Miscellaneous Tidbits XXVII

Hop, un cappucino : capsule lait, ça c'est fait, deux tiers du mug, parfait. Suivante! Capsule café, un tout petit tiers, c'est ok. .....Hop, a cappuccino capsule milk, this is done, two thirds of the mug, perfect. Next! Capsule Coffee, a tiny third is ok.

- Oups, vous êtes là! .... Oops, you're here!

- Comment ça va?- How is it going?

So I am back and here are my thoughts..my ideas and some tidbits that
I like and I know you will too.....


I don't know what it is, but there's something so captivating in Brigitte Bardot, even knowing that there are many things to hate in the way she thinks.

I am writing this post from several Asian cities...Seoul,,,Amankila...Hong Kong,Singapore ..and Amandari...I am working on a great IPO that I mentioned before,this IPO is in the Kospi (Seoul stock market)....so as always I expect the same fabulous ending when the company I am investing with goes public...it will go along with my expectations and of those with the know how...

Once more I have lots of nice tidbits from all aspects and in rapid fire ,not necessarily
in order but I feel they will be very enlighting for those who wish to be enlighten and entertained...

So here are my tidbits:

What I discovered was that, for a Jew, living in Israel means allowing yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin.
By its definition, Israeli nationalism, or "Zionism," means identifying with (and, if necessary, defending) the Land of Israel as the historical birthplace and spiritual, religious, and cultural soul of the Jewish people as well as the sovereign, Jewish national homeland.
But it also means creating an environment in which Jews can simply (and unapologetically) live their lives - just like everyone else

five Jewish values: truth (emet), not embarrassing (lo levayesh), courage of the heart (ometz lev), taking care of your body (shmirat haguf), and honoring one another (ohev zeh et zeh),”

For young girls lately,,,....If the right parts of your body are puffy enough, and the bones of your face unnaturally prominent, then you can probably get an agent or a manager these days..and if you add to being involved in sexual scandals..and lack of class incidents...than you will be in the news....DEMODE...SO DEMODE.....

An ironic thought..take it as is......I've noticed many of my wealthy friends have fallen on hard times. Fortunes have been chopped in half: what was 6 billion dollars is now a mere 3 billion dollars. Many of my friends can only afford 5 yachts a year, rather then 10 or so. Dire straits indeed....What???? ..again is an ironic but realistic tale.....

you should live each day like its GOLDEN....or a la GOLDSTEIN(smiles).....

Quote Me: Karl Lagerfeld Isn't Retiring

The Waiting List on Hermès Birkin Bags Is No More

One of the more pleasant casualties of the recession, it appears, is the legendary waiting list for the $6,500-plus (and sometimes $120,000-plus) Hermès Birkin bag. Retailers like Portero.com and Hermès boutiques are now selling the famed purse, once an accessories staple of Grace Kelly, on a simple first come, first served basis.

Aristotle said, "Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit." that is the way to try and lead your life.....yes indeed

Jidori Chicken
It’s a hyper-local specialty item, basic but beloved for its unrivaled freshness.

Jidori, roughly translated as “from the ground” in Japanese, is a type of mixed-breed domestic free-range chicken in Japan, where eating chickens was not heard of until the end of the 19th century,...I really like eating this...it feels kosher...it is kosher....

“I believe that people are what happened to their grandparents,”

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear?
‘Cause I’m being taken over by fear..Chorus of Lilly Allen song "The Fear"

Louis Vuitton - The Journey of a Man's Wardrobe (PARIS)

The poet Khalil Bibran tells us that beauty is not in the face but in the heart. Try telling that to the millions who spend billions pursuing physical beauty.

"I can create beauty," "I can give someone a 'wow.'" Dr Steven M Hoefflin
"The way I think of myself is, I make people happy," Hoefflin added.

