Miscellaneous Tidbits XXXVII

saluti a tutti(Hi to everyone) My list of followers is growing and growing,how nice,I must be doing something right. I will start with a modest and arrogant comment,what? a comment a la JG..and I get told this often(how modest you are JG)..and I am writing in the third person like a couple of famous Japanese girls I know(smiles)..sorry here is what they tell me ,or ask, or rather prefer they ask me? and they do "I want people to go 'what is that? You smell great!" They do..è vero..est vrai..es la verdad..

Here go my Tidbits:

I observe everything that happens around me, I think about it and I find the inspiration to write, I obviously give my opinion which I am sure you like and other times don't! The content is very large because I have to do with so many things. I can't always stop to think if those who read me will like it or not. the Italians have a saying "Felice di piacervi e non!!!" meaning,
"Happy to please and no"!!!.to me it makes sense,hopefully for you too

I go for dinner at the Elysée, and someone writes that nobody cares I went or not.!!! but my late father would be impressed ,and my late French born father was so hard to impress. !!!!more so than JG,,and I am hard to impress too!!!!

I love creating reactions, that's why I keel(on an even keel, in a state of balance; steady; steadily )doing it everyday. Many people follow my blog and this makes me very happy, I really thank everyone. Everyday I get criticized or approved. I know the game and I like it. It's a great way to keep myself in touch with you.\

As for those who know me,they know that I pay attention to the little details,for those little details make a difference in friendship,love,finances and all life has to offer. So I was delighted when a close Argentinian friend..a beauty of course. wrote me the following: Picasso is spelled with (con dos eses-two s and not one s)...and also she was dissapointed that i posted a pic of a fat Maryln Monroe,so my dear friend, I will post a nice one on this blog. And like I always tell you ,what I like about you is the attention to details and your good manners...Gracias a vos...!!!!

Nothing you can do about it, no matter what she does, people criticize, talk, notice. She doesn't care and lives her life the way she wants it. Actually, she is being minimal. She is tall, elegant. She has a sense of bon ton that comes from her upbringing.

Her official appearance doesn't reflect who she really is. She is playful, goes against the rules and has much sense of humour. She is ironic, she laughs and jokes....this is for you to guess.....but I will give her initials- CB.....

A couple of weeks ago I attended a dinner party at a fantastic house in Cape Town, high ceilings, great rooms and contemporary pieces of art everywhere.

It was a unique setting, a special night, you didn't feel you were in Cape Town or at one of the usual gatherings, with the same faces and the same absurd outfits found G-D knows where and designed by G-D knows who.

Nothing different that what takes place in Milano when the International crowd doesn't swing by.

What got my attention was the way they dressed, specially the women from South America, the States, and Britain, who were wearing refined and sophisticated clothes, but didn't look over-dressed. The French and Italians would have been impressed.

How to define women who want to look young when they are actually over fifty, who show up at dinner parties wearing jeans and embroidered shirts, or just the opposite wearing dresses suitable for a communion - or worse mistake the times and show up wearing clothes and accessories that were already outdated back when Sordi was filming movies in Rome?

It wouldn't take much to fit in. A bit of personality, culture, intuition, is just enough to understand what to wear when avoiding ridicule.

Just avoid exaggeration. Like with everything else, a little caution and a good sense of measure!!!!

Platforms or Ballerina? What do women prefer? What do men think?
if you are Stallone,Cruise or like a normal man that are short,you do not want
your girlfriends or wives to look taller than you...and they do have this complex!!!
I do not ,and not because I am 6'3"(1.88 in meters) because if you are sure of
yourself, that situation should not be a reason to complain and make the tall
women comply with your insicurities!!!!!Before I forget,after Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise,she was quoted as saying "Now I can wear high heels" I rest my case.

It's a choice!

Ballerina flats call for class and legendary grace as that of Audrey Hepburn. But no-one can say that Rita Hayworth was unelegant because she used to wear platforms.

Maybe, rather than choosing between the two, it would be better to have full body mirrors, merciless as fashion is, when it imposes on women to climb up and down a 15 cm platforms, whenever it decides to do so to its own liking and interest.

It is a choice!

We talk about fashion, how to dress, new trends, how to be eccentric and extravagant, where to find the latest things. All ready to wear impossible things just to be modern and special.

Fashion gets invented over and over, sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes there is no point, it's repetitive and vulgar.It's amazing how a plain black t-shirt can be more intriguing when it's worn with the right clothes than all the strange things people invent.

