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We own the night,,the day an in between too(smiles)

'to live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.' -Emily Dickinson

trick or treat?


Moda, viajes, lujo, pistas, detalles ,namedropping(sonrisas) sorpresas, ... Mi blog es pura serendipia.///Fashion, travel, luxury, tracks, details, namedropping(smiles) and surprises ... My blog is pure serendipity.

Here are my Tidbits:

If I repeat certain references or sequences is because I am asked by readers to do so!!! bear with me!!!!

According to industry sources, Louis Vuitton has tapped perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Belletrud to create its first-ever fragrance. Cavalier has worked with various fashion houses in the past, among them are Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Nina Ricci and more.
How would the Louis Vuitton fragrance smell like? Any guesses?

Quando se atinge uma certa idade, é elegante evitar certas coisas. Não que seja proibido, pois tudo é permitido hoje, mas respeitar o tempo é legal. E tem coisas que não se pode fazer NUNCA, mas com uma certa idade, o mico ganha mais ênfase....When you reach a certain age, it is elegant to avoid certain things. Not that it's banned because everything is permitted now, but respect  to the passing time and age is nice. And there are things you can not do NEVER, but with a certain age, the appearance  gets more emphasis.

A book you must read!!!!

- "La pasión imperante siempre conquista a la razón."
-Alexander Pope, poeta inglés del siglo XVII.
"Passion always conquers reasoning" or so the poet Alexander Pope believes!!!

Un pequeño test. ¿Cuál de estas tres es la noticia más feliz de la semana? a/ Gadafi murió; b/ ETA se rindió; c/ Fernando Torres resucitó.
A short test. Which of this news makes for the happy news of the week? That Gadafi died>that Eta layed down their arms. or that Fernando Torres came back to life(futbol).....these questions are really for my many readers in Spain!!!

I got my advanced copy of this book...great gift before Hanukkah!!!!
"Nostalgia In Vogue" hits stores in early Nov  and that  makes it a quintessential Christmas item

lovette polyphonia kolnik 236x300 City Ballet in Bloom, and New Works at A.B.T.
Lauren Lovette in Wheeldon's "Polyphonia."

Lauren Lovette; Photograph: Erin Baiano
 “She’s physically perfect for the work she does, but she also has something different, something you don’t see every day. There’s a special life in her eyes.”..that is how Lauren Lovette is described...and she is all of that and more!!!


Canthrellus Cibarius

Girolles, also known as Golden Chanterelle mushrooms are one of the most prized and sought after Wild Mushroom. They taste exquisite and have an apricot aroma. They can be anything from 5mm to 100mm in diameter, depending mainly on the country of origin and the time of the season. They are available from July to November. They are very versatile whether on their own or in a mixed mushroom dish or with meat or fish. They also give a wonderful colour to sauces and the overall appearance of the dish. Ambient shelf life is 7-10 days at 5-6 Degrees// and Maria Baibakova loves Girolles, she can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

While in the subject of Truffles// the most expensive ones are White Truffles.
Expensive truffles are notoriously pricey because they are difficult to cultivate. This makes them a true delicacy that some have called the king of all fungi. White truffles are more expensive than black truffles,

Oh, Audrey.... mmmhhh, Anne!

In studio all day with your favorite VS Model Adriana Lima!! Even more beautiful inside then she is out !!!

mugdha godse
mugdhagodse267mugdha godse
Tl me its a sunrise or a sunset???

To Mugdha:
'Din din diwali gaai mashi owali' happy Diwali...
With gleams of Diyas..
And the echo of the Chants ..
May Happiness 'n'
contentment fill your life..
Wishing u 'n' everyone a prosperous Diwali !!!

Le Corset!!!!

No es una Manzana cualquiera, es un Pink Lady!!!
¿A qué huele una manzana? En el caso de las 'Pink Lady', la nueva variedad que llega a los mercados este mes de noviembre, huele a un "sutil aroma de fresa salvaje y vainilla".//What does an apple smell like? In the case of the "Pink Lady". the new variety that will arrive on supermarkets this November, it smells like a subtle aroma of wild strawberry and vanilla>> and the Goldstein's already have recieved them and really are tasty!!!

Kobe: Kobe

 Suketu Mehta, a New York-based writer and the author of “Maximum City,” a highly regarded book on Mumbai, India.

My sisters recently got this Chanel Jersey fragrance and they both agree with me that they Chanel plagarised the fragrance of Prada Candy perfume!!!!

Lapo é filho de Margherita Agnelli e do escritor Alain Elkann(a Jew), ele namora a mezzo brasileira/italiana Bianca Brandolini!!!!

Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Oficial (Assim você me mata)


Etymology is the study of the origins of words. The etymology of a word is its linguistic history.For example, the word etymology comes to us from the Ancient Greek language. It is composed of two parts: the Greek word etymon, which means "the true sense of a word", combined with the Greek element logia, which means "doctrine, study". Combining these two parts gives us "the study of the true sense of words", which can be said to be the 'meaning' of the word etymology

Goldstein's Musings:

Accounting for half of the Swiss banking industry, two banks - UBS, and Credit Suisse - dominate the austere heart of this secretive world. Headquartered side by side on Paradeplatz in Zurich, they're said to own vast vaults beneath the square, containing gold, cash and enough secrets from around the world to feed myriad spy novels and thrillers.

Buried beneath the country’s two largest financial institutions, UBS and Credit Suisse, was a hidden world of vaults guarding a third of global offshore assets.

As a South Asian, Mr. Rajaratnam said he found Wall Street tough to break into. “Not to be crude, but there’s a Jewish mafia

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government says it plans to respond to Turkish rhetoric with silence in an effort not to further exacerbate tensions.

I like poets best, E. Dickinson (English), Mallarmé (French), Leopardi (Italian). I speak many  languages and I don’t believe in translated poetry…

When you are powerful and a  VVIP you do not need license plates

Whether they have designed clothes, written poetry, composed operas, built public squares, painted for popes, hewn marble, or sailed the fathomless seas, many Italians of genius have placed a premium on achieving an appearance of effortless mastery, or sprezzatura, that is attained only by costly, concentrated effort and unremitting labor. 'In the end,' says Giorgio Armani, 'the most difficult thing to do is the simplest thing.'"
Sprezzatura [nonchalance], so as to conceal all art and make whatever is done or said appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it."

*Have I mentioned how much I do not like eating Chinese food? I don't think I have. That will have to be another post for another day

Stem Cell Beauty Products Don’t Actually Work !!!

Cirurgião de famosos, o plástico Carlos Fernando
de Almeida cultiva a moderação de resultados

Almeida: nada de invenções, mas um "bom senso estético" Almeida, no inventions, but a good aesthetic sense!!!

Face-lift (also neck and breast, liposuction): Dr. Carlos Fernando Gomes de Almeida Dr. Gomes de Almeida, who spent four years at the Clínica
Ivo Pitanguy, is regarded among the best. His flawless face- and neck-lifts are one of the reasons foreigners make up 25 percent of his practice.

The facelift is a very special surgery- the surgeon needs to make the person look better but not different. It is not a face change: it's a time change!!!! Once again cosmetic surgeons must be artists, because they have to imagine the results before they do the work- and a tiny thing makes a world of difference. !!! I rest my case!!!!

an sms i received today from an upcoming model friend : "Moving to Italy from the UK has taught me so much about how to dress- attention to detail, tailoring and silhouette!!!..she will make it big!!!!

Modelling is a science. It's physics, physchology and art all at the same time!!!

What's not to love about Shabbat? It happens every week,

It’s impossible to overstate the influence of Kahneman and Tversky. Like Darwin, they helped to dismantle a longstanding myth of human exceptionalism. Although we’d always seen ourselves as rational creatures—this was our Promethean gift—it turns out that human reason is rather feeble, easily overwhelmed by ancient instincts and lazy biases. The mind is a deeply flawed machine.

Gracias a Amelia Vega por la Bachata("Tratare")....y si, el Gringo de la Bachata canta muy bien!!!!..y a mi gusta mas, "La Noche Perfecta"

I say this with a wry smile : "Any deal Goldman Sachs wants to do, you do not want to be on the other side, you want to be on their side"

Less than one percent of the world's diamonds can carry the Forevermark inscription. A symbol of quality inscribed in its very heart, invisible to the naked eye.
The world’s most carefully selected diamonds.

The iPhone Will Dominate In China

UNIQLO, a new-style Japanese firm making good casual clothes available for all to wear///not my cup of tea but a famous friend asked me to post some info on this company!!! she owns stock (smiles)....

I have always loved this pic from Omotesando Hills(Tokyo) one of my favorite places in the world!!!

Shopping Leblon, uno de los centros comerciales más lujosos de Rio de Janeiro//they copied a bit from Omotesando Hills shopping in Tokyo!!!!

I rest my case, all around the world wanted, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Brasileiras, the French, and the most fastidious and arrogant, the Romans as in (Italians)) do so, even to get in line for days in advance to buy it!!!

