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שבוע טוב

Shavua tov. Wishing everyone a great week.

 Tão bom quando alguém se lembra de você todos os dias, sem ser porque ela precisa de um favor seu, mas sim porque ela sente sua falta e gosta da sua companhia. 


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 

JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

and thank you.....I just bagged the elephant...one major major sponsor...Apple, do I need
to say more....thank you....thank you...........

There is one day until Bastille Day- 1789 is the year France overthrew its monarchy and became a free nation.,,,and my late Parisian born father taught me to love this great French holiday.......

Tradition must never be forgotten..............

A Wimbledon sign hangs on an ivy covered wall at the All England Lawn Tennis Club

if you know me....if you follow my blog you know that I love palm trees,,,,,and also oil wells
fascinate me too,,,,,,I love the black gold they produce$$$$$$$$$

and Mugdha's backside is comparable with Beyonce, JLO and others........

 People may go on about how beautiful the sunset is in Key West, but Ocean Drive Miami Beach takes the win for the most beautiful sunset sight in my opinion as you would be able to see the pale colored hotels illuminates in the sun. 

“sorry” vs “I’m sorry”
“night” vs “goodnight”
“bye” vs “goodbye”
“love you” vs “i love you”
all have two different meanings

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The most riveting and perhaps entertaining part of this show is that these creatures have created their own lexicon. To that end, I've decided to delve into this strange ecosystem of portmanteaus and metaphors, to give you all you need to know about the #RKOBH:
Here are a few

A is for Asian as in Dorothy Wang

B is for Barneys. It is crucial to live within a reasonable distance (5 miles) to this high-end department store.

B is also for Boobs.

B is also for Birkins. These are very expensive bags, especially if you get them in alligator or crocodile. No matter how expensive the bag is, it is an ultimate embarrassment to show up to a shopping excursion and have the same Birkin as your shopping buddy.

B is also for #BlackCardWorkout. This is when you go on a big shopping spree and give your American Express Black Card a “workout.”

more on my next post!!!!

gummy bear breast implants


Azzedine Alaïa  is truly a petite gentleman, but a giant when it comes to his skill and work

What distinguishes Alaïa from the Chanels and Louis Vuittons of this world is that focusses on clothes rather than "it-bags, perfume and sunglasses. Much like Bottega Veneta, Alaïa stands for discreet luxury. Alaïa only holds fashion shows when he has something to show (so that does NOT include coutoure, pret-a-porter, pre-fall, pre-summer and cruise collection). He does not care about promotion: even at the height of his fame he showed his collection in Paris three weeks later than Paris fashion week.

GOLD sends me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it.........

Gordon Gekko........listen closely to his quote "better than........."

"I have passed by many eyes, but i only got lost in yours" (smiles)

the strawberries are great except for the can cokes....would have been perfect with
crystal bottle coca cola.............

Beverly Hills is the home of beautiful people leading fabulous lives. It doesn't matter if you're a Los Angeles native or visiting Southern California, everyone knows that Beverly Hills is home to the best plastic surgeons in the world.
In Beverly Hills, plastic surgeons have been helping the rich and famous to defy time for years but few better than Dr. Francis R. Palmer III. He was voted one of "The World's Best" plastic and cosmetic surgeons, he is an artist, author and creator of the "The Palmer Code™". 

Air Kiss

to blow a kiss..........

to kiss one's hand, then blow across it as if to carry the kiss through the air to another person

He sings:

I haven't seen anyone more beautiful than you, I wish I was beside you. I don't know what we will feel when we are sitting together.

been there done that

thigh gap

no thigh gap

Piernas Kilometricas

Palmeras Kilometricas

Giorgia and Guilia Tordini two of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic



more tidbits

you can say she is normal....that she does not care or is not rich enough to have a driver take her around NYC.....

Anyways I think this is a perfect example of an outfit for a Casual day, and if you’re curious to know who is the designer behind Irina Shayk’s romper, it’s by Lilly Pulitzer ( +Irina Shayk has been featured in their ad campaigns) and it is called the Deanna print romper. while the purse is a Birkin.

which is your style

Polina Kitsenko. She's co-owner and buyer for the Podium boutique Moscow. She is a definite trendsetter and I applaud her major style chutzpah!

