Miscellaneous Tidbits XXIII

Hi to everyone-Privet(Привет)Salve....Dear adoring public,
Hi - I am posting from Torino in Italia here for the World Ladies Skating Championships , it was an exciting event(congrats to M.A. for winning GOLD) but the drama never compared to the Olympic skate in Vancouver...I have been to Genève and Evian in between and will post some thoughts on the blog later...I am returning to Tel Aviv as I finish this posting- as Pesach(Passover) is coming up...also more on that later. Thanks for all the followers of my blog,they are steadily climbing...

Here go my TIDBITS!!!!!!

So I will start with the following news my -GOLDSTEIN CONFIDENTIEL DVD a la. the Kaiser,a la Karl Lagerfeld that was filmed and produced for me by one of my real friends Brett Ratner and my BH neighbor,the famous Hollywood Director ;is coming out soon...sure it is more for personal and friend's consumption and at a different level than Mr Lagerfeld's DVD, but still it was done so well and it involves ..celebs,famous athletes,Models,politicians,Royalty and some hoi polloi(sorry)..it also includes my two sisters ,my beloved mother and of course my niece,,Tiffany-the Jewish Princess,Lilliane B and some black and white footage from my late father....I believe you will like,,,some nice music is included, in the film like DVD..so stay tuned.......!!!!!

I finally got the advance copy of the movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)" and maybe I am prejudiced but it does not compare to the first version "Wall Street" it does have some interesting thoughts,ideas,scenes ....but is like going home after having success, it does not work....but alas we will let the movie critics decide..they are usually wrong but I am curious to read, when they finally see the movie and they opine on it.

Here are my tidbits: the first ones are a bit Japanese oriented and you can take
a guess why....????

One of the first words a foreigner learns upon coming to Japan is daijobu (dai-JOH-boo), a very useful term which means "okay" "alright" or "no problem." It's quite a handy word since you can combine it with other words and people will understand what you mean, for example say wasabi daijobu will let the sushi chef know that it's okay to leave wasabi on your sushi, and daijobu? said as a question is very easy to say. The opposite of this word is dame (dah-MEH), meaning "no good" or "not okay." While it can be used in quite a few circumstances, dame can sound quite harsh, so a maybe consider softening it with chotto (CHO-toh, "a little") in front of it. Finally, a good word to know is kudasai (koo-dai-sai), an all purpose word that means "please [give this to me]" which has many uses from restaurants to office setitngs. Now you know some Japanese words!

March is a time of many things in Japan. It's the dividing line between winter and spring, when people wonder when the beautiful sakura will start to bloom again. For students graduating from junior high or high school, March is the season of sayonara, as friends say goodbye to each other, perhaps taking one final trip to Tokyo Disneyland together.

And I missed the Sakura(Cherry Blossoms) I usually go to Hibiya Park and Ueno Park,,it is sad but other options were in the mix...but for those who have not been..you should go to Tokyo or any city in Japan to experience Sakura..it is so special....

Eternal Questions" in Japan

Japan is a great country, and I love visiting alot. But no matter how many times I come to Japan, it seems there'll always be some "eternal questions" that we foreigners will never figure out. Like, why is every mannequin in department stores a gaijin, and why does no one ever notice the total lack of mannequins with Asian features? Why would anyone need house-style curtains for your car? How can the Japanese have such a high standard of living that heated toilet seats that talk to you in soothing tones, yet almost no one has central heating? How can the Japanese write irony-free haiku about the "vibrant nature" all around them when 97% of their rivers are dammed? on one of my frequent visits I was going for some Tempura with my niece Tiffany when she turned to me and asked, "Why are the green traffic lights called 'blue'?" It's a big source of confusion to foreigners here, why green traffic lights are referred to with the word ao (ah-oh) meaning "blue" instead of midori meaning "green." (I know there's an answer, that the Japanese word ao has historically referred to both blue and green, but it's kind of fun keeping the question unanswered and mysterious.)

Most recently I learned of the shape of "Ling shi" a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine -which symbolizes immortality in Chinese culture...how appropriate when you are seeking it...immortality, that is.........

