5771 Miscellaneous Tidibits-JG7

Ciao a tutti!

Belated greetings and belated Birthday presents are still arriving....many thanks!!!!
Cheers..this time i am more inspired to write and it will show!!!!... on Thursday I and a few others bagged
the elephant, .meaning the IPO in GM went better than expected,,it was a mini-Google...
and the game continues!!! let us watch how much more it goes up...what is next?...something else will come up or is already in the works!!!!!Thanks again to Goldman Sachs for allowing my option!!!!

When I don’t have anything to say, I don’t publish. Rather than posting something that’s not very interesting, it’s best to wait until you have something that really inspires you and makes you laugh...do hope you will like this new posting!!!!

Here are my Tidbits:

Mr Goldstein there are too many candles on that cake!!!!!are you that old?(smiles)

Are you pathologically happy.!!!!!   I am...if you don't know than you don't know and
if you are not than you have a large weight to carry(smiles)

Brasileiras(Brasilian girls) would say "Modestia Parte"(modesty aside)...so take this comment in that manner...
When I go to VVIP restaurants around the world and they say, 'We're fully booked,' I say, 'It's Joseph B Goldstein,' JG- and they say, 'I will check.'..and "et voilà"
!!!! the best table becomes available!!!!' I love it!!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this edition of Vogue India., different and with new prospects!!!!


Friends and acquaintances are shocked when I tell them that Mr Ralph Lauren (of Polo fame), is a Jew..he is in a large list of celebs and normal people that choose to change their name..some because they are ashamed to be Jewish, some for other reasons...and it is a sad commentary on their persona....as you already know my biggest thrill in life was being born a JEW...being JEWISH>>>I could never renounce my roots- my mother's last name...GOLDSTEIN forever and ever!!!!

My Take on Japan:

There's a class of four-kanji compound word called yoji-jukugo which are used in Japanese quite a lot. Rather than disliking these complex words for their difficulty, which is considerable when coming from a language like English, I found myself enjoying them quite a lot because they are so poetic and beautiful. One such a word is ichigo-ichie (ichi-go ichi-eh), which describes a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that should be cherished forever.(my favorite one) .  Another is onko-chishin, translatable as developing new ideas by looking at the past, or issho-kenmei, meaning "trying as hard as you can," which is more or the basic state of working in a Japanese company. One word that comes up in just about every love comedy anime series ever made is yuju-fudan (you-joo-foo-dan), which means someone who is chronically indecisive and unable to make up their mind. The male character's inability to decide which girl he really loves is an important plot point in a wide number of anime and manga stories, including my current favorite, Amagami SS.

They say Latinas are some of the most beautiful women in the world and it looks like Victoria’s Secret supports that claim. For their 2010 Fashion Show, the famous lingerie line featured five South American supermodels to strut down their runway.
Adriana Lima, Flavia de Oliveira, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart and Emanuela de Paula are this year’s five Latin American “Angels,” and they are Brasileiras(smiles)

I love this movie..."THE DEBT' you should watch,,it is impressive!!!!
here is a little review on it!!!!
Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington star in The debt, the powerful story of Rachel Singer, a former Mossad agent who endeavoured to capture and bring to trial a notorious Nazi war criminal-the Surgeon of Birkenau-in a secret Israeli mission that ended with his death on the streets of East Berlin. Now, 30 years later, a man claiming to be the doctor has surfaced, and Rachel must go back to Eastern Europe to uncover the truth. Overwhelmed by haunting memories of her younger self and her two fellow agents, the still-celebrated heroine must relive the trauma of those events and confront the debt she has incurred.

One of my all time Idols!!!!Rudolph Valentino - Tango Kisses

Parting Shots:

my nights are more beautiful than your days...and my days are more beautiful than your nights!!!! What?....how arrogant you are JG....yes I am(smiles)

Think Jewish!

People will stare, make it worth their while

A lot of girls have a goal to find a rich guy to support them or marry for money!!! They come with their little Kelly bag and their Rolex...I can spot them a mile away ...too FURBO for them....VAI VIA!!!!...many fat ,old and bald rich men do fall in that trap!!!!

Being offered the common dinner dates and conversations has catapulted from the norm to Neanderthal. My life is filled with infinite possibilities and I'm on a constant quest to create prosperity for myself , my family and others..So I will only be entertained if you tell me something I do not know...and also being polite and with manners really helps too.!!!!

The Japanese have an expression called "Hara hachibu ni isha irazu-"A stomach eight-tenths full needs no doctor."..in Okinawa they say it  a lot...but in Tokyo ,it is more like five-tenths!!!!

