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Top of the Year To Ya!

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Shana Tova

5772-Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ראש השנה‎)

We wish our Jewish brothers and sisters a Happy Rosh Hashanah,

May G-d bless your New Year!

I want to thank those who write me many emails and follow this blog...I am pleased that  the content of this blog entertains and enlightens those who wish to be enlightened....and that is what counts!!! Thanks and I will continue to write and write, the power of the writing is such!!!

Big hugs! Bonne journée!

Here are my Tidbits:

People often ask me ???

Who is a Jew? and I say:

A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew//so in this case my mother is a Jew born
in Israel so I am more than 100 percent Jew...and Goldstein my mom's surname is a very respected name in
Israel and around the world... so there , I rest my case.!!!!

Spain recognizes Israel as Jewish homeland, for first time
Spain’s Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez presented a new policy for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on Saturday, declaring Israel as the homeland of the Jews for the first time and saying that the issue of Palestinian refugees should be solved in such a way that it does not compromise Israel’s current demographic makeup of a Jewish majority. Bravo Sra. Ministra ,has hablado muy claro...gracias España!!!! ya era tiempo!!!

An App for That

From an iPhone shofar to smart Siddurs, the software company founded by twins Barry and Ronnie Schwartz dominates the Jewish app market        

Why do most zippers say "YKK" on the pull-tab?....
Founded in Japan in 1934, YKK was called Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, but 60 years later the company changed its company name to match its brand name. The privately held YKK Co. is headquartered in Japan and is made up of 80 companies at 206 facilities in 52 countries. YKK makes the entire zipper including the dyed cloth and the brass used to make the zipper.

I really like this word:


expressed in few words; concise; terse.
characterized by conciseness or verbal brevity.
compressed into a small area, scope, or compass.

Great book, insightful and full of name droppings!!!!

Sirio: The Story of My Life and Le Cirque

Sirio Maccioni has lived his life on the periphery of celebrity photographs. As maitre d' and owner of Le Cirque, the New York restaurant where Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger reconciled, Frank Sinatra parked his limo and the "ladies who lunch" lunched, he has served for three decades as something of a mealtime matador to high society.

I know is silly but I really love this movie...and the talent in this
film is top of the line!!! I also like the song " One Last Kiss"

Dr Frances Prenna Jones reigns around the world....her Formula 2006 is an elixir to youth!!!!

This is still one of my favorite movies!!!!

While in the subject of movies I recently watched again a Chevy Chase movie when he was young....he was brilliant , sarcastic and funny....the movie is called "Fletch"...he is asked what he does for a living....and he says " I work for an LA newspaper where I write a column under the name "Jane Doe"  and I  say ,brilliant!!!!

Regardez grand et élégant

quand elle m'a envoyé cette photo, je lui ai dit, vous devez avoir votre jupe repassés ... sa réponse, vous êtes un perfectionniste ... et oui, je suis

Who Knew? Coffee May Prevent Depression

Women who drink two or more cups of coffee each day are less at risk of depression, according to a team of researchers at the Harvard Medical School...and I subscribe to it.,,so girls, drink up!!!!

היא נראית נחמד, אבל צה"ל יכול הרוג את בן רגע אם אתה כל כך ראויים לה

IDF-ישראל מתגוננת כוחות

BBC Speechless As Trader Says: 'The Collapse Is Coming ... And Goldman Sachs Rules The World'And they do!!!! case closed!!!

T'es qui toi?

Focaccia, grapes and cheese with lemonade....

Obrigado...thank you....
Me encontre onde os céus tocam o mar. Me espere onde o mundo começa.

Reading magazines ....really sends me!!!!

My Take on Japan:
The Japanese are very big on the four seasons, and have many customs that separate each season from the others. In the spring, people sit under cherry blossom trees and enjoy the fleeting beauty of the sakura, while summer is time to don a yukata (cotton summer kimono) and enjoy Japan's festivals. Now that fall is here, it's time to appreciate the changing of the leaves while enjoying nikuman (pronounced "niku-mahn") which are finally available at convenience stores again, just in time for cooler weather. Nikuman are a kind of steamed Chinese bun with meat inside, which are convenient and deli cious when you need to grab something and go, and they're as popular here as microwaved burritos are in the U.S.

