&feature=player_embedded

"There's this huge cult following of almost crazy people at Vuitton who just want whatever they buy to be exclusive." ~ Marc Jacobs

"fashions fade, but style is eternal"

Twiggy & Kate Moss? The pioneers of the thin look? Don't get me started. Ugly, plain common faces and disgusting childlike bodies. Icons? Don't make me laugh!

That's why I love brands like Victorias Secret, LaSenza, Sports Illustrated.. you know companies that use healthier (even if its only slightly so) women. Women with hips, breasts and glowing, healthy skin... that don't look like they'll collapse! Give me the supermodels of the 80's & 90's & Mia Tyler, Bar Refaeli, Adriana Lima.. any day over Kate Moss!
Men like curves. No real man will tell you differently. No one wants to cuddle (or sleep with) a sack of bones. As for fashion, you need a woman with some shape to show off an outfit properly. I wish the fashion industry would reflect this. It needs to change before its too late and we pass on this sick mentality to another generation.

A slim good looking friend,,a famous model told me the following when she went to Rodeo Drive to purchase some skinny jeans...........the sales girl told her the following(she did not recognise who she was):
'When you drop your winter weight they'll look better on you.' Does that sound normal to you?

"vestendo la belle èpoque"..a book for the ages......

chic o choc? pellicce...this is for PETA..are furs Chic or Choc??Chic of course..
PETA is like the global warming fanatics not really accepting the inevitable....

No one can layer like Marc Jacobs can layer???do you understand???

Do you own a lot of Black clothes?Navy Blue clothes?Gray clothes???

While trends come and go, style is eternal; yet it's from those very trends that style is born, and the ever-changing, ever-evolving fashioniser - the one who's ahead of the pack - is the most stylish of all....

Le bandeau se fait maille chez Prada(The headband is knit in Prada)

Un Prophète...Césars 2010: les gagnants sont...Tahar Rahim Meilleur acteur et meilleur espoir masculin pour -This is a must film to watch with subtitles for
those who do not speak French...the translation will -A Prophet and Tahir Rahim
Meilleur was won the Cesar award in Europe,the equivalent to an Oscar in Hollywood.

La morte non vuole gli stupidi, diceva Cechov (Death does not want the stupid,Cechov once said!!!!!

Giorni che mi sei mancato? 365.Days that I missed you,,, 365

Giorni che ti ho pensato? 365.Days that I have thought about you,,365

Carey Mulligan: educanda bon ton

Il nero "resetta" il look
Capelli super black: The new look is BLACK and SUPER BLACK and for those with fair skin for the hair too.....BLACK...BLACK...BLACK...BLACK..

«Non spiate gli sms dei vostri mariti»(do not spy the sms or text messages of your husband ,girlfriend or boyfriend)...only a hoi polloi does that..and an insicure person..but JG that includes most of the world(smiles)..not JG(smiles)

Un des modèles les plus beaux et avec un beau profondeur. Une combinaison très attrayante et rare.....One of the most beautiful models and with a nice depth. A combination very attractive and rare ...

In Japanese, there's a class of polite phrases that are useful to memorize since they're used quite almost daily. One of these is gochiso-sama deshita (go-chi-soh sah-mah desh-ta), which is said when you finish eating a meal, and it can be translated as "thank you for the feast." (Japanese children must say this phrase before they're allowed to leave the table, making it roughly the same as "May I be excused?" in English.) In work environments, it's common to say otsukare-sama deshita (oh-ts-kah-reh-sah-mah desh-ta) to your co-workers when they leave for the day, meaning something like "thank you for working hard today, you must be tired." Japan is quite a "vertical" society, with different language used depending on whether you're the senpai or the kohai -- the senior or junior member of an organization -- and there's a version of this ph rase for when speaking to people lower in status than you, which is gokuro-sama deshita (goh-koo-roh sah-mah desh-ta).

I had a very smart girl ask me more recently what my favorite Holiday was,,,so here is a take on it.......
Hanukkah is the best holiday, if you’re a kid. Tu B’Shevat is the best holiday, if you’re a tree-hugger. Yom Kippur is the best holiday, if you’re a masochist.

For everyone else, Purim—when you are basically religiously obligated to party—tops ‘em all. However my mother's favorite is Pesach(Passover)

The Coen brothers’ new movie is a masterful meditation on Judaism (Movie title-A serious Man)

Ironic???Celebrities and trendwatchers have an eye out for T-shirts that play on Jewish identity. Are they celebrating an era of acceptance or anxiety?

