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Modélisation  -French for Modelling...



“Stromboli and its volcanic islands in Italy — that’s my summer getaway.” Giovanna Battaglia.

      The cello is the most evocatively Jewish instrument.

When classical composers wanted to bring alive the music of the Jews, they often turned to the cello, the instrument that most approximates the range, tone, and texture of the male voice. After all, Jewish music was the voice of men—men went to shul, men prayed and women’s voices even outside the synagogue were often stifled.

a size 32 would seem to be the right size and not the big big implants...just wondering???

or maybe size 34????????????

or this exaggeration(smiles)????????

and I do prefer the 3 showers a day routine but every once in awhile after long walks.....
a bath is nice too........

Paris Where Are You by Richard Guaty

In case you didn’t hear this today:

- Good morning.
- You look beautiful.
- Your outfit is cute.
- Your hair smells good.
- Nice butt.
- You’re sexy.
- Good job.
- You’re smart.
- Keep going.
- Stay strong.
- Bon appetit.
- You have great music taste.
- Your blog is flawless.
- I like you.
- Good night.



Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, 58, whose grandfather was the founding king of modern Saudi Arabia, is no stranger to the United States or Western media. He considers himself a "great friend" of America and the "world’s foremost value investor."

Goldman Sachs: Don’t Look At ‘External Websites,’ Don’t Talk About ‘External Websites,’ Don’t Even Think About ‘External Websites’ and I totally agree!!!

If Madonna weren't famous and rich she would look like Franca....just saying


Here's the 50+year-old rejuvenated queen of reinvention Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ritchie (left) -- and Italian Vogue editrix Franca Sozzani 

And she will always be one of my inspirations.............

Besides not looking so nice when they wake up in the morning sans makeup, top models sometimes let  their deodorant fail them(smiles)..it cannot be!!!!


 Rich enough to own your own JET....This is still one of my favorites scenes from the Wall Street movie, keep in mind this was filmed in 1985, and his comment  "50 ...100 Million Dollars a player or nothing" translated into today- would be 300 ...350 Million Dollars....and the last quote" Rich enough to have your own Jet, does not mean a little one, rather a BBJ or a GV.....enjoy this clip

This is one of the best smelling colognes for my taste....you can still get it from the internet
and the smell is great, not as nice as JG's Cartier special cologne but is  close.....

and the women's fragrance really sends me...........

Beauty is very important for
, otherwise we would not
try to find it with all strength,
to reflect it, to observe it. Beauty
can exist in everything. In objects,
in nature, in a gesture or a mentality.


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Leticia Zuloaga Pedruzo one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits



Taylor @ Nous
shot by Lucas Passmore



Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic


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To those who celebrate it:

and Peepy loves this...........

I am not a fan of Zara....but this is nice........

Balmain Zara

For years now the fashion set has been obsessed with Zara. There's an old joke that's applicable and it goes a little something like this. How do you get ready for Fashion Week? Cover yourself in glue and run through Zara. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. It's a trendsetters paradise and it's mostly all designer ripoffs. So imagine my surprise in reading this morning that there is one designer that is happy he's being copied by Zara and even thinks their windows and design concepts are genius.

In a recent interview with VogueBalmain's creative direction Olivier Rousteing commented on Zara's clothing copies:

"I think it was Coco Chanel who said if you're original, be ready to be copied," he said. "I love seeing a Zara window with my clothes mixed with Céline and Proenza! I think that's genius. It's even better than what I do! I love the styling, I love the story... I watch the windows always, and it's genius what they do today


I think women  should be always be able to buy bikinis seperately. First because of sizes  -it's pretty rare to be the same exact size on the top I think women should always be able to buy bikinis separately. First because of sizes – it’s pretty rare to be the same exact size on the top and on the bottom.

Sometimes I think life is just a rodeo,
The trick is to ride and make it to the bell.

But there is a place, sweet as you will ever know,
In music and love, and things you never tell.
You see it in their face, secrets on the telephone,
A time out of time, for you and no one else.

the adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee (ABL)


Nothing looks as fresh this fall as a pale taupe-y fur. The Givenchy patchwork coat above and the Gucci alpaca coat and mink jacket, below and bottom, are incredibly chic.



a little take on Japan

Japanese homes are quite different from homes in the West. For example, there's always a low area by the front door called a 玄関 genkan where you remove your shoes before entering, a Buddhist Altar for letting family members who have passed away know they've not been forgotten by the family, and those dreamy tatami mats that I love sitting on, although they're honestly not the best thing for people with dust allergies. Another fun feature of Japanese homes are 障子 shoji, the famous paper doors – more accurately, wooden sliding doors with Japanese paper glued to the frames – which are found in houses with traditional Japanese rooms


Millimeters separate the beautiful from the merely attractive

Good celebrity plastic surgery

Instead, you see a lot of small procedures done over the long-term, such as nose shavings, hair-line revisions, chin/jaw-line liposuction, chin implants and often upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to open up the eyes.

Bollywood actresses , Indian Models and Indian Beauty Pageant Misses....most of them subscribe to plastic surgery........

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

In Valentino couture jumpsuit

Sheikha Mozah in Valentino couture.

Sheikha Mozah in Chanel couture, simple and chic.

Sheikha Mozah art





vogue uk july 2014 5


Jane Birkin, Google Images, Denim, Boyfriend Jeans, French Essence, Vicki Archer

jane birkin back in the day

To wear or not to wear is the question?
Boyfriend jeans that is.

Fair Isle sweater=  The Saint Laurent is pretty good.

Fair Isle
Twiggy, Linda McCartney, Mia Farrow, Paul & Linda McCartney.

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #4 , French essence, Posture, Vicki Archer

One of the best kept beauty secrets is posture.
Easier said than done… in my case any way.

Stance and posture do they reflect a positive state of mind?
I think perhaps they do.
Bad posture is body language that none of us mean to imply.

Like her or not she is all over the place................

Cara Delevingne Topshop campaign

It was announced some months ago that Cara Delevingne was stepping up to the plate to model for Topshop this season, and now we have a first look at the campaign. Today, Topshop will begin releasing images of Cara's moment with the brand. WWD was the first to release the image above, showcasing Cara Delevingne in Topshop while strumming an acoustic guitar. Shot by photographer Alasdair McLellan, Cara looks right at home in the easy jeans and blazer ensemble. No doubt we'll have more to share later in the day. Keep an eye out! 

Tommy Hilfiger lake tahoe

Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor, this is her first photo bomb

Escale Worldtime Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime

The name Louis Vuitton is almost synonymous with an invitation to travel. The famous flat trunk and its various models created by the eponymous founder are still essential accessories for those wishing to travel the world with elegance and sophistication.
The new Escale Worldtime watch is perpetuating this tradition and drawing on the history of the company to reinvent the distinctive features of the travel watch.

At a time when borders are becoming increasingly blurred, Louis Vuitton is proposing an original interpretation of the “Worldtime” function which will appeal to globe-trotters and businessmen in search of fine, exclusive timepieces.

Tslil Sela

As a Jew if I was in a dark alley and being attacked I would rather have General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi come to my aide than rather, Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry.

It is a very sad commentary but it is....

The native name of Israel is Yisra'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is........

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