Miscellaneous Tidbits XXXII

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Here are my Tidbits:

There is so much I could write about the World Cup and South Africa..but those who know me are aware of how much I rave about
Cape Town,its beauty ,the beaches,,the mountains(Table Mountain) and many other...here is a quick thought about one special
With it’s white sand, million dollar views, clean water and unbelievable African sunset, Cape Town has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.
The city is unique in having two oceans – the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic which meet at the spectacular Cape Point.
Perhaps on another blog I will comment about the competition but I think that enough is being broadcast,written and talked about by the experts for me to put my five cents in. And I am enjoying my favorite hotel,The Table Bay at the Waterfront,and more so the weather,so a la Marina del Rey in Los Angeles or up in the hills as in North Beverly Park in Beverly Hills....I rest my case.

In the Jewish tradition there is a concept of Chai, 18,which means life(En la tradición judía hay un concepto de chai, 18, que significa vida). The word for "life" in Hebrew is "chai." The two Hebrew letters that make up the word "chai" are chet and yud. In Gematria (the numerical value of Hebrew letters), chai is equivalent to 8 and yud is equivalent to 10. So "chai", chet and yud together, equals 18. Giving money in multiples of $18 is symbolic of giving "chai" or life. Many people give money in mulitiples of $18 as presents to someone celebrating a birth, a bar or bat mitzvah or a wedding.

I will again include my take on the color BLACK:
Black for the lack of a better word,is classy,mysterious.powerful,sexy,Black can make a room appear to shrink in size and even a well-lit room look.. dark with a lot of black.Black can make other colors look brighter.In most Western countries black is the color of mourning.Black is both positive and negative.It is the color of little boys in China.Black is the color of the abayas in the Middle East.Black is the color of JG.combined sometimes with navy blue..occasionally dark gray...Black can also be the absence of color which in my view is great..Wearing all black is a faux pas,JG style is to wear beige shoes,brown shoes to make the Italian all black look much nicer..not look like a funeral attendant or a waiter at a fancy restaurant.Black can define greed,which for the lack of a better word is good if used properly..Black can define someone's style...mine of course....Black can be identified with certain elements of Mafia.In early Western movies the good guys wore white and the bad guys black..but later on good guys wore black to convey an air of mystery and power.In Japanese culture.kuro(black) is a symbol of nobility,age,and experience.as opposed to shiro(white)which symbolyses serfdom,youth and naivite.Black is also worn by Hassidic Jews.Black is worn by European classical music performers.Black is the number one color for Miuccia Prada fashion and who can argue with the Queen of Fashion..so with this thought I make my case to use Black

What is your definition of luxury? for me is Brioni

Absolute excellence, quality without compromises, rareness and exclusivity. We cannot reduce the concept of luxury exclusively to the price.

Brioni is named after a group of islands. What's your favorite island hideaway?

When the company was founded, the Brioni Islands was one of the most exclusive resorts in the Mediterranean Sea. From all over the world the establishment and the jet-set traveled there to find something special: polo, golf, sailing and relaxing. I still love this place...Italia as in Milano and Roma is my favorite place to buy suits,jackets,it is also a favorite of the Cosa Nostra,of Mafia Dons,like the late John Gotti,it can make even men with a big girth look great. The jackets can run you as much as 15,000USD but they are worth the money and more.Other clients, Vladimir Putin,All the 007 agents in the James Bond movies,at one time Donald Trump till he went on an ego trip and got his on line,which by the way makes him look fatter...and of course last but not least JG.

In this time of our life where the internet rules, you might think that people do not read magazines any more. That the overwhelming allure of the online world has swept them right out. But it is not true at all. From their teens through their sunset years, people are reading magazines more than they were a few years ago. Sure there is a fortune being spent online. But there's also a lot of money being spent on
magazines, with nearly 300 million paid subscriptions. And reading magazines from around the world is my biggest vice ....and if I may say so,it is the best vice to have.

Life is a little more fun when you know Japanese, whether it's to communicate with nihonjin who can't use English or to catch the attention of cute Japanese Girls(not really) One word you can get quite a lot of mileage from is sugoi (soo-GO-ee), which means "amazing" or "incredible" and which can be used just about any time you need to praise someone. See a Japanese man who's adept at playing the Super Mario theme on an accordion? Just tell him sugoi! and your meaning will be instantly communicated. Then there's daijobu (die-JOE-boo), which means "okay" or "alright" and is generally one of the first words a person learns after coming to Japan. Want to ask if someone is alright with your menu selection at a restaurant, or if they're okay after bumping into that drunk salaryman just now? Just say Daijobu? (Are you okay?) and they can reply, Daijobu (Sure, I'm fine). Finally, another fun short word you can find some interesting uses for is zan-nen (ZAHN-nen), which means "what a shame!" or "how unfortunate!" If someone misses the answer to a question or otherwise fails at something, you can pull this word out and get some laughs from them. It's used a lot by Japanese game show hosts when a guest makes a wrong answer and misses out on the big prize.