Since I know many models ,I get asked this question quite a bit,here is what I tell them >>>> A model's looks doesn't have rules, but personality and obviously need to be photogenic. This needs to be understood, to not be disappointed when you are trying to become a model. Even though parents and friends tell you you are more beautiful than models we see, it's not enough, it's an illusion. Only a professional, an agent or a photographer can tell you that after a casting.

It's a job that requires many qualities. Beauty is important, fundamental, but it's not the only rule. The ability to interpret a dress or to move in front of the camera, or on the catwalk for the designer, to understand one's flaws or strong points and to valorise them. Patience is another asset, waiting a long time in the halls of magazines, to stay put in winter with a temperature below zero wearing summer dresses while smiling and not getting sick, to get pampered, have your hair done and dyed whenever the designer or the photographer feels likes it.

We always talk about how a person is dressed or what they are wearing and giving it a judgement. Are they elegant or not?

Elegance is innate. It's an attitude, it has nothing to do with what you are actually wearing! You can learn to dress well, but that doesn't necessarily mean you also learn to be elegant. You move a certain way, you sit a certain way. The hands, the face, have a sort of elegant attitude in the movements.

It doesn't mean beauty. Elegance has its own codes.

My thoughts about Japan,,and by now, many of you are experts in Japan's mannerisms, way of thinking and in their language:

Just as Americans are accustomed to thinking of our country as a union of semi-soverign states, each with its own unique history and traditions, one of the hallmarks of Japan is "uniformity." During the many times I have travelled around the country quite a bit, going from cold but vibrant Hokkaido in the north, through the barren Northern Honshu area where sad enka songs were born, and all the way down to modern, bustling Hiroshima, and one thing that has always stood out for me was how similar many things were. Roads, signs, telephone poles, the way schools are constructed, all seem to be following one master blueprint, with little or no variation between regions. There are exceptions of course -- the cold climate of Northern Japan requires sturdier architecture to withstand the heavy snowfall compared to the rest of the country -- but by and large many aspects of li fe in Japan are remarkably similar whether you're in Tokyo or Kyushu or wherever.

One interesting aspect of travelling to Japan quite often is getting used to the, ah, unique pronunciations of English words the Japanese often employ. For example, the Japanese word for "healthy" is kenko-teki, but for various reasons -- mainly related to the Japanese having positive feelings about anything expressed with English words -- the worth "healthy" is often used as-is, written in the katakana writing system as a foreign loan word. Due to limitations of Japanese phonetics, however, it sounds like herushii, something that took me quite a while to become accustomed to. Some other "English" words that are mangled by Japanese pronunciation include "micro" (pronounced MEE-cro about half the time), and "theme" (which is teema in Japanese, due to the fact that it actually came from the German, not English).

I have a United Nations friend from China,a very smart girl,Furba if I must say,she's always asking me very pertinent questions,on all matters,specially financial ones,so
I will do this little tidbit for her,so she can learn as well as others some of the terminology of the Financial Markets:

DK or Dked-Meaning ..I got dked,, when someone reneges on an amount of money he or she asked you to invest,only to say he or she did not,,,sometimes it can be in the Millions,or maybe a pittance but regardless, it is DK.
This term sound cool,but if you are the one at the other end of DK, than you might not think is so cool

Piggy Back-This one I like very much. It means when someone allows you to invest with him or her, in an IPO, and LBO or any type of financial instrument. They carry you on their back, maybe because you do not have enough money or clout to get on a deal that is profitable from the inset, or you are not in ...like in in.And it helps if you have Goldman Sachs(GS) allowing to piggy back on their deals(smiles)...

"No, Tomorrow I am a Dinosaur" means if you do not invest my money now,tomorrow will be too late,,and this is one of my favorite ones,,it sounds great.

Carried Out- It is not nice. It means they carried you out on a board,you're dead,,Kaddish,like in losing all your equity,,all your money..not a nice term if you are at the receiving end.

Money-Good it means you are going to get back your principal. IT's money-good. You're going to get 100 cents on the Dollar back.

Recently I got the new Alterna Caviar Rejuvenation Treatment for the hair, and
The result? It definitely made my hair feel stronger and certainly more voluminous,more
shiny ,like the movie stars in the black and white films of yore!!!!
And if you want to make the best of this treatment, try Alterna’s new CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner. It will improve your hair further by giving you more shine, and improve texture while keeping it look soft.