Arriva l'iPhone 4S, code in tutta Italia

Oggi il lancio del nuovo melafonino. Clienti in fila già da ieri davanti agli Apple Store di tutta la penisola

Clienti in fila davanti all'Apple Store di RomaClienti in fila davanti all'Apple Store di Roma
Il Day-One in Italia del nuovo smartphone targato Apple è stato però contrassegnato.

One of my favorite magazines...and this is a great edition!!!!

Anonimo(Anonymous):  Hace unos días llegó rodeada de agentes de seguridad (hombres fornidos y mujeres con aspecto de profesoras de pilates).//// A few days ago she arrived surrounded by security agents (strong men and women looking like Pilates teachers).

The Process of cleaning oneself should be treated as a ritual. The right products need to be acquired- ones that lather well and smell fabulous!!!

November Moods:

perfect shoe top model size(woman , of course) is

(seven and one half) * i = 7.5 i

And Yes only in Crystal bottle...never plastic....!!!

‘Groupon(IPO) is really the test case for the big kahuna, which is Facebook.’

The Rashomon effect is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it.

VoltaireFrançois-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778),

These two are my favorites quotes of Voltaire:

[If you see a Swiss Jewish banker jump out of a window, jump after him. There's bound to be money in it.]
" (Voltaire)////

C'est encore peu de vaincre, il faut savoir séduire. Voltaire. "It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce."

 A little take on Brasil:


Pelos corredores do shopping Cidade Jardim é sempre ensolarado. No melhor estilo mall, há muitas plantas, ventiladores e cafés gostosos para sentar e apreciar a vida///by the halls of Cidade Jarmim shopping center, is always sunny. The best style mall, it has many plants, air ventilators and coffee places that are very nice to sit ,drink and appreciate life.....by the way, they copied the concept from Bal Harbour....but there is only one Bal Harbour and it cannot be imitated!!!

Lounges e coqueiros espalhados por todos os cantos

Gucci deve abrir já já – Balmain também
- Gucci should open now -and Balmain too!!!

A Petrossian é um ícone do caviar e tem lojas por todas as capitais do mundo

My Parting Shots:

Gallery: Steven Meisel Creates Amazing Fake Ads For W [NSFW]

The Classy Reem

Bande Annonce de The Artist - Jean Dujardin prix d'interprétation masculine du festival de Cannes 

I was asked to post again!!!!

Thomas Langman présente Jean Dujardin et Bérénice Béjo dans The Artist, un film de Michel Hazanavicius.



A antiga santíssima trindade da moda: Galliano, Lagerfeld e Versace. E hoje, seria o que? Marc, Miuccia e Lagerfeld?..the saintlyl saintly trinity of fashion...Galliano, Lagerfeld and Versace.....today , would be, what? Marc, Miuccia and Lagerfeld?

une de leurs meilleures éditions de ce magazine

'froideur' :


Sem Comentarios-Speaks for itself!!!

I really enjoyed reading this book!!!!!

“She is one of the—if not the—most stylish women living,” says designer and film director Tom Ford, speaking of Daphne Guinness, the subject and co-author of this extraordinary book.

Some of my preferences:

J'aime ma nièce Tiffany
This hallow of calmness around

My Sixth sense

j'adore la couleur noire dans les vêtements(the color Black in clothes)

Macchiatos- Coffee

Rose macroon from Ladureè

Qatari accent

Marron Glace


The smell of rain

Miuccia Prada
My Sister's creativity

November and December!!!
I Love to taste the rain
I Love to see my late father in my dreams
I Love to care about my mother
I Love my sisters

I Love showers
I Love dates
I Love the sea
I Love meaningful movies(Black and White-Noir

if you wish)
I Love- "Wall Street"- the movie
I Love to be surrounded by family and good people

limited editions
dekhoon & dhen Oud
Our gathering's in Uaeu's Starbucks with M,D,L,L.T

My Gold BED(s)

להיות יהודי-Being a JEW

Uma das músicas mais bonitas sobre o tema "aniversário". Vanessa linda como sempre!
I love her music...and her look!!!!

Why did Trotsky a Jew have so much hate for Jews????
Trotsky felt as Marx that "religion is the opium of the people.
Perhaps this can be a lesson for all who think that Judaism and its belief in G-d is a mere cultural passing, like opium. We are witnesses that in spite of all opposition, the Jewish people continue to grow .develop and conquer the world!!!

The exchange of a thousand Palestinian prisoners for a single Israeli soldier shows us what life means in the Jewish state

Alto Leblon- 30 de outubro de 2011 - 23:25


Elohim is always with us...
a blessing nation...ISRAEL

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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