Top 5 - filmes que fazem bem para a alma*: These five films are not my favorite ones, but they are good for the soul...do try and watch them

1. O Carteiro e o poeta (Il Postino);2. Jules e Jim - uma mulher para dois (Jules et Jim);3. Bonequinha de luxo (Breakfast at Tiffany's);4. A vida no paraíso (Så som i himmelen);5. O fabuloso destino de Amelie Poulain (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Polain);

Miuccia Prada Listen to Miuccia Prada pronunciation by Forvo Miuccia Prada
The Italian designer behind Prada and Miu Miu. Enough said

There are many ways to improve your level of english.
1) Trouver un super prof d’anglais
2) Ecouter tous les jours la BBC en se brossant les dents

- Mon sacro-saint macchiato –my sacrosant macchiato-

On Beauty...

"A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful." Figure this out and you get a little star of David like Tiffany used to get when in Kinder school!!!!!!

Dress by Miuccia Prada, shoes Miu Miu and sunglasses by Lanvin....the palm trees and the strada(street) so beautiful!!!!!!

1. Três mitos sobre os franceses?
Arrogantes, bruscos e sempre insatisfeitos. Three myths about the French...Arrogant, brusque and never happy!!!!!

I had a girl, a famous acquaintance tell me « The lower I feel, the higher the heel ! » Really?

Les Porselli!!!!J'Adore

When models fall down on the runway, it’s called Catwalk Smashup...and they do fall down quite often!!!

Eat Kosher!!!!!!You will live longer!!!

  I like this Oscar Wilde quote "I have the simplest taste. I'm always satisfied with the best."  but I will add..I am only satisfied with the best,..no less!!!!

You'all Come Back now.....!!!!!!

 The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

Posted at the Four Seasons Hotel-Doha-Qatar


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Miscellaneous Tidbits 5771-JG6

 a medida do belo!!! ;)

WOW!!! I have to say that I was overwhelmed with all the sms messages,calls,emails, and the many presents that arrived from around the world  for the occassion of my Birthday on 11-11(civil date)Kislev 4, 5771-an amazing verse was written for me by a special girl, some of the VS Angels
checked in despite my jokes about their looks in the morning sans makeup(smiles)..I am touched and I thank you. I did stay awake all 24 hours of my Birthday, and I enjoyed it more as my Jewish Princess,my niece Tiffany Goldstein also commemorates her Birthday on the same day as I....her happiness is what I will remember most this day... least I forget my Birthday also coincides with JR-R Birthday and that is nice too!!!! JG

on to my TIDBITS:

there's nothing better than starting the day with glamour and a macchiato

 Icanteachyouhowtodoit this is not a typo is a mystery question????
 on the arm of man in a black dinner jacket. There is a full moon, and you can hear the waves crashing on to the beach a few feet away.

("Oseh Shalom..."), to all... !!!!!

Beauty is a curse for women most of the time...so here is a thought on that eventuality:
"Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offers us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole time."

"La belleza es insoportable, nos conduce a la desesperación, nos ofrece por un momento la visión de una eternidad que nos gustaría que se extendiese por siempre jamás."

The magnificent Ali McGraw in Love Story. Funny, happy, positive with her loo non "conservative" yet bon ton. If we think of these looks that are distant from the trashy ones we see in the news, we at least realize there are better atmospheres. Real ones. Like in Love Story.

Yo se lo que son BROGUES, tu lo sabes???? I know what BROGUES are do you????So if I piqued your curiosity and told you something you did not know as I am sure I did(smiles)....for the answer go to the last lines on Parting Shots!!!

 I admire those who can write music and lyrics. And by having a multi cultural background
and being able to speak several languages, I am able to enjoy and appreciate those that rise above the rest. Example and point, Juan Luis Guerra. His ability to continue to turn out hit after hit , and he is so able to write about trivilal matter, poke fun at his country , the Dominican Republic , and write about everday life there and around the world..His bachatas, love balads and merengues are so fabulous, that I do so admire him. Most recently while tourning Japan(yes, he is very popular there too)...he wrote a bachata about his experiences in the city of Fukuoka,,,and the title is " Bachata en Fukuoka" and the words, the music,,is WOW!!!
I want to mention also Ricardo Arjona, another artist that writes his own music and lyrics...he writes about love, about his take on couples,individual and political matters....his last song and video, "Puente"about the Cuban exile in Miami,,me ha conmovido(it has touched my soul}..having a home in Miami Beach and having lived there for long periods of time, I really understood his message!!!
A few days ago I was listening with my mother to Carlos Gardel, the favorite of my late father..the greatest singer of Tango, and his words in the Tango , Cambalache,,showed he was ahead of his time..!! a genius

Bachata en Fukuoa by Juan Luis Guerra

Besides not looking so nice when they wake up in the morning sans makeup, top models sometimes let  their deodorant fail them(smiles)..it cannot be!!!!