Before I forget, I do get pedicures and manicures with a special treatment, and it is done with expensive bottles of Moet & Chandon..not to drink but to be used on
your hands and feet,the effect is that it leaves you with shatoosh like hands and feet..WOW JG< how amazing...it is nice to write in the third person, sometimes!!!

I looked in the mirror today, and I had to call again Dr. Steven M Hoefflin, and I told him as I am sure he likes to hear, that he is Michaelangelo. Thanks Dr H, you are a genius with a scalpel...and you made me Dorian Gray like, without my having to sell my soul to the devil ..(smiles).and I will attribute this thought to Princess Sofia,as she is the one that pointed out the part of not having to sell my soul to the devil..thanks...and many thanks.

Parting Shots:

Congrats to my niece Tiffany Goldstein on winning the 14 and under Tennis Championship of Israel,even though she is only 10 years old,she was too good for girls her age,so she moved up and WOW!!!! she made the Goldsteins so proud!!! more on this on another blog!!! but I am still glowing with pride!!!!!

" Every unique thing is Beautiful...."

In Kfar Shmaryahhu , most of the neighborhood has a special cable that gets all the chanels around the world,specially all or most of USA, ,Tiffany gets to see her favorite chanels and shows,one being(iCarly), and my sisters and I watch our favorite show ,MAD MEN. Don Draper the lead character, is a Gordon Gekko type of character., he is great, he makes the show special,. and my friend Christina Hendricks is becoming well known for her acting - thanks to MAD MEN.

Fashion? In Milan? It's commercial. In Paris? Creative. In London? So eccentric! And in New York? It's all about the product.

Paris is Paris: a marvelous, cosmopolitan city. But there are only two famous French designers left today: Nicholas Ghesquière and Jean Paul Gaultier. The others are English, Italian, German or American. Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, John Galliano at Dior, Stefano Pilati at Saint Laurent, Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and Phoebe Philo at Celine: in Paris, it's quite a challenge to find a Frenchman. However, it must be said: Paris manages somehow to bring people together and dissolve old stereotypes.

If you could go on a shopping spree without any budget limitation, what outfits, skirts, tops, pants, jackets, bags and shoes you would absolutely want to buy?

there is karma and justice in the world.

Who owns the Moon????? (* _*)%

They are truly members of the new Vulgarians - girls who worship at the altar of celebrity, vacuous values and vast, undeserved wealth.

Republic Services (NYSE: RSG)-This is a secret to decipher for the smart ones..it has proven very profitable for JG ,and others........!!!!see, you even get free info here...how nice JG,you are ,,,and....and..... (smiles).!!!!!!!!

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are holding Israel to ransom...They need to stop,..NOW!!!!

There are three main branches of Judaism--Orthodox, who are very traditional, Conservative, who try to walk a middle ground between Orthodoxy and Reformed, and Reformed, which are very liberal and place less emphasis on "rules"...you can put me and my family, in the Conservative and a bit less on the too many "rules".....!!!

Chabad/Lubuvitsch/Hasidic - these are the men in long, black frock coats, with the beards, and earlocks, that many people think of, stereotypically, as what all Jewish people look/dress like. They are extremely religious, but, unlike Orthodox, they take a great deal of joy from the religion and spirituality. Singing and dancing are a big part of how they worship, and they have a great tradition in the illiterate masses...it isn't important to know all the words of the prayers, it is important to FEEL the prayers...and a lot of what they do involves nonsense syllables. Orthodox are much more serious and literate in their prayers. But they totally over do their way to see the world and how they want others to act...I have a special Israeli girl that I think is smart ,pretty and clever and she tells me "I hate them" ..

"Grosse Point Blank"

A Treasure of Royal Scandals........!!!

Et Dieu Crea La Femme, And God Created Woman-Still one of my favorite films of all time.,......BB is BB

—Wisdom of Confucius:

I know it's uninventive to use such a well-worn aphorism, but it really is true: sometimes simple just is best.

Thanks, I cannot get enough of the Beverly Hillbillies, so once again I will quote Uncle Jed" Y'all come back now,hear!!!..sit a spell..."
Till later,,,hasta despues.....JG

Av 18, 5770
Kfar Shmaryahu- Passing clouds. Warm.
Temperature: 78 °F Comfort Level: 73 °F
Wind: 6 mph from 280° West
at 5:46 A.M.

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is!!!!