One of my first followers , a very smart girl that lives in Florida commented the following about the ballet video on my last blog:' I liked the Ballet clip on your last blog very much :)  Tiffany looks more gorgeous every day. Also thank you for turning me on to The Emperor's handbook(Marcus Aurelius). It is also helping me to achieve a more peaceful state of mind.'
And while on the subject of Tiffany, a top Romanian(Elena Baguci) model asked me to post again the pic of my niece Tiffany with the 24 carat gold iPhone4 I gave her,,, she quipped " so expensive , I saw it at Harrods, more expensive than a teacher's salary.....well yes, is clear it is!!!! here is the pic..
and even KC a former Brasilian teacher an now a rich girl does not have it(smiles)
et la plupart des jours, il est remarqué à quel point Tiffany ressemble JG

While on the subject of the iPhone, the iPhone5 is around the corner and of course the Goldstein's are at the top of the list!!!!..here is some info!!! Finally! The invites to Apple's iPhone 5 event are out. It'll be October 4

Daria Werbowy para Vogue Paris 2007

Italian girls typically exude va va voom sexiness, all curves, wild tousled hair and clothes that demand attention.

Questa sicuramente è la mia preferita: Elvis con Sofia Loren!

This pic will be hard to find by anyone....Elvis and Sophia Loren...wow!!!

I love this stuff. Part deux.

Have you got Model Potential?
If you think you have what it takes to become the hottest new face in modelling, Model Potential is the perfect app for you!(iPhone or iPad)
Simply take a photo and Model Potential's unique digital analysis system will do the rest! Using complex algorithms and mathematics the app will analyse your image and let you know if you have the potential to become a model...and Princess Sofia's pic passed with flying colors(smiles)....try it and see if you pass the audition.

"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was enriched, as opposed to normal bread, the quote supposedly would reflect the princess's obliviousness to the condition of the people.

17talk-backbone-custom1 My favorite fashion reading of the last few years has been Caroline Weber’s “Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution.” An impeccably researched history of the manner in which the dauphine-turned-queen used her clothing to manipulate her fate, daring the French population to simultaneously loathe and respect her, the book is a defiant rebuttal of plainness, of the drab and dreary

Karl Lagerfeld + Photos -> WORK IN PROGRESS (book by) Steidl = YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE BEFORE IT SELLS OUT! And it will,  and you'll have a first edition in your library!!!

It started with Perrier. Somehow, a French company convinced people it's cool to buy bottled water. Today, Evian has surpassed Perrier in sales and now it's the chic French water of choice.

il dolce far niente
the sweetness of doing nothing

A few years ago while I was sitting on a beach in Southern Italy, I noticed a man kicking a soccer ball down the shoreline. He kicked it a few feet at a time, nothing too strenuous, just a nice bit of play in the middle of a glorious sunny afternoon. It struck me as unusual that this man would take the time to do this. It was as if he had all the time in the world at his disposal and the only thing he cared about at that moment was kicking that soccer ball.
The explanation for his behaviour then occurred to me. He had developed the abilty to practice l’arte di non fare niente. This is an Italian expression which translates as the art of doing nothing. Ah, dolce far niente! It is also known as the sweetness of doing nothing.

London's IHT
The top 20 winners in full:
1. Aston Martin
2. Apple 3. Harley-Davidson
4. Rolex
5. Bang & Olufsen6. BlackBerry
7. Google
8. Ferrari
9. Nike

11. Alexander McQueen
12. Dom Perignon
13. PlayStation
14. Ray-Ban
15. Chanel16. Nintendo
17. Vivienne Westwood
18. Agent Provocateur19. Tate Modern
20. Maserati

JG's winners in full:
1. Rolls Royce
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4 Louis Vuitton
5. Cartier
6. Brioni
7. Prada
8. La Perla
9. Evian
11 Chanel

18.De Beers diamonds
19.Bang & Olufsen

There could be more but this are some of the best!!!

Si vous regardez ce film, je vous promets que vous l'aimez! - If you wash this film, I promise you will love it!!!

My Parting Shots:

  QATAR is the richest country on earth!!!!

I have a curiosity of what happens during the lost nights, and what goes on!!!!

a dear friend wrote me this...sounds nice, I guess!!!!
'Croissants for breakfast, vine and cheese for lunch , fresh fish with local herbs on the grill for dinner and Orangina all day....I am off to a beautiful weekend outside of the city. I am heading south towards Thuringia. JG what will you be doing this weekend? ' Bill Murray would quip "something else'

Ti piace il gelato?

is there anything we do know? Yes. A healthy (remember that word, all the way to the end of the sentence) 75 percent of the world would give up a very long but increasingly illness-filled life in favor of a somewhat shorter but hale-and-hardier existence on this planet. Interestingly, older people are more inclined to take on a few ailments if it means sticking around a few more years. Maybe—just maybe—they know something the rest of us don’t yet know.,,I surmise this from conversations, observations and hearing people make comments!!!!!

Storia di un compleanno, di una maghetta, di un' amica.