I got this message on my phone the other day from a famous Brasilian model..""Se o meu sorriso mostrasse o fundo da minha alma, muitas pessoas ao me verem sorrir, chorariam comigo." roughly translated in English..""If my smile showed the depths of my soul, many people that see me smile, would cry with me."

Some English thoughts of......Savaloy & Chips...Harvey Nicks... English breakfasts..West End in London.......Old Bond Street....Claridges....Sitting at a cafe in soho at the end of the day ....

The Japanese fascination with the air hostess uniforms given to employees of Japan Airlines (JAL) has prompted such a high demand for the goods that a black market has been created.

Although shops selling replica uniforms are very common on the streets of Japan, the desire to own the authentic JAL uniform has created a remarkably competitive market for them, with the genuine article often selling for thousands of dollars.

Those shops supplying the uniforms hope that many more will soon become available as the company filed for bankruptcy back in January.

"I was at the amazingly swanky The Hong Kong Club with Sir David Tang ,and a European woman asked me where I was from...my suburban reflexes,said from many places,without my asking she told me : 'I've just flown in from Ibiza. I have a flat here in Hong Kong, but my real home is Rio. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to my apartment in New York.' Then she added, and this is the interesting bit, 'In this milieu, we don't commit adultery, we travel'."...Got It........

In his book, Rich Britain: The Rise and Rise of the New Super-Wealthy, Stewart Lansley, distinguishes between what he calls the "deserving new rich" and the "undeserving new rich"...it is an enjoyable book ,full of nice tales and extravagances...

The Kaiser again wants to remind his enemies or those who fall from grace about his analogy of "The Sword of Damocles".....If you are familiar with allusions to the "sword of Damocles," you may know that to feel that the sword of Damocles is hanging over you is to have a sense of anxiety, of impending doom.

«Se sono felice vuol dire che ho successo; se sono infelice, a che cosa serve la vita? ITalian for...If I am HAPPY than it means that I have succeeded...if I am unhappy than what is life worth....this was my answer to an ITalian girlfriend...and I added this thought "La felicità è una scelta"Happiness is a choice"..and it is.....

"Tout ce qui brille" pas si bling bling - "All that glitters' not that bling bling

Gold hits four-month high
The gold price has risen to a four-month high after Standard & Poor's, the rating agency, lowered Greece and Portugal's credit ratings, spurring demand for the metal. It is not a good buy unless you bought early at the inset of its apex...

Parfois, certains films valent toutes les études sociologiques. C'est en tout cas ce que je me suis dit samedi en sortant de "Tout ce qui brille", le charmant premier film de Géraldine Nakache et Hervé Mimran.,,

Sometimes, some films are worth all the sociological studies. In any case what I said on Saturday leaving "all that glitters", the charming first film Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran

Some days ago I happened upon this picture from Paris fashion week. In the photo you can see Emmanuelle Alt, her assistant Geraldine Saglio and her daughter. And you know what? The outfit that attracted me the most was that of the little girl. It was probably her mother's choice, but either way I love it. Her uniform: Burberry trench, breton t-shirt, jeans and Repetto flats is not only ageless but also timeless- and ironically my niece,Tiffany Goldstein wore the same clothes as the little girl when she was her age....nice...really nice...

There is so much gridlock in the world...sometimes to pass time I think about gridlocked things- and there are plenty. Politicians packed their respective congresses around the world with gridlockers. The economy ,no matter what the critics say is at a standstill. Banks and Wall Stree too. The credit faucet for those who needed is closed. The Middle East: It's been at a standstill for years. Really the world economy is going nowhere.

It's funny the way culture reflects language and vice-versa. One phrase you'll hear sometimes in Japanese is tenka no~, which literally means "having received the blessing of Heaven and the Emperor to rule Japan."

Parting Shots:

"A person is nothing but his image."

"Genius is born --not paid."

"El genio nace, no se paga."

"A couturier must be:
An architect for design,
a sculptor for safe,
a painter for colour,
a musician for harmony,
and a philosopher for temperence."

