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Shabbat Shalom, friends! שבת שלום!
May you have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat!

To whom it may concern(smiles)
(ani ohev otachאני אוהב אותך


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 

JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

WOW!!! Yuna-Kim a woman with gloves really "sends me"

Piernas de Oro.....

So Beautiful

The one-piece used to be the modest, cover-up option when it came to women’s swimsuits. No longer. Ladies, prepare to show everything.

And by the way someone asked me about American Apparel why so many references...it is simple they are the biggest sponsor of the Tidbits...and I have

to say that this girl strikes me as one of the most exotic ones....what do you think?

Let’s Play A Game: Fill In The Blanks

ten things revealed about you
I have always loved short and sharp word games.

Let’s have a little fun and get to know each other better.

I never leave the house without —- 

This time next year I hope to be —-

My biggest guilty pleasure is —-

Something that always cheers me up is —- 

My worst habit is —- 

The best part of my day is —- .

My biggest pet peeve is —-.

The best gift ever given to me —-

If I am feeling down I boost my confidence with —

I’d love you to fill in the blanks; I always want to get to know more about you, 

and this sign does not mean "Go Longhorns"  it means cornuto(a) cheated-on husband (wife)

Mugdha Godse made her Bollywood debut with the film Fashion (2008), alongside Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. She was nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut and won the Apsara Award for Best Female Debutante. -

(I was asked to post this again, from the early early tidbits)

Willi Geller

Willi Geller sits at the pinnacle of a barely known and surprisingly artistic profession: dental ceramist.
Anglophone disciples call him master. The Italians, maestro. But Willi Geller,considered by many to be the world’s leading dental ceramist, is far from a household name—even among most dentists. After all, the exorbitantly priced, artisanally handpainted ceramic teeth he crafts in Zurich, Switzerland, have just one identifying feature: They’re nearly impossible to tell from the real thing.

 An upper arch of 14 veneers, for instance, can take up to a week to craft, and a single veneer can cost as much as $3,200. It’s a price many patients are more than happy to pay. “I consider him to be an artist, absolutely an artist,” says Tel Aviv cosmetic dentist Ady Bayer

“He’s sort of like the guru of dental ceramics—and the unsung hero,” says Manhattan cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg
and JG says thank you Willi Geller

gummy bear breast implants


 “Ganbatte” which contains all sense of “Cheer up, Bear up, Keep your chin up, Be courageous, With this single word, we can portray all meaning of encouragement. I think perhaps, Chinese word, “加油 - Jia you” well corresponds to “Ganbatte” in its sense and function.

and this one in London is one of my favorites..........

Magazine stands like this one , always give me exhiliration....the thought of buying up all my favorites magazines and gaining more knowledge in the process has no replacement....and this pleasure
lasts longer than many other daily pleasures.........

Magazine Stand, Via dei Giardini, Millano, Italia

I am not late to the party.....JG never is(smiles) but the Jewish Princess would play this song for me over and over last summer so here is to the best Jewish Princess there is.........

and yes, "I'm so fancy you already know"(smiles)


un chocolate

una mujer guapa....bella.......

C'était Très Beau

And Daphne like JG totally subscribes to the fit or fat routine of long walks...after being dropped by most fashion house for her weight gain she went to the fit and fat
and here is the result...and she did tell me, dank je wel.

Bon Mots
Today's phrase, coup de coeur, means "love at first sight," Perhaps It's the flutter in your hearts everytime you see a fantastic pair of new shoes, or hear an incredible new song.  (Obviously, you also get instantly infatuated with perfect beauty products.)or with a special person......One more thing:  coeur in French means "heart" -- and ouiit's really fun to use as a code word for a crush...

a latter-day, living matryoshka. Miroslava Duma may stand just a fraction over five feet in her size XS Wolford stocking soles, yet her towering online presence has made her virtually larger than life. The sheer ferocity of interest in her—take a peek at the Instagram comments on whatever new look of hers she has uploaded if you don’t believe me—can make it seem as if more and more Mira's of ever-increasing magnitude are revealing themselves before your very eyes.

I have a dear friend that went to Le Rosey, Château de Rosey school and always wore Christalle and I always recognised her by her fragrance.....

Late night reprieve. One of my favorite solo piano pieces of all time. Pure Bliss.

Take me to Rome....I love my new Gucci horsebit loafers.......ITALIA!ITALIA

La Perla

Murderous Row...a literal one

Avenue Foch

been there done that

thigh gap

no thigh gap

Piernas Kilometricras

Palmeras Kilometricas

Vita Sidorkina one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits



Comp Cards

Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic



more tidbits

浅田真央 : 前人未到の「3回転×8回」エイト・トリプル挑戦

she has lost the baby face look and gained curves........


