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A look at one of the most prominent world renown brands in South Beach, News Cafe. For 14 years News Cafe has been the place to dine, socialize and enjoy 24 hours a day. A quaint sidewalk cafe news stand and bookstore in the corner of 8th street and Ocean Drive
And you have to know when to go there to avoid the tourists....but that is my secret....and if you don't know than you don't know(smiles)

בוע טוב
Shavua Tov! We hope everyone had an inspiring Shabbat, and wish you all successful week ahead.


Ani Yehudi / אני יהודי

Things I wanted you to know - JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should....

I will start with two comments about the tidbits :
Your blog is WOW, like Bond movie glamorous, yet dangerous. Meet your contact in Riviera, then off to Moscow for undercover operation.
JG: thanks and it is amusing....this is one of the nicest comments about the tidbits. 

I was feeling  good about my blog till I found yours! It has a special essence, just perfect!
ha ha...thanks....besos....JG

When I want to stand apart from the masses(hoi polloi), all I need to do is swing by The Webster on Collins Avenue. And now the outrageously chic emporium of fashion just opened in Bal Harbour Shops — I’ll be hitting this door on the regular.

" Deform me to your likeness, so that no one after you will ever again understand the reason for so much desire"


1970s Guy Bourdin fashion photography 

Nous rions 
Plus rien ne compte
Sauf nos désirs.

It's hard to believe the Italians used to be the Romans.....

Ignorance messes up my bliss

I wonder if she means me or the palm trees(smiles)


To whom it may concern(smiles)
(ani ohev otach) אני אוהב אותך

As a Jew I have already celebrated my new year..ie...Rosh Hashanah (5774) but for those who celebrate the Gentile new year....here is Don Draper bringing in his new year.

Auld lang syne - Mad Men Style


He is always cool and in the moment......

"But what is happiness?"

Don Draper -

Last person you kissed/kissed you? I mean kiss kiss?a kiss with strawberries flavor(smiles) and yes, they are.
And in Italia I like how they put lemon or lime to eat them...is nice too....

Some people will tell you caviar is an overrated, overpriced commodity. Those people probably haven’t eaten a kilo of coveted Almas beluga caviar from a 24K gold tin with a matching gold spoon. And seeing as you don’t really know until you try...

Wakaya.....dilo oil...The Webster....Gray and Sons....organic granola...RG. .....Las Mañanitas-Cuernavaca.......Makati....Pinays.....Alto Leblon....Gauchas.....Nikos Vertis....Knightsbridge....
Harvey Nichols.....Orchard Road.....Tiffany Goldstein...305 area code...Manalapan....Jersey Boys...Lebron James ....Vizcaya.....Miuccia Prada.....the endless pursuit of personifying perfection.....Want nothing and you will have everything

There’s always another level. Just be content knowing that you are still better off than most who have ever lived.

For Chanukah I got as a gift Ferrari red pants and jacket.....and this is twice I have gotten the same present(smiles)....and remember you never look "a gift horse in the mouth"
And I am wondering if I should try and wear red pants like Lapo Elkann....not sure I would pass the audition , but I might try it (smiles)

AL-LONELINESS....I thought her acting was fairly good.....

more tidbits


(thanks to Gwendolyn  for this image)

Nicole Meyer one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits - she leads the many readers from South Africa





Sasha being Sasha


Chanel at Edgars, Cape Town. 

Piernas de Oro.....

more tidbits

beyonce's publishing team:how are we going to promote your new album
beyonce:i'm beyonce
beyonce's publishing team:true

Dos versiones de " La Camisa Negra" la version original de Juanes y la version del Grupo Control

y esta es una de mis cumbias favoritas..... 

Evian Elie Saab

Ah, Elie Saab. As the go-to designer for red carpet affairs, the Beirut-based fashion phenom outfits A-listers such as Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley, Beyoncé, Anna Kendrick and more. And now he can add dressing Evian water bottles to his brimming resume. As Evian’s newest designer bottle collab, the limited edition bottle is swathed in a signature Elie Saab lace pattern that draws from the feminine and elegant designs featured throughout the brands collection.   

RG loves this boots some much that she bought two pairs......Tom Ford always does chic and elegant and sexy things....this is no exception... 


Happy Birthday LeBron

  We just wanted to send a quick birthday shout to LeBron James. He turns a young 29 years old today. He’s a had a hell of a year with our Miami Heat and a hell of...

Francis Bacon 

That is the privilege of artists, they don't have an age.

Yes. We are aware of how the magic of makeup can transform a pretty Hollywood face into a spectacular beauty, but this too is possible....can create a mirage.....un espejismo.
Oh yeah. Now you can paint on the perfect tummy, ladies and gentlemen.

but i prefer the fit or fat option....fit by walking two hours daily...your body will become lithe...your limbs long...and your body lean and model like.....