In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, the new Prada's fragrances takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new face of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."- Napoleon Bonaparte

Bumble and Bumble Bb. Texture Hair (un) Dressing Creme 5 oz

Bumble and Bumble Bb. Texture Hair (un) Dressing Creme 5 oz

17 days
16 hours
16 minutes
54 seconds

fare una bella figura or fare bella figura
to make or cut a good figure
To enjoy the timeless delight of two people who epitomize la bella figura

Kfar Shmaryahu-Sat, October 01, 2011 Tishrei 3, 5772-At 7:58 AM-IDT
Passing clouds. Mild. 22 °CPassing clouds. Mild.

Days of Awe
Yamim Noraim (in Hebrew)

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.......

Copyright5772..all rights reserved to GoldsteinBJoseph!!!


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¡Vive rápido, Lapo Elkann!  Live fast Lapo Elkman(and a Jew)Goldstein calls him (ebreo)

Sus amigos le llaman “Mr. Different”. Quizá porque nació en Nueva York, se crió entre Brasil y Europa y lleva sobre sus hombros el peso del apellido Agnelli, una de las sagas industriales más ricas de Italia. Se ha reinventado como empresario de éxito e icono del chic europeo. His friends call him "Mr Different" . Perhaps because he was born in New York , and grew up in Brasil and Europe and he carries a heavy burden in his shoulders...the last name of Agnelli, one of the legendary indrustal and richest families in Italy. He has reivented himself as a succesful entrepeneur and a European chic icon.






For my Brasilians followers this clip in Portugese is really in my opinion the best scene of the movie Wall Street...but as you know being one of my favorite all time movies, all scenes were great too!!!!

In the face of the shrinking economy and broad market decline, AAPL yesterday surged 2.8 percent at $411.65 a share for a market valuation of $381.62 billion. The Cupertino, California gadget king has been worth more than Exxon Mobil since August 2011. The latter used to be the world’s most-valued company bar none for a long time. Apple’s market cap is also approaching the combined value of Microsoft and Google....wow amazing...thanks to the Amir!!!!!

Wolfgang Puck-  besides Spago
he has opened many restaurants that have proven to be great!!!

Paz de la Huerta!!!!

The world's greatest hotspot isn't necessarily in New York, Ibiza or Las Vegas. That's because it's not about partying all night, but rather getting online wherever and whenever you need to. Global communications provider Iridium recently announced a two-part solution to enable Internet access anywhere on the planet with a clear view of the open sky... aesthetically is not a nice look but if you are in the desert of KSA or other remote places you will not lose communication!!!

belle maison is french for "beautiful home."

The Devil Wears Prada...i bought this shoes for my two sisters!!!!

Amex Reveals Details About Its Secretive Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card (aka the Black Card) is the Bugatti of credit cards–few can afford it and if you see one in public you’ll probably stop and stare.
AMEX Black Card
The Amex Black Card as seen in its natural habitat:

American Express’s Centurion is invite only–think the most private and exclusive invite only. Amex won’t reveal what it takes to get tapped, only that it comes with a $5,000 initiation fee plus $2,500 in annual dues.

Rarely seen, always recognized.

Available by invitation only, The Centurion Card is the world’s rarest American Express Card and confers a level of service that can be extended only to selected individuals worldwide
I rest my case!!!

Grace Kelly
Style, Beauty, Elegance

Courtsey of my nieceTiffany Goldstein...she can draw and illustrate too(smiles)!!!
Ever feel like Alice falling down the rabbit's hole?  I think everyone must at some point in their life.  It's a scary thing - not just the sensation of falling, but knowing that the "wonderland" you'll eventually land in is called that, not because it's a happy place, but because it's the great unknown, where the rules you are used to do not apply//but really no need to fall in such a hole as it is better to be Fabulous, any better is a sin!!!

La Danse, an exploration of the Paris Opera Ballet

Straight to the Pointe

Time brings all things to pass. Aeschylus

It is hard to top beeing sitted first row at

the Couture Shows at 19yrs old

but a backstage pass is equally exciting!

My Parting Shots:




Three words that clink and fit perfectly together


(which means the foot arch)

a French word I adore,

for both sound and meaning


"my love" in arabic

certainly the most knowed word in this language.

Could you imagine a more sensual ans sweet sound?


Simple, easy, short,efficient ...

an absolutly perfect product, under every aspect,

even on a marketing point of view.

Restaurant - Les Compagnons
Your favorite restaurant?

Heavens! there are so many Restaurants the world over we love.

Le Compagnons

it is a family affair brasserie in Boulogne,

where we use to go while in Paris with my late father.

It is friendly, cosy, quite impossible to imagine

a more one.hundred.per.cent Pure French style place.

The athmosphere never changed in the last few decades,

if you close your eyes, you can still hear Edith Piaf and Gilbert Becaud chatting.

And the food is fantastic, of course!

Melody Nelson, my favorite work of Serge Gainsbourg


This timeless album conjugate an ideal blend

of classical and modern sounds.

