Miscellaneous Tidbits 5771- JG17

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I will start with the following:
Il meglio di notizie-The best of news:

La Regina

Voglio ringraziare la signora Prada per il grande dono e le opzioni, il tempo finalmente, e il futuro è ora!!
E ne è venuto, in tutti i luoghi di Hong Kong! Un altro vincitore!
I want to thank Signora Prada for the great gift and the options, the time finally came, and the future is now!!!!
And it came, in all places Hong Kong!!! Another winner!!! Grazie!!!Dolce Far Niente!!!!

Here go my tidbits:
I am in Davos and all the financial  power of the world is here-it is, whether you like it or not, it is here and I love it!!!!!

 VVIPS que llegan en helicóptero y son escoltados por enjambres de guardaespaldas, coches de lujo, abrigos de pieles y todos los imperdonables tópicos que caracterizan esta feria de las vanidades. La trampa de Davos es esa especie de bucle en el tiempo que se repite cada año.
VVIPs who arrive by helicopter and are escorted by swarms of bodyguards, luxury cars, fur coats and all topics that characterise this unpardonable topic for all the vanities. The trap of Davos is that kind of loop in time that recurs every year. But I like it, I enjoy it!!!!!

I love this book-I have read it twice.
This year Wendy Goodman, a true arbiter of style in her own right and New York design world legend has published a tribute to Gloria and all her style.   The World of Gloria Vanderbilt

This video is amasing , and is  courtesy of New York magasine. Toda Rabah!!!!!!The Kaiser is in another level!!!!

Very entertaining film..it is nice for laughs and for sublime and absurd....my sisters like it, so I will say it is nice!!!!

...like your blog as always ...he he.....a message I received from a very smart Chinese girl....Year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit by the Chinese calendar.!!!and is coming soon

new year2.jpg

Talk about clout! A mere two days after the Chanel Spring 2011 Haute Couture show, Diane Kruger was spotted wearing one of the looks to a charity dinner in Paris.

My take on Japan:

gaijin -- the word the Japanese use for "foreign-looking" foreigners -- from various countries. (Incidentally, Koreans and Chinese are usually not referred to with this term, instead being called by their nationality, e.g. kankoku-jin or chugoku-jin.)

Pour la rentrée, Hermès revisite ses classiques (les bottes cavalières, le Kelly, le Birkin...) en total look noir

Nostalgia for the 1950's//// . is in fashion the 1950 decade, a time of no wars and glamour, rock and roll and unforgetable films!!!
Está de moda la década de 1950, una época sin guerras y con glamour, rock and roll y un cine inolvidable.
A mí me hace gracia que vuelvan las modas

You know the saying here: if it glitters, then it most certainly is gold, platinum or a women’s best friend, a diamond. 

Parting Shots:

A arte do não fazer nada...Signora Prada sends me this message often, and yes is sweet  doing nothing!! but I earned it{sic}

Just a thought: "I've always had this fantasy. I'd like to sell every Chinese a t-shirt," there is no downside only an upside $$$$$$..that is the Jew in me!!!!

Hermes-What is more classically French than a silk scarf?  The French love silk scarves, and French women have made scarf tying an art form!And none better than Hermes scarfs!!!!!

Warner Brothers cartoon character Pepe le Pew has to be one of the least developed of that studio's characters. Every cartoon in which he appeared it was the same thing: He's strolling along, singing some French song. Meanwhile, a female black cat manages to get a stripe of white paint on its back, and - Voilà! - instant mistaken and unrequited skunk romance ensues. Oh, the hilarity! All-in-all, truly a one-joke waste of time. And not much of a joke, at that. But Tiffany likes it, so I will say fine(smiles)

I enjoyed reading this book!!!

Cachos leves ou do tipo mais armado estão super em alta. A mulher brasileira A-MA uma escova + chapinha, mas é lindo quem assume os cachos!

A modern man is someone who looks at his life holistically and is flexible. His approach goes from day to night, from play to work, around the world. He should never be stuck in any one position.

True love is: Family.

Poetry in Motion

Asada Mao!!!!

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  • Sun 03/27/11

ISU World Figure Skating Championships

More than 200 professional male and female skaters swirl gracefully around the rink during the ISU World Figure Skating Championships. The competition changes location every year and in 2011 is held at the National Gymnasium in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park.

“Every man is his own ancestor, and every man his own heir. He devises his own future, and he inherits his own past” – H.F. Hedge

Año nuevo, pecho nuevo -a friend of my sister ., a girl from  Spain sent me an SMS with the message.....New Year ...New Breasts!!!(smiles)

I will end this blog with a quote from one of my idols..and her diary has and will always stand the test of time!!!

Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January(belated remembrance of (HMD)

Each year on 27 January the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). HMD has been held in the UK since 2001 and the United Nations declared this an International event in November 2005. 27 January was chosen as the date for HMD because it was on this date in 1945 that the largest Nazi killing camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated....we must never forget!!!!!!

Posted in Switzerland, Davos- Graubünden, SwitzerlandThe native names of Switzerland are Schweiz (German), Suisse (French), Svizzera (Italian), Svizra (Romansh) 

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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Miscellaneous Tidbits 5771-JG16

This blog is taking off. I do not know how people find it at the moment but thank you all for the encouraging emails.

I started writing this blog from my iPad while watching my friend Maria Sharapova play tennis in Melbourne Park at the Australian Open. Today it was not her day so she lost. I believe she has never recovered from her shoulder surgery, therefore her form is not there, was not there. I am continuing this post at  Palazzo Versace (Gold Coast, Australia).. I was comped the Imperial Suite, not too shabby(smiles).....Palazzo Versace is an impressive hotel with a great spa and so elegant. I am back in Tokyo so I am finishing my blog here. I have decided  to go to Davos , and will try and do another post from there.!!!!

Here go my Tidbits:

Today I had a chat with an editor for a famous fashion magazine. We both agreed that women must be given a choice on how to age. At the moment it seems it is either looking old or looking strange. Strange because the way most cosmetic or plastic procedures and treatments are performed leaves a very obvious look on the patients faces. The best look is subtle, preventative and ultimately very attractive but invisible treatments is starting to become mainstream

So it is official!! Trout pouts, glamorous model boobs and chipmunk cheeks are out. Subtly beautiful, 'barely there' look is all the rage. The tide has turned. Overdone, unnatural beauty  is now seen as at best dated, as worst over-the top. The last you want to see is carbon copy women when it comes to breasts and tunnel like facelifts. And of course you need Michaelangelo for that. And there are other artists coming up that can come with the aforementioned look. I rest my case!!!

The richest women in the world fly in to see him."  Dr Steven M Hoefflin of course- they do, and  yes a few wealthy men too(smiles)

Good Cosmetic Work is expensive, and having work done can be another way to show what you're worth. It is a part of your lifestyle, like your pilates classes and your Caviar Moisturizer or Dr Frances Prenna Jones elixir....  Just because a Doctor injects Botox does not make him an artist. But the very best cosmetic doctors are now regarded as the ultimate designers.

I just finished reading this book and it reminded  me of stories my late father told me about his early life in Paris!!IT is a well written tome, In original and previously published essays, 32 diverse writers share both exciting and depressing Paris moments. A must read!!!

More thoughts about Paris, some of my likes, I will leave the dislikes for another post!! I am obssesed with the beacoup things French- macaroons, Isabel Marant, BB, the Vélib, Chanel, LV,Hermes, Colette (the writer and the boutique)..and Parisiennes it turns out, adore hamburgers, Alexander Wang, denim, Tom Ford. And by the way, F. Scott Fitzgerald had expatriates in mind when he wrote " the best of America drifts to Paris" but it could have been describing style too.
While still in the subject of Paris here is another reference below!!!

One of my favorite all time restaurants...my late father would bring us here often, since then I have shared this restaurant with family,friends and acquiantances.....it is a lifetime experience to be able to have a meal here!!!!!!!

La Tour d’Argent est un restaurant du 5e arrondissement de Paris, parmi les plus anciens d'Europe, fondé en 1582 par Rourteau. Il est notamment connu pour la vue panoramique qu'il offre sur la Seine et sur la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
La Tour d’Argent (The Silver Tower) is a restaurant in Paris, one of the oldest in Europe. Founded in 1582 by Rourteau. It is famous with an excellent view of the river the Seine and the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris

I wanted to post a great video about a little French girl, but unfortunately, youtube, removed it for mentioning a Disney character(youtube has no sense of humor),,,sorry!!!!!
I will try to get it with inside help, nothing is impossible for JG(smiles)

My take on Japan:

Shibuya Crossing is a very large pedestrian crossing outside Shibuya Station. Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest in the world.
The Shibuya Crossing, hailed as the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, is the famous intersection located in front of the Shibuya Station Hachikō exit...and you will see some of the most outrageous fashion from young gilrs...from the absurd to the sublime.


My niece Tiffany's pink iPhone 4...a Jewish Princess deserves no less

Some of JG favorite shoes from LV collection-
Dieu merci, Marc Jacobs et designers LV jamais à court d'idées, ce sont des chaussures de style, chic, étonnant. Thank G-d Marc Jacobs and LV designers never run out of ideas these shoes are stylish,chic, amazing!!!

Cartier is Cartier!!!

Parting Shots:

Where did this green thing COME from.... Signora Prada's influence, perhaps?

It is cold and rainy in Tokyo but this Prada video will bring a smile to all!!!!