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXXVI

This blog, my blog - to anticipate the question "where do you put your blog?" - talks about the fashion world and customs. Dealing with the actuality, events, or just observing what's going on around me, at fashion shows, meeting with designers,Models, or your answers about all subjects,sports,politics,current events,what might be in or might be out. (* _*)%

this or that 3? choose one!?

london vs paris
milano vs roma
italy vs france ( fashion designers)
slow but deep thinker vs intelligent, quick but little less perceptive person
jessica alba vs megan fox
heidi klum vs adriana lima
catherine zeta jones vs angelina jolie
The Beverly Hillbillies vs Seinfeld (television reruns)
night out with friends vs solitary reflection
japanese cars vs european cars
sandalwood vs lavender
vanilla vs cardamom

Fancy colognes vs JG's specially made Cartier Cologne(smiles)

Someone.,an acquaintance wrote me the following: YOU JEWISH PEOPLE : I LOVE YOU ALL !!! G-D LOVES YOU and this is ALL THAT MATTERS! "Who will bless you will be blessed and who will curse you , will be cursed!" And I totally subscribe to this,history has proven it and history will prove it again and again.

And at least one dress by Miu Miu, ranging in price from $2,300, to $4,900, has become a celebrity in its own right this season, appearing on the covers of three summer magazines: Eva Mendes wore it on the July cover of W, Lily Allen wore it on the August cover of British Elle, and Freja Beha wore it on the August cover of British Vogue.

Everyday, or almost everyday, we try to create a new myth. Mediatically speaking it's hard work. The TV and papers put all efforts at first into creating this new icon, a new goddess, and then just as easily forget about her and throw her in the forgotten list.

A myth is a myth straight away. Brigitte Bardot was one at eighteen and stayed one, even if she refused liftings and let herself age naturally. In all the pictures, in all the movies of the past she is absolutely divine. A full on diva. The B.B. myth is non-negotiable, as it is for Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Sofia Loren and many, no actually, few others.

Some of these unfortunates don't even notice and keep acting like divas, achieving only to mesmerize people who have a hard time recognizing them, or those who have to ask themselves "who is she?" to act like this.

Models are in fashion, then actresses, then singers, then socialites and then….nothing! If you don't have "it", you will not become a myth. Maybe you'll be famous, well known. A myth is something else. Myths resist all trends.(i miti resistino
a tutte le mode)

The word icon gets often confused with myth. It's satisfying in both cases, the difference is that a Myth becomes part of history, whereas icons remain in their own category. Karl Lagerfeld is an icon. Elizabeth Taylor is a myth. Many famous musicians, who are still alive, are mythical, such as Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan.

There aren't many women myths. There are many, beautiful and famous, who become icons but never make it further. Subject to trends? The fault of the media? There is no purpose in mentioning history - from Napoleon to Gandhi - we should cover too much.

The only truth is that becoming a myth is not for everyone. Certainly, you don't become a myth because of trends or because the media says so. And since the World Cup just ended ,you can say Pele and Maradona are myths.

Irony is a form of intelligence. Only few people have it. What? Irony, of course! Generally people take themselves very seriously and don't get the ironic nuances, missing out on true moments of hilarity or self-assesment.

Everyone can make a bad joke, but to truly have an effect on somebody, to hit a note, to use irony, you have to be witty and sagacious. Vexing somebody only shows your own pallor and personal frustrations. In the end, it's your problem.

An ironic gibe takes everybody by surprise.

Irony gives you space out of your own little world, makes you see problems and paradoxical situations in a brighter light, if you take things seriously they seem even harder to overcome.

You have to look beyond things and not stay put in your microcosm. Irony is good for everyone, even for those who don't have it, if only they tried to understand it.

Here is more irony, .I gave up chocolate,and will have it perhaps twice a year with strawberries, I say this,
because I have a large piggy back option on Chocolate,,..I will sell soon but nevertheless a large investment
and it is sad I cannot eat part of my investment ,well ,such is life............
For those who have been living in Mars ...here is more on Choco:
Chocolate Money? Chocolate as a Commodity
How chocolate is a sought-after stock market commodity.

Black is more than a color. It is a way of dressing. and for women...It's elegant, slimming, easy, not prone to criticism, none season related, it gives confidence. The absolute passe-partout. It frees you from all the thinking, especially when packing a suitcase, on what goes with what, which shoes or bags to match.