"Un modisto debe ser:
Arquitecto para las líneas,
escultor para la forma,
pintor para el color,
músico para la armonía,
y filósofo para la medida."

Gabrielle "Coco"Chanel

What's on your summer wishlist?

I am an elitist when it comes to good manners...one cannot live without them...

“Fashion should be about the individual, so it’s cohesive with who I am.”

It never ceases to amaze, the timelessness of this picture. That said I confess I am being parcial, Madame Rivière is one of my favourite portraits.

Nunca deja de sorprenderme la intemporalidad de este cuadro. Dicho esto, confieso que estoy siendo parcial porqué Madame Rivière es uno de mis retratos favoritos.

Natasha Poly à la sortie du défilé Chloé. Chic, masculine, mystérieuse. Pour moi l'une des silhouettes les plus inspirantes de celles que j'ai aperçues ces jours-ci
Natasha Poly at the end of the parade Chloe. Chic Femenine, mysterious. For me one of the most inspiring figures of the ones I have seen these days..

Sans make-up

Google confirming Isaac Newton's theory of what goes up must come down..is going
down down down....it sound like a Reggaeton song(smiles)....

GOOG‎ - Google Inc. (NASDAQ)‎
Google Finance‎ Yahoo Finance‎ MSN Money‎ DailyFinance‎ CNN Money‎ Reuters‎
525.70 -6.30‎ (-1.19%‎) Apr 30 4:00pm ET
525.75‎ +0.05‎ (0.01%‎) After Hours

Open: 531.28
High: 537.68
Low: 525.44
Volume: 2,440,207
Avg Vol: 3,601,000
Mkt Cap: 167.39B

The sneers about “cowboy” George Bush have finally faded and now we have a president who was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia, attended a private high school in Honolulu making like he is from the ‘Hood. Where are Maureen Dowd and the other west side liberals now that we need them to lead the chorus of derision?//

I got this nice message the other day after an appearance on Korean Television...
I saw you speak on television..I was taken with your intelligence...It is a huge turn on...

another email about my blog from with someone that has beauty and class: Wow, I like your comment on Romance/love versus Desire/Easy... as I am getting older I am appreciating and noticing the difference even more...anything worth having is worth working to get and waiting for.

And this is a nice comment about the black and white era of Hollywood....ah I'm only 21, but I wish I lived in that era. so romantic

I wrote some more while making a two day stop in Seychelles(Victoria)...and finally finished it here in Kfar Shmaryahu...I lost some inspiration as was concentrating on an IPO that I mentioned earlier and on the Bdays of my sister,ML and my one in a million mother...she is the best..no one like her......

Till the next blog ,hope you enjoyed....JG

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXVI

Salve,People.....come va?Bella giornata?Hi people....how are you?how is your day?

Today I went to the Dead Sea...it is always impressive and it is nice to remember
the history and the beauty of all the places that Israel possesses,,,I have started writing this blog on Yom Hashoah- Holocaust Remembrance Day...a festive day that cannot be ever forgotten by humanity...Just a little on the remembrance: It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust. To survivors, the Holocaust remains real and ever-present, but for some others, sixty years makes the Holocaust seem part of ancient history.Year-round we must try to teach and inform others about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Earlier Monday Israel fell silent as a two-minute-long siren wailed across the country to mark Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Day.

As the siren sounded at 10 A.M., traffic came to a total standstill. Drivers stood next to their cars and pedestrians stopped walking, many of them standing at attention or with their heads bowed....I got chills as this was happening...what a feeling to be in Israel and experience it...

The siren opened the annual memorial at Yad Vashem, Israel's state Holocaust memorial authority, in Jerusalem. Wreaths were laid at the foot of the memorial for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

I have continued to write my blog while in Cape Town and presently in Amankila... I am working my way to Seoul to finish an investment an IPO(Initial Public Offering) of Samsung Life which will be a big winner when it goes public...for sure...it will....!!!!