I just finished reading this book about one of the best Israeli poets,,and she was amazing..here is the name of the book: A Clockwork Doll
Dahlia Ravikovitch and the poetry of the plainspoken


Esta primavera, ¡todas con coleta!This spring everyone in pony tail!!!

Another great book is "Obama Zombies" which puts in perspective the absurd rise and lies of Barrack Hussein Obama...you must read this book....

I am so tired of hearing the word TWITTER that it makes me sick ,just as listening to OBAMA and his many speeches full of lies...so spare me!!!!

Not too long ago I got a great response from a link that I sent to a very smart girl that I know....she really was the only one that understood the gist of it...and I am not surprised,it was short and profound...great Ms Caldwell, you are it.........!!!!

Today I had Risotto al Tartufo Bianco in an incredible restaurant called Casa Vicina and it rates as the best Rissotto I have ever had...like all Italian restaurants in Italia... they make eating an art..and elegance only they can project.....

If you imagined you were Napoleon you get bonus points and are one step closer to enlightenment. Congratulations.

To be chic is to be appropriate (among other things)

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky is the new film by Jan Kuenen exploring the passionate and tumultuous relationship between the musician and the style icon. Starring Mads Mikkelsen and Anna Mouglalis, and promising stunning costuming, sweeping visuals, and a beautiful score, this is a film not to be missed.

Fiori, fiori, fiori! Arriva la primavera-ITalian for ..flowers,flowers,flowers,Spring is here

Chic cannot be purchased!!!

Parting Shots:

Goldman Sachs sees itself as the smartest; others think it’s just the greediest...in my opinion they are both..and why not!!!!!!!

Small companies have discovered that it can be lucrative to add the word “China” to their official names. to invoke the “China syndrome” appellation to describe the trend, “the average stock that added ‘China’ to its name outperformed the overall market by 31 percentage points over that period.” so you can say adding China to your company name can be Gold...can mean Gold....stock market GOLD...wow or even GOLDSTEIN GOLD (smiles)...so now you know ,China is not so evil after all...!!!!!

Do pretty waitresses get higher tips?Of course they do,it is human nature!!!!and I know and understand human nature, much more than..............

Men And Trophy Wives: Would you want a trophy wife? / Do you want to be a trophy wife? I have my answer think what yours would be!!!!!!

what is life? che cosa è la vita? sounds more chic in ITalian....


The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies..is a must read...For all those who blame us JEWS for all the ills of the world -....it may not change the mind of the anti- semitic but it makes a very valid point of our existence and travails,.all that JEWS have been through and still have survived to
tell it all and have success...incredible success...I rest my case

• Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), whose Richmond campaign office was shot at earlier this week, said he has received threats because he is Jewish. I am in agreement......

I love this quote :("I want a man who's kind and understanding," Zsa Zsa Gabor once griped. "Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?")

No cookies or sweets, of course...till 23 of June-
Bisou, Au revoir!

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is !



Miscellaneous Tidbits XXII

Au Revoir, Paris Fashion Week..some last thoughts about the past Fashion week of Paris and some thoughts about Fashion per se.......I am writing from my home in Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv)..and yes it is the BH..the Beverly Hills of Tel Aviv..what a snob you are JG(smiles)...and my mother is never happier than when she is here..her roots are here,she was born here; as you get older if you have any substance at all as a person ,your roots will call you back.Israel is and will always be{sic}......... and I will let you fill the blanks of this latter statement..but it was ,it is ,it will be the center of the UNIVERSE..I truly believe it.

Here are my TIDBITS:Ciao a tutte come state?

Ever since the 14th Century French fashion moguls have rubbed their hands, and laughed all the way to the bank, blessing what they call "Fashion Victims"

Anyone that is anorexic and addicted to nicotine, caffeine, and cocaine is probably not going to have great skin....so if you see this so called models up close than you would understand that my take on them is right.

