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שבוע טוב

Shavua tov! Wishing everyone a great week. Stay safe.


Often imitated never duplicated


Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí - אני יהודי
my mother is Jewish, therefore I am Jewish.”

Things I wanted you to know - 
JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

I will not drink from plastic bottles or cups....and the kisses are always strawberry tasting....very strawberry,,,,,,,,,,,,

and sorry the plastic bottle turned me off..........


The look of love.......which version....I will take Dusty Sprinfield's

you can give or take a bit...but that is the way it is....and yes, it is
a jungle out there.....
Paris: Skinny girls. Lots of skinny girls. Very strict on weight.
Milan: Sleazy promoters. Drinking age is 16. Everyone drinks. Everyone.
London: Cold. Very cold. That’s about it.
New York: Easy to get to castings, everyone speaks English, there’s a model lounge. If you’re not with a top 10 agency, you’re no one.
Tokyo: There’s a model van so you don’t need to get to castings by yourself. Very few speak English. Well paid. of money. Everything’s free. They weigh models you every 


Meet! ALEXANYAN Tigran Albertovich.....The doctor with diamond hands, and women are not afraid to entrust their deficiencies to correct!


I just love your blog !!! ❤👊🏽 mashallah keep it up 


This is what a call an arm party....an arm candy pic........Jewish Princess

Five things woman always should be armed with:
  • confidence
  • knowledge
  • femininity
  • independence
  • red lipstick

and yes red lips send me....the proper lips of course.......

black clothes....a bit of gold and a Bentley in an early morning drive..... not a bad way to start the day.....

She seems to be staring at the mirror and thinking "mirror mirror on the wall I am
the fairest of them all" non!!!!

Wow she looks amazing........she does


El perfume es increíble, delicioso, único, alucinante… Madre mía. No puedo describirlo. Es afrutado, con un toque cítrico y un poco dulce a la vez.

one of the cycles of life......

. Japan is the most polite country in the world, where society's "golden rule" is to never cause 迷惑 meiwaku (inconvenience, trouble) to others...

today finishing the Tidbits at Starbucks.......

I have beem touting this movie forever....if you have TCM watch it....
you will love it.........




gummy bear breasts implants


Wow is this beautiful or what....they do not write like these anymore.....Lord Byron is it.....

So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn’t be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives. That is what literature offers – a language powerful enough to say how it is.
It isn’t a hiding place. It is a finding place.

"School doesn’t test your intelligence, it tests your memory."

Plastic Surgeons

I'm at a gathering of these guys (and they're overwhelmingly guys), I'm reminded of lines from T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: "In the room the women come and go/ Talking of Michelangelo." The spouses are, in a sense, married to the Michelangelos—and they are often their husband's works of art. Look at the wife and you see the aesthetic of the husband. I could never say that about any other medical specialty.  And if you were paying attention to the tidbits, or if you know me...JG's Michaelangelo is : Dr Steven M Hoefflin....he is a true artist

Are you able to see a pic of a fancy street some place in the world and can identify it?
If so can you name this famous street?

did you correctly identify Rodeo Drive?

"Vivre c'est lire, c'est écrire, c'est se tenir."

concept: me, speaking a foreign language, my pronunciation is perfect and my accent is indistinguishable from that of a native speaker. I am able to pepper my speech with slang and idioms and I can express subtle differences in meaning with ease. I have extensive knowledge of grammar and technical terms and produce well structured analyses of literature using correct writing conventions.

I like romantic walks to Swiss Banks(smiles)....

and she subscribes to JG's theory of  drinking water in crystal bottle and crystal glass.........

Dorian Gray: An Illusion.

one of my favorite scenes from one of my all time favorite movies " Bye Bye Birdie"

been there done that

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap



Danielle de Niese one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic



more tidbits

Ce que j’aime en ce moment

some of my favorite things, people....places

Did they played this at your graduation>?

Edward Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No.1, for orchestra in D major, Op. 39/1
O farewell,
Farewell the neighing steed, and the shrill trump,
The spirit-stirring drum, th’ ear-piercing fife;
The royal banner, and all quality,
Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!
And O you mortal engines, whose rude throats
Th’ immortal Jove’s dread clamors counterfeit,
Farewell! Othello’s occupation’s gone.

Chic girl items...........






aujourd'hui, j'ai regardé "Pour Sacha" une fois de plus, et peu importe combien de fois je le regarde, c'est toujours un film émouvant!-today I watched  "Pour Sacha" once again and no matter how many times I watch this film,   it is always a touching movie!!!