Here are my tidbits:

classe è... cultura ..Class is Culture..

Una donna è elegante quando... ha classe...a woman is elegant when she has class....yes ..totally...

La capitale dello shopping? basta che accettino la Visa Black oppure American Express Centurion....The capital of shopping?any place that accepts Visa Black or American Express Centurion card...not a place for hoi polloi(smiles)

I just finished reading a book called Kate Moss Machine...and it was an interesting take on the physche of an individual and there is no there there.....

When was the last time you saw real art?or did you ever?

Here is something that I read more recently...see what your take is:“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day. " -Letters to a Young Poet (1903)

As I mentioned before I get lots of nice emails from people that follow my blog,complimenting me on the content,my style of writing..and recently I received a very nice comment from a very intelligent and pretty Chinese girl..I will share her short comment "your blog is the most interesting stuff in the world"..thanks ,and even when I am sure of myself,it is always nice to receive such thoughts..it makes me want to write more..

A few tidbits about one of my favorites countries:Japan........

One time I ran into a column of about fifty attractive Japanese girls all wearing Swatch T-shirts and fashionable watches as they marched military-style through Shinjuku, saying nothing but making everyone aware of the company's brand. I like it when I turn a corner and suddenly find myself face-to-face with a sumo wrestler, which happens with surprisingly regularity depending on what part of Tokyo you're in. There's nothing that makes me say, "Woah, I'm in Japan!" more than that.

If there exists a heart that pumps all the seemingly infinite energy into Tokyo, this heart got to be in Shibuya. There are few places in Tokyo more filled with youths than Shibuya, which draws its life force from the hordes of school kids and young adolescents that can be found on its streets at literally any hour of the day. This part of town houses all the dreams, hopes, worries and adolescent memories of many future leaders of Japan.

A few years ago the "gonguro" style was "in" and now it's "out" (though not extinct). "Gonguro" means "dark" (that is, really, really tanned, either by the sun or liberal amounts of fake tanning lotion). The style included clothing and hair as in the picture, and 12 inch platform boots so high that some girls literally injured themselves falling off of them. Thankfully, this style has faded. But there are new girls in Shibuya today who are equally desperate for attention. The dark side of such fashion is that many girls finance their expensive tastes through casual prostitution.

LVMH Sales Increase Suggests Luxury Goods Are on the Rebound!I like to think I had alot to do with that!!!

Il maxi chignon-Comodo, stylish e facile da realizzare...you must have the right face to be able to pull off this hair style......

I looked in the mirror today and as I do often ,I picked up the phone and rang Dr Steven M Hoefflin...and as always he was elated with my thank you....even Michaelangelo loves to be complimented on his work... for those who do not know...he is the best plastic surgeon in the world..no one can do a facelift as he can...I rest my case, and this is an easy case to rest,,hands down.......

For the cover of its April issue, the team behind Vogue India decided that it was time to tackle the issue of colour prejudice within the country, and so have shot five beautifully dark skinned models - including Londoner Gia Johnson Singh - scantily clad in pale bikinis, under the editorial title 'The Dawn of Dusk'.

Just so you know human nature..many white girls want to get tanned..and many dark or lite skin girls want to be white..it is a dilemma not only in India but in many other places around the world.....Whilst the desire to achieve a golden tan might be popular in the West, it seems that the East sees a different story - many successful Bollywood stars and models are light skinned, and last year saw an increase of 18% in the demand for skin whitening creams..."Skin colour matters a lot for women in India,the sociology in fashion is, "Fairness is a very valuable thing here, looked on as desirable. The fashion world can be a big agent for change in this area."I have a friend ..a famous Indian Model and Actress that has such beautiful color of skin and always obsseses with being liter...so I try to convince her to no avail to love her skin color which is lite choco...very nice but alas........?????