All people want stability and beauty, amongst many other human (humane) necessities.

Karl Lagerfeld is celebrating his newest publication – Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld - during the Film Festival in Cannes. 

I went to an Alex Katz retrospective at the Jewish Museum, where I saw all his Ada paintings in person and was moved to tears not only by their beauty but by their DEPTH.

Mi tostada favorita

Elena Perminova

Credentials: She’s a sometimes model, so what other credentials does she need to justify her outlandishly, super-glam wardrobe?

Signature uniform: She’s ahead of the trends and a head taller than you in her Alaia stilettos.

When she’s not milking it for the cameras she’s…the girlfriend of a former K.G.B spy turned billionaire businessman who’s old enough to be her daddy. If you care, she met him while distributing drugs outside a club.

Au pays des It Girls à la vie parfaite (jeunes héritières, minces, riches, belles et toujours bien habillées)

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

ANCHAVIKA" Brand For Create "Mother'LEE & PEEPY" 

a little take on Japan-日本,

(Fun fact: 六本木 Roppingi means "six trees.") Foreigners are likely to use this word when counting chopsticks, since they're the right shape, but the counter for a pair of chopsticks is actually 善 zen, a word which Japanese themselves are often too lazy to use. Being a foreigner(Gaijin), I always go out of my way to use the correct counting word, saying something like お箸、一膳もらえますか?o-hashi, ichi-zen moraemasu ka? ("could I have a pair of chopsticks?"), mainly because Japanese don't expect gaijin to get this word right and I like to surprise them.


a few moons ago I had a discussion with a friend that was getting Breasts Implants...and I have had other conversation where I am asked which incision is the best.....I have always recommend the Tuba but there are  four options to consider....here they are.....

1.Inframammary IncisionInframammary incisions are placed underneath the breast just slightly above where the breast meets the rib cage.

2) Transumbilical Incision or TUBA: A Transumbilical incision is a C or J shaped incision placed in the folds of your belly button. A small camera is used to negotiated the surgery and very small instruments are then inserted to create a path to the breasts....leaves no scars 

3) Transaxillary Incision (Armpit): These incisions are created in the armpits and are generally 1 to 2 inches long. A short path is then created to the breasts where the implants will be placed. While there is no scar on the breast, a scar will be visible in the armpit with the arm is raised. There is also a risk of injury to a sensory nerve that can cause numbness on the inner arm.

4) Periareolar Incisions: The Periareolar incision is created around the areola. This incision is commonly used if other cosmetic breast procedures such as breast lift or areola reduction are being performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. 

for moi the best is the Tuba procedure..........

The Virtually Scarless Lower Face & Neck-Lift

In some people with lesser changes the lower face and the neck can be corrected without doing a full face-lift. Generally tiny incisions in the temple are used in combination with an incision behind the ears. This is the perfect solution for people who are considered too young for a face lift but want to have a more convincing appearance of youth.


Dr Des Fernandes
Level 3,
Renaissance Body Science Institute,
183 Bree Street,
Cape Town, 8001, SA
+27 21 424 4868

Developed the ‘Suture Suspension’ technique for restoring dropped tissues back to their original youthful place.

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

The Sheikha with Zaha Hadid

Sheikha Mozah  wearing the fabulous black couture jumpsuit from Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2014 collection. She looks absolutely gorgeous and fierce in this look, have to admit her body looks amazing!




is it worth it? I am leery of taking anything that is prescribed and even do not
like to take medicines as they all have some kind of side effects.

Nootropics, the new staple ‘brain enhancers’ in Silicon Valley that purport to increase productivity and perception, exist in an unregulated legal gray area in the U.S. In Colombia, you can pick up even the shadiest kinds over the counter. I did just that.

1991, Égoïste de Chanel

Caffè Florian
 is a coffee house situated in the Procuratie Nuove of Piazza San Marco, Venice. It was established in 1720, and is a contender for the title of the oldest coffee house in continuous operation (Antico Caffè Greco in Rome was established in 1760).

A word used by morons to insult a person of superior academic abilities.

A dear beautiful Russian friend sent me this...her caption: you will lover  her.....and I do 

Ludmilla Ivanovna Tourischeva (RussianЛюдми́ла Ива́новна Тури́щева alternate spellings:Ludmilla Turischeva; Ludmilla Tourischcheva; Ljudmila Ivanovna Turichtchieva;, born October 7, 1952 in Grozny) is a former Russian gymnast and a nine-time Olympic medalist for the Soviet Union.

And in perfect sync
  One wheel bicycle acrobatics: the new Parisian ballet at Hermes.com

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


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