Polina Kitsenko, Elena Perminova, Natalia Vodianova, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya and Mira Duma

Russia has historically put out phenomenal literature (Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Bulgakov) and, more recently, spectacular fashion. Above from left to right, designer Ulyana Sergeenko, editor Miroslava Duma, model Elena Perminova, and designer Vika Gazinskaya demonstrate all things wise and wonderful about Russian aesthetics. Fresh, bold, and ballsy, Miroslava, Elena and Vika are all wearing Vika’s designs. Ulyana dons her own nostalgic creations.

Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Boy BagChanel Boy Bag

Chanel Boy bags are the latest classic Chanel bags, and they are jaw-dropping beautiful

Etam Lingerie

a little take on Japan

There are certain things I will never understand about Japan, like their fascination with the number of creases a person has in their eyelids. Eyes that are 二重 futae, with two eyelid creases resulting in a larger "gaijin-style" look, are said to be preferable to 一重 hitoe, eyes with only one eyelid crease creating narrower "Asian" eyes.

One thing everyone knows about the Japanese people is that they use chopsticks to eat with. It's true: except for certain Western foods like spaghetti or curry rice, the Japanese eat most every meal with chopsticks, and they're so ubiquitous here no one gives them a second thought. Children learn to use chopsticks around the age of three, often using training chopsticks to get started, and the first real peer pressure a child will experience is having to eat in front of the other children at preschool, with the fear of embarrassment if they're behind the other kids at chopstick skill.
and I still get an occasional お箸が上手 ohashi ga jozu ("you use chopsticks very well")

a little take on Beauty

Juice for glowing skin.....carrot....apple...cucumber.....

Juice for  glowing skin : Carrot - apple - cucumber

Should You Get Liposuction or CoolSculpting®

the markings for coolsculpting

a few moons ago I had a discussion with a friend that was getting Breasts Implants...and I have had other conversation where I am asked which incision is the best.....I have always recommend the Tuba but there are  four options to consider....here they are.....

1.Inframammary Incision: Inframammary incisions are placed underneath the breast just slightly above where the breast meets the rib cage.

2) Transumbilical Incision or TUBA: A Transumbilical incision is a C or J shaped incision placed in the folds of your belly button. A small camera is used to negotiated the surgery and very small instruments are then inserted to create a path to the breasts....leaves no scars

3) Transaxillary Incision (Armpit): These incisions are created in the armpits and are generally 1 to 2 inches long. A short path is then created to the breasts where the implants will be placed. While there is no scar on the breast, a scar will be visible in the armpit with the arm is raised. There is also a risk of injury to a sensory nerve that can cause numbness on the inner arm.

4) Periareolar Incisions: The Periareolar incision is created around the areola. This incision is commonly used if other cosmetic breast procedures such as breast lift or areola reduction are being performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

certains des meilleurs, certains d'entre le chic et quelques-unes des belles du monde!!-some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!!

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden”   

  HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned  

ethereal beauty and carriage.


and Apple outdid themselves doing this special edition for the Matriarch of the Goldsteins...my imah.......



Dior. Paris.

.:Sophisticated Luxury Blog:. (youngsophisticatedluxury.tumblr.com

luggage bags

Polina Kitsenko 3.11.2013 20:48:09

Polina Kitsenko 3.11.2013 20:48:09



Peppa Pig è la protagonista di questa nuova puntata del Club dell'Ippogrifo


Just from the body action and reactions you should be able to figure out that
she is in love.....why? only she knows

A store's window is perhaps their most important marketing campaign. It's a place where the brand can either draw you in or drive you away based on what they have presented behind a single plate of glass. It speaks for the store long after the shop has closed, acting as a silent advertisement for the brand when salespeople and managers have long since left. In short, the window to the store is in fact the window to the brand's heart and soul.

I go this message today:

This is the beautiful person award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. xx

start as early as possible and your lovely smile will stay forever...make sure you drink from the crystal bottle not the plastic one....

I have gotten away from fluoride..........my dental tools............


eat a salad before you eat the fries.......

How to eat healthy in Restaurants

I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive...


Favorite post

The Power of the Red Cartier Box........

If she wins she will be better for Israel...despite all the scandals and lies..she is no different than all politicians....besides I would like to see a woman President in USA.....

Model behavior || Israeli talk show host lets S&M comment slip

Watch what happens when an off-the-record comment is blurted out on live TV.

Word of the Day / Foto retzah: An old Hebrew term for a killer selfie

Before people snapped photos of themselves with cell phones, they mugged for the camera in photo booths. 

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.......  

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