I remember when I first started learning Japanese, I wondered how Japanese text entry could work on a computer. I pictured some horrible keyboard with hundreds of keys, but in reality, Japanese computers use the same QWERTY keyboards as everyone else (though often with cool katakana characters printed on the keys). Japanese input is accomplished through a front-end processor, basically a program that ships with Windows and Mac OS X (and iPhone/iPad) that handles converting your text into the correct mix of hiragana, katakana and kanji before it's pasted into your document or email. With Japanese text input selected, you type some text with the keyboard -- for example, aoi sora which means "blue sky." Hit the space bar, and the computer will convert the text you've just typed into the kanji/kana combination it thinks you want, although sometimes problems can occur here, as there are often alternate or archaic kanji in the computer's dictionaries, and it can be hard to know which to choose. When you get used to the system, you can enter Japanese text quite quickly, although there's a downside -- entering Japanese into a computer becomes so easy that it's easy to forget how to write kanji manually.

The fermented soybeans known as natto (NAT-toh) are one of the most famous foods in Japan, enjoyed throughout the country, although people from Osaka and most gaijin dislike it, including this one.

They lined up around the block for several hours, some for several days, only so they can be the first people to get a glimpse of their new idol. No, they are not Twilight fans. With the release of the new iPhone 4G, the onslaught of Apple fanboys and fangirls at all major city centers was inevitable. Plenty of new technology is released throughout the year, but why do only Apple products receive such zeal and devotion from its consumers? And of course JG did not have to line up as he got his in advance of consumers...I have to thank HRH ,the Amir, Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Bin Al Saud Bin Abdul Aziz .and yes to Apple Corp too.

Ice Cream Goes Kosher-Now, kosher ice cream is getting a new face with Chozen, a Jewish sweets and holiday-inspired artisanal ice cream line that hit supermarket shelves this month with flavors like Matzoh Crunch, Coconut Macaroon, and Ronne’s Rugelach

New Wave
French Jews making aliyah go from one conflict zone to another...

Long days,Beach weekends,free time.,which means there is plenty of time to catch up and
do some reading:
Here are three books that I am currently reading,some are not out yet for regular folks but they are so interesting..here are the three titles: Hollywood Hellraisers: The Wild Lives and Fast Times of Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty, and Jack Nicholson ,I believe the title is self explanatory.....this next one if really
an amazing book: Isabel Vincent has written a riveting account of the life of the international socialite and billionairess Lily Safra,(Gilded Lilly) allegedly the third richest woman in the world.... It’s a very good read.”...and the last one: The Zeroes: My Misadventures in the Decade Wall Street Went Insane (
By: Randall Lane (Author) ...this too is self explanatory.

I have always believed that shoes express the personality, clear that many will debate this and perhaps not agree, But personally I think they are the garment that defines someone's character and somehow the dress itself.IT gives the final touch of style, like the cherry on the cake ... if the shoes are wrong, surely others too will not match.

While at a fancy party in Johannesburg for the World Cup, I overheard this conversation, from an older not very good looking man and a gorgeous girl,I am sure she was a Russian.so here is what I heard ,"I can't afford the private plane and the Prada and the Manolos anymore; you have to cut back" , she says "Excuse me? I didn't marry you because you're so handsome..I married you for your money.That was the deal" I thought it was interesting but nothing that surprises me.

Each time I have less patience with people projecting their insecurities on others. Envy is something that destroys the person and when I detectet it I will immediately turn my back on such individuals.
When I have good news to share is when I realize that I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who I can tell will really be happy knowing me. That, on the other hand, is normal. In my early youth I took it personally. Now I understand that jealousy is the fruit of one who feels insecure and often has deeper internal conflicts that would require years of therapy to resolve. But I'm no psychologist and I have no time or inclination to help those who do not help themselves.
So silence is the best way to deal with individuals like this..RIMANERE ZITTO as the Italians like to say ,that is no better way.

Many years ago I got on the train of tenacity, determination and steadfastness and those who try to convince me of a different way , I simply throw a kiss from the window and I say goodbye ... sometimes forever ... and I am enjoying the journey.Yes, it is, Fabulous ,any better would be a sin.

One more film to watch: The Golden Globe nominations are officially out, and though there's no documentary category to give 'The September Issue' or 'Valentino: The Last Emperor' any nods, Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' earned three nominations. Colin Firth is up for Best Actor in a Drama, and his counterpart Julianne Moore could get Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Ford himself didn't get a nomination for directing, but the movie's score is up for an award.

Many women have signature fragrances that they they love and wear every day. Then there are some women who like certain perfumes but simply have not found the perfect scent that they cannot love without. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a signature scent that is uniquely your own??? Who wouldn’t love a fragrance that speaks to who they are and a fragrance that nobody else has???

Feet are so important and are of vital meaning in human body. By taking care of them you can look attractive and graceful. Along with hands, feet also required your attention and worry because both these organs remain outside your body and are the image of your care about yourself. They tell everybody about [...]