Here are my thoughts about Japan:
In a recent update I mentioned that the way to express the idea of "brown-nosing" someone was goma o suru, literally meaning "to grind up someone's sesame seeds for them." If you want to try this word out on Japanese people you know, just say goma-suri! ("stop trying to flatter me!") when someone says something nice to you, then watch them jump out of their shoes in surprise that you know a word like that. This phrase is one idiom that's commonly used in Japanese, although it sounds strange to us since the cultural image of an underling winning points with his boss by grinding his sesame seeds is so different from what we're used to. Japanese spend many thousands of hours memorizing the strange idioms and turns of phrase we use in English, never quite sure why it could be possible to "rain cats and dogs," or why something simple is a "piece of cake" or "easy as pie" but not the other way around. As is usually the case with language, asking why something means what it means doesn't get you very far, so encapsulating what you're trying to learn as a defined unit and figuring what situations it works best in is usually a good approach.

One word that comes up in anime a lot is gambaru (gahn-BAH-roo, alternately written ganbaru). A happy, cheerful word which means to do one's best, to work hard, to give one's all and so on, it seems to find its way into a variety of situations. It's usually heard in its formal form gambarimasu (gahn-BAH-ri-mass, "[I will] do my best!"), or else as a request, e.g. gambatte or gambatte kudasai (gahn-BAH-tay koo-da-sai, "please try hard"), or alternatively in its "command" form, gambare (gahn-BAH-ray, "Do your best!"). One could argue that the word gambarimasu! and the work ethic that it represents is one of the most important avenues to understanding Japan. It's certainly one of my favorite words.

Japanese view of kakko (kah-koh), lit. style or fashion, and how they often place a lot more importance on how they look than we might in the U.S. It's also common to find skiers, golfers or surfers in Japan with exquisitely chosen outfits and equipment, before they've even begun to learn the sport in question.

Anyone who says
I'm not a Jew
is not a Jew
I'm very sorry
but for me this is not final.
The Talmud states"If your mother is a Jew,born in Israel,even if you renounce,vilify
Judaism,Zion,,you will always be a Jew...and I totally agree with this assesment.

While on this topic,,,here are some quotes from my idol-גּוֹלְדָּה מֵאִיר Golda Meir (born Golda Mabovitz, 1898-05-03; died 1978-12-08) was an Israeli politician and one of the founders of the State of Israel. She served as Minister of Labor, Foreign Minister, and as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.
To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be.
When questioned on Israel's future, in The New York Times (1974-12-12)
Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.
The Observer (1974-12-29)
It is not only a matter, I believe, of religious observance and practice. To me, being Jewish means and has always meant being proud to be part of a people that has maintained its distinct identity for more than 2,000 years, with all the pain and torment that has been inflicted upon it.
My Life (1975)

E cosi vero che le donne amano solo i brillanti? is so true that women love only diamonds?
There is a whole myth on how much women like diamonds. It's a symbol of love, a promise of engagement, it's forever. Maybe the bigger the diamond the bigger is the love?

Parting Shots:

Love all. Believe in a few. Do wrong to none

sorry for beauties who have td'ed.
tattoos are the worst,it is like spray painting a Rembrandt,a

Main Entry: stunning
Function: adjective
1 : causing astonishment or disbelief
2 : strikingly impressive especially in beauty or excellence- This definition could fit my Norwegian friend that lives in St Barth's ,the one I call Yeswegian because no one can say no to her...well almost no one(smiles)...and of course it can also be a definition of Princess Sofia!!!!

Oscar Wilde once said "No object is so beautiful that under certain conditions, it will not look ugly" Perhaps he was thinking of Top Models,VS Models or Beauty Queens sans makeup or waking up in the morning or on the light of the day.

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait

Sono favolosi, di meglio sarebbe un peccato

Oppenheimer: The Man Behind the Bomb -- A "Countdown to Zero" Exclusive

Happy birthday to Gisele Bündchen, who turns 30 today! Everybody gets old or older!!!

People respond well to those who are sure of what they want...

If you want to get in on the trend but can’t afford Chloe or Celine, take another cue from Coco Chanel and always remove one article of clothing before you leave the house - Unless you’re headed to a pool party.

Botox, Plastic Surgery.....ça ne fait aucun doute!!!!

Tanabata is a Japanese tradition wherein people write their wishes on tanzaku papers (colorful, small strips of papers) and hang them on bamboo branches.(thanks to Takako)

While I was in Cape Town I overheard a good looking Brasileira(Brasilian girl) state the following -in reference to her big silicone breasts" Coloquei silicone,porque parecia uma formiga, com nada encima e uma bunda grande embaixo "( I put on silicone because I look like an ant,nothing on top and a big bottom") And to think not too long ago , Brasileiras used to criticise American girls for their big breast implants,and now they are the queens of Silicone!!!! and please do not blame it on George Bush(smiles)//this is irony!!!!