The world is just full of IDIOTS. It's Inevitable! The best thing we can do is to stay away & NOT let ourselves be AFFECTED by those

Advice for Obama on vacation: you look quite ridiculous in shorts

God and all the kind and humble people who have not sold their souls to the devil (money).

That's so insanely AWESOME! I can't thank you enough

Fashion stylist Han Hye-yeon said, “Unlike many other athletes, Kim has a slender, flexible body, so she has the natural ‘S’ curve when she’s performing.” Kim So-yeon, an executive at a modeling agency, said, “She has perfect body proportions for a fashion model.”a comment about Queen Yu-Na...Yuna Kim..the recently crowned Olympic Champion..and I totally agree..........

Asada looked stone-faced when presented her silver medal..a quote from the Japan Times about Japanese figure skater,Mao Asada ...and that is true too............

I mean, in fashion there's a lot of ugly people. It is the nature of the business.
Ugly people need good clothes to make them look good, hmmmm?

Advice to women as they get older:
the difference being no matter how much one can take care of their figure, and remain bikini ready..there is more to consider.
this,a dress paired with a girls face, is perfect.
this dress paired with a woman's face, isn't
perhaps that is where a lot of women in their 40's and 50's make a mistake.
it's not only one's body to consider, but one's face. the eyes of a 20 something girl are not as wordly as the eyes of a 50 something woman.

The dress is like a woman's chambermaid- it is the closet confidante a woman can have, aside from herself. A dress knows all the secrets- you cannot hide anything from a dress; it sees all your flaws in technicolour. More importantly, it feels all your flaws. Yet a good dress does not reveal secrets ....What???yes it is!!!!!

My Parting Shots:

"American women want to see a radical, immediate change. Italian women would prefer that nobody notices they've had anything done. They don't want to change their features, but are looking for a fresher, more relaxed face."This is in relation to a facelift........

an updated version of"the karate kid" is coming out this summer. hmm.2010 "wax on wax off!"Aren't there new scripts waiting 2 be discovered???????? so DEMODE>..these Hollywood types have no imagination.

In Defence of being GORGEOUS,.no need Princess Sofia ,that you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I know that as I sit in my ivory tower (Italian ivory),and I do(smiles)......

She speaks in italics, you see....What????She's a B-lister now anyway, hmm?that sounds like............well like many you do not want to know

It is all about the Chiaroscuro?really?

Here is one of my favorite Hebrew expression" Yihye Beseder"(roughly it translates into,"Everyting will be fine"

My last parting shot is to the journalists in the Latin World and for that matter all around the world..for not calling Raul Castro.,the defacto President or cheap Dictator of Cuba, on his use of very expensive Cartier glasses the same that JG uses...this are obviously very expensive eyeglasses and sunglasses,..so far I have counted seven different ones..all with wood ,gold and platinum...if I was a reporter I would ask...hey MR Dictator...while the people in Cuba are left to fight for crums to eat you live like a PASHA and why are you wearing such expensive glasses???attention to details is a must and many cannot see the forrest from the trees but JG can,always has,,always will.....I will post a pic of this hypocrite tyrant to prove my point......

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Goo---Brilliant, hmm? So avant-garde.

HAPPY PURIM TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! חג פורים שמח!!!!HAG PURIM SAMEAH

Adar 15, 5770 | | Israel Time: 02:16

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XIX


Hello lovely admirers,

As promised I will start this post which is being finalised in Geneve (one of my favorite cities)....with the Marc Chagall painting that I got from the AMIR which has been framed in GOLD....hope you will appreciate the beauty and the enormity of the gift....I do of course..
Here are my Tidbits:


"what remains of a woman when she is in the dark? When she has undressed. When we can no longer see her make-up.., her wonderful hair, her beautiful eyes, when she is taken off her jewellery, what is left? Only her charming voice and her perfume...And by the way I like women who perfume their hair tips..it's magical and alchemical

Overheard at a chic Restaurant in Geneve....Yuck. Elle regarde comme si elle en prenant des bouts de mode des jumelles Olsen. At-elle même passer par un miroir aujourd'hui et regarda ses cheveux? Elle regarde comme si elle vient de se réveiller.... .in English,.Yuck. She looks as though she's taking fashion tips from the Olsen twins. Did she even pass by a mirror today and looked at her hair? She looks like she just woke up......