Parting Shots:

Manolo has a boutique in Villa Moda – Shuwaikh. Girls you must pay a visit.

When you look good,,you feel good..no matter your age!!!!!

I dream very little,but a few days ago I had a dream about my idol, Golda Meir,she told me how proud I should be to be a Jew and to thank my mother for that,she also told me to never be ashamed as others are of being Jewish, she added,never forget your roots and always know that Zion is what is real. The moment I woke up I called my mother and ,she was overcome with emotion. I made her day and that has no price or value.

So you know I am not the only one that feels Obama is the worst that has happened to USA...you can read this two billboards and make your own judgement,my judgement has been already made,I knew this before he got elected. Let us hope he will be thrown out of office in the next election.

IF you have a chance ,buy ,rent the movie "La Vie en Rose (French pronunciation: [la vi ɑ̃ ʁoz], literally Life in Pink; released in France as La Môme, about the life of the legendary French chanteuse Édith Piaf, and is named after her signature song. The film won five Césars, including one for Best Actress,MArion Cotillard did an amazing impersonation...do watch this film if you can.

One of my favorite types of Japanese pan is Curry Pan, fried bread with spicy curry inside, yum. Why can't someone make this outside of Japan?

if you did not know this,Banks around the world must refinance more than $5 trillion of debt in the coming years, pressuring profits and possibly leading to credit rationing..It will make it tough for many.

I like Vivienne Westwood very much..she has great and original designs and incredible ideas for style.

Hang on to Sixteen as long as you can, changes come around that makes us women and men.....John Mellencamp( Jack and Diane)


Another quote from the Beverly Hillbillies show...Uncle Jed Clampitt made it a famous line...Oil-Black Gold-Texas T....

Thanks again to all the followers..till the next blog...Shalom...

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I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXXI

I want to dedicate this blog to all the people who are lovers of the good life,pleasure, Beauty and Intellectuality.(Quiero dedicar este blog a todas las personas amantes de la buena vida, el placer y la belleza y la intelectualidad)

Here are my Tidbits:

Since ancient times is a very common practice to use some perfume.It is believed that the Egyptians were the ones who started this practice, believing that besides flavor and smell good, the scent would help them avoid diseases.Today, the perfume remains of paramount importance to many. Who among you does not usually wear any perfume daily or cologne? Those who do not routinely, at least they do when they have a special event or want to impress someone. This fact shows only a little more than the perfume can cause a positive impact on each of us, with this in mind in the important situations of life.

I saw for at least the tenth time this film that really has such profound meaning to me,as it helps me to understand human nature,not that I do not understand it but it confirms it for me...I highly reccommend it,,this type of films are no longer made,it was the golden era of Hollywood..so if I peeked your curiosity,here is a synopsis .....(Bonjour Tristesse)
is a 1958 film directed and produced by Otto Preminger from a screenplay by Arthur Laurents based on the novel of the same title by Françoise Sagan. The film stars Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Jean Seberg, Mylène Demongeot and Geoffrey Horne, and features Juliette Gréco, Walter Chiari, Martita Hunt and Roland Culver. It was released by Columbia Pictures.
On the French Riviera, Cécile (Jean Seberg), is a decadent young girl who lives with her rich playboy father, Raymond (David Niven). Anne (Deborah Kerr), a mature and cultured friend of Raymond's late wife, arrives at Raymond's villa for a visit. Cécile is afraid that Anne will disrupt the undisciplined way of life that Celine and her father have shared.

Despite his promises of fidelity to Anne, Raymond cannot give up his playboy lifestyle. Helped by Elsa (Mylène Demongeot), Raymond's young and flighty mistress, Cécile does her best to break up the relationship with Anne. The combination of the daughter's disdain and the father's rakishness drives Anne to suicide. Father and daughter continue pursuing their lavish, selfish, but empty lifestyle .

In London, as opposed to Israel, most Haredim go to work
Unlike in Israel, where taxpayer money is squandered on a separate school system for Haredim, British Haredim finance their private schools themselves. It is correct and I agree.

I love visiting Jerusalem and the Dead Sea...I never miss coming to pray at the Wailing Wall,at the Western Wall as it is also known,,here is a tidbit,there is
a site near the Wall,known by many as the Masorti Kotel, was the archeological park adjacent to the more familiar Western Wall. This is the southern continuation of the Wall, next to which is a Herodian street that used to serve Jewish pilgrims. It is a narrow street in which time froze in 70 CE...The remains of the shop entrances, which once adorned the noisy street, now stand silent. A pile of enormous stones from the Wall – pushed from above in the commotion before the destruction – still lies in a heap. And silence. You look at the stones and sense the spiritual strength of this city. If you try hard, you can hear the joyful shouting of the pilgrims coming from among the stones. There is no other place like it in Jerusalem.

I will repeat a statement that I truly believe in about us Jews:
Throughout the centuries, we have had many oppressors and tormentors. Nations who sought to destroy us rose to prominence and fell into oblivion.

But by you and I being here today, by each of us living our lives as Jews, as the Jewish people, we defy all those who seek to destroy us.