The iPad is becoming the "Tickle me Elmo of 2010"...it is one of the nicest toys,,,you should get one!!!!I mean the iPad not "Tickle me Elmo"!!!!

Makeover Madness!!!!

Meet Joe Black!!! watch and understand it!!!!!

Mugdha was sending me an sms(smiles)!!!!!That is what she told me,and of course I believe her!!!!

A friend sent me this verse from a Julio Iglesias song,and she seems to be telling me something about her empty life..and while many think she is "it"...in her mind she is not...basically it ends by saying...I am an empty sea....
y una canción de Julio Iglesias resonando en su cabeza: "Voy de abrazo en abrazo / de beso en risa / me dan la mano / cuando es precisa / Pero cuando amanece / y me quedo solo / siento en el fondo / un mar vacío".

Only the classics last long. Today's songs and films are not so good

Minimalism in Fashion is better,less but elegant rules the day!!!!

Minimalism, however, is not to be confused with either a lack of glamour or an excess of visible skin

Till the next time,If I may say so,this is one of my better blogs..and I wish everyone that reads it to continue to do come back; and, hopefully I can enligthten your day.

A few days ago I met with HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Bin Al Saud Bin Abdul Aziz at one of his hotels,the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus, I must say that it is an amazing place. And I have stayed in the best hotels there are in the world , and I must say, this one rivals them all....Kudos to the Amir,lately all he touches is not GOLD but this one is !!!!!!

Av 11, 5770-Kfar Shmaryahu-
Scattered Clouds. Low: 75 °F . Wind SSE 6 mph . 10 53 -- שעון ישראל: יום חמישי י"א באב תש"ע, 22.7.2010

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is!!!!


Miscellaneous Tidbits XXXV


i will write things

i have said this before: as long as there is air in my lungs, a piece of fresh blank paper for my leisure and a poised pen, an iPad in my hands, I WILL WRITE THINGS.

Shalom, I thought I would not do another posting but I felt a bit inspired and wanted to also share the breaking news in sports, Moda and world events so here
are my Tidbits:

I am writing while watching from my window the rain and as I hear the sound of raindrops into the ground, is the most wonderful sound in the world ... It inspires me tremendously and
The rain, especially in summer even though here is winter, gives me joy and fills me with life.

what is it about diamonds?
is it their commercial value, their dazzling inclination in the stock markets, their Vanderbilt affluence, their exchange value, their romantic connotations.
is it the timelessness of a diamond? perhaps, the fashioning of such a raw miracle over millenia, its rarity and beauty that so enchants us. a diamond is beautiful to a bussinessman as it is to a charmed girl, as it is to a chivalrous suitor, as it is a token to a nervous proposal.

i believe that good manners are the best and most valuable possessions that any parent can hand down to their children. manners are a commodity dearly bought and rarely come by, especially in this fast-paced modern age. we can only learn then through tradition and breeding. in the 21st century, with the dynamism of technology, the value of time and the speed at which we buzz around on our daily business we are forgetting the humanity of our fellows. we are blissfully unaware of the needs of others, concerned only for our own pleasures and comforts, preoccupied by our fantasies and warped senses of establishment. we chase the dream of affluence, and thrust our shiny Platinum Diamond Barclays Visa,Centurion AMEX Black Card at wide-eyed young girls behind shop counters.There is nothing wrong for wanting affluence but one must keep our manners in check despite being more blessed than others.i have also learned that no matter how much money, power, influence and wealth you possess, no matter how flashy your tiffany's,Cartier's diamonds, no matter how RICH you cannot buy good etiquette.

On my last blog I skipped one part on one of my thoughts and I wish to make a correction: call me what you wish. i remain fixed.
my insufferable cynicism can be quite a trial,but is real and
valid on its insight!!!Thanks to one of my readers that asked me to finish my thought!!!

They are not 'top models', but they may very well be. Bodies like '10 ', marking the fashion trends each season and submit to the best and most expensive beauty treatments, and each new album release is accompanied by a campaign (spring / summer - autumn / winter) taken by best photographers. they are true divas that conquer success. And I am referring to Shakira, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus ,Rihanna to name a few.