Our amazing ice child CCC looking at home among the cameras, white shirts, red lipstick and cold cold daylight on the cold marble.

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

Lady Lee Puengboonpra

The lady with the big hair and big bling recently celebrated celebrated her Bday. She has cut back on her partying, preferring to keep in touch with friends via Line, but when she does go out, it is usually in the company of Monlahcha Skulthai and Siriyos Devahastin Na Ayudhya.

a little take on Japan-日本,

One aspect of Japanese people is the tendency for them to shrug off difficult decisions 
or challenges by saying "Shikata ga nai," which means "It's can't be helped."
 (A more colloquial version of this is "Sho ga nai.") From national economic policy 
to the problem of men groping women on crowded trains to complaining about the 
price of lettuce this week, Japanese seem to be uniquely able to throw up their hands 
and say in effect, oh well, there's no way to solve that problem so I won't do anything 
about it.



“Facial contouring” refers to surgeries that change the shape of part of your face—such as 
your nose, ears, or chin. Some of these changes can be subtle, while others can 
be quite dramatic and noticeable. The result depends on your goals, so it is important to find a 
plastic surgeon that listens to you and is experienced in the procedures you’re considering. - 

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

Sheikha Mozah was carrying dark brown  Birkin 30cm Shiny Crocodile Tote Bag. This bag is the epitome of luxury and costs around $85, 000 (if it is custom-made then up to $120,000). It goes great with her dark brown couture suit which might be from Jean Paul Gaultier.

5 Interesting Facts Revealed in the Financial Times Interview with Sheikha Mozah

Sheikha Mozah sat down with Financial Times editor Roula Khalaf for an interview. 

1. She is on a gluten-free diet. 
2. The £200million mansion in London is her son Tamim’s and something she’s never set eyes on. 
3. She says she is her own stylist: she likes to sketch and sometimes works with top designers on her outfits. She said: “It’s my mental treat. When I’m exhausted, I go to my dressing room and go through my closets and I try to mix things and fix things. I don’t have a stylist because I wouldn’t find anyone that would understand what I want.”
4. On her style: “My style is to be in something that respects tradition and is at the same time modern and practical.” 
5. She won’t reveal her favorite designer. She wore Gianvito Rossi heels at the interview, she said it is simple and practical, she has them made specially for her and bought in different colors




paris france

Fill In The Blanks: French Favourites

My most memorable taste of France is — there are far too many to name only one
Wild strawberries, salted caramel macarons, ripe figs from the garden, , fois gras and apricot confit, chevre and I can go on and on…

Boulangeries or pâtisseries boulangeries
Boulangeries are such a unique part of life in France. Standing in line at the boulangerie, watching the French come and go about their daily life, is a simple but rewarding pleasure.

Who is your favourite French actress — Marion Cotillard
Ever since A Good Year I have been a big fan.

 French girl, red lipstick or not — a big yes
The Red lip is the best make-up tip of all. 

A French expression I love is — coup de foudre
A bolt of lightning, which evolves to mean, “love at first sight”. 

When you imagine Paris, what is the signature scent — Eau D'orange Verte by Hermès

My favourite French fashion designer is — Raf Simons for Dior
The Dior collections seem to become more magical each season; dresses to dream of.

The favourite arrondissement in Paris is The 16th arrondissement is known for its 
high-end shops and embassies.

Will you play? I would love to know about your French favourites?

the "King of Cool"

DINO - Dean Martin (born Dino Paul Crocetti; June 7 -1917 – December 25, 1995)   one of the few people that Frank Sinatra admired and respected....he was a great actor and singer.....suave, elegant...very Italian as he was born in Italy and brought to America in early life.

And in his television show- Mad Men......Don Draper is Mr Cool......

Picolé de melancia? Sim

Editora Globo (Foto: Editora Globo)

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

White Hot Miami..............

Am Yisrael Chai!!

The native name of Israel is Yisrae'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.....

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