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Belli, abbronzati e felici.
This past weekend the Jewish Princess had practice tennis matches in Palm Springs and I took the opportunity to do my daily walk in one of the most beautiful streets in the world, Palm Canyon Drive

מעשה בחמישה בלונים 🎈 
מזל טוב אהובה שלנו. 

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I love this handshake............
United States and Israel - stronger together!

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IDF Soldiers Liberate the Old City of Jerusalem

I get CHILLS: Amazing footage of IDF Soldiers liberating the Old City of Jerusalem

Today at 7:30pm, Israel time, all the Jews in the world will stop what they’re doing & say‘Shema Yisrael’ in unity

Yom Yerushalayim, or Jerusalem Day, is celebrated each year on the 28th day of Iyar, 6 weeks after the Pesach seder.
Celebrations include the annual March to the Kotel along with the Flag Parade and Rikud Degalim (‘flag dance’).

Jerusalem Old City-העיר העתיקה, ירושלים

At the Vatican
I love this pic too.....the Pope.....The President of the USA and Melania and Ivanka Trump showing elegance and class like they only can.....

(Quando mi chiedete, dimmi una canzone da mettere a palla ecco la mia risposta)

Never Complain.....Never Explain..and if you have to explain you are losing!!!!


Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí - אני יהודי
my mother is Jewish, therefore I am Jewish.”

Things I wanted you to know - 
JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

this is my spontaneous overflow of ideas and things that inspire me, and i hope they inspire you too. ..JG

Welcome fit for a dear friend of Israel......President Donald Trump arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.......also the first in office President to visit and pray at the Western Wall.....the Kotel......
And Melania and Ivanka Trump showed class and elegance............

What memories I feel like it was only yesterday
MISS UNIVERSE 2007 Top 5Winner: JAPAN 🇯🇵

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And one of the reasons Mori Riyo won the Miss Universe crown in 2007 was because she had and has lots of kinben

Don’t invite me to your wedding i will look better than you and it will be embarrassing for us both(smiles) but serioulsy every wedding I have ever attended specially the lavish ones- they always end in divorce....so an Israeli friend did not invite me for that reason.

Last weekend a friend of the Goldsteins got married.  The bride wore a custom-made dress by Karl Lagerfeld, with a reception frock by  Christopher Kane. 

Inspired by her amazing bridal style, I decided to refresh our wedding vocab en français...
Wedding: Le Mariage
Bride: La Mariée
Groom: Le Marié
Wedding Dress: La Robe de Mariée
Wedding Ring: Le Bague de Mariage
Church: L'Eglist
Veil: La Voile
Priest: Le Prêtre
Bridesmaids: Les Demoiselles D'Honneur
Groomsmen: Les Garçons D'Honneur
Rice: Le Riz
Cake: Le Gâteau de Mariage
Honeymoon: La Lune de Miel

I love how oil wells look in the distance and in the immediate distance too

This blog is always going places
I am working something great together with Bella Hadid and Alexandre Vauthier  Stay tuned 💘

 ‎بحر is where i like to be many times. 

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I am just saying....she works for Victoria's Secret but she wears La Perla for her undies........

'Mola'mi sobrina Tiffany y sus amiguitas Judias lo usan mucho
In Spain is used to express to like, to fancy:
Me mola el cine
I like cinema
Shakira mola

mola mucho

gummy bear breast implants

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Bello il mondo, eh. 
Ma il letto di casa è un'altra storia. 
La più bella.

one of my most favorites places in the world...if you don't know than you
don't know

You must join me here..... is so inspiring.........so peaceful.......you must experience it......

Ganbarimasu! Ganbaru! Ganbatte kudasai! Now these were variations of a word, a rather 'heavy word' whose meaning went deep and seemed to live in the psyche of the Japanese and their attitude to life. Ganbarimasu means to carry through one's task, putting up with difficulties and striving to overcome all hardships. The Japanese love the word and use it all the time. It is ingrained from childhood as a valuable human attitude.



This week again I was asked:
-”Mr Goldstein
, should I fix my nose?”. Often my answer is: YES! 
If your nose isn’t your best friend, then check these pictures. You might find a nose that looks like yours, and see how it could look if you had it retouched. 

Two of my best friends had their nose redone lately, and they look so much better even though nobody can really spot where the difference comes from, but they for sure look much better

Beauty and Class, what a great combination!

This is La Perla......if you don't know than you don't know........

The name "Jew" comes from the name of Jacob and Leah's fourth son, Judah (Yehudah in Hebrew). The Torah notes that after Judah she "declared" this time let me gratefully praise God ', therefore she called his name Judah "(Genesis 29:35). 

Ricky Nelson was one of the very biggest of the '50s teen idols, so it took awhile for him to attain the same level of critical respectability as other early rock greats. Yet now the consensus is that he made some of the finest pop/rock recordings of his era

been there done that

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thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap




Anastasia Reshetova one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




love of the Babushka.....Babushka Chic


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Ce que j'aime en ce moment
some of my favorite things, places people

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Beach Fashion is not only about what Bikini to wear. It’s also all about what “cover ups” and clothes to stroll around in

If you are going to wear black, grey the boots have to be brown...she looks chic

big glasses. red nails.

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........


a little take on Japan-日本,

The Japanese make heavy use of foreign loan words, usually borrowed from English, but since Japanese grammar differs from other languages, something is needed to "bridge" the two...and conveniently, there are two such grammatical aids built right into Japanese. The first is the particle na which allows an adjective to be plugged into a Japanese sentence without breaking any rules, and you can hear phrases like surimu na onna (a slim, slender woman), hansamu na otoko (a handsome man), and torendii na dorama (the latest trendy drama on television).

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IVANKA TRUMP has gone from the daughter of a businessman to a member of the First Family, catapulting the blonde 35-year-old from Manhattan into the public eye.

: “It is my belief that Ivanka has clearly had a rhinoplasty as there is a scar visible across base of the nose on  picture. 
“Judging by her straight, white teeth it also looks as though she has also had dental veneers. 
She has also done a buccal fat pad removal
“This is an example of cosmetic surgery done well, enhancing the appearance.”

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden”

HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

glam·or·ous adjective 

1. full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way

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A lovely picture of Pia and Ariadna.. If the announcement didn't fail do you think tbey will be good friends too?

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fab Chloé sandal...ladies make it a piece of your wardrobe.......

Liberal Socialist Kooks........they do not live what they preach.......

French Riviera White
If Cannes is all about the sea then it is also about the architecture.
 All white… with a faded glory… much had seen better days. Some had been renovated for the influx of wealthy tourists that hug the Cote d’ Azur in the summer months.
Cannes - Vicki Archer

Cannes - Vicki Archer

Cannes - Vicki Archer

Yes or No? <3

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Los últimos tres rostros que dijeron colombia en miss universe 👑

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Mitsubishi UFJ Financial (MUFG)

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an indirect and direct message to the rich kids of Beverly Hills(smiles)

It's Wednesday and Laura knows 

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Framed by gallerist...............

Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife, welcomed the First Lady Melania Trump at the door. As they were about to walk inside, Nechama whispered to Melania that she will do her best to catch up with the walking pace, but she might be a bit slower because of her medical condition which requires her to use an oxygen tank. Melania took her hand, looked at her and said: “We’ll walk at any pace you choose”. And so they walked, slowly, gracefully and proudly, hand in hand.

That, is the moment I choose to cherish. 

i think never before has there been a flight landing in Israel directly from Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump's message in the guest book at President Rivlin residence........not many people can use the word "GREAT" in the same sentence.

The native name of Israel is Yisrae'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.....

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