For those who have not heard or if you have been living in Mars...here are some news.....LeBron James chose the Miami Heat to play for this NBA team,.... The Heat’s owner is Mickey Arison, an Israeli-born billionaire. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, Dan Gilbert, is a Jewish-American mortgage magnate (he owns Quicken) who sent Cavs fans an epic letter last night promising to win a championship before LeBron does. He won’t, but you should be rooting for him to.

Here what the press is saying about Lebron:

We are the kingdom now.

Miami is the capital of basketball.

South Florida is the epicenter of American sports.

It became so by royal decree at 9:27 p.m. Eastern time, July 8, 2010.

That is the moment when LeBron James -- audacious enough to call himself King and so great the dissenters are few -- chose the Miami Heat as his new basketball team over all other suitors in this landscape-quaking summer of NBA free agency.

We had been told for more than a week to expect it.

It was still stunning

So i have mixed feelings..having homes in both places and being a Los Angeles Laker fan than I will root for the Lakers ,of course, but still have special feelings for the Miami Heat.

Like their spies, Russians holidaying on the Côte d'Azur or here in Cape Agulhus are highly visible and unabashed.

By virtue of its minimalism, beachwear is a tough one for the girls to navigate. More (obviously) being more, these prize Natashas and Svetlanas have made an art form of that misnomer, "beachwear". Every morning is a fashion parade, involving navel chains, voile shrugs, cork stilletoed pumps and some form of bikini rigging that I was unable to get to the bottom of.

אוי וויי! זייַן טאָג איז געוואָרן נאַכט. קען עס זייַן אַז טאָם קרוּזעס לעצטער פֿילם איז טאַקע זייַן לעצטער?Oy vey! Zayn tog iz gevorn nakht. Ken es zayn az Tom Cruise’s letster film iz take zayn letster? Meaning: His day has turned Could it be that Tom Cruise’s last film is really his last? Unless you thought his latest film "Knight and Day" was great!!!!!

For some reason, Japanese often have crooked teeth which look strange to Westerners, almost like they've got so many teeth for their mouth. These teeth are often fixed with braces as children, although just as often they're left the way they are since, well, they're considered to be very cute. Crooked teeth are called yaeba (yah-eh-ba) and as far as I can tell, they function in Japan the way a beauty mark works in the West: a tiny defect in a person that becomes their "charm point." But that would not stop me from wanting to take them to a good orthodontist.This includes everyday people,models,beauty queen,skaters(smiles),politicians and athletes!!!!!

In Japan, there are often concepts that are difficult for Westerners to grasp. One measurement of beauty here is related to the number of creases in a persons eyelid when their eyes are open -- one crease is called hitoe (hee-TOE-eh), two creases is futae (fu-TAH-eh). Single-creasers have slender, traditionally Asian eyes, while those with more creases have larger eyes that look European to the Japanese. Getting plastic surgery to change the appearance of your eyes is quite popular among TV stars and young Japanese people, and my Japanese friends,girls of course like to regularly report on which TV stars who have suddenly changed their faces. (There are even products that promise to make your eyes look larger and more "Western.") I have to admit, I'd never considered that people had different numbers of creases in their eyelids until coming here -- it was a totally alien concept to me. Another measure of beauty is having a "high nose" (hana ga takai), an important feature for anyone who wants to be considered one of the Beautiful People here; the opposite is a "low nose" (hana ga hikui). The rule is, if you can touch your chin and the tip of your nose with one extended finger without contacting your lips, you've got a "high nose." I never really thought of schnozzes as anything other than "big" or "small" before coming to Japan, but apparently there is more to a person's nose than meets the eye.

Just last night while in the Waterfront in Cape Town,at a fancy Cafe place, I was speaking in Arabic on one of my cels,and as I hung up,a French girl approached me,and asked me,are you a Saudi? and I answered her in French "Dieu nous en préserve , ne(Heaven forbid ,no)...I told her I am of Israeli mother..I am a Jew..and I explained how I speak several languages,,she asked who was on the other side of the phone,I told her, I was speaking to a Saudi Royal. She continued ,and told me that soon she was marrying a very wealthy Saudi bussinesman
,..so I told her,,,Bonne Chance!!!(Good luck) in a sarcastic way,that she picked up, so she added,pourquoi(Why) and I said to her,it is too long and tedious to explain to you,but I do wish you well. And I did tell her you will learn quickly three Arab words,,,Haram(forbidden)...and perhaps if your lucky,every once in a while,Halal(Permissible) and la la la(no,no,no)....as I bid her Adieu...I could not help to feel bad for her as she was going to a world of darkness where women have no rights and are treated like property..perhaps her future husband will be different...but as they wisely say "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" nothing ever ruins my day,but this caused me to think hard in not a pleasant manner!!!!!