There was every reason to say no, and there were very compelling reasons to say yes...JG again you are speaking in the third person as Jap girls do....yes...!!!and
it is nice to express oneself that way..well every once in awhile

"Dia do beijo? Ameiii; beijooooooooooo".Day of the kiss....I loved it....yesterday was the international day of kissing(13-4)....the best Kiss on the cheek was from my niece Tiffany Goldstein...it was worth GOLD(smiles)........and it was an international day not just for BRASIL...."É o dia do beijo! SMAKS! :-)"...I got this message in reference to the kiss.....Vou beijar na boca, beijar na boca, beijar na boca sem parar...Beija eu, beija eu, beija eu me beija...".sorry ,not possible...but thanks..Obrigado.....

Today I saw again the movie "Meet Joe Black"..amazing...and of course one of my favorites.."Barbarians at the Gate" the film does not compare to the book but nevertheless it simplifies how to do an LBO(leveraged buyout) or rather how to do one an lose.......

I just watched Tatiana von Furstenberg's first film, 'Tanner Hall', co-written and directed by her best friend, Francesca Gregorini. (That's right, Tatiana is Diane von Furstenberg's daughter.)The movie, a coming-of-age tale following four friends at a New England prep school and it was truly entertaining...you should see it.......

"The way your eyes adjust to the dark???yes..that is I what I said!!!!

Still Alexander Mcqueen persists after his untimely death!!!!!

fashion is about 'right now.' I guess it is more about 'right now' now than ever before.

Here is one more book that I just read..it is interesting...it is called "Secrets of A Jewish Mother"...and it is insightful and has great humor too.....

I have heard the expression...kisses sweeter than wine..since I do not drink alcohol,,never have and never will..I think kisses sweeter than strawberries or kisses sweeter than chocolate strawberries is more appropriate ,at least when it comes to me...!!!!!

I just got an advanced copy of the following book:
Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation, the first book to come out about the late designer since his death, will go on sale May 7. Authored by fashion journalist Kristin Knox, the biography includes 120 images and 128 pages. More McQueen tribute books are sure to follow. Buy can anyone add anything new to his story so quickly? And I am sure there will be on onslaught of books capitulating on Mcqueen's death..

Louboutin Red

Parting Shots:

If you’re a single guy you probably understand the paradox of finding an attractive woman who is also intelligent and has a good personality.

There’s a lot said nowadays about “awareness” and “raising awareness” as if this is the best way to solve the world’s problems.

Japanese marrying partners from other countries is called kokusai kekkon, and it's viewed by many in Japan as an alternative choice for those who want something different than what a Japanese spouse offers.(more on this on another blog)

Who are the world's richest Jews? more on this too on another blog.!!!

Designing a line of children’s wear. Tiffany is looking forward to it...

Popular in Japan. On men. Also popular in America, on Marc Jacobs.

Last week a friend mailed me a book. When I unwrapped it and saw the cover, I felt like a kiss had been blown to me all the way from Sao Paolo.....

Is kosher food healthier?yes of course
Traditional Jewish foods are selling fast to vegans, allergy sufferers and others convinced of their health benefits..non Jews are embracing it....

Europe doesn’t have a framework to deal with sovereign debt problems..What!!They do not!!!

What is so exhilarating about France is the effortlessness of style, what is so great about America is its passion for being the best. I should know, I hold passports to both.

Keep hotpants classy,not vulgar looking....

Till the next blog I bid you hello...and best wishes to all...!!!!

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXV

Today I woke up in Kfar Shmaryahu and I love the sound of it and yes I am repeating myself but I must...so anyway, I went out for my daily two hour walk in this lovely and elegant suburb of Tel Aviv and yes so beautiful,FABULOUS...another BH...and again it smells of concrete money....you get the point??? ..I am sure you do...thanks once more to the followers as they are continuing to add up and so are the emails with nice thoughts and compliments on my writing..imagination...and insight...wow ,so nice an email I receieved from a nice and famous tennis women's player...today my imagination is there..I am a bit inspired so I will write at random and hope you can follow......

What a snob I am(smiles)....I gave up Coca Colas last June 23 but could not turn down the advance limited edition of the Kaiser's upcoming launch of Coca Cola light..it is a brilliant stroke by Coca Cola to offer up this limited edition Coca Colas with Karl Lagefeld in its promotion...so be sure to head down to France this Spring for some shopping and a seriously fashionable drink..and I love the bottle design..I will not drink it but save it for posterity....for that is where it will go ......and by the way,The campaign is set to hit France on the 28th of April, and will cover a giant billboard across the famous Galleries Lafayette where the drink will be available in a limited edition boxed version, complete with a matching bottle opener for 47 euros....The box set will also be available from the ever-cool Colette.........I rest my case..........

Joseph B Goldstein Tidbits:

Nehru jacket
Laetitia Casta
Denim shirt


In China they have a word for it "Baoba" means "protect eight"..the 8% annual economic growth rate that officials believe is critical to enduring social stability.

Vittoria Puccini

Karla Smutniak

"Se ti vesti bene. Sai camminare. Hai UNO stile. Non c' e bisogno Che tu abbia I soldi."IF you dress nicely...if you know how to walk..have style...it is not necessary that you have money.....

Dr Dirk Kremer-split pectoral muscle tecnique....he is rapidly becoming one of the best....

Alexa Chung

In the Loop-Armando ianucci-a must film



Milan Kunis

The manners you wear are another kind of perfume, and manners play a larger than usually recognized role in defining one's style and brand. Style and manners if the appropriate kind make la difference.

Feeling bien dans sa peau(comfortable in one's skin is an attitude that must be achieved.

Gaia Repossi



Estee Lauder-Harrods

Burying the Bones-Hilary Spurling//great book.....i enjoyed reading as it relates the
author describes living in China in a vivid and real style......

Mervyn Druian-Wy10 -nobody can get your teeth whiter

I look at a hundred deals a day and choose only one...it could be said about women too...what??that is what I said!!!I sound like GG or maybe AL///or really like JG!!!!

Years ago we didn't have phones, we had to write letters. Years ago we had to share household phones, now we all have cell phones. Years ago people had to ride horses. Now we can hop a plane or a car....what is next??space ships???

J'Adore: Hermès Relaxed Kelly

IT is not repetitious..I was asked to make a comment on this..so again: I don't think there is a hard and fast rule about what is categorically considered the most attractive type of woman. You just know it when you see it. The basic expectation is that her waist hip ratio should be good, her weight should not be too high and that she should be in her fertile years. Beyond the basics, there is a lot of latitude.

The Japanese strike me as a very creative people, and I'm often amused by the things they bother to come up with names for. Having your significant other sleep while using your arm as a pillow is known as ude-makura (oo-day mah-koo-rah) or "arm pillow," and the word for "waking up and doing stuff then going back to bed afterwards" is nidone (ni-doh-neh), or "second sleep."

Supposedly the newest fashion trend in Tokyo is...guys wearing skirts. Called sukaato danshi or "skirt boys," the trend consists of men wearing long skirts (really more like aprons) over their clothes as they go about the day.

Please. The models trampled over each other's voices in their haste to respond: "they're so fashionable", "they're cool!", "wow, so original"!What!!!

Is google jewish?100 percent yes..both founders are Jews...they should have called
it Jewgle...I rest my case

That makes so much sense. All the pieces are starting to fall into place.

George Clooney is so goy.

I just took a quick trip to Zurich for a day on my way I read an advance copy of “Classy: Be A Lady Not A Tramp” is Derek Blasberg first book..and not a bad one a that........

on the subject of classy a great friend..a girl of course, (JRR) said...."Tous mes amis sont assez classe, je suppose. Non, je ne veux pas dire de classe. Tous mes amis sont assez élégant avec les bonnes manières», "
"All my friends are pretty classy, I guess. No, I don't want to say classy. All my friends are pretty elegant with good manners," and to have those kinds of friends would make sense..yes.....As soon as someone says "classy" I cringe, because it is apparent they most likely are not...