Our being here today is a living testimony to the song of our exile and, ultimately, the song of our redemption, “We shall outlive them!”

Words are fleeting things, and their meanings are never set in stone when you're in a country like Japan. For example, the English word "attack" is used in Japanese to mean "to actively pursue a goal," and if you had your eye on a certain girl, a Japanese person might advise you to attack her, which would sound quite odd. Similarly, the English word "mansion" has come to mean a high-rise apartment that's usually owned rather than rented, which can take a little getting used to at first. There are many examples of this subtle re-mapping of English words in Japan, including "bike" (always a motorcycle, never a bicycle), "rouge" (what lipstick is called here), "manicure" (nail polish), "hip" (buttocks), and so on. Once I was talking to (very attractive) female and she introduced me to her her boyfriend who stopped by to say hi . The trouble is, instead of using the term boyfriend, she introduced him as her "lover" (in Japanese, koibito or "love person"), which confused me,but as I got better in the Japanese language ,I understood that lover is
boyfriend in their language.

I mentioned on my of my first blogs not to invite me to your wedding as all the ones I have attended have ended in quick divorces,,even though the weddings were so elaborate,so expensive,,where the groom and bride seem to cry of happiness..and I said I that I was not the Prince of Doom,it just happened that those weddings ended in disaster....While I was at a fancy schmancy hotel the other day in a country that should remain nameless,I overheard a wedding party ,going to their rehearsal..and this thoughts occrred to me about weddings.......What I like about weddings is ... is ... well, when you know what I mean. Ah, yes! The shows that can occur during ceremonies or treats. Torrid discussions (between the couple, the friends, families, etc..) Moments of the films themselves uncovered....and yes the unhappy ending,,the divorce..sorry but it happens ,often and in between.

One interesting aspect of learning Japanese is tackling the complex world of yomoji jukugo, a class of four-character compound words imported from Chinese which add flavor and elegance to Japanese speech and writing. Because the words use complex kanji characters to represent abstract meaning they can be hard for foreigners to learn, yet some of these phrases are used so often the context is not hard to pick up. Some common examples of these kanji-based expressions include jigo-jitoku (lit. "self executed, self benefit"), which is how the Japanese express the idea of "it serves you right"; or happo bijin (lit. "eight directions beautiful-person"), trying to present a positive face in all eight directions, meaning someone who is trying to be popular with everyone; or isshin doutai, (lit. "one heart, same body"), signifying two people who ar e so close their hearts are completely joined by love or friendship. If you're an anime fan, you may already know some of these four-kanji expressions: Tenjo Tenge literally means "the heaven and the earth," and Ikki Tousen is a phrase that means "the most powerful knight in the world."

My favorite of these four-character kanji phrases would have to be issho kenmei (ee-show ken-mei), which literally means "to try very hard, as hard as anything you've ever done in your life." Like the verb ganbarimasu (to do one's best, to work hard), this phrase represents a big part of the Japanese study/work ethic that really defines Japan as a nation. When I make up my mind to do something, I'm the kind of person who works very issho kenmei at it, whether it's climbing Mt. Fuji, learning Japanese or investing in companies or world stock exchange. Perhaps the most famous symbol of being issho kenmei about something are those traditional Japanese hachimaki kanji headbands, which are worn by anyone who is fired up with passion for something, for example high school students studying for their university entrance exams, new employees in a company opening ceremony, volunteers at a political rally, or gaijin studying Japanese.But I do not do this,I would never subscribe to putting on a headband,.reach for perfection yes,but a head band,thanks,but no thanks.....

I have been asked often to explain jargon used on Wall Street or Stock Markets around the world and here are a few,including some I dislike to hear:
"what's the time line" annoys the heck out of me,remember for me ,the future is now..or as I like to say..."Tomorrow I am a Dinosaur"
keep your oar in the water (marketing term)..I hate it...
I concur, how many times do I have to hear that word!
I hate the word situation. Everything's a "situation". I'd just prefer if somebody could use the word "issue" of "problem" for a change...
This drives me nuts:
in French: deja vu = Already seen...
How can this dummy says " Already seen already seen all over again"
War room. This is not North Korea. Nor is it the NFL draft. Lets please refer to it as the conference room that it is.
And Here are some phrases that I like and use:
"Net Worth or Nothing"
"Lunch,lunch is for wimps"
"Tell me something I do not know"
Piggy Back option,it means that when you are not allowed in an investment or an IPO ,you are allowed to invest with the lead bankers or investors,as a favor or as collecting a favor owed to you.

Cellulite does not forgive any woman and even the 'celebrities' most acclaimed must face the ugly orange peel. And the expensive treatments are of little use 'anti' anything, because of genetics, like nature, always comes away with it. Is life, so why should we care,,those wanting to look better or seeking perfection,should care.

I want to throw in some favorites quotes from Plato that I really appreciate
"be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle"..one more-
"Beauty of style of harmony and grace...and good rhythm depends on
simplicity"..what wisdom...what knowledge.

