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Chanukah is coming……


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Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

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O Professor Ivo Pitanguy

Dr. Ivo

The world’s most famous plastic surgeon DR IVO PITANGUY- RJ-BOTAFOGO-BRASIL
  Ivo Pitanguy is famous throughout the world, but in his native Brasil he’s a legend, eclipsed in public recognition only by Pelé, the soccer g-d. That a plastic surgeon could reach this level of renown says something about the Brazilian worship of physical beauty and, of course, Pitanguy’s knack with the knife.  
A woman I have known for many years did something to her face not all that long ago, and for a few weeks afterward, I was not able to put my finger on it. Did she get her eyes done? Restylane injections? Botox? Then I thought, she got a face-lift.
 Then one day, about a month later, I ran into her at a party and she looked stunning. The puffiness had settled, the fire under the skin had gone out. Even her lips looked like they belonged on her face. They were shaped just like her old lips, but … juicier. Her whole face looked as if it had been pushed out and plumped up—not unlike a slightly tired but still very stylish down-filled sofa that looks almost new if you keep those cushions fluffed. Icannot say that she looked exactly like her old self—but so close! A fantastic approximation! An uncanny resemblance! She looks like a very impressive artist’s rendering of her..........and her surgeon as I finally surmised was: Dr Ivo Pitanguy, and alas he is great but  for me my doctor is the absolutely best :) (Dr Steven M Hoefflin...Michaelangelo to me)..and if you don't know than you don't know.


The Filipino philosophical expression "Bahala na!" is usually interpreted as a fatalist remark, comparable to "Whatever will be, will be", the expression and its meaning might have been altered throughout the ages. It might have originally been "Bathala na!" ("As God wills it!"), but was changed at one point in time. It might also be uttered when the Filipino has exhausted all possible ways to get out of a difficult situation. A modern fuller version of the phrase is "Bahala na ang Diyos!

The Stairway to heaven....I bet you've never seen anything like this

One of the looks that Rathi will wear in Miami for Miss Universe.........

Joyeux anniversaire, DM !!
Comme on ne peut pas fêter ça avec toi aujourd’hui, on écoute du Vanessa da Mata et on dévore des macarons en pensant à toi !
Bisous ++++

The first one is the better version(smiles)........

All I Want for Christmas Is... Jews

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

She has her NYSE badge......thanks to JG....really

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ninguém recusa um pão quentinho com manteiga, muito menos aquele cafezinho bem passado acompanhado de um bolo gostoso


In the canon of cult-worthy designers, Azzedine Alaïa exists in a rarified space outside the rest. Like a mystical force in the fashion field, his collections follow no calendar, rigorous cycle, or even standard trends. Yet, his collections entrance audiences from editor to buyer and can be spotted in a sea of frocks thanks to a signature silhouette that can best be described as wholly feminine.

Get Yourself Some Alaïa

Azzedine Alaïa’s list of accomplishments is both long and varied. He is the master of the laser-cut and seamless-knit, virtuoso of the curve-hugging, incomparably flattering frock with just the right amount of flounce and flou. He also:
- has dressed maybe every supermodel since the term was born
- was, legend has it, so beloved by Greta Garbo that she would visit his studio in disguise to avoid the paparazzi, rarely missing a fitting.
 So, if you've got great taste (you must) and some cash burning a hole in your pocket, buy at least one piece it will last for posterity.

Oh, to plié in red-soled ballet slippers!

Christian Louboutin Makes Dita Von Teese Custom Ballet Slippers!...how special

Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Louis Vuitton Petit Malle
Even though it's super small it holds the necessities a woman needs for a night out..its elegance and exclusivity trumps everything.....

gummy bear breast implants


If ever someone tries to convince you that there is only one path to success just remind yourself that Miuccia Prada earned a PhD in political science then became a mime then a member of the Italian communist party then a woman's rights activist then became one of the world's most iconic designers then opened an art gallery: and is now the ninth richest woman in the world.