If you have never been to Switzerland than you should...it is a country that has the Italian side,,,the French side and the German side...and it is country that is elegant,safe,clean and has a stable government....and they finally payed us JEWS for all the money they stole from us while conspiring with Hitler to hide it...we should have gotten more but we still got plenty....so you are partially forgiven.

Why don’t we see demonstrations against Islamic dictatorships in London, Paris, Barcelona?

Why is there never any outrage against the acts of terrorism committed against Israel?

Why is there no outcry by the European left against Islamic fanaticism?

Why don’t they defend Israel’s right to exist?

Just saw a new movie about Golda Meir(Goldie Mabowetz) ....I wish she was around today. What an amazing woman. there will never be another like her....She is my IDOL............ani ohev otach ( אני אוהב אותך)

I went to a party a few nights ago in Riyadh KSA,..a party given by HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Bin Al Saud Bin Abdul Aziz,,,(smiles)..a party to celebrate an upcoming and for sure succesful IPO(Initial Public Offering)...and there were
hordes of straight men, many of whom were probably bankers. Drawn by the several free open bars and the assumption that the tents would be teeming with beautiful women, none were disappointed as the party was brimming with lots of belles femmes (beautiful women.). ..remember what I said about KSA that behind closed doors of fancy palaces all is permissible(I rest my case)

French Vogue’s March Cover Features First Solo Black Model Since 2002..here is my take on that: But she looks white. Or Hispanic. There's nothing black about her. So why even bother? What's the point? It will be news when they put a black model on the cover who actually looks black. Until then, this isn't news. Naomi Campbell looks more black than this model does.


clothing cognoscenti

I have been seeing lots of Sky High Heels from Prada ,I wonder how much higher
they will go!!!!!!

Overhead this,,she said she had received a present from the designer, ”a beautiful box of panties(knickers), one for every day of the week. I thought, if she can do that, I want to see what else she can do.” ??????

Prada S.P.A.
Via Andrea Maffei, 2
20154 Milan, Italy
Tel.: (+02) 54 67 01 or
Prada S.P.A.
Via Melzi D'Eril, 30
20100 Milan, Italy

Prada Book is a must read!!!!!Fabulous......Prada is the first book that documents three decades of ground-breaking fashion, architecture, film and art by the Prada company. //this is not to be compared to Vita Prada, it is a totally different tome.

Al Diyafa road

Agents of Kidon, the department of Mossad that carries out assassinations, can spend decades waiting for the perfect moment to strike a target on their “wanted list”.

Overhead at a fancy place in Milano....Ma chi ti ha invitato? (who has invited you)

"When the going gets tough the chic get classier."

"A lot of designers like to think they know 'what girls want,' but Miuccia Prada really has a knack for it," "utterly simple and anonymously chic," "classic with a subversive undercurrent."

"piling makeup on beautiful young models with the average age of about 20 is never a smart idea. It does not render them more sophisticated, just more tired looking.")

The girls were drilled in tznius, or modesty.

this is beyond bizarre!!!!!!


Axis of Evil
A new book examines how the Nazis tailored their message for Arab and Muslim audiences

the million dollar question: Why is the left in Europe and around the world obsessed with the two most solid democracies, the United States and Israel, and not with the worst dictatorships on the planet? The two most solid democracies, who have suffered the bloodiest attacks of terrorism, and the left doesn’t care

Río de Janeiro ha vivido su noche más loca en el sambódromo. Cuerpos perfectos, trajes de ensueño y, sobre todo, samba, mucha samba.

"La Sape" - a French acronym for "Society of Revellers and Elegant People".

The "sapeurs", as they call themselves, revel in refinery, ready to spend their last cent on the finest men's labels in vogue to outdo each other on the dandy dress scene.

Figures in bank accounts are somewhat less vague. The bigger the better. The fatter the better. In fashion, everybody wants smaller, smaller. Many "fashionistas" make the mistake of thinking their bank account should reflect their slim figure. It really shouldn't. It should resemble the obese duchess you'll have to shake hands with at a charity auction if you haven't already.


Codini mania
Pigtail trend: sexy e innocenti......I like it....Mi Piace....

Those Bollywood girls are nice and cute...

Parting Shots:

Sarah Palin wrote on her hand.SO?more power to her

Adaptability is paramount.