I will repeat once more what all women should possess or maybe the women that I like:
Barneys,Bergdorg,Bendels, Bloomingdale.

Here is a great book that I just finished reading(Hitler's Table Talk),,,it is a rare book to acquire but it is one of the most interesting book that I have read, as a Jew I wanted to know what was in Hitler's mind...so here is a breakdown of the content of this book:
The most important record of Hitler's remarks, usually at dinner with other Nazi leaders, was made at the instigation of Martin Bormann, who edited them from notes taken by Heinrich Heim, from July 1941 to March 1942. Subsequently Henry Picker took notes from 21 March 1942 until 31 July 1942. In 1951 Picker published his version of the conversations in the volume Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier, which was published in the original German. Bormann's edited transcript Die Bormann Vermerke was published in French by François Genoud in 1952. Hugh Trevor-Roper published the first English edition the following year and revised it in later editions

One other book I am reading and I reccommend is :Gunn's Golden Rules, it is a juicy book full of racy comments,gossip about celebs and rules that Mr Gunn think one should live by...it is funny and entertaining....

One last thought about Japan: Although rice is the famous staple food of Japan, eaten with almost every meal, the Japanese are no slouches when it comes to bread. Called pan in Japanese, from the Portuguese who introduced it, there are dozens of varieties available to sample.

Parting Shots:

I will complete on June 23 ,one year of giving up sweets and coca colas,so I decided to celebrate a day earlier by making an aughties statement cake and eating a bit of it, it was the Mille Crepes, a $375 confection constructed of twenty layers of crepes, custard and sugar and complimenting with a mexican coca cola in a large crystal bottle.

Anne Frank is one of my idols and her diary will stand the test of time..she was amazing...

One recent film that has received many accolades and is worth watching is: I Am Love (Italian: Io sono l'amore) is a 2009 Italian film by Luca Guadagnino set at the turn of the millennium in Milan. The film follows the fall of the haute bourgeoisie due to the forces of passion and unconditional love. The cast is led by Tilda Swinton as the main character Emma Recchi.

The film was premiere in the United States at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and premiered in both the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival.

In the words of the eternal Uncle Jed of the Beverly Hillsbillies Television fame: You all come back now,hear...sit a spell.So keep coming back to read my blog.

Tammuz 10, 5770-time: 23:10

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXX

Hi to all that follow my blog..and I am back in the center of the world,as is ,as it was,as it always will be...I am in Israel and we are eternal,the Jews ,Zion and the Star of David are eternal,believe this.

Today I received two FEDEX boxes from USA,and I could not wait to open it,I was so excited ,like Tiffany opening a present,as I knew it was books,magasines including my favorite Vanity Fair, the other box contained three of the new iPhones..the iPhone4..so now even normal people do not need a Vertu phone to be able to do video calling..for those that like messenger,this option is simplified.

In this blog I will be writing quite a bit about fashion,beauty options and other subjects

I dedicate this blog to all those lovers of the good life, pleasure and beauty.

Here are my Tidbits,hope I can continue to amuse ,entertain you and enlight you.


What a riot! I adore theme parties. I don’t really know what happened to them. I guess sometime during the 90s everyone thought that their taste was too good to partake in such silliness. In the meantime, I stopped going to most of their boring functions.

Anyway, Tom Ford just gets more wonderful every day. His name has only diminished in importance in the eyes of fashion victims. To the real fashionista, he’s still the real deal. And he directs films. And he eats donuts. And he’s been inside a gym . . .

Sometimes I believe that fashion is wasted on the fashionable. Most people just don’t care where the things they wear came from, just as long as someone else has deemed them to be stylish. You could sew the name “Marc Jacobs” onto a dry cleaning bag and there would be some idiot willing to buy it.

You don’t really notice a bad gumline until you get right up in someone’s face. But once you’re there, all the veneers and Zoom! whitening in the world can’t disguise puffy, receding, unhealthy gums...and it is about actors,top models,politicians,top athletes and so on.....
The worst part about bad gums is that they’re so preventable. If you floss on a regular basis, you’re probably going to have healthy gums. It makes a world of difference that you can see in-person.

If fashion is truly about looking good, and looking good is contingent upon looking healthy, then looking fashionable and looking healthy should go hand-in-hand. Too often they don’t. In today’s society, it’s very easy to disguise poor health behind a cosmetic veneer — both literally and figuratively.

If your body is a temple, then your mouth is the front door of that temple. Take care of it. Be sure to floss at least once a day.

Elizabeth Taylor is in the cover of Vanity Fair..... They don’t make movie stars like they used to, huh? of course not!!!!

If today’s Master’s degree is yesterday’s Bachelor’s degree, then perhaps tomorrow’s Botox injection is squeezing out today’s education altogether.

In psychology and the academic study of aesthetics, the contrast effect refers to the phenomenon by which the presence of attractiveness stimuli affects a person’s ratings of other attractiveness stimuli.