So grandiose and secret.

Classic Hermès

Even if you are not a scarfGAL
these two you should consider:
The Gavrochè is simple but very very chic.
You can add it to your bag, use it as a bandana or tight to your jeans.
The 140x140 cashmere shawl is an excellent investment,
you can bring it summer or winter everywhere, plenty of designs to look

Le Monde d'Hermès

it is a collectable magazine.

It is chic, well done, a classic reading from

one of the finest.

A piece of advise...
if you start an Hermès Collection
stick with one color scheme.
You like brown? You like orange?...
Piece by piece you will build a lifetime collection
of forever  pieces.

The KEY pieces are:

a bag
(select your model)
a scarf 90x90
a pointù scarf
collier du chen bracelet
H belt
something from the horn collection
the cashmere 140x140 shawl
the vintage 70x70 scarf

H shoes- both pointed and an H loafer shoe
But Louis Vuitton should also top your collection.....

Rupert Murdoch tiene un libro de estilo propio que impone a sus medios, más allá de la ideología: no busques prestigio sino exclusivas; escribe corto y asume riesgos....Rupert Murdoch has a book of life, in his own style that imposes , more than ideology: he does not look for prestige but exclusives; write short and assume risks....that style has made him a Billonaire and feared!!!!..and he subcribes to :It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.Niccolo Machiavelli

La mejor forma de huir de tus perseguidores sin dejar rastro es caminar hacia atrás, sobre tus propias huellas. Eso creía François Augiéras, que cubrió de pinturas un búnker militar en el desierto, y luego lo dejó ..quote from the film
'Los pasos dobles' named best film at San Sebastian festival

Bang & Olufsen adds dash of colour to limited edition BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV
There are no better sound systems or Televisions than the Bang & Olufsen....here is the latest model
Bang & Olufsen adds dash of colour to limited edition BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV

(Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton)
(Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton Island Megastore Launches in Singapore//I am looking forward to soon visit there...and we will!!!!

Como hoje é dia do sorvete e ele é minha sobremesa preferida, selecionei os que eu mais amo: Tablito e Chicabon clássicos que sempre vão bem. Os da Diletto são deliciosos e não muito doces, o que é ótimo; gosto do Coco Malasia, de Tiramisu e o Menta e Chocolate. Casquinha mista do Mc Donald’s, sorvete de Flocos Kibon, picolé Eski-Bon, La Basque de Pistache, cornetto Crunch e o preferido, de Doce de Leite Häagen Dazs. Nos dias frios é melhor ainda!

Praia da Reserva - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
A praia da Reserva está localizada entre a praia da Barra da Tijuca e a Praia do Recreio; tendo recebido este nome por ficar situada em uma Reserva Ecológica... because of its privacy it is a favorite of the rich, celebs and models!!!!and yes....VVIP's

What do you like to drink? Vodka?///JG does not drink... Me, I don’t have vodka at lunch. It will be around 8pm when I go home that I will have a little shot. It’s my Russian roots...JG, no comment

New pictures of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe for US Vogue
Without going to much into the plot- you must see My Week with Marylyn for yourself;

Williams is mesmerizing and the mid-fifties costumes and postwar London settings

are a delight-the standoff comes down to this: Go for fantasy or reflect reality!!!

Talking with people from other cultures often requires a "sense" for words that's quite unrelated to actual skill with a foreign language, which is known as kan in Japanese.

Sing me another love song, but this time with a little dedication

Time to say goodbye....

Chanel-issime, Chanel-ed, Chanels and Chanel-ized’

CHANEL was a designer, an extraordinary woman who made a timeless contribution to fashion.

CHANEL is a perfume.

CHANEL is modern elegance in couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and fine jewelry.

CHANEL is a registered trademark for fragrance, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and other lovely things.


Cuando se está cerca, se debe parecer lejos, cuando se está lejos, se debe parecer cerca. Se muestran carnadas para incitar al enemigo. Se finge desorden y se lo aplasta. Sun Tsu

All warfare is based on deception.
Sun Tzu

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.
Sun Tzu

When active, you pretend inactivity. When you are close to the enemy, you appear distant. When far away, you appear near."

Thank you for following  me in this blog....

alla prossima volta !!!

This blog is a collaborative medium of all things I love and more

Desde el Lunes estaremos en Kfar Shmaryahu para esperar Rosh Hashanah
te esperamos y celebraremos juntos!!!
1 Tishrei- 2 Tishrei Gracias!!!!Este es ####
De EUA.... 01197237621552
Resto del mundo -00197237621552
solo Tel Aviv  37621552

Sant Joan de Labritjaon -Ibiza -
Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 12:25 AM
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The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.......

Copyright5771..all rights reserved to GoldsteinBJoseph!!!