There's a reason I can't get enough of Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue Hair Oil. If you are in the know when it comes to what's good for your hair, you probably already have this product in your bathroom. But what's also great about this product is that it does wonders for your skin, too. After showering, rub this all over your body before toweling off. Its velvety texture soaks right in, especially if you have dry skin. That way, your skin is hydrated and ready for your regular moisturizing routine.

You know I love reading and, as I told you so many times, I am never bored of going to a bookstore and at the last couple of weeks I have been doing it more than often. And from all the books I bought lately, The Little Dictionary of Fashion, by Christian Dior, is one of the most interesting. It was written for more than 50 years ago, but in some way remains so actual. Style really is eternal…(Allow me to show off my Portugese)há muita coisa boa para se fazer estes dias, mas entre uma coisa e outra, adoro ler a bom livro e comprei a vários títulos interessantes nas últimas semanas. Entretanto, um dos destaques é este Pequeno Dicionário de Moda, do mestre da moda, Christian Dior. Este livro foi escrito há mais de 50 anos, mas permanece muito atual na maioria dos seus tópicos. Estilo e elegância, de fato, não têm prazo de validade...

Parting Shots:

The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday—by the way, congratulations to Lea Michele, who is both a Jew and plays one on Glee—

China, Google Make Peace
Does this count as an unexpected victory for Google? After a long standoff, the Chinese government has renewed Google's operating license.

Cristiano Ronaldo Painted His Toenails Black
How passé.

Overheard: "I spent all my time in the Vanity Factory" and I say ,nothing wrong with that.

there are people blowing vuvuzelas outside my window at 9h45 in the evening.

there is karma and justice in the world.

I love Miu Miu pumps ... in pink with jeans they look très chic

If Obama continues to spend and give money foolishly to the unions,to those who got him elected and for those day he gives money on a whim...I will be forced to follow this option: Non-domiciled

Non-doms are often people whose families originate from abroad and typically retain affiliations with that country

Giving away our tax money without any regard and specially since he is not giving away his ,will force many others to follow suit.

Professional cynics like moi, should have no doubt that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama had an “excellent” meeting at the White House on Tuesday. After all, Obama used the adjective three times, seemingly compensating for the previous episode of the unfolding Israel-U.S. soap opera, in which Obama snubbed the prime minister. The little detail is that Obama realised he is losing the Jewish vote that helped him get elected. This is a tactic that Jews in America will not fall for again.,and they should not vote for him, and of course I did not,and I told you so...he is not with us Jews or with Israel!!!!!

They are truly members of the new Vulgarians - girls who worship at the altar of celebrity, vacuous values and vast, undeserved wealth.

Karl Lagerfeld has another short film called: "Shopping Fever" Two young and beautiful teenage girls, Dree Hemingway and Abbey Lee, come back to their palace hotel after going on a shopping spree, and drag the hotel groom, played by Baptiste Giabiconi, into their game.

This short movie directed by Karl Lagerfeld has been edited to resemble a movie trailer – a teaser of a full-length film that doesn’t exist.

At the age of 24, Timothy Andres, whose influences include John Adams, Philip Glass and Brahms, has written ten movements for two pianos. These are elemental musical scores from a composer who uses piano keys as if they were on an electronic keyboard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-XvezbMNB8 and by the way he is one Karl Lagerfeld favorite ones...who can argue with the Kaiser,certainly I won't..

For Pre-Fall 2010, the Louis Vuitton woman with ever-sophisticated insolence mixes a lively palette of influences into the perfect fashion gourmet

Goldstein Mafia look

I will end this blog with the lyrics and the link to one of my favorte shows,song and lyrics of the ballad of Jed Clampett(The Beverly Hillbillies)

Ballad of Jed Clampett
as recorded by Roy Clark form the E true Hollywood Story
writers Flatt & Scruggs

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed
Poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed
Then one day he was shootin' at some food
And up through the ground came a bubbling crude
(Oil, that is, Black Gold.,Texas T)

First thing you know, old Jed's a millionaire
Friends said, Jed, move away from here
Said that California was the place he ought to be
So he loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly,
(Hills, that is, swimming pools and movie stars)

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Jed and all his kin
They would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heaping helping of their hospitality
(Beverly Hillbillies, that's what they call 'em now
Nice folks, Y'all come back now, hear?

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