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”


A supermodel is a highly-paid elite fashion model who is typically a household name. There is no set definition of what makes a model "super" but major cosmetic company contracts, multiple consumer fashion magazine covers and otherwise high visibility are all key supermodel factors

Dior dresses tend to tell the other dresses about their owner, so when the wearer of the dress is in a room with other people wearing other dresses, she looks very demode indeed. Be very wary of the couture. Whilst it may look like a lady, it does not behave like a lady!

what comes to mind when describing sofia coppola? delicate. fragile. delicately fragile, perhaps?but definitely beautiful. graceful and elegant; an elusive quality that makes her exude 'charmeuse'.

The four B's women need to possess.....Barney,Bergdorg,Bendels, Bloomingdale AND

amicizia amore blog chanel donna fashion felicità film foto gucci io lavoro libri mare milano moda musica novità palestra pensieri primavera relax rimini salute shopping stile stylenews verde vita 2010

Adoro i concorsi di bellezza, adoro le reginette con la corona,ITalian for -I love beauty contests and I love the Miss Universe with their crown..

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite,,the never forgotten Audrey Hepburn "I believe in pink. I believe laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing; kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."

- Audrey Hepburn -

Il bacio è il più eccitante mezzo di comunicazione che abbiano mai inventato.....The kiss is one of the most exciting forms of communication that we have invented....yes..Sono d'accordo ...but it has ..it must be with the right person...

. Lo shopping, se fatto al meglio, può essere un piacere-ITalian for -Shopping if done the best way can be so pleasurable{sic}

Alcune ragazze sognano di avere nel proprio armadio almeno una BIRKIN DI HERMES-ITalian for...Some Girls dream of at least having one BIRKIN BAG FROM HERMES

ho bevuto un caffè con JG/////////I have drank a Coffee with JG...Really...!!!!

Voglio scribere per Vanity Fair-
I want to write for Vanity Fair and I will do it
for free...do not understimate ....I will.....

May we never forget what is worth remembering and never remember what is best forgotten.

So I'll close my eyes and see things from the past...ah..........

here are some random tidbits:

Was Einstein a Zionist?

Shakespeare once said"Kill all lawyers"..and one must agree with his take on them....they always take the money and run with it...they are like politicians

How do you calculate your ROI...many people calculate it different..I will do mine in reference to investments so here is my take....In other words if you invest $5 dollars,Euros,Sterling,Yuan,Yen and so on..and you get back $20 of the currency you invested...your ROI or my ROI is (20-5)/5=(equals)3 times your initial investment..and other times is better but lets us just rate the ROI this way...Capisce?

An acquiantance sent me this..thought it would be nice to
1986 = Year of the Tiger
2010 = Year of the Tiger
It's My Time! XOXO!

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours :)

Haifa in Israel is an incredible city..could be similar to San Francisco...one day I was there I was speaking on the phone with an Italian bussinessman and he asked me to describe Haifa .and this is what I told him:
Scorci di città, angoli nascosti ma suggestivi, paesaggi che sembrano opere d'arte, le vie affollate dello shopping e i mercatini delle pulci: ecco un tour virtuale alla scoperta di Israele...an Italian to English translation on how Haifa (Israel) is viewed and I will include some pics..here is the translation: Glimpses of the city, hidden corners but evocative landscapes that looked like works of art, the crowded shopping streets and flea markets here is to explore a virtual tour of Israel ...and Haifa is a mixed city of Jews,Arabs and now Druse that manage to live well among each other....

«Sono di una gelosia quasi patologica», I overheard this from an ITalian model,,translation...I am..I possess an almost pathological jealously...I think it is not correct to feel that way.........

"Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves,(JG can) for they will never cease to amused" and I do that at times....it is right..it clears you up..it defines you...

On another note...here is a pic of my favorite PANINI

Yesterday I got a call from a former Miss MISS..of the Universe she was ,she is living again in Puerto Rico..and she has all to be happy if you are looking at it from the outside...but from the inside she was not happy...I reminded her of a saying they say in her Island...and it is said in Spanish as it sounds better.... here is the saying: "No Puedes estar con Dios y con el Diablo"you cannot be with G-D and with the Devil" not possible to serve both masters....as they say we all must fight our own demons..some never conquer them....