Is beauty more coveted than intellect?

Rathi Menon in Denim....she looks great....

never plastic....never in a can....always crystal

Obrigado....I got a kiss from each color.....

been there done that........

thigh gap

no thigh gap



Natasha Barnard one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic


Lily Aldridge 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 1

more tidbits

There are many I can assure you. I will first present the classic ones that more less “every” it girls owns.

Hermès Birkin Bag
Hermès Birkin Bag
Hermès Birkin Bag



Price: £6,000 to £100,000 / $9,600 to $160,440 / €7,100 to €119,000
This bag got named after the singer Jane Birkin since the CEO of Hermès Jean-Louis Dumas sat next to her on a flight in 1984. She complained she couldn’t find a leather bag she liked & from there the Birkin Bag got born. The design itself is based on a bag from 1892, like the original one, Birkin Bag is always hand made which makes it two full days for each bag to get created by it’s artisans.
This bag is a true status symbol for jet setters, with it’s famous 6 year long waiting list and a price tag of $$$$$$$. Depending on material used, the cost range varies between £6,000 to £100,000.

Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag
Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag
Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag
Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag


Price: Depending on size, see example below for the Large Flap bag
The 2.55 Flap bag got released in February 1955 by Coco Chanel (hence the name 2.55) but when Karl Lagerfeld took over as a creative director in 1983, the bag got reissued in it’s original design but with slight changes.
Today I would claim the Chanel 2.55 exist in every wardrobe. The bag comes in a wide range of colors, either in matte lamb skin or caviar finish.
Dior Lady Dior Bag
Dior Lady Dior Bag
Dior Lady Dior Bag


Price: £1,427 to £2,600 / $1,850 to $3,900 / € 1,700 to €3,100
The story behind the Lady Dior hand bag is actually connected to Britain’s former Princess Diana. Back in September 1995 France´s First Lady Bernadette Chirac gave Diana a Dior stitched leather handbag with a dangling letter charms (apparently, the stitched square pattern on the bag was inspired by the Napoleon III chairs used in Dior’s first ever fashion show in 1947). Diana instantly fell in love with the design and was snapped on various visits toting her bag, the house renamed their bag ‘Lady Dior’ in her honor.
These days the Lady Dior bag comes in many variations and is one of the most popular bags worn by it girls...
Hermès Kelly Bag
Hermès Kelly Bag
Hermès Kelly Bag
Hermès Kelly Bag
Hermès Kelly Bag


Price: approx £4,500 / approx $8,000 / approx € 5,500
The Kelly was made in the Thirties but became famous in 1956 when a pregnant Princess Grace Kelly used different versions of the bag to cover hide her expanding stomach in a bid to hide her condition from the press. It takes around 18 hours to make a single Kelly bag, and it’s a favorite of many celebrities past and present, including Victoria Beckham, who has a huge collection of Birkins and Kellys.



An international Russian girl with a sense of style.......

fwbvk. Lena-Perminova-PFW-

It is a fact that lately, even more women from Russia are emerging as icons in the never-ending fashion cycle. But we have to admit that some of them really got that thing that converts them from fashion victims, to fashion leaders.

Helena Perminova is one of that girls. Being the wife of the Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev and a true beauty

Her style, not that minimalistic, has a certain dynamic that catches the viewer’s attention. It is characterised by a kind of romanticism which, however, is broken down by some more mannish, or formal, or even rock elements. And that is why street photographers love her!

Claire Courtin-Clarins The Ninth Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards - Inside Arrivals
Claire Courtin-Clarins Louis Vuitton New Boutique Opening - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture F/W 2013
Claire Courtin-Clarins - Sidaction Gala Dinner 2012

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

👭👭👬 "THE NIGHT is STILL YOUNG!!!!!"  Peepy With P'Anna  (Birthday Girl) & P'Pan  (Super DJ) , P'Joy , P'Ann , P'Pui , Bundit , P'Nina , P'Golf , P'Boy , P'Yung , N'Nin , N'Nmon , N'Fah At  Yellow Mafia Club.