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

Moscow streets are famous for their stiletto clad women, who make the sidewalks into their runways. Comfort is often discarded for beauty, and it’s not uncommon to see women wearing stilettos when the ground has disappeared underneath blankets of snow, or ice. The legend is that Russian woman are born with the skills necessary for walking gracefully in heels of all heights, regardless of the weather conditions.

CCC is a vision in Black............

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

Peepy and mother, Lion Lady Lee (ABL) 

At Charity Ball..............Mandarin Oriental....

Home Alone Peepy Signature!!! Pose By P'Pye Pattriya 

a little take on Japan-日本,

Sometimes it's fun to take a look at how concepts like beauty work in Japan, and compare these ideas to the West. First, to be considered truly beautiful according to most Japanese, a woman should be tall, and proportioned as 八頭身 hattou-shin,or a body that's "eight heads high." Another measurement of beauty here is related the eyes, specifically to the number of creases in a persons eyelid when their eyes are open. People with one crease are called 一重 hitoe (hee-toe-eh), indicating slender, Asian-looking eyes, while eyes with two creases are 二重 futae (fu-tah-eh), for a larger European-style appearance. Getting plastic surgery to change the appearance of your eyes is quite popular among TV stars. Then there's 鼻が高いhana ga takai or "possessing a high nose," an important feature for anyone who wants to be considered one of the Beautiful People in Japan. The rule is, if you can touch your chin and the tip of your nose with one extended finger without contacting your lips, you’ve got a “high nose." Japanese females are also big on maintaining perfectly white skin


And the Botticelli of breasts is Dr Leonard M Hochstein!!!!
he is also called the Boob G-d.......

Miss Switzerland, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss USA 2009

It has been estimated that 70 percent of Miss Universe contestants have had breast augmentation..and many of them go to Dr H


some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

Diva,,,,,what posture....what a way to get out of a car......

 She looked divalicious in Dior haute couture ensemble.

بالصور: ميريام فارس ملكة حقيقية بتاجها الجديد




Carine Roitfeld is the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, a position she held from 2001 to January 31, 2011. A former fashion model and writer, she announced her resignation on December 17, 2010, and was succeeded by Emmanuelle Alt.

the intimates of CK are back in style.....

Lace is back.

Not that it was ever out.

Perhaps there is no better example of how Instagram has impacted the fashion industrythan the fact that the platform was honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) earlier this month. Instagram received this year’s Media Award. A prize once reserved for living and breathing fashion tastemakers like Suzy Menkes, Bruce Weber and Paul Cavaco.

At its core the fashion industry is a visual medium. So it comes as no surprise, then, that it embraced with open arms Instagram, which focuses on storytelling through imagery.

Thanks to the site, the world now is Selfie-obsessed, hashtags have become a new sort of journalistic shorthand and emojis are now a representation of online emotions.

And let us not forget the power of filters, which have turned everyone in the world into modern-day Irving Penns or Steven Meisels. While the potential of the 15 second videos that can be posted on the site still has room to explore more creative experimentation.

Exclusive collaborations, like Donatella Versace posing in the latest Givenchy advertising campaign and Kendall Jenner working with Estée Lauder, first broke internationally on Instagram.

Even the satellite worlds of models, illustrators, photographers and stylists have been effected by Instagram. Astute luxury brands, casting agents and glossy magazine editors now scour the site looking for fresh faces and unknown diamond-in-the-rough image-makers just waiting to be discovered.

Talk or type?
Do you call or do you message?
The way of communication has changed in the last few years and you should not take for 
granted this subtle shift in the way we approach talking to each other

La Perla 

Lingerie is the new black.........

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

Look -vestido de tricot: look branco

The Chai symbol is often worn by Jews as a medallion around the neck (along with the Star of David (Magen David), and the Hamsa).
In Hebrew, the related word chaya means "living thing" or "animal", and is derived from the Hebrew word chai (חי), meaning "life".

Jews often give gifts and donations in multiples of 18, which is called "giving chai". Mailings from Jewish charities usually suggest the amounts to give in multiples of chai (18, 36, 54, dollars, etc.) rather than the usual multiples of 25 or 100....my favorite phrase...."`am yisrael chai!" (עַם יִשְרָאֵל חַי, "The people of Israel live!").

Purim is fast approaching - and as well as dressing up and hearing the age-old story of Queen Esther, it's also an ancient custom to give baskets of food to your nearest and dearest.  

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the 
world and life is.....

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