Lo sabre cuando roze la ETERNIDAD!!!!

 is all about bucks($$$$) kid...the rest is conversation!!!

Which  VS Model has tatooed a small Star of David in her arm?

Style is utilizing simple pieces in a unique, consistent, defining way.

 just Brownian motion. The outside powers have nothing important at stake, but the music goes on playing so they feel that they have to dance. Foolish and futile, but perfectly normal...(decipher this)

Anche nel lavoro, Pluripremiato. Uau!

Great Genes. Non bevo alcol. non ho mai fumato!!!, , mai preso droghe e non mangio quasi nulla.

I am consumed with the necessary indulgences in life. I am Luxury Obsessed.

What is Everyday Glamour, anyway?  Champagne for breakfast?  Stillettos(Manolos) by the pool?  An Hermes headscarf, Cartier sunglasses, and a Rolls Royce Corniche convertible?  NO, NO, NO! Everyday Glamour is that je ne sais quoi that some women just have.  It’s the picture of effortless style that is always appropriate for the time, place, and occasion!!!And Ms Hepburn had it easily. And of course, Princess Sofia does too!!!she could look glamorous in a knack sack from Ralphs or Publix...!!!


I get lots of compliments about my musical taste one that encompasses all world genres!!! I attribute that to my mix of races, to my having
travel the world many times over and acquiring a fine ear to music diversity. Yesterday I received this Bachata video, from my dearest
 all time friend, Dayanara Torres. Dayanara introduced me to bachatas ten years ago,. And this bachata is great...great melody, and the band playing live,
sounds like a cd ....and Joan Soriano is one of my favorites., The real bachata guitar player makes the guitar sing,cry and give a great feeling!!!! and Joan does it quite well!!!! And friends like Dayanara rarely exist anymore!!!!

There is nothing like Mexican Coca Colas on a crystal bottle, that includes Coca Cola light!!!
For a century all Coca-Cola was sweetened with sugar from cane or beets. Then in the
1980's, American bottlers switched to high-fructose corn syrup, but those in Mexico didn't/
And the taste is so much better in Mexican Coca-Cola but it must be in the crystal bottle.
And Yes , we do have them flown in all over wherever we may be!!!!

"Japonisme" is a term coined by French art-critic Philippe Burty in 1876 to describe the craze for things Japanese. Vincent van Gogh copied Ukiyo-E prints ...

You cannot travel to Australia and not have their fish and chips..some of the best are served at the Park Hyatt(The Rocks) in Sydney but just anywhere in Australia they are delicious!!!

 {hopes & dreams}
. . . fairytales and daydreams(that become reality), and most of all, happily ever after are the things that make the world go round . . .

We are living in a world of Apps(aplications) as in Apple apps.for iPad, iPhones and yes, iPods...and they are amasing!!!

I will end this blog on a Jewish moment!!!

 Ese dia D/S hizo un pacto con Abram, y dijo : A tus descendientes(Los Judios) les doy esta tierra(Israel) -That day G-D made a pact with Abraham and said, to your descendants(The Jews)..I give that land (Israel)!!!
Ce jour-là G-D fait un pacte avec Abraham et lui dit, à vos descendants (les Juifs) .. je donne cette terre (Israël)!
ם שהקב"ה כרת ברית עם אברהם ואמר, ולזרעך (היהודים) .. אני נותנת כי הקרקע (ישראל)!
Escucha, Israel: Hashem nuestro D/s, Hashem...Listen Israel. Hashem , our G-D , Hashem

Posted at the Park Hyatt Tokyo-Shinjuku-Ku-Wed., Jan. 26, 2011 -5:27 PM

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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Miscellaneous Tidbits 5771-JG15

Hola! Mabuhay! Hello!

Shalom to all.    Salve carissimi! I am back. Did you miss me? all is Fabulous , any better would be a sin, is a sin(smiles): Mi  blog es sobre Moda, Estilo, Viajes, Tendencias, Lugares con Encanto, Arte, Música, Libros,filmes (My blog covers, Moda, Trips, Tendencies, Fascinating places, Art, Music, Books and films, and of course personal experiences!!!!)

I have been travelling,I spent a few days in Tokyo, and as always it is an amasing city. And I am finishing this post at the Park Hyatt(The Rocks) in Sydney Australia,I will be here a few days then I will pay a quick visit in Melbourne(Australian Open Tennis) to watch Maria Sharapova play, a dear friend,...I hope to bring her back some luck and succes that has eluded her most recently

Make a wish, take a chance, make a change... and breakaway!!!! É exatamente isso que eu desejo para todos vocês, que estão sempre por aqui

Partagez si vous aimez !

Conheço e adoro seguir!

