Miscellaneous Tidbits 5776 - JG 25

שבוע טוב

Shavua tov. Wishing everyone a great week. Be safe.

Good morning, dolls! Have a great week

Boker Tov

Oi Meninas,
Tudo bem?!?
Espero que tenham tido um fim de semana maravilhoso!

Las preguntas hay que reservarlas para el universo........


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 
JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should

Tuesday at midnight I will begin my 24 hour vigil for my Birthday....it will be fun I have lots of fabulous activities planned.........and as always I will be fielding lots of phone calls from around the world, those wishing me a happy day....and yes, opening lots of presents(smiles)..

Nel caso in cui qualcuna di voi domani sia in centro a fare una passeggiata. 
Nel caso qualcuna di voi domani abbia voglia di caffè, biscotti e cachemire. 
Nel caso qualcuna di voi domani voglia abbracciarmi.

Ci vediamo da 
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 

Crazy!!!!! When the shop opened for H&M X BALMAIN

Wow!!!! Yuna Kim looking amazing at the Fendi's Seoul Peekaboo Project event

Slim d'Hermès watch in 12 ticks.


Slim d'Hermès watch in 12 ticks.

Ipanema near Alto Leblon

And the sponsors keep adding up....thanks......

If you do not have Bang & Olufsen(B&O)..

How To Say No? Can You?

Can you say, no?
No, two small letters that mean so much more.

No is a good word, a word that can be empowering. Saying no does not have to be petulant or disagreeable, no can be practical and therapeutic. We know this word needs to enter our vocabulary

Any  plastic surgeon worth its salt would want to create this face....
the symmetry is perfect , the angles....

I am totally guilty of this:


Someone who is obsessed with cleanliness and avoiding unsanitary surfaces. Tends to engage in excessive hand washing and fears holding or touching objects handled by other parties, lots of daily showers....and I do not like shaking hands....much prefer air kisses....

Firstly, don’t touch your skin, because your hands have a lot of bacteria. I also believe in always using alcohol gel on your hands, because everywhere we’re touching things.

When I say goodbye to someone I don’t kiss, because this also has a lot of bacteria [smiles]. Don’t kiss just anyone, that’s my advice.
Having said that, I see Dr David Colbert in New York and he has an amazing three-part treatment: the first level is basically a machine that takes away all the dirt and cleans your skin; then there’s a delicate laser that closes your pores; then the third level is an acid used like a peel. 

did you know that super-hot water doesn't help get your skin clean? "Steaming" pores really just slackens the skin, weakening its elasticity and making wrinkles more likely. To get truly clear skin, use warm water with a mild scrub

JG's formula for great skin -  thanks to my Dermatologist-Dr Frances Prenna-Jones and of course the beauty scalpel.........

Common abbreviations used in chat, emails, SMS (texto in French) or when taking notes. Here are the 10 most common French ones: 
BJR = bonjour = hi
BSR = bonsoir = have a good night, hi (in the evening)
SLT = salut
MDR = mort(e) de rire = LOL
JTM = je t'aime = I love you (I'm in love with you)
MSG = un message = message
PK = pourquoi? = why?
QQC = quelque chose = something
QQ1 = quelqu'un = someone
BZ = bisous, bises = kisses

RG tells me that Paul Andrew Shoes Will Caress You.

chez Georges, le restau en haut du Centre Georges Pompidou. C’est cher, c’est pas délicieux, les hôtesses se la pètent plus qu’une top model sur un podium de Balmain, mais la vue sur Paris est juste hallucinante et l’architecture de Beaubourg me scotche à chaque fois que je prends l’escalator pour y monter.
the restaