Miscellaneous Tidbits XXVIII


Salve..hello to all my followers,and sorry that I have not written much lately,I have been travelling again in Asia for a little Bussiness and lots of pleasure..I am
finishing this post in Shanghai on my way back to celebrate Shavout. the world continues to spiral downward in some sense and in others ways too that I will elaborate at another time. I am continuing to write this blog on my way back to Asia while making a stop in the Maldives islands.. it is so exhilirating to write my blog on my iPad while looking out on the beauty of these islands.

Here are my Tidibits:

As much as I want to avoid mentioning Obama ,I cannot help to wander at his hypocrisy.
Are we supposed to be impressed with whom President Obama invites for lunch? What does this have to do with the reality of his policies towards Israel? He must be worried about the November elections and where the DNC money will come from.
And while on the subject of OBama,I just finished reading a great book that reveals many things about Obama that he wishes the public does not know...it is called "The Manchurian President" and the author has great footnotes and facts that Obama and his zombies cannot refute.

The Torah was given by G‑d to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai more than 3300 years ago. Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G‑d's gift and G‑d "re-gives" the Torah.

The word Shavuot means "weeks." It marks the completion of the seven week counting period between Passover and Shavuot.

Fresh and steamy, that first bite is always the most delicious...my mother's favorite bread and the best one is baked in Haifa .....and many times we go there to get it

Hebrew is of course one of the oldest languages still spoken in the world but it was all but dead for the couple of thousand years. The Jews were thrown out of Palestine and, immigrants in foreign lands, they assimilated much of the new local cultures and languages.

Hebrew was kept alive only in study of the Torah and prayer and it was only with the great Zionist drives begun in the 19th century that Hebrew began to be taught and spoken again. Of course in the intervening millennia there had been the odd new invention that prompted the invention of a few new words. Like electricity. Or woman’s rights…

It also severely limited the ability of the young to swear or sound cool. Not to be foxed by the limits of linguistics, the new generations borrowed heavily from the only other language still spoken to bear any relation to Hebrew – Arabic. At first glance it might seem ironic that the young and hip borrow slang and swear words from their hostile neighbours, until you remember that half of Israelis have family origins in Arabic countries.

Here is some Hebrew Slang:

Frecha, Frechot, – Tart. The typical dizzy girl wearing too much make up and short skirt.

Akla – Great. eg. Akla felafel = great felafel. Arabic origin

Pitzazot – Bombs. Something really cool.

I am including my Japanese take as I alway do:

If you've ever spoken with a Japanese person at length, you may have noticed them making strange "agreeing noises" while you were talking. It's an interesting aspect of the Japanese language called aizuchi, basically verbal sounds that a person will make to show they're listening attentively and affirming their agreement with what the other person is saying. In Japanese, I could be explaining something that happened to me, and the person I'm speaking to would say things like eeh (yes), mah (well), so (that's true), and ne (a general word of agreement). It sounds quite strange to native English speakers, but in Japanese these words are necessary for communication to flow smoothly, and if you don't make them properly the other person is likely to stop and ask you what's wrong.

I read this interesting comment about girls competing for Miss France...one will be sponsored by an organisation owned by Silvio Berlusconi...the controversial and rich PM of ITalia and the other from the Matricah of Miss France contest(Genevieve de Fontenay, 77)..so here is the comment...keep in mind is hers not mine...but nevertheless I smiled when I read it in French and have translated for you....no more suspense...here it is: "Those (girls) who like opening their legs will be with Endemol(Berlusconi) and those with a bit of class will stay by my side," said Miss France's formidable matriarch. WOW!!!!

A message I received from a girl that wants to convince me of what??.... I have no idea(smiles)...here is the message..."Femme Fatale (her version) A woman who attracts men by an aura; bewitching charm; mesmerizing beauty; mysterious allure! Very often told I am beautiful with intense blue eyes, soft white skin and a SEXY coy smile"...well how great you are(smiles)...not really!!!!

While in the subject of messages..I also got a nice sms from a French model..so here is the context...it is nice but......." Je t'aime Je t'adore(I love you..I adore you)...Si je tombe, il me faut des bras, les votres. ...If I fall, I must have arms, yours."
Merci, bisou.thanks and kisses...but it is in a context as friend not of the other....

I also received this email about my blog.......Hi,
I’m about to launch my website and I was hoping perhaps you might consider very briefly mentioning my site? I would very gladly send $550 via paypal. I’m starting a fashion store with guides on comfortable fashion and ugg boots. I was hoping to get support of fashion bloggers like yourself to help me get things off the ground. I could also create a $30 gift certificate for 100 of your readers as well?
Hope I haven’t wasted your time..
Best Wishes,

my answer"

Comfort is always secondary. Style should not be sacrificed by wearing such atrocities as "ugg boots".of course unless you live in Siberia but even then
I would have to think hard!!!!!!sorry ,you do not need to send money....your blog comment is included(smiles)

I’ve landed in Singapore so many times, and the first thing that strikes me about the difference in the women folk of the East and West is build and, of course, skin tone. The women here are fashion-conscious and as part of an affluent society, many women spend both money and effort following the trends depicted by local celebrities.

I will not change my cologne and bath gel made specially for me by CARTIER..but I was pleasantly surprised to receive from a dear girl..a friend from the past,several bottles of Spoiled by Beverly Hills..it was one of my favorite scents ,THEODORE ,which no longer exists ,a great boutique created this scent..thanks I will use it sometimes,in special moments...

You know how people say a media showing skinny women as being beautiful is unrealistic and how the 1950’s image of hourglass figure being more realistic. To be honest, how is the hourglass figure a more realistic example of the female body? Today, I sat at a Tel Aviv Cafe and watched girls pass. Very few women actually have an hourglass figure and i think it is a more unrealistic standard of female body. Does anyone else see what I am saying? More women have a pear-shaped or rectangular figure. I think Marilyn Monroe’s figure is an example of female beauty is just as unrealistic as having Adriana Lima’s figure

Recently a model friend,one that had been away because of maternity asked me to comment about her recent cover and pics on a very fashionable European magasine. I asked, are you sure you want my comments?,and by the way her husband was included in a couple of pics with her. Her answer, by all means do give me your thoughts on my photo shoot, I mentioned that having been a mother recently did not do well for her breasts,in the past her perfectly surgical enhanced breasts looked great and in this magasine not so. About her husband it seems his chest looked bigger than hers,he will suffer from ginecomastia as he gets older. And finally, hair on his chest is demode.I asked ,do you want me to continue?,and she said no, but her answer was predictable, "JG I should have not asked but I knew you would give me an honest answer" but her tone was not pleasing as she told me this over the phone. So the moral of the story- do not ask JG for opinions if you cannot accept them,and I am highly critical of myself too.

While in the subject of hair,when I was 14 years old I decided that hair was not kosher in the legs,armpits and chest in men,..so I decided to go sans hair,,I remember people would tell me,are you a swimmer? as swimmers go sans hair,,and I would say,perhaps ,perhaps not but I do like it this way,it is cleaner and more stylish. When I see pics of men with hair ,I cringe..but than that is me,everyone else should do what they feel looks best in them. And hair in men and women should only be allowed in one place not visible to all. I rest my case.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is an enduring cultural proverb that describes the average lifespan of a family fortune. According to traditional wisdom, the first generation works hard to earn the money; the second, having never learned the true value of a dollar, spends recklessly; and the third, possessing neither the ambition of the first nor the cash of the second, squanders what remains and gradually surrenders all distinction...Tiffany Goldstein would never let this happen-I am sure...sono convinto.....Bechayecha! - Bechayech!

Parting Shots:

Everything in life is founded on confidence.....

An sms I received from another Brasilian model....Eu sigo em Frente, e hoje nada vai me abalar.. ♪ portugese for...I move on and now nothing will shake me .. ♪

I could not help to overhear a girl saying this on a cel phone while I was at Takashimaya Center in Singapore...a pretty Pinay(Pilipino girl)...when u find ur self alone in this world..even the one youu love has left you..all the promises all the moments you had together,,.. are gone with the wind...there is a moral to this ...but I will reserved it for moi....

A new book to be released in late May(got my advanced copy), The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa,....it is another great book to read and learn..and ponder about what is real and what is not.....

Here is a parting shot to the Wall Street analysts and those around the world too..in the words of Gordon Gekko.."you do not know preferred stock from livestock"
and of course I totally agree....

I recently read a great book(Climeategate) on the hoax that is global warming and here is a short take on it....By tracing the origins of the current climate scare, Sussman guides the reader from the diabolical minds of Marx and Engles in the 1800s, to the global governance machinations of the United Nations today. Climategate is a call to action, warning Americans that their future is being undermined by a phony pseudo-science aimed at altering and dominating every aspect of life in the United States and the world.

Beauty is power, a smile is its sword

'Nude' is one of fashion's so-called buzz words this season.
It is used to describe a pastel hue somewhere between champagne and palest seashell-pink - "flesh-tone", in other words; which is all very fine if your skin does happen to match, not so good if it is not.

I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and you too!!! Baruch Hashem

My beautiful Jewish homeland is the most beautiful land on earth. There is no such place on our planet.
May the G-D bless tens of thousands of our sisters ,brothers, sons and daughters who gave their life for Israel...Am Yisrael Chai

What is Shavuot?
Re-accept the Torah

• Newt Gingrich’s new book says President Obama’s policies are as “great a threat to America as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.” The AJC wants an apology

Does Israel’s capital—with its large, activist, and growing ultra-Orthodox population—fairly represent Israel? No they do not ,but their presence is necessary.

And finally, these lines, if you will allow me, I dedicate them to my dear mother to tell her I love her very much and that to me she is the best mother in the world !!!!! Thank you for everything you gave me, starting for my life !!!!! MANY CONGRATULATIONS on your recent Birthday !!!!!!!!///ולבסוף, קווים אלו, אם תרשה לי, אני מקדיש את קווי לאמא היקרה שלי ולהגיד לה שאני אוהב אותה מאוד, וכי לי אותה היא האמא הכי טובה בעולם !!!!! תודה על כל מה שנתת לי, מוצא !!!!! חיי ברכות רבות!!!!!!ברכות רבות על יום ההולדת האחרון שלך!!!

Till we meet again...you all come back now....JG

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