Becky: A nondescript, unmemorable girl who is characterized only by her unremarkableness. Often used to describe third-rate catalogue models. Eg: It didn’t bother Naomi that the client dumped her, only that they dumped her for such a Becky.

Rick Rack

In this new section of my blog, I will attempt to help you to expand your fashion vocabulary.

Today’s lesson: Rick rack is spelled ric rac in French.

Now you can impress your friends by using it in two languages.

Recently I went to another VVIP Birthday party and imagine this, a girl showed up at this particular birthday party in the exact same outfit as the Birthday girl.... Now that is embarrassing!.

Just today I got an sms from a friend...a famous model,recently married and here is her comment "Sighs, welcome to married life, it is not all glitter and gold like most couples make it out to be...Well ,I will make no comment here(smiles)

Have you ever encounter this: Sometimes it’s embarrassing when you see couples out and the girl has clearly taken so much time over her appearance and the guy just looks bad...I have seen this quite often......

One of the books I am reading is: "More Money than God" this book shines a fascinating light on what is still the most obscure route to becoming a billionaire--the mysterious world of hedge funds.\

Having just spent about ten days in Japan than I must comment on the following : Japan has entered its rainy season, a month-long period when it will rain most every day as the country does its best impersonation of Seattle. The word for rainy season is tsuyu, written with characters that mean "plum rain," and there are several theories about how this odd name came about, including that it comes from the fact that Japanese plums ripen around this time of year, or that the raindrops pelting you start to feel as large as plums. Although some might complain about the dreary weather, the rain is important to Japan's rice growing, and odd years when very little rain fell have been followed by bad rice harvests. Incidentally, if you ever want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, do what Japanese kids do and throw your shoe as hard as you can. If the shoe lands upright, it will be a nice day tomorrow; if it lands on its side, look for clouds ; and if it lands upside down, it will rain.

Here are some thoughts about my late father's native tongue and this occurred to me the other day: Truthfully, English speakers have borrowed quite a bit from the French language. While the French have a tradition of keep their language pure, English is much more of a blend of European languages. Anglophones use German, Italian and even Spanish words in daily communication. Go through this list and see how many words you knew were French.

Au naturel-- This is actually the French and in both languages means naked.

Coiffe-- While the word in English is somewhat antiquated, in France, those who are hairdressers are still referred to as coiffeurs. Likewise, a stylish hair do in French is a coiffe.

In lieu of-- In English you usually use this expression to replace the word instead. Like wise in France, this is the word for instead.

Je ne sais quoi-- This French saying literally means I don't know what and can be used in English to describe something that has a certain pinache. It's usually used melodramatically.

Faux pas-- In English this is a mistake in etiquette. In French, faux is the word for false and pas is the word for 'step'. Literally translated: a false step.

A la mode-- In English, this is generally used to describe a dessert with ice cream. However, in French it means that something is fashionable.

Au contraire-- In both languages this French saying means to the contrary.

Carte blanche-- In English this expression refers to having free reign to do whatever you'd like to do. In French, the expression literally means a blank letter or card. Or when I girls tell you to do you what you want with her(smiles)..of course in a nice way...you have Carte Blanche

A coup-- In English this refers to a government overthrow. The French saying that means a government overthrow is coup d'état.

C'est la vie-- In both English and French this expression means that's life.

Double entendre-- Entendre is the verb for understand. Therefore a double entendre literally means a double understanding. In English it's when you say something that can be taken two entirely different ways

It feels so good to wake-up and see your mailbox full of invitations! I received today Barbara Bui, Bruno Pieters, Lie Sang Bong, Marithé François Girbaud, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Gaspard Yurkievich and many others!

I love Helmut Newton book "A Gun For Hire" and here is his take on his book :Helmut Newton once said, “Some people’s photography is an art. Mine is not. If they happen to be exhibited in a gallery or a museum, that’s fine. But that’s not why I do them. I’m a gun for hire.”

"There are no absolutes and the dictates of fashion, there is no single trend. Fashion should be for everyone, the expression of personal style. And so of free choice."

[Non ci sono i più della assoluti fashion diktat, non esiste più a single(singole) trend. Fashion dovrebbe essere, per ognuna, proprio l'espressione the stile. E quindi free scelta libera.....]

How much does a logo Cost?
One of the things that impresses me about fashion is the ease that some luxury houses have to sell stuff at astronomical prices for what they are selling but you are buying something of a luxury brand, many people are willing to pay the price...I am too but it must be something totally out of the ordinary or made specially for moi..I want to be unique and not wear or possess what others do...being different in this is also my mantra

Parting Shots:

If a word be worth one shekel, silence is worth two.

I don't like drama - lord knows there's enough drama in this world!