I have never disliked anyone as I live and let live but MR Barrack Hussein Obama is making me to not want to return to USA..it seems every other word he utters is a lie...and the gall to criticise ISRAEL when he should be getting tough with IRAN and the other dictators around the world...I better stop as I could write a discertation on him...by the way I never thought someone would have more BOTOX than JG(smiles) but the Queen Bee herself,,Nancy Pelosi, beats me badly...and what a loser this lady is...no brains and has the art of lying and double crossing down pat...she is a career politician..and in that art she also has a PHD..alas....

More on Obama...here is an article from the Associated Press:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi on Wednesday called U.S. President Barack Obama an anti-Semite in an interview with Army Radio.

"It's not that Obama doesn't like Bibi," he referring to Netanyahu using his nickname. "He doesn't like the nation of Israel."..you be the judge,my mind is already made up......

Obama's request for yuan appreciation denied. This is now a FAILED USA propaganda piece used to bolster the US stock market.

For those who think investing on Wall Street or any other world markets is a good option,before you do,read Michael Lewis new book..."The Big Short" or inside the Doomsday Machine..I have been preaching this for moons and moons...and it is worse than this book...but many never pay heed...please do not invest..there is a formula, a commodity as I call it to invest...so if you do not have it than do not..I repeat do not...as we say , those who do have it" If you don't know than you don't know" it applies to investing and for those incredulous ones,,it applies for them too....

One other must book is Son of Hamas....many question the veracity of it but I for one do believe the author's tale and account of his conversion from Islam to Christianity and his undercover work for the Shin Bet

One way to make sense of Japan is by understanding the concepts of wabi and sabi, two words which sum up much of what makes Japan special to outsiders. These ideas -- which are closely tied to the Japanese tea ceremony -- are a bit hard to pin down in English. Wabi essentially means sober refinement or the beauty that can be found in simplicity and imperfection, while sabi is the austere serenity that comes with the passage of time, allowing us to appreciate how an object has aged. Although they sound like concepts only Zen Buddhist monks would concern themselves with, they come up in daily speech surprisingly often, like when a friend and I were admiring the outside of an old abandoned house built during the Showa Period, and she said, "Isn't this house cool? It's really wabi-sabi!"....I rest my case.....

Back to the material world..forget the Ferraris ,the Lamborghinis..the Maseratis...
ROLL ROYCE reigns supreme..............

Each séjour in Paris brings a new restaurant du moment, and this season, the table to get just happens to be a new-ish spot called Frenchie.

Everyone wants to be the cool Parisian , and this is my ode to that.” But even more than the mode, My true French love: “I am a sucker for the falafel in the Jewish district.

Parting Shots:

JG is watching you demode ones.

Un caffè con me ? A Coffee with me?


song: moi je joue - brigitte bardot

Not just Zionism: Lousy economy pushes more U.S. Jews to move to Israel


Quel nerve

(il y en a pleusieurs?).

JG Est Là!

If you had to escape from a burning building, would you take the photo album...or perhaps your Dior? your Prada? your Brioni? your Missoni? your Louis Vuitton? your Hermes...you get the point!!!!!

The Magic Number 10

“I love this! You are so jet-set!

Every woman wants a smaller thigh and a flatter stomach and every man wants a smaller waist. It's always the same.

I like the Mr Hudson and Jay Z Song..."Forever" and the chorus is something I want..I aspire to..with Dorian Gray..Dr Steven M Hoeffin in the equation...my great family genes,my fabulous life style(again JG you are so conceited) is better to be direct than to pretend false modesty.....here are the lyrics from the Chorus......
Forever young,
I wanna be forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever and ever
Forever young I wanna be
Forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever, forever///////

And lest I forget...thanks Dr Steven M Hoefflin you are truly Michaelangelo...for sure....and you know it...AND I WANT TO STAY FOREVER YOUNG AND LIVE FOREVER.....YES...CERTO....OUI...SIM...Ken (כן) ....AYWA (نع-)
, HAI(はい)..SI....Né(ναι)////YES!YES!YES!!!!..but in the meantime...I will live for today...as the FUTURE is NOW>>>>>>>>>>>

Ciao lovelies....a più tardi..till later.......JG

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is !



