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Challah Time.

Hebrew, French, Spanish, ITalian, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek.... long dark big hair, long wakls on the beach, diamonds, high heels, red lips, tennis player, big dreams & expensive taste. 


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 
JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should

Belated Eid Mubarak. I hope your Eid was filled with happiness and joyful moments with family & friends. – 

My new iPhones keep coming to me....and I love my new iPad Pro

How nice is this.....

 darling, your blog is stunning. si belle! x x 

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! ❤️

Adriana Lima by Steven Meisel
AL really looks fab in this

Were you wooed?

"Tengo 99 problemas, pero mi trasero no es uno de ellos". Esta es la leyenda en 
el sexy body que se ha puesto la cantante Beyoncé para uno de los posados que ha 
compartido en su web bajo el epígrafe "Mi Vida"
I've got 99 problems but my back(a...) is not one of them."


The 'top' of Brasilian goddesses of lingerie............... Since the supermodels of the 90 decided to give up their throne the Brasilians models arrived with pomp and circumstance, they have reigned without any problems. They have cornered covers of the best magazines, they have staged all campaigns and have been shining examples in the Victoria's Secret stratosphere.

The one person who could save Europe

Black is Black..........

Judias y Rusas no hay mejor combinacion de modelos....Jews and Russians there is no better model combination  

Lindsay Lullman, Alina Baikova, & Emilia Nawarecka for Les petites

..Italy's four mafia groups(Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian Mafia, the Camorra or Neapolitan Mafia, the 'Ndrangheta or the Calabrian Mafia, and Sacra Corona Unita or the Puglian Mafia.) now have estimated cash reserves of €65bn, making them 'Italy's biggest bank'

gumy bear breast implants


Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. 
Some girls are made of sarcasm and wine and nothing fine.

wearing black is a lifestyle..........


Le T-Shirt Parfait

Je croyais que c’était une mission toute simple : trouver le t-shirt parfait.
Vous savez, avec la coupe qui va bien ? Ni trop rigide ni trop lâche, avec un col pas trop rond, pas non plus moulant au point de se sentir boudinée. La matière est aussi super importante, elle doit être légère et aérée (sans être transparente), et bien sûr agréable au toucher. En Australie, j’avais trouvé la marque parfaite pour ça – Bassike, d’ailleurs j’en porte un aujourd’hui -, mais elle est difficile à trouver à USA.

that means you can read the tidbits(smiles)

And one of the reasons Mori Riyo won the Miss Universe crown in 2007 was because she had and has lots of kinben

l’éphémère possède un charme merveilleux, un charme d’une brûlante tristesse.

Rule of a lady.Three words: Little.Black.Dress.
every woman should possess an LBD the more the merrier 


O envelhecimento é inevitável, mas podemos dirigir este processo, mantendo a pele jovem e saudável por mais tempo. Ouvir a frase, “ a beleza vem de dentro”, nunca fez tanto sentido!!
Aging is inevitable, but we can drive this process, keeping the skin young and healthy for longer. Hear the phrase, "beauty comes from within," never made much sense !!

crystal glass, yes

plastic, of course not

Yes, I speak French.  Saint Laurent. Hermés. Louis Vuitton. Chanel. Dior. Lanvin….

Take me back to this time when people dressed impecably and 
had nicer manners....

been there done that

thigh gap

no thigh gap



Vita Sidorkina one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




love of the Babushka.....Babushka Chic



The White Shirt



more tidbits

some of my favorite things, people....places


Miroslava Duma Wearing A Dress By Ulyana Sergeenko 


I love seeing Mira’s outfits just as much as Elena Perminova’s; but this look is particularly special since it’s designed by the Russian Fashion Designer Ulyana Sergeenko(who is also a part of the Russian mafia – jokes aside, style mafia that is). Mira wore this look out for the launch of the worlds first dual screen phone by Yotaphone. What do you think of Mira’s vintage inspired dress with the lace embellishments?
Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 7.34.50 PM

The Clarins sisters in metallic colors...