The Kaiser praying to himself!!!!(PIC COURTESY OF

 Here is my take on Japan:
One of my favorite customs related to raising kids in Japan is called Shichi-go-san, literally "seven-five-three." At age three and seven (for girls) and five (for boys), parents take their kids down to the local photo studio and get them dressed up in beautiful kimono and have their picture taken, then visit the family Shinto shrine to pray for their continued health and good luck.

OK Biba- one more PIC!!!!

Wednesday is a special day -the IPO(initial public offering) of General Motors(GM) it will go public and great things are expected...a big investment has been made and it will payoff!!!I am sure!!!Estou certo de!!!Estoy Convencido!!!!Je suis sûr que!!!
Sono sicuro che!!!!
אני בטוח!!!!
وأنا واثق
Thanks Goldman Sachs

hummmmm nas ruas

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Pétillante -J'adore

Parting Shots:


Today, the inexpensive and the very expensive have more value than the in-between.

This is a beautiful mix and match from The Row....I really like it...

Doesn't everyone refrigerate their Lanvins?

The weather is cooling cooling and I just remember walking with my late father in  old Paris where women used to walk all the Champs Elysees with
amazing coats and chic attitudes with red dark lips.

Black and Leopard-my favorite combination


And Yes, this is not one of my better blogs..the inspiration was not there as my thoughts were for my Birthday and of course the aformentioned IPO!!!!

Till the next post....you'all come back..!!!!

Shema yisreal adoni elohaynu adoni echad!

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........


Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv)
Mon, November 15, 2010 Kislev 8, 5771

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5771 Miscellaneous Tidbits-JG5

Hello World!!! Baci!Baci!Ciao!
. You will find in this blog a lot of materialism, beauty & fashion tips, personal stories,current events,  and pictures here! Enjoy your time reading and looking!!!!

Happy., Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, those are the keys to maintaining sanity in this crazy world. And of course you most believe in something;  it might be religion ,or any iluminating aspect, and  for me, of course, being a Jew and truly believing  we are the chosen ones!!!!!

What Mr Goldstein, you have to stir your own  MACCHIATTO, I thought your assistants would do that(smiles)!!!

Red Bougainvilleas fascinate me, they smell and look so nice, we have quite a few in my homes  BH , MB and of course here in Kfar Shmaryahu, least we forget Alto Leblon(smiles)

This is the best iPad commercial., buy it, demand it!!!or get for free like JG does(smiles)!!!

Unlike most men, JG loves women with power, such as Angela Merkel the Prime Minister of Germany, My respect of  the late Golda Meir has already been established, the iron lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, to name a few, and now Brasil has joined the fray..and for the better....here is a little info on that eventuality..and this woman is the first ever woman President in the history of Brasil....she can thank Lula da Silva , and she has!!!!
Brasil entregará por fin las llaves del poder a una mujer: Dilma Rousseff, de 62 años, hija de un comunista búlgaro exiliado, guerrillera durante la dictadura militar y ex jefa de gabinete de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
Dilma a woman..lula over obama!!!
Brazil finally handed the keys of power to a woman, Dilma Rousseff, 62, daughter of an exiled Bulgarian Communist, guerrilla during the military dictatorship and former chief of staff of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

I was recently asked once more and it happens often, What Cologne you are wearing? and the answer is difficult as when I say, it is a special cologne made for JG by Cartier!!!! it sounds elitist but it is what it is!!! a little clue, I will not reveal the last element in the cologne as that is the secret, the elixir...it is a combination of Santos, Declaration with the special fragance...however I feel that colognes like perfumes have a different reaction to persons...it just happens that this special Cartier goes well with JG...I rest my case!!!!

Here is my take on Japan: I like to pick up on random bits of Japanese language and see what they can teach us, and one word that's culturally loaded is medatsu, which means to stand out or be conspicuous in a crowd. To you or me, the concept of standing out might mean no more than accidentally wearing clothes out of season or carrying your backpack over both arms in violation of local fashions which require you to choose just one, but to the Japanese it can be a much bigger deal. Many personal choices from fashion and hair styles to what computer OS or cell phone style you go with are influenced by how much an individual wants to avoid being seen as departing from perceived norms. I've known more than a few Japanese who got upset when I "complimented" them on being unique or different -- they preferred to be thought of as futsuu, meaning normal, the same as everyone else.