No really!"
"Yes really!"
"She didn't?!"
"She did!"
"No really!"
"You'll never believe but.."
"Mon dieu!"
"I know!"

I suppose this is the changing world, hm? Couture drinks. Goodness me.

Plaid Plaid Plaid. I dislike plaid!

Do not get dressed today until you have perfected your posture. Beautiful alignment, a gentle sway, that is more important that plaids or cashmere....but do use SHATOOSH!!!

And the telephone. Remember elegance. Don’t say “Is this JG?’ Give me the option of “May I speak to JG?’

Wool is designed to last forever, so pick some good pieces. Leave the faux furs to oh never mind. Read the Truman Capote short story about second hand furs. Your maid can look it up.

Ooooh, mes amis, it’s a little brisk outside!. I could see my breath again this morning! Un boue de souffle!

Bone china comes from pieces so delicate you can see through.

I heard a rumor too- they're selling Margiela at Walmart now."
"Someone's got to buy it, no?"

Oh so pointy. It is le horrors.


Anti-Semiticism is The Merchant of Venice- when a debtor cannot pay him back; and since then it has been associated with the stereotype of the greedy, money-grubbing Jew..and this is antisemite.

Why don’t they defend Israel’s right to exist?And it is our right!!!

What is Aliyah?
Aliyah is the word that describes the return of the Jewish People from the exile in the Diaspora back to the Land of Israel. The word Aliyah is derived from the verb "laalot" which means "to go up", or "to ascend" in a positive spiritual sense. A person who makes Aliyah is called an Oleh, meaning "one who goes up".

It looks completely unnatural seeing models eat.!!!!!What say you?

Can you guess how old she is?

the size of "two models" nowadays is still very skinny!!!!

Great blog, though!

Hum, yeah, sure. You've got that point.

In a few hours taking the long flight to Vancouver and I am so looking forward
to Tuesday and Thursday as the Single Ladies Figure Skating Gold Medal competition,
will be the best event of the Winter Games....you know who I favor already!!!!!!

We’ll talk again soon. I do so enjoy our little visits!

Adar 7, 5770 | | Israel Time: 03:15

Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva is also known as Geneve
The native names of Switzerland are Schweiz (German), Suisse (French), Svizzera (Italian), Svizra (Romansh)

Weather in Geneve:
Description: Passing clouds. Chilly.
Temperature: 32 °F Comfort Level: 32 °F -2 Celsius
Wind: 1 mph from 0° North

The current time in Geneva, Switzerland is
2:20 AM
Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XVIII

Did you miss me my adoring public?(smiles)///just kidding or am I?

I received this message..if you do not know; most of the last few years I have been compared with Dorian Gray...for obvious reasons...but in a nice way..so here is the nice message:"I was watching the new "Dorian Gray" at the movies today.. the picture is from that film....do you think that the guy on the portrait looks a little bit like you?(smiles)"...perhaps but I look better(how arrogant of you JG)..more Jap third person reference..and once again I totally like how the Japanese younger girls refer themselves in the third person... it is entertaining...

I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World -Eve Ensler..
this is a book that would entertain you...many facts for you to know!!!

A Woman should have inner and outer elegance...

Belle ambiance!!
Jolie image

A model friend shared this with me...she said that when she weighed 108 pounds, at 5'10", clients told her to lose weight. So she did a show where she looked bigger and was called a pig,and a cow by the fashion press.. how much can she have weighed at that show? 120 pounds? And that is, according to the industry, "big, almost bloated." Yes,,it is how they see it..!!!
I almost didn't recognize her," says the editor, who confesses she was aghast. Compared to the other ultraskinny models, she looked as if she had gained 10 to 15 pounds, "big, almost bloated."

In Los Angeles the Hamburger is a big part of life..and the younger crowds swear by In-N-Out or some like the Johnny Rockets on Beverly Drive in BH...I always eat at the Johnny Rockets in Roppingi(Tokyo)...but the one on Beverly Drive is my favorite...what is also in lately is Umami Burger,the word comes from the Japanese and it refers the fifth taste..After sweet,salty,sour,and bitter comes Umami-a savory sensation.The owner is a JEW(of course)..who else(smiles)...People love them..and for those who live in Santa Monica there is a Umami truck that circulates there and serves it....how nice!!!!and only in LA would a Umami truck have an advertisement by Fred Segal...how REGAL.