Instagram media by peepy_hi_mag - ⛅️☀️⛅️ GOOD MORNING!!! ������ Life Is Like A Mirror : It Will Smile At You If You Smile At It!!! ������ "Have A Nice Day EVERYONE!!!"......... ✋✋ #Morning #Smile #Mother #Love #Forever #Enjoy #Life #Gala #Dinner #Mandarin #Oriental #Hotel #MandarinOrientalHotel #Bangkok #Thailand

Lady Lee in Hong Kong for a luxury shopping excursion thus the Nike shoes and the matching of the bag to the sneakers...Lady Lee tu es formidable
and if Elvis was alive he would love your big hair(smiles)


a little take on Japan-日本,

If you ever visit Japan, you'll naturally want to be aware of what constitutes bad manners so you can avoid making a negative impression on the people you encounter there. A lot of customs are related to food or drink, for example it's polite to use the back of your chopsticks (the part you haven't been eating from) if you need to give a piece of food to someone else, and it's impolite to pour your own drink when drinking with others -- let someone else pour for you, and vice-versa. Some social taboos are related to Buddhism, and the reason why you should never stand chopsticks up in a bowl of rice is that this is reserved for funerals, done when offering a last bowl of rice to the deceased. (Surprisingly, some things we consider bad manners in the West, like slurping soup or noodles or reaching across someone's plate to get something, are fine there.) One of my favorite customs in Japanese restaurants is when the waitress presents you with a hot towel when you sit down to eat, which is for cleaning your hands...though invariably people clean their faces even though this makes you look like an ojisan, or a middle-aged man with bad manners. One of the subtlest areas of manners in Japan is the idea of 遠慮 enryo, which means to hesitate or to refrain from doing something. After a group of Japanese has finished eating a meal such as pizza, there'll always be one piece sitting uneaten, because it's polite to leave it rather than be the person who took the last piece.



Who says money can’t buy you everything?? Well, it can definitely buy you beauty. You just have to be smart about it. Case in point: Ivanka Trump. She’s daddy’s (the Donald’s) little girl and has all the money in the world. If plastic surgery is what she wants, plastic surgery she will get. Even though she has the means to have as many procedures as she wishes, she (thankfully) has not gone all-out like Heidi Montag in a white-trash  plastic surgery binge. One plastic surgery procedure she has obviously had done is the (obligatory) nose job. It seems everyone has had a nose job these days. Here’s a before shot of little Ivanka, looking cute and young with a bump on her high bridge:

Don’t even get me started on the other stuff (boob job, porcelain veneers, etc)…
but at least it’s all done with a little taste and class.

Ivanka Trump Plastic SurgeryIvanka Trump Plastic Surgery

this special Japanese eye drops that "burn a lot" but help brighten your eyes.

Millimeters separate the beautiful from the merely attractive

Good celebrity plastic surgery

Instead, you see a lot of small procedures done over the long-term, such as nose shavings, hair-line revisions, chin/jaw-line liposuction, chin implants and often upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to open up the eyes.

Bollywood actresses , Indian Models and Indian Beauty Pageant Misses....most of them subscribe to plastic surgery........

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

The gorgeous details at the back of Sheikha Mozah's Ralph & Russo couture. The white runaway reference piece from Ralph & Russo S/S 2014 Haute Couture collection.





Not that is surprising but this book alerts you to Jewish ingenuity.....Israel prevails because
of our people have so much talent.........


For me......Swimsuits are hotter than Bikinis!

no plastic bottles no plastic cups...yes, only crystal bottles and glasses.

It started with Perrier. Somehow, a French company convinced people it's cool to buy bottled water. Today, Evian has surpassed Perrier in sales and now it's the chic French water of choice. 


Birkenstock is still in mode............

White Gold

Biryani (pronounced [bɪr.jaːniː]), sometimes spelt Biriyani or Biriani, is a mixed rice dish from South Asia. It is made with spicesrice and meat or vegetables.

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


The Ayalon highway through Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur

Jewish mothers and daughters have had the honor to light the Shabbat candles for thousands of years…one of the most beautiful aspects of Shabbat that so many cherish! 

שבת שלום

  The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. 

g-d - אלוהים

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the 
world and life is.....

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