Princess Sofia is KRAZAVITZA ,of course........

“Do I look fat?” Answering Impossible Girl Questions-and I get asked this question alot even from Models that the public generally think that are thin and happy with their famous life...there is a big disparity in this perception.........

Here is another version of the same question: “I feel fat. Do I look fat?” this phrase/question is something that we as friends and/or lovers have to hear and respond well to if we don’t want to be ex-friends and/or lovers. But than JG is so direct that he would say the truth...as I stated on another blog ..a famous lady skater asked me what I would change in her looks...being the perfectionist she knows I am...my answer..let us start with your ears...I got dead,icy silence..and I asked"should I proceed?"//again silence..so I said well let us have a macchiato....and I got silence for the next few days(smiles)...the moral of the story ,do not ask JG a question you do not want to hear the answer ,as the answer will be direct and sincere.....once more I rest my case.......

On another subject I just received a new book that tells of Col. Kim Jong-ryul, who went on shopping sprees for North Korea dictators Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il before hiding in Europe for 16 years ..I will comment on it after I read..and I cannot wait to get started...and yes it is better than...........you get the gist???and by the way the name of the book is: ('In the Dictator’s Service') by Ingrid Steiner-Gashi and Dardan Gashi.

Alter ego de la "Petite Robe Noire", elle est la version estivale de ce classique incontournable de nos vestiaires. Une valeur sûre et modulable à accessoiriser selon les envies.

Here is an interesting tidbit about Tel Aviv(Kikar Hamedina-The Circle) to be exact....There are many distinctive neighborhoods in and around central Tel Aviv. Kikar Medina (Medina Square) in north Tel Aviv is the Rodeo Drive of Israel. Tel Aviv is arguably an up-and-coming fashion hotbed, which is why the designer stores located in the square make up the heart of the city's high-rent neighborhood. These shops include expensive world-famous names, as well as high-end Israeli retailers...

Parting Shots:

When Tiffany,my niece, was attending a fancy-schmansy private school in Miami Beach ,before deciding she was to be home schooled as she was too smart for girls her age or older...I saw one of her school notebooks and she had this message in French at top of her notebook "Tiffany Goldstein-Premier de la Classe"Tiffany Goldstein-First in the Class" and she was and she is...so I realised how special she was then....and is now......

I love the trademark of Christian Louboutin shoes...they all have red soles..the most expensive ones as well as the least expensive ones..

Pretty, pretty good!

There is nothing wrong with presenting young people with the experience of praying with Teffillin. It is part of their heritage. They can choose if they want to continue or not, with parental guidance.

"Are you fashion??

I don't think YOU are very FASHION, hmmmm?"

"There is no "I" in fashionista apart from the two that are there!

Fashion Is Poison Merci!

I do say read because you must remember that this blog is, like fashion, a totalitarian dictatorship. I do not tolerate dissenters.(smiles)...just kidding!!!of course you can dissent!!!!!!

I should be applauding her, of course!!!

I've said it before and I've said it again: models should keep their mouths shut!!!

JG...Would you stop talking to yourself in monologue? It's like you're writing a novel or something"

So, yesterday I went shopping to the LV store in Kikar Hamedina....
it was closed so I wanted to go in- yes it was closed.
So I walked in anyway because I'm JG....and of course they opened for moi and my sisters ....!!!

Sigh, the life of a dead genius. !!!

Worst of all, this person enjoys McDonald's.

Something else will be coming soon....

This is not satire. I am not joking, hmmm?

I must go...see you another time...hope you appreciate the blog....!!!!

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Nisan 26, 5770 | | Israel Time: 05:00

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is !