SCORNED LOSER (n): a guy who talks bad about the women out of his league and the ones he can never have...I detest Kiss and tell guys or for that matter women have joined that club to...so I detest kiss and tell women too...Cads is what they are called in the UK.

The other morning I dreamt awake that I’ll find a tax collector beside my bed, a taxman,yes ,,, The old saying about death and taxes rings true- but sorry Mr Taxman as a citizen of the world I do pay taxes to Uncle Sam and I just payed them..so now Obama can give the money away and laugh at us ..and
laugh at the stupidity of those who voted for him ...

Politicians are greedy and some get rich at the expense of us the taxpayers..and I find it amusing how they try to live down their wealth by wearing ten dollar watches in public but yet in private they live like Pashas..you are all demode..demode..demode

While on the subject of Politicians...many dislike,disliked former VP Dick Cheney...and called him Darth Vader....but I have alot of respect for him as he always speaks his mind no matter the consequences ..and by the way he is the only politician that I have seen that wears a Gold Rolex Day Date watch...see he does not care you know it....great...I love it....

And never forget you must pay attention to the little details in all as that is what will separate you.

"When the god of war and the goddess of beauty come together, fireworks are sure to follow!"

If Maria Sharapova tells me I am a MOTIVATOR..then I should be doing fine!!!!and I am(smiles)

I told my friend CARINE the other day. ARE YOU WEARING PINK ON A TUESDAY?"
"..Excuse me?"
"I SAID: ARE YOU WEARING PINK ON A TUESDAY? IT'S PINK ON WEDNESDAYS, GOSH." "Well. I'm actually wearing black, but anyway.."

Haters can only hate the things they can't have and the people they can't be..I will not name names(smiles)

Among the many Japanese words and phrases that have fallen by the wayside of late and become shigo (obsolete), gaijin komupurekkusu (foreigner complex) is certainly among the least missed.

"Foreigner complex" referred to the attitude and behavior of some Japanese people who nurtured, for one reason or another, an inferiority complex toward certain outsiders.(mostly Americans)

You could have knocked me over with a neutrino.

Alexander Wang has become a design darling

The Last Empress: Madame Chiang Kai-shek and the Birth of Modern China [Deckle Edge] (Hardcover)..this book helped me understand China and humanity itself...do read it...

Remembrances of Things Past by Proust-Reading Proust is like taking trip through the unconscious...It takes me through a stream of detail that tickles my brain.

As worries over Greece rattle world markets, records and interviews show that with Wall Street’s help, the nation engaged in a decade-long effort to skirt European debt limits. One deal created by Goldman Sachs helped obscure billions in debt from the budget overseers in Brussels..

The Death of Alexander McQueen was not necessary but some Geniuses have troubled lives and troubled minds...he will be missed....

Parting Shots:

Of the many sins of modern journalism, there are few I hate more than the wretched stunt of asymmetrical historical comparisons.

“This situation,” the woman said, “is gonna be indescribable. You can’t even describe the situation that you’re about to get into the situation.”What!!!but I understood..I understand it all...even gibberish.

Ritual and Observance!!!!should be part of life!!!!

Happy New Year to China!!It is the year of the Tiger!!!

Judaism is a religion of cycles. Most congregations read the entirety of the Torah over the course of a year, though some stretch it into three years.

Beware the Evil Eye

“Please don’t tell me this one is about Hitler’s ...

Are you afraid of Goldman Sachs???...you should as all the aspects of life,,including those of hoi polloi are correlated to them in one way or another...believe it..subscribe to it...E 'la verità,(ITalian for it is true)//

Wall Street Helped to Mask Debts Shaking Europe

At fashion shows, V.I.P. status is defined downward, and fashion is not amused. Lindsay Lohan, who only a few years ago was a desired “get” for the front row, will be told by someone’s publicist that there is no place for her now. She’s old business.Now if you have a little bit of money you can buy yourself to the front..how demode....demode..demode...demode....it feels like sitting next to Barbarians at the Fashion Runaway!!!

“Oh, no, not them.”

I will have a JG type of week...Tuesday quick stop in Dubai to watch a friend play at the women's Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship ..next day in Al Khobar quick visit with the Amir,,Prince Al Waleed...a quick trip thursday in Milano to visit the Regina,,,(MP)...and to Vancouver for the ladies skating Gold Olympic medal quest.
and I am taking my niece, the Jewish Princess...Tiffany loves this type of trips...she is so like moi.