Peepy's accesories for a night out........

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a little take on Japan-日本,

If you've listened to spoken Japanese at all you've probably noticed the word です desu, often pronounced with the last vowel reduced so that it sounds like "dess." This word is basically the verb "to be" in its formal form. It's really simple to use: if you want to say "I am John" just say ジョンです John desu and if you want to state your nationality, just say アメリカ人です America-jin desu or カナダ人です Canada-jin desu or whatever. The subjects of Japanese sentences are usually left off if the meaning is clear from the context, but if you wanted to clarify that you're talking about yourself and not, say, Michelangelo, you could say 私はジョンです watashi wa John desu (lit. As for me, I'm John). If someone pointed to an apple on a table and asked you what it was, you could say りんごです ringo desu, which works when discussing the drummer of the Beatles, too. The desu sentence ending is a formal word, useful for making a good impression on Japanese you might try talking to, especially if they're older than you.

If you're planning an extended trip to Japan you might want to hit the 日本三景 nihon sankei, the Three Most Beautiful Views of Japan, which are the gnarled Japan Pines of Matsushima near Sendai in the Tohoku area, the view from the top of Amano Hashidate Mountain in Kyoto and the famous "floating Japanese arch" at Miyajimanear Hiroshima.


San Francisco Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Dino Elyassnia
Today Dr. Elyassnia practices the full spectrum of plastic surgery in San Francisco while maintaining a focus on cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body.  Dr. Elyassnia is a caring individual who is in constant pursuit of perfection and takes great pride in his work
Modern day facelifts involve making some form of incision around the ears, separating the skin from the deeper tissues, lifting and repositioning the deeper tissues in the cheeks and jawline, and finally trimming redundant skin. This is the basic definition of a facelift. It primarily lifts tissue in the lower face producing an improvement in the sagging tissues of the cheeks, around the mouth, and jawline (jowl).

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

  HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

Mozah......Queen of fashion

Sheikha Mozah in Morocco



The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England's Most Notorious Queen

Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor


Paris And First Impressions

Paris and first impressions.

Imagine Paris in the late afternoon, driving along the banks of the Seine through a winter landscape. Bare can be so very beautiful, so serene.

The dappled light, thrown wide over the river, whispered sweet nothings; the scene gave me such a sense of calm and familiarity.

Familiarity in a great sense, in the warmest sense.

Even when the clouds cover up… or the rain threatens…

Paris shines.

Sidewalk cafes…

The Georges Pompidou…

Long, long legs…

Hidden courtyards…

Corner buildings… windows and shutters flung wide for a glimpse of the sun.

And flowers… more and more flowers… 

One Shot

Do you ever find yourself spiraling down the YouTube vortex of endless videos?

Perhaps this past weekend? I recently came across this video from OK Go (do you remember them from their treadmill video as well?). Here’s the thing… at first, I thought this must be digitally altered with special effects and some magic retouching — but it wasn’t.
They shot close to fifty continuous takes with 2,328 dancers in synchronization!! Opening and shuttingumbrellas to make patterns and words that were filmed from above by (what else??) a drone.

What I think is so special about OK Go’s video clip is the thought and time they take to film them — these videos are really pieces of art…

some of my model friends, swear by this kit.....


2 Girls, 1 Dress.

and by the way they also have the same breast implants!!!!


una palabra muy usada en España..........a word that is used quite often in Spain


(or-ter-ah) Tacky, in bad taste.
  1. <esa tía es una hortera oxigenada que hace footing en el escenario porque no sabe bailar>(Lady Gaga)
  2. <se presentó con un pantalón a cuadros muy hortera>
and the fashion world and many models many times have the look of horteras.........

sorry for those who like Lady Gaga but she often has the Hortera look......and many times rich NR Russian girls do it too....they exaggarate too much....

"i'm still waiting for you, and loving you more than the first day"

We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible.

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