Parting Shots:

Have white teeth.  It is imperative that your teeth be white since you will be baring them while laughing, (with your head tilted back, remember?)

sty•dol |stˈīdl|

  1. a person whose personal behavior of dress is greatly admired, loved, or revered.
  2. a person whose existence causes global worship amongst the purest fashionista/os.  

Sometimes my two sisters and I have the following, a typical Argentinian breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv...El Gaucho..
Típico café-da-manhã argentino, com sandwuíches, croissants, chocolate derretido e café com leite.-a typical  Argentinian breakfast... sandwiches..croissants, melted chocolate and coffee with milk!!!!!!!!!!


                                                             One of my Mantras
                                            NO COMMENT IS NECCESARY!!!!!!

a Tod’s, marca chic de couro italiano, anunciou uma longa parceria com o Teatro alla Scala em Milão. O primeiro evento da parceria saiu em forma de um vídeo, lindíssimo, do backstage do espetáculo de dança An Italian Dream, veja:
Tod's, chic Italian leather brand, announced a long association with Teatro alla Scala in Milan's first event of the partnership came in the form of a video, beautiful, the show's backstage dance An Italian Dream, see:

As per women, I have reccomended in the past this combination , and in women,,the right one of course, it is lethal, it gives you a following of men complimenting you , and again of course, you have to have the right reaction to it too!!! here is the combination.  Dior Addict with men's D&G..it is an elegant, sophisticated and it is a WOW!!!!....try it and you will see!!!!

One last reccomendation, the babies and young infants in Spain use this soft cologne, it is unisex, but the nenas pijas(Posh Girls) of Spain, as in older rich girls and some men, including JG-
 use this cologne for hot days when going to the beach, or on a hot humid day to go out, it is a fantastic smell,,,and Tiffany likes it so!!!!

My friend Biba asked me to post a few more of her pics, and she is VERY STYLISH!!!!!and a JEW!!!(SMILES)

My list of followers continues to increase not only from USA but from around the world, and I get this type of nice comments from some of my French readers, and believe me the French are very critical, sartorial and cynical in their take, so it is refreshing to read some of their comments about my blog:

Merci !!!! Pour les images, les mots, le ton
Thank you!! For images, words, tone .
Je découvre … et j’  » adore »!!!!
I discovered ... and I "love it »!!!!

j adore ton blog and ur mind…
so keep the spirit

Salut Goldstein,
been following your blog for some time now and I really love it, it is always such an inspiration! I do also like the new design of your page, although reading it in English until now has been a good practice, it is helpful to have an French translation now! So I am looking forward to all the posts which are yet to come and wish you good luck with everything!!

GIRLS GET EM: Translucent "Paris" sunglasses. "a postcard signed Prada" √√ :)

In Italian grand opera, the heroine takes half an hour to die;

Happy Birthday to Solkana!!!She is a Beauté
 with Brains....may you have many more!!!!

Pound the Quality

“If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.” (smiles)...really, that is not JG...silence is much better
—Legal Adage

I can't think of a more common stereotype about the French than the one about how rude they are. Even people who have never set foot in France take it upon themselves to warn potential visitors about the "rude French."
The fact is that there are polite people and there are rude people in every country, city, and street on Earth. No matter where you go, no matter who you talk to, if you are rude, they will be rude back(JG-Silence) That's just a given, and France is no exception. However, there is no universal definition of rudeness. Something which is rude in your culture may not be rude in another, and vice versa. This is the key to understanding the two issues behind the "rude French" myth.


Humour d'une Femme-I love this!!!

I `ll leave you with the sexiest and happiest 
video I have seen today.
Red colored, juicy lips, bright colors,
precious gems, perfect bags,
oh yes, and those shoes, more than perfect.
Prada spring-summer 2010
Do you like it?
I loved it.
 Grazie Signora Prada

Be stylish!

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv)
Mon, November 08, 2010 Kislev 1, 5771

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Miscellaneous Tidbits-JG4

"Yes, YES, YEEESSSS!" (yoshi, yoshi, yoooshi! - よし、よし、よーし!):. I am back!!!

Happy Halloween to everybody! 
Are you going trick or treating?!

Follow my blog regularly, take action, and people will start thinking you’re:
1.  Sexier
2.  More intelligent.
3.  Fascinating.
4.  Worthy of more money.  Hello!..How arrogant you are Mr Goldstein(smiles)!!!!