Life is fab....as for me it is a series of appointments and invitations.”

Mon Dieu!!!!

Prada,Louis Vuitton,dark Cartier glasses in blue and Mystery

Probably something faux-deep, you know- “I always knew it would come to this.”, and so on...“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”focus ...think with intelligence and you will........

snoblak said...
sometimes I dont get what you are talking about but still find it amusing. ;-)

Wondering why a man's wearing a baseball cap in front row. Did he mistake the Prada show for Disney World?

Allegra said...
just came across your blog. love it!

When you look at the Chanel logo, it talks to you. That's why people buy Chanel

I enjoy going to my current wardrobe and feeling the fabric, the seams, the logo of the pants and shirts and collars. Isn't that great?

it means everything" and before that I've said it means "nothing".

Ah, love. The mystery.

Goldstein,,Hafiz said...
Ah, this is lovely.

Another one of my axioms" If you don't know than you don't know"

That is ALL ,,you are dismissed....JG

Shvat 30, 5770 | | Israel Time: 15:20

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XVII

Today I got a call from Michealangelo,,aka Dr Steven M Hoefflin,,and he tells me"Mr Goldstein,why I have not been mentioned more on your blog?why no more thank you Dr H.."and he is right...so Dr H...when I look in the mirror everyday,,and see the chiseled face...I still say ,,Merci..Thanks...Grazie,,,Arigato..Chocran..Gracias..Obrigado..Sas efharisto,Toda..never can thank you enough..
And While on the subject..thanks Dr Fred Brandt..Dr Toby Mayer...Dr Richard Fleming.. thanks to the molding mask(smiles)...wow..I sound like a walking plastic surgery android...not really(smiles) just the right way..the right touch..the right right(smiles) ...and no I did not look like Steven Segal or Val Kilmer before Dr H's Scalpel(smiles)..and the slim body is all mine...walking,tennis,swimming..genes..Fabulous lifestyle(how modest you are JG)(smiles)..lest I forget I had not used the third person in awhile like Jap girls do....

Every now and then you reach a sort of fissure or fracture in time.It's like a scenic overlook as imagined by Einstein or Kepler, from which you can witness two possible futures...which do you see...which one do you imagine?????but then again the future is ,NOW.

Forbidden to remember Terrified to forget.

Throughout its existence, the United States has taken pride in its economic system, which is based on low taxation and a tight budget. That is the basis of the American dream. Come, build a business, work hard and the government will behave with restraint, taking a modest bite of the fruits of your labor and leaving you with the lion's share.

The American approach birthed an explosion of entrepreneurial spirit and impressive economic growth over decades and decades. Americans learned that low tax is the best growth driver in town. Thanks to low tax, they achieved the famous prosperity on which America's might, in peace and in war, is based.

Then along came Barack Hussein Obama and changed direction. Last week, he presented a gigantic budget for the year 2011, characterized by a terrifyingly large deficit. His budget boils down to the very antithesis of the American dream

Beauty is very important for
us, otherwise we would not
try to find it with all strength,
to reflect it, to observe it. Beauty
can exist in everything. In objects,
in nature, in a gesture or a mentality.

But read the following:A Chinese woman that is seeking extensive plastic surgery to look like US actress Jessica Alba, in the hope of winning back her boyfriend, who she said always wished she looked more like the Hollywood star.(she never will get him back)and she is better off without this strange character...

For the friend that asked me about this..here is the info(smiles)

A. Female Body Type For Catalogue Modeling

Bust 32"-34"

Waist 24"-26"

Hips 33"-35"

B. Body Measurement For A Catwalk Model ( Or Runway Modeling )

Bust 32"-36"

Waist 22"-26"

Hips 33"-35"

C. Bust, Waist And Hip Sizes Of Lingerie Models

Bust 32"-35" C cup

Waist 22"-26"

Hips 33"-35"

The Chinese New Year is coming Soon....!!!!they have lots to celebrate or do they?

Benjamin Netanyahu's election slogan in 2009 was "Strong on security, strong on the economy." A year later, he can claim that his promises were kept...Israel enjoyed a year of calm on matters of security,and economic prosperity the likes of which there hasn't been for a decade...but storms ahead.. ????