I overheard this the other day...."And who said female top models,models or pretty young girls do not snore?...
they do and it is annoying" i will not comment...I will remain zitto(silent) as the italians would say(smiles)No, I didn't ask her number!) :)

If you like to see trendy people at night... You need to go to Le Baron!

distinguished by superiority : EXCEPTIONAL )

Thanks once more to all my readers and followers and thanks for you nice email,sms messages and phone calls to relate to me ,how much you enjoy reading my blog..till the next one...JG

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Miscellaneous Tidbits XXIX

Ciao tutti,hi to all, I am back in Asia and enjoying as always the beauty around me. Appreciating the elegance,the perks and all that comes when you dispense good karma and have the bussiness acumen to pick and choose,it makes for a more harmonious way to live and do bussiness. and yes it makes it easier to say,"Fabulous,any better would be a sin" I rest my case.How modest you are JG(smiles)

Here again are my Tidbits:

There is a word in Yiddish, seichel, which means wisdom, but it also means more than that: It connotes ingenuity, creativity, subtlety, nuance. Jews have always needed seichel to survive in this world; a person in possession of a Yiddishe kop, a “Jewish head,” is someone who has seichel, someone who looks for a clever way out of problems, someone who understands that the most direct way—blunt force, for instance—often represents the least elegant solution, a person who can foresee consequences of his actions.

And now my Japanese thoughts of the blog:
sometimes something as simple as color can illustrate interesting cultural differences. If I asked you what color the sun was, you might answer that it's yellow, or orange, or white. However, many Japanese will tell you that it's "red." This seems to be a difference in cultural perception -- the red circle in the Japanese flag is called hi-no-maru or circle-of-the-sun, and the Japanese "see" this color when they look at the sun. There are other cultural snafus you can encounter when dealing with colors. Westerners have eyes that are blue or green or hazel or brown, but if you ask a Japanese person what color their eyes are, they'll always answer "black" since to their thinking, the center of the eye is what you're asking about, not the iris.

Here is another thought in reference to Japanese women: Japanese women, nearly all have feet that are exactly 23.5 cm in size, so if you ever need to buy shoes for a Japanese woman, go with that size and you'll probably be safe.

As usual, I'm always amazed at the intensity of the fashion culture I see in Japan's capital, with extremely attractive Tokyo girls porting interesting fashions that can sometimes make me wonder of their creativity.

I have been in Hong Kong and it’s fancy dress time! I flew in on Saturday for a birthday party of an old client and dear friend. Every year, the hostess spends weeks decorating her house in preparation for what has become one of the most eagerly anticipated private parties in Hong Kong...and it did not dissapoint...it was VVIP...All in all, it was a truly swell soiree and I look forward to my next trip to this charming city!

English is supposedly the hardest language to master. The double-meaning of words and slang give non-American born students the most trouble. Cool, sweet and fat don’t always refer to temperature, taste and size.

I wrote someone the other day with the sic connotation and was asked ,what is the meaning of {sic} so here is my answer, If I were to type a statement to you and made an error, spelling or grammatical, in that statement AND if you wanted to quote my statement, BUT indicate to your readers that YOU are not the one making the errors . . . .THEN you would put "sic" in brackets, immediately after the error. or
in others words AL, one writer uses [sic] to show that HE is not the idiot. The person he is quoting is the one who has made the mistake. [sic] strongly points out the error!

I just got a copy of another great book, that refers to a character that I always admired,someone from the past when style,manners,class and grace mattered. Porfirio Rubirosa ,Rubi as he was known was a character that made history for his contacts,his marriages,his way of living dangeroulsy...and even though I have read books about him in the past,this last book , is the best of all the books about him.

I just finished reading this book,The Great Hangover and again ,it is better than....
here is a short description of the book:
The Great Hangover: 21 Tales of the New Recession from the Pages of Vanity Fair

Where did all the billions go? The Great Hangover searches for an answer to that question in these 21 essays on the global economic crisis. Read Bryan Burrough on the demise of Bear Stearns; Mark Seal on Bernie Madoff as the defining figure of the New Gilded Age; Michael Lewis on the strange economic misfortune that hit Iceland; and more from the most respected business journalists writing today.

And I will write about one more book that it is worth reading..it is called: The Party
The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers..iit is an insight on what went on past and present..it is a must read.

'Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only the relations of men to women, but the relation of women to themselves.' It's a tough one, isn't it?Think hard about this...and if you figure it out than you get a little gold star like my niece Tiffany used to get when she was littler...at ten years old I still consider Tiffany little...I want her to grow up slowly and surely.

Socks-and-shoes; it might sound a bit too uncool-for-school, but it’s a catwalk trend that has been doing a slow burn for several seasons. First of all, don’t even try this at home if you’re over 30; this is very much a girl’s game - and a girl with great pins, at that. Mind you, socks are not such a bad idea for disguising thick ankles - as long as you choose a dark colour and you don’t suffer from thick calves, as well. (Great for avoiding blisters in new shoes, too).

During my stay in Hong Kong and during the aformentioned party I overhead a guest speaking about her recent stay at a fancy schmancy hotel..here are her comments"“It was the biggest shock in my life, when I realized how horrible, soulless and without feeling the five star lifestyle is,” he said. “In those three weeks, we spent all the money you could possibly spend. But in all that time, we had the feeling we hadn’t met a single real person–that we were all just actors. The staff played the role of being friendly and the guests played the role of being important and nobody was real.”