Here are my Tidbits:

I found this incredible pic of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, it is timeless!!!! This kind of elegance rarely exists these days!!!

Just a fabulous photo

Bon Chic, Bon Genre

……that somehow draws you in and makes you look twice.
Taken at the International Debutante Ball held at the Waldorf Astoria. Oh the glamour...a daugther of one of my employees is one of the Debutantes in the pic....it is really Chic!!!!!

I want to thank again, my Beverly Hills neighbor and famous Hollywood Director, Brett Ratner for the advance copy of this movie, I thought it was well done!!!!

Asians appreciate expensive, fancy watches much more than Americans do. “In Asia they use the watch to communicate personality. They tell you who you are. Are you elegant? Are you discreet? Are you low-profile? Are you powerful? Are you arrogant? All these things can be communicated through the watch … and the Asians have understood this. [For example,] out of 100 Asians who can afford a $100,000 watch, 99 will buy it … out of 100 Americans who can afford a $100,000 watch, 20 will buy it.”

On one of the many fireplaces  in Villa Goldstein at Kfar Shmaryahu resides a collection of marble busts. There are four of history's true luminaries rendered in stone, collectively representing "my masters from the past," Those great thinkers of days of yore are Aristotle, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius and Seneca; Sometimes I wonder what it would be like speaking  with these visionaries...IT would be enlighting. So this quote stays with me "a philosophical dichotomy: "I always say, to live like this was our last day, and to think like we should live 1,000 years." Try and decipher it!!!

My Take on Japan:
The Japanese have quite a few superstitions, something I write about frequently in my blog. Perhaps the most widely believed superstition of them all is that there are certain "unlucky" years in a person's life, called yakudoshi or Years of Calamity. For a man the unlucky years are age 25, 42 and 61, and for a woman it's 19, 33 and 37, with the years before and after each yakudoshi year being somewhat unlucky, too. During these years you're supposed to avoid doing new things like building houses or starting journeys, and perhaps
keep bad luck at bay with a traditional omamori good luck charm.

A top model friend from NYC sent me the following, and it is amusing!!!

Best Look
Simply irresistible Swarovski Dress

I was offered an early early option of Honmei Choco, and of course I said no(smiles)..but my answer was taken  calmly!! Friendship is more important!!!

I'll always be indebted to Mr. Ivan Boesky

Ten Years seems only a few years ago!!! but the future is now!!!!

Parting Shots:

I've  been hearing about this for many years, here is my take-
I don't know why people believe that the world will end in 2012. Even if it does, there is nothing we can do. That is why we should do our best to do good everyday as best as we can. As one Roman saying goes "Carpe Diem(seize the day)"
And by the way,
They said the same thing in the year 2000 and even in June 6, 2006. But wouldn’t you want to live your life and go on with it rather than thinking if this is true or not?

"never send the horses south or put the bayonets and guns away,"

“Carrying a good book is like having a friend with you,” here is one book all should read, keep in mind it has a very steep price

A good looking Italian girl, a famous acquiantance of mine wrote me : è BELLISSIMO essere terrona!!!!.a Terrona is a despective term for women from the Bari,Reggio Calabria and Sicily area!!!! they are darker in skin, thus the term  Terrona!!!most get offended by the term!!!But she does not, she welcomes it!!! it is like me when I am called a JEW,. I totally embrace it!!!

The time to jump into the private Facebook investment is now....Goldman Sachs is diving in , and thanks for the piggy back for JG(smiles)//the IPO is in the works!!!there is already trading for private shares for those who are Furbi and well connected!!!!

 En Espana ser optimista esta mal visto. Es raro que alguien presuma serlo porque no vende..In Spain being optimistic is not well liked. It is rare that someone will admit it, as it does not project well!!!..it is true!!!!


PS – love the song!  Karen Elson’s (yes, the gorgeous British model) “Pretty babies”.

nada está em moda até Goldstein diz que é(rs...rs)

'After a while caviar just tastes ordinary' maybe it can apply to pretty girls too(smiles)!!!!

This is  a clever way to get some sun, and the Park Hyatt(The Rocks) here in Sydney found this innovative way!!! I think is very different in a positive way!!!!

Siempre he sido de Total Black.

Limits of Perfection- When a woman wants to look good she is ready to...

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I love to write it...so you'all come back now..!!!

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills//Like in Beverly Hills of course!!!!

Italy has changed. But Roma is Roma

I love Shakespeare:

So long lives this and this gives life to thee. So long will this poem live on, making you immortal.

 ביי ביי   -Bye Bye .....till the next one!!!!             lehitra'ot (להתראות)

Happy Tu Bishvat to all ( ט״ו בשבט‎)    

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

 8:30 PM EST on January 20, 2011-Park Hyatt(The Rocks) Sydney ,New Wales(Australia)

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