Someone,a semi-famous girl I know, sent me the following message..perhaps gross perhaps not..here it is...I had a dream that Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta split and he was trying to get in my pants at an old Hollywood theater. Ahh?

There are few reflexes more pleasant, and more reliable, than the tingle of joy that a mere glimpse of a Cartier box-ruby-red leather,golden engraved laurels-provokes.TREASURE!!!!I can't remember when I wasn't thus smitten. My notes cards are Cartier(the panther).

Division of Richemont
33 rue Boissy d'Anglas
75008 Paris

Do you subscribe to Alexander Wang idea that there is nothing sexier than a girl in men's underwear????

Here are my Parting Shots:

I went to a party last night.

And I'm sick of all the "darhling's" that the mediocrities in the fashion pack give out.

Using the word "darhling" too much is now demode. Cara Mia is more chic....

"Why are you eating?"That is so demode"or as Gordon Gekko once said."Lunch,,lunch is for wimps"

So I just bought a stack of new ones just in case. They are so shiny and pretty all stacked in the corner...


- An easy guide to not be demode?
There is no easy guide to not be demode. The trick is, to look chic easily but that is very hard. Or you could be me(smiles).

Christian Siriano. Your clothes hurt my eyes. Please stop.So demode.

get someone to fix the perfume, I guess.

Some people are calling this some sort of parody.
Satire they say. How bizarre.

Here I am- trying to disperse useful advice for living your life, and you think this is some sort of satire? You fashion people are crazier than I thought.

Hedi Slimane!!! again....Not demode at all....hmmm?

Again...The Canadian (how utterly demode Canada is!)

Sir Malcolm Donalbain

See? Old school, as opposed to exotique.

And yes again....False representation is demode.
Courier font is extremely demode, but cannot be
Patent leather is demode.

I ended up answering the phone call. Personally. I almost never do that.

TIME is demode anyway.

Now I must leave you. Because I have things to do.Au revoir...auf Wie·der·seh·en

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Miscellaneous Tidbits XVI

I will be addressing some issues in today's post.

So far, benissimo:

Maybe it was a presentiment, maybe it was the sort of destiny that Yiddish calls "goyrl"

LeAnn Rimes. I heard “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes, and that song resonated with me.

grace under pressure.

I love a Romantic great song.,,but I am not adverse to a song by 50 Cent or a nice Reggaeton from Daddie Yankee,Wisin & Yandel or Zion, I’ll listen to it...as all music has its merits.

Campbell, Naomi
• Apparently has a stalker, not afraid of her.//he probably should be afraid, she is ruthless

• Scientists are working to develop a hair-straightening pill. Really!!!

Jagger, Georgia May
• Jerry Hall’s scion declared “Model of the Year” by the British Fashion Council. Mick had nothing to do with it.

last phone call?- my mother
last instant message received?- AL
last song I listened to? - Sukiyaki
last email?-.MA
last sms?-from Princess Sofia

2. black
3.black(navy blue)

dated someone twice- no
been cheated on? - no...no...no?????(smiles-no)
kissed someone & regretted it? - no
lost someone special?- yes =(
been depressed?- never
been drunk and threw up? no sir no maam-I have never tasted alcohol(sure)
I promised my late father and have kept my word.

Kissed a stranger? - n0pe.
Done something really crazy but fun? - of course !
Lost glasses/contacts? - i don't wear glasses/contacts- I only wear Mafia Dark Cartier Glasses(smiles)
Turned someone down? - awe yess
Cried when someone died? - yess
Liked girl friend? - yeaah .

Is there one person you want to be with right now? - yes .. . . ♥
Had more than one girlfriend-no

My friend MG ...wrote this:
Today I have come to the mall
But today I'm attending a call
i'm hungary i'm going to eat
and I know that I am sweet
I think is sweet and funny

louis vuitton = love
I think you all know by now how much I love Louis Vuitton.

I was asked to answer this questionaire by a friend and I will humor her by answering... as she asked nicely......