Miscellaneous Tidbits XXI

Bonjour / bonsoir (dépend de quelle heure il est pendant que vous lisez) lecteurs compatriotes.Good Morning,Good Night..or Good Afternoon (depends what time it is for you)my fellow readers

I am writing this post from Liliane's B ,ultra ultra luxury appartment on Avenue Foch in Paris XVIe arrondissement..I am here for Fashion Week and have seen some great shows,,and I will finish the post from here in Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv) as just arrived back in Israel.
The Chanel show was spectacular,The Kaiser outdid himself this time.it was so Karl Lagerfeld,...Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton also apotlighted some VS Angels and someone special from the past,Laetitia Casta,,and also Miu Miu was very Chic and Stylish..Signora Prada is always the best....... thanks Liliane for the VVIP accomodations..,a couple of days ago I received a Cartier Solid Gold Ballon Bleu watch from Prince Khaled,,and just today an incredible DIAMOND solitaire..I have some really nice ones but this one ranks with them all,,the French use some poetic sayings like ,je ne sais quoi, c'est la vie-a lesser-known expression typically employed at the sight of an an obscenely large diamond ring: Gros comme un bouchon de carafe,. or "as big as a bottle stopper..and this gorgeous DIAMOND is that and more..perfect color..perfect all...so, chocran...Merci and et c'est gentil à vous.....

Here are my Tidbits:

it is now time for Paris fashion week. I will be in my room reading Colette, and you'll find me out and about. I have a rather distinctive appearance it seems- you can't miss me.

Today I received an advance copy of Vanity Fair ,,"The Money Issue" with Michael Douglas in the cover and it is so interesting,so much to take in,,and yes it is better than........for sure(smiles)...I am getting an advance DVD with the upcoming movie"Money Never Sleeps" the sequel to my favorite movie "Wall Street" I am so looking forward to watching this movie...I am not much for sequels as they never are as good as the first..but I am curious to know how Michael Douglas plays Gordon Gekko after jail..and I should add that you leave it to Hollywood to exxagerate,in real life GG would have gotten away with a few Millions type of fine and a short stint in jail,,not 25 years as the plot states.

I know it"s impossible to definitively answer this question, but just because there is no ultimate answer, doesn't mean it's boring to talk about. I do not spend lots of moments everyday considering this question, but do I think its one of the more benevolent and encompassing questions that conversation can offer. Who are the most beautiful women in the world?I give it some thought and thoughts; so here is a mention of that..

The discussion is endless, but my top 6 in no numerical order would be:

Brazilians- natural curves and the Portuguese language - an amazing infusion of cultures!

Southern Europeans- dark hair and slender elegance complimented with that Mediterranean flavor.

Scandinavians- Tall, majestic, and broad.

Russians-Between the sharp features, sexy accents and cold demeanor, there is something super attractive about these women

Caribbean-The ebony skin of the african-carribean women is the most beautiful tone in the world.

Middle Eastern-Israelis definetely ..they have it all,skin,curves,mixture of races..gorgeous eyes,gorgeous skin...

It is so nice,,so amazing to see the different styles that Parisian women project,American girls should take heed,and I also like how the Italian women
dress...but again in this Fashion shows,,the people dress from the elegance,to the sublime to the absurd,,some are rather clownish in the way they dress but overall the style,the fashion projects well.

Dresses by Rei Kawakubo- Comme des Garcons, tend to be incredibly mysterious

Carine and I were having a non-lunch the other day, at one of our favourite places to not eat- LA GARE (they do a divine Evian Water in Crystal bottle). ..of course.And I felt self-satisfaction, in the fact that I don't eat(smiles)

I do not need it but I went yesterday with a Model friend,,you could say a famous one at that,to watch her get a quick smart lipo treatment,,there is a famous Dr in Paris that has improved the technique and it is done in a in and out procedure..and I was allowed to watch while it was being done,,,it is simple,effective and prompt, non agressive...ah the wonders of advanced medicine....