But really, I'm not here to impress you or to be pretentious. I am just here to be me and that usually wins the day !!! it does...false modesty is demode...better be direct and state your point..I want to amuse you, make you smile ..stimulate your mind, and like the great Gordon Gekko would say " Tell me something I do not know"
and I believe I succeed in this blog with his concept...I rest my case!!!!!

√√ :)

Très Mode

We love everything CHANEL. From bags to nailpolish and from the movie to King Karl – EVERYTHING. So hearing that the talented Olivier Zahm (Purple Fashion) will art direct and design the first-ever-magazine of the iconic fashion house is great news to us! Chanel may not be the first-mover in this but at least they do it right. The first pictures are promising!
they named it “31 Rue Cambon“. It’s already a classic, don’t u think;-)? and JG already got an advance copy!!!!

Here is a thought that is different and special!!!!

definition: when you don't know what to call something, it's a thingymcbobber. At a loss for the word to describe something.

Slowy dies who does not travel, who does not read, does not listens to music,  does not find amity in
his or herself.
Only a burning patience will lead to attainment of a splendid happiness " Pablo Neruda
...lentamente muore chi non viaggia,chi non legge,chi non ascolta musica,chi non trova grazia in sé stesso...soltanto l'ardente pazienza porterà al raggiungimento di una splendida felicità" Pablo Neruda

Palm Trees, specially those in Beverly Hills fascinate me, but so do poinsettias..and you can be sure to find them at all my homes all year round even if they have to be flown in....Really? yes Really!!!!

And  the Palm Trees in Santa Monica are not too shabby either..here my friend Biba modeling for JG a few moons ago!!!!

So, I just had to share with you this incredibly cute ad about going to Paris. It was first shown during last year’s superbowl and I have to say that Google did a great job in creating such a simple ad with such a strong message.

My Take on Japan- Japan is a unique country, steeped in hundreds of years of isolated history but now striving almost desperately to become more westernized. Whether becoming westernized is a good thing or not is up to debate but it makes for a very fascinating modern culture.

A primeira vez que vi as t-shirts da So Sweet Shirt foi numa lojinha mega fofa na Oscar Freire em Sampa-Jardins
(the first time I saw the so sweet t-shirts was in  a little cute store in Oscar Freire(street) in Sao Paulo-Jardins(Brasil)

Liu Wen looking very Stylish!!!!but perhaps she should lose the bag...yes she should(smiles)


Again , you can never go wrong with Leopard print!!!!

Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh; German: Mensch, for "human being") means "a person of integrity and honor".[1] The opposite of a mensch is an unmensch (meaning: an utterly cruel or evil person). And RG is a Mensch...she is....it is in  her genes..in her DNA....in the way she was brought up..it is ...she is the BEST!!!

Si un seul mot devait résumer l'élégance, le luxe, l'audace, le désir et l'esprit, nul doute que ce serait Vogue ! Un miracle enchanté qui fête ses 90 ans.
If only one word were to sum up elegance, luxury, audacity, desire, and spirit, no doubt it would be Vogue! An enchanted miracle that celebrates 90 years. Note the book with the 90 years of covers of VOGUE!
Inside this Miu Miu bag is Tiffany's first Birthday present from Signora Prada herself!!!What is inside the bag????? We will find out on November 11-2010(civil date) in Hebrew Calendar-4 Kislev -5771 and those who know......do know that Tiffany and I share the same Birthday!!!!!So what did Miuccia Prada give JG...that you will find out soon enough(smiles)

Merci to la française(JR-R)  for doing this calendar for me
And many thanks to two geniuses, Dr Toby Mayer of Beverly Hills and Dr Jose Juri of Argentina...they know how to make hair look better.thicker, shinier!!!

Parting Shots:

"People always ask me
what the front-row means..."
And i say, it means VVIP!!!

follow, s’il vous plait

We set the table for Tiffany's Halloween party for her and her little friends!!!!!sorry about the Gold Pumpkin we are extravagant(smiles)

I will end with video of Don Draper of Mad Men...
What Style-

QUE ESTILO HEINNNN… and by the way Israel is missing MADMEN.....all the papers write about how people cannot wait for season five!!!

Never be afraid to be yourself.  Glamorous people don’t worry whether you approve of them or not.  They are themselves fully, whether you like it or not.

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

Kfar Shmaryahu(Tel Aviv)
Cheshvan 24, 5771-Mon, November 01, 2010

Copyright5771..all rights reserved to GoldsteinBJoseph!!!!