1. i am tall and model like slim
2. i eat with moderation
3. i hate drugs & alcohol and hate it when ppl in the past pressured me to try some
4. i LOVE reading magazines from around the world
5. i am in love with fashion/high fashion
6. i am obsessed with hygiene
7. i am obssesed with luxury smell
8. i am reallly nice and easy to get along with
9. i love my life
10. uhmm . . I do not work too much anymore..I earned it
11. i LOVE sports
12. i love G-D
13. i like films from the past..the black and white in the Turner Classic
14.I totally adore reading non-fiction books..my passion
15. Vanity Fair magazine in all its world editions is a must
16.I love the non-fiction books of the late Dominick Dunne
17.I love world music
18.I love ,Fabulous,any better would be a sin.
19. I do not like stuck up people
20.I totally love being Jewish
21.I love my mother,two sisters and my niece, the JEWISH PRINCESS(TIFFANY)
22.I love Kemerovo(smiles)
23/Yes....to another one Royalty...PRINCESS SOFIA
26.I admire and am enchanted with Bridget Bardot...no one like BB
27.I love Humphrey Bogart..no one like Bogie...and also Bacall
28,I love JEWISH holidays.
29.I love ISRAEL
30.I love PRADA....Miuccia is FASHION
31.I love the mind of the KAISER...Lagerfeld is Lagerfeld..
more of this later.
32.I dislike MEDIOCRITY..I dislike all do it...or I am not any better or any worse!!!
how sad that is.

Peu importe, ça n'a aucune importance.

La vie Romantique.

Success doesn't come to you…you go to it

sancta simplicitas!!!

crushed - rosette
I lovvvee this song by Rosette. It's so touching, Elise Estrada has made a version of crushed. But I like Rosette's version better. I really hope she sings more fantastic

Beauty was Audrey Hepburn

Today it would have been Ronald Reagan 99th Bday...he is sorely missed..

Never believe those brokers that tell you to buy stock that will beat the house..it is not true...only those who know something others do not, can predict..

To be or not to be. That was a question posed by one great man. My choice ,to be. I love being. There's so much wisdom. You wake up in the morning and you think, HEY isn't great just being.

I actually sat down and read Vanity Fair cover to cover this flight Mumbai-Tel Aviv.Watched some advanced movies not yet available to hoi polloi...and I used the
i-Pad from Apple and set up one for Tiffany...she will like it.......sorry but again I must thank the AMIR....Chocran...شكرا لك..

Some say that the three M's"Misrahi,Marc(Jacobs and of course a JEW)..and Michael Kors are it in the fashion at the moment..not sure to annoint them...not yet.

What is it about non-fiction books make them so truly great to read?I know the answer...do you?if not..do try.

Now that Valentino has retired someone must wave the too tanned flag.

You already know this...I totally dislike tatoos on pretty women..and smoking much more.

Bad Smell...yuk.....Nope

Cartier Shower Gel specially formulated for JG..YEP YEP..Cartier Cologne specially made for JG...YEP...YEP

Black soft Shatoosh boxers made specially for JG by Prada..of course...

Strawberry taste in the mouth...positevely yes......

At least three showers or baths daily..affirmative...

It is so sad how Steven Seagal and Val Kilmer have let go of their appearance...and for those girls who like pretty boys they get that way quite easily too(smiles)

For those women or girls that are thinking that beauty or looks can carry them to the GOLD..I am tempted to post so many pics of gorgeous women around the world,, to impress on them ;how beauty has been devalued...as OBAMA is attempting to do,, devalue the great country that USA is....but for the moment I will hold off the pics of these girls(smiles)..but do not dare me(smiles)

And I love the Show -Mad Men on AMC ..and Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper in the show is as suave as one can be....really impressive...

Fund of Funds-A "fund of funds" (FoF) is an investment strategy of holding a portfolio of other investment funds rather than investing directly in shares, bonds or other securities. This type of investing is often referred to as multi-manager investment.

There are different types of 'fund of funds', each investing in a different type of collective investment scheme (typically one type per FoF), eg. 'mutual fund' FoF, hedge fund FoF, private equity FoF or investment trust FoF.

I am posting from home in Tel Aviv(Kfar Shmaryahu)..just got back and am a bit inspired to write.... I have a few more IPOs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next week and the following one too...real winners, and I need to thank- HRH Prince Al Walid ibn Talal ibn Al Saud ibn Abdul Aziz for those options....I sometimes miss Beverly Hills and Miami Beach but making my mother happy is more important...she is home.. Tel Aviv is home and because of Obama we are doing a sciopero bianco(learned this phrase in ITalia..(sorrisi)....meaning a white or soft strike against Obama....but eventually we will come to BH or MB one of these days...JG

Very good. That's sorted.

ps. I work best in black and white, hm?

That is all. You may depart.

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