By the way,.I believe that I can open up any magazine or go to any show and tell you what girls are taking Adderall, how many girls are taking Vicodin, how many girls are throwing up - girls are really resorting to dangerous things..it is sad but it is reality in the Fashion bussiness in the Modeling world.

Only John Galliano could get away with this statement: «Le style est vêtue d'une robe du soir au McDonald's, le port de talons pour jouer au football. Elle est la personnalité, la confiance et la séduction." "Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald's, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction." what????I can decipher it.!!!

Están dormidos o están durmiendo? Are you asleep or are you sleeping..think hard about this...........

Recently an acquiantance asked me if I liked Khalil Gibran and it brought memories,,,,my answer was yes and I commented
Khalil Gibran/////////The Prophet//////////Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you”.

My life is a film!

Last year, Harry R. Lewis, a former dean of Harvard College, published a book called ``Excellence Without a Soul," in which he discussed the shortcomings of Harvard's undergraduate curriculum. He argues Harvard may prepare students to do well at jobs, but it does not teach character or morality for them to become better people. Lewis questions the purpose of education at Harvard....as a Harvard Grad I do not agree, as character comes from your parents,your upbringing and your desires of your mind and to want to be a better rounded individual..and yes a University should teach character and morals but at that stage in someones life ,the character and traits have already being formed,established...and I did write Mr Harry R Lewis to express my opinion,,,and I am still waiting for his answer.

Here is another book that I highly reccomend,,it is insightful and entertaining...the book is: Devil's Casino by Vicky Ward

“Well. Sometimes I feel like things I say are being translated into French..really...

Ah the delusion of being young, hmm? We are only young for so long, and there is nothing wrong with ageing. But one must dress appropriately.

A is for authentic style, born of adventure in your life, not Aspiring to be some one else. Aspirational is the worst, but adventure, that is chic, so very chic.

The thought of regular members of the public attending fashion week, let alone deigning to consider a front-row spot, is unthinkable to the powers that be.!!!

Parting Shots:

All these models look like trees.

By the way (unrelated to all this), Laurelle Gilbert at Elle needs to learn how to write sentences in English

French Vogue is only read by American French students. Everybody in France reads a magazine which is far too chic to dictate here. But it exists.

Read, mes amis, it makes you original, and that is very chic.Reading is Chic ..Chic..Chic

If your silhouette doesn’t please you, create space between your shoulders and your ears, between your ribs and your hips. Remember, the rest of the world must look at you, so you have an obligation to try to look nice, or at least not dégôutant.

But that's no excuse for demode dressing, hm? You must understand- I don't mean the normal sort of demode dressing-

But I know that underneath it all, she's still a rich girl. I can smell it on her.What.......Think....it will make sense.,,,

After Israel and the United States, France has the third-most Jews of any country...nice to know......

I will again quote from my favorite "POUR ETRE IRREMPLACABLE IL FAUT TOUJOURS ETRE DIFFERENTS .." - Coco Chanel-"..IN ORDER TO BE IRREPLACEABLE ONE MUST ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT.." - Coco Chanel-amazing it has stood the test of time

While British designer Vivienne Westwood regularly rails against global warming(I agree), fashion king Karl Lagerfeld trumped her with a rival theory at the Chanel show: the globe is in fact cooling, and he has an iceberg to prove it(oui en effet)

"A principal diferença entre a felicidade e a alegria é que a felicidade é sólida e a alegria é líquida." Portugese for "The principal difference between happiness and being happy is that happiness is solid and happy is liquid.......

Cacao e caffè, dolci coccole

Plus, look, it was—at least in part—the Mossad. It just was. (The Mossad, as always, will neither confirm nor deny involvement

We’ll talk more later, but I must walk to rue de Passy and watch the sunset. Watching the sunset is le dernier cri.

A bientot mes amis!

Kfar Shmaryahu-Tel Aviv
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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is