Miscellaneous Tidbits 5776 - JG 120

"Les livres : la sève vivante des esprits immortels."

Shalom Aleichem’ means 'peace be upon you’

 Work until you become the واسطة 

Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí - אני יהודי
my mother is Jewish, therefore I am Jewish.”

Things I wanted you to know - 
JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

Boker Tov Olam – בוקר טוב עול

In BH this is the view upon awakening...it sends me...the Hills....the Palms...
the cool weather.......

And this is the view coming down from the Hills for my two hour daily walk.....

And afterwards.....my healthy breakfast.......

Sophisticated • Refined • Elegant 
I grew tired of not finding blogs about opulence and luxury and intelligent musings.... so i decided to share my collection of nice things with some eccentric, ecclectic elements with an additional touch of being different that you will not find in any other blog.
And more important I want to tell you many things you do not know.....I feel I am.....thanks so much for all the support from all around this beautiful world....

and when i like something I tend to accumulate many of them(smiles)

Beauty is also about the way you move, the way you speak and express yourself. It's about good health, warmth, spontaneity and charisma.

I love this.........Sasha Pivovarova at Hermès by Jean Paul Gaultier
the equestrian look and equistrian pants on women sends me.........

and this is covering all the options a Birkin for all
occassions...........I told the Jewish Princess that Lady Lee and Peepy
would be a bit impressed(smiles)

I am a germaphobe.......I hate to shake hands with people......

Wash your hands with soap and water. Wash long enough to sing the "Happy Birthday" song twice....and use alcohol if possible too!!!!

Hygiene Obsessed


besides the Sheikha and I sharing the same plastic surgeon(smiles)....we also share the same
taste in water,,,and the same of no plastic....only evian water in crystal bottle and crystal glasses......I rest my case..........

EVIAN in crystal bottles ...the only way to drink water, is in crystal bottles and crystal glasses....no plastic, YUK.

and yes, I sent them all back as they sent plastic bottles and
I only drink in crystal bottles(smiles)

yes, you know the routine....never plastic cups.....

The Queen, Her Majesty Elizabeth II: Another Beautiful Face
London has been in full patriotic swing, despite the intermittent storms.
I declare my hand up front; I am a huge fan of the Queen and always have been.
The Queen turned 90 in April and if there is ever an inspiration for older women it is she.

I watched Fred Astaire's 1935 comedy Top Hat the other night. He is of course a phenomenal dancer, but he's also a very good actor. He has an intelligence about him, which would come out even if he were give a dumb role.

and yesterday I watched por la unecima ves....two of my favorite films (Key Largo and Sabrina)....
and Bogie and Bacall.....so so it....

Sabrina- Humphrey Bogart & Audrey Hepburn - Best Scene

gummy bear breast implants


“The reason why people are huge stars is nothing to do with acting. It’s the magic.Charisma is a word that’s used too often; it’s something special, and it’s what makes stars.”

If you are coming to visit me you need to bring reading material....it might impress me
and not the gummy bears(smiles)

Darling is the word........thanks, is there a better note than this one???

I love the Maybach...........

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering.  In Wall Street lingo it means a company is "going public" Private to Public....listed on a stock exchange.....salir a cotizar en la bolsa de valores

I wish friends and lovers still wrote letters to each other, poetry to each other, or recorded their thoughts in the form of small, tangible gifts. There is nothing lovelier than receiving the innermost thoughts of another person in their handwriting, their words smeared with the side of their palm or looped in cursive ink so that they all run together. would keep them all

Usar laca ya no es cosa de abuelas........... the use of lacquer is no longer a matter of grandmothers

Lejos de apelmazar el cabello como antaño, una nueva generación de lacas ha llegado al mercado para dar brillo, aromas florales o protección térmica a las melenas más exigentes. ¿Te atreves?

Far from weighing hair as before, a new generation of coatings market has come to shine, floral aromas or thermal protection for the most demanding manes. Do you dare?

The French Kiss was invented in Paris, so surely the natives are experts on lips, oui?

I rest my case.....I had no problem figuring out this so called mystery....

“they should put me on the news for figuring this out since it’s a national mystery”—insist that Trump “went to the Beverly Hills Institute to see Dr. Mayer or Fleming” and had flap surgery “because he wanted a thick hairline [being a perfectionist].”
But as good as the Doctors are not all results are perfect depending on the individual......

Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer 

M.D., F.A.C.S. (each)

Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer work in a private practice together at the Beverly Hills Institute and have spent more than 25 years practicing plastic surgery. The two doctors are renowned in celebrity circles for their work, which is both rejuvenating and subtle. They take pride in delivering results that are nearly undetectable and for that reason are known in celebrity circles as the best in the business.....and they  have perfected the hair flap which was invented by Dr Jose Juri of Argentina....

Been there done that........

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap




Iliana Papageorgiou    one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic



Taken on my Sony NEX-5R


more tidbits
Ce que j'aime en ce moment
some of my favorite things, places people

some of my favorite things, people....places


This is a phase some women go through – the barbie doll look. 
And some requirements to acquite the look........
She should have big long hair (fill it up with extensions),
loads of make up (especially going strong with eye shadow giving you mysterious cat eyes),
as much lips as possible (lipgloss, lipstick, who cares!),
long fake nails  (acrylics)
tight short dresses that show off those curves and cleavage
and not to forget – a pair of very high heels (platform included) that screams “come and................

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


WOW <Mira Duma you are it...................

What a chic look but I am offended  by all the plastic around her(smiles)




a little take on Japan-日本,

If you ever visit Japan, you'll naturally want to be aware of what constitutes bad manners so you can avoid making a negative impression on the people you encounter there. A lot of customs are related to food or drink, for example it's polite to use the back of your chopsticks (the part you haven't been eating from) if you need to give a piece of food to someone else, and it's impolite to pour your own drink when drinking with others -- let someone else pour for you, and vice-versa. Some social taboos are related to Buddhism, and the reason why you should never stand chopsticks up in a bowl of rice is that this is reserved for funerals, done when offering a last bowl of rice to the deceased. (Surprisingly, some things we consider bad manners in the West, like slurping soup or noodles or reaching across someone's plate to get something, are fine there.)

Asada Mao - Por Una Cabeza


This is my favorite procedure provided is done with an artist with a scalpel, otherwise you will look like you came out of a wind tunnel

Shelf life: 10 to 15 years
Days hiding out at home: 5 to 7
Cost:  $11,000 to $100,000
Post-op pain factor (on a scale of 1 to 10): 5

And to me, the procedure du jour is a "chinplant," the popularity of which skyrocketed by 71 percent from the previous year for reasons science will never quite figure out. For $2,000 to $5,000, surgeons will take a scalpel to your lower lip or chin, and insert an implant into the soft tissue to create a more authoritative jaw. While it probably won't make you the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the thinking goes that at least you'll kind of look like one from your neck to your lower lip.

Nazarian Plastic Surgery – Revision Skincare – Beverly Hills

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

Sheikha Mozah looks BEYOND elegant & chic in this Dior couture dress from the Fall 2012 collection. This is one of my all time favorite looks of her, it was simple yet classic. This Dior collection is also one of favorite collections, every piece in this collection would look divine on Sheikha. So far she wore four pieces from this collection. Love love love! FYI she was in Japan in April 2014.





If you're lucky enough to be heading to Santa Monica and the coast for your business meeting, then there is only once choice: the glamorous Shutters on The Beach. The white colonial style building contrasts beautifully against the blue of the sky. We adore it here! Go for the "Healthy and Fit" - greek yogurt and muesli parfait, seasonal fruit, muffin, fresh juice and coffee or tea.

The richly nuanced scent features notes of incense, oud and olibanum
Gucci Intense oud 
Since Cartier is my scent specially made for moi...
this is good for a scent spray in a room or home

 Today I thought it would be fun to post a look that’s truly something I’m not used to seeing on Victoria Bonya. It’s casual, and It’s Nerd Chic!! I’m loving that the entire look is refreshing- Bonya’s seldom ever spotted looking so dressed down.
+ The usual Bonya:

Show The Shoulders With The Off The Shoulder
The off the shoulder blouse is the one making a comeback.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial (MUFG)




Living in the Digital World

It is clear now all we write, whether by phone, by email or on the net can never ever be deleted 
and this must change the way we think about communication. In the early days of social media, 
we did not understand the complexities of a world without “delete”. I don’t think it was 
understood that once posted it would be suspended in eternity, forever.

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

lace and leather

Today in Jewish History: June 12, 1929:  Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She would have been 87.

“The Holy One Blessed is His Name distance from us all bad, all troubles, and protect us from our enemies.”

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the 
world and life is.....

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