Is there a logo with a better pedigree, or a more resilient lifeline, than the LV of Louis Vuitton?
My Favorite brand Louis Vuitton or LV continues to have success around the world.The desire for LV is omnipresent, from Shanghai to Sloane Street,”luxury analysts and marketing consultants agree that the company has managed to shore up both ends of its market in a way that no other luxury brand—not even Gucci, Hermès nor Chanel— has done. (Vuitton is so canny that it has the solidity to take risks in potentially unsettled markets: It recently opened a store in Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia, which has been betting on mining contracts to bring a rush of wealth to its emerging economy.)

I love luxury smells and One of the most intoxicating smells is the scent of backstage—it’s a cocktail of makeup, powder and hair spray. Very exciting,whether is VS shows or the Kaiser's Chanel runaway shows.

I love the scent of fresh basil and tomatoes. It’s the basis of one my favorite meals—spaghetti pomodoro, made with fresh ingredients. I dislike fussy cuisine. I prefer to know exactly what I am eating, and for it to be made in as simple a way as possible

One fragrance in particular reminds me of home—the smell of oranges. I have travelled often to Portofino where there are many orange trees. I was told by perfumers that neroli, the oil from oranges, evokes memories of childhood..and for those who have been to Beverly Hills,there is nothing like the elegant smell there,the flowers,the tall tall palm trees and foliage are like no place in the world. And the orange also takes me back to the favorite scent of gels,soaps and candles dispensed by Hermes(Hermes Eau D`Orange Verte) at the top 5 Star hotels around the world.

It was brought to my attention recently that I'd somehow given the impression that I was anti marriage. I don't see how that's possible and maybe that person is perfectly and purposely obtuse, but that's not how it is at all. What I am is . . . I do not believe that my happiness is contingent upon being married, nor do I think it means that someone will love me and be faithful to me just because we're a legal "us." But I never said that I was against it, or that it is something that I'd never want. But honestly, for someone like me, talking about getting married, well—

About my comment on the Model that was on the cover of a Vogue Spain..and her husband was included in some inside photos,..another model that should remain nameless wrote me the following, and I will paraphrase: "She doesn't look all that hot! her husband is ugly and her daughter is....well..... mum is the word."

I often wonder what my late father would think of current French President Nicolas Sarkosy...my father was such a Francophile...he would probably like his pro USA stance but the other hangups perhaps not. While on the subject of Sarkosy I was amused to read what his ex-wife said about him....here is the quote Cecilia Sarkosy "has branded him a "stingy philanderer" with a "behavioural problem" who is an "unworthy president" of France.Perhaps is sour grapes...perhaps not ,like most divorces there is always two sides to a story.

Today Apple Unveiled the new iPhone 4 ...as it has been the norm ;I will be getting three of them ahead of the consumers,thanks to having held a large share of Apple stock in the past..and thanks to my association with the Amir..HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Bin Al Saud Bin Abdul Aziz....and as always it will be a better phone than the previous ones,as that is how Apple operates,always adding better details and Operating systems to all their products so consumers will continue to buy. You must have deep pockets or have a benefactor to keep up with all their updates.

To all those who've succumbed to the scotch- and cigarette-tinged allure of AMC's celebrated retro drama Mad Man, last season was a nerve-wracking thrill ride. There was domestic turmoil, corporate intrigue, and at least one bloody lawnmower accident!

Parting Shots:

Survival of the Finest

Having dated a designer doesn't mean that you are a designer, darling.

In Japanese, you'd usually use the phrase oshiete kudasai (lit. "please teach me") when asking someone to communicate information to you rather than itte kudasai ("please say"), as we might in English.

Diet Coke, of course, goes with everything. It is the new black.” Is diet coke food? Can you eat anything that doesn’t have calories?I'm actually convinced the very act of eating creates calories in itself. And of course, Diet Coke is not food. Food implies eating and eating implies calories.

Did you ever find out what Jealousy was? Did it end up being from the middle classes?

"Leopard Print+Chanel=PERFECTION"!!!

Not that it bothers me but you could say that My greatest problem in life is my indifference to the outside world.

If you want respect for your past, it means that you have a problem with your present and even more with your future.

Don't look to the approval of others for your mental stability.

I have no scene. I go everywhere. I adapt.

I hate the word “avant-garde.” It was used, overused, and often used for useless things. So I do not use that word any longer.

The Secret of mastering Kanji is that there is no secret....

The Star of David as in the flag and the symbol of Israel,Judaism,Zion it reigns
supreme...make no mistake about it.... = being a JEW.....

This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I love any beauty fix that makes you look instantly more beautiful and glamorous

Be not afraid of going slowly

It is always nice to observe my surroundings,and it is nice to be able to share it
with those that appreciate what I write,it is nice to be able to travel the world n style and share it..,and write the way I think,and even for those who would not share my thoughts,ideas and way to see the world,I say,.that I do respect
what others think,but I am convinced that I am living my life the correct way.

Never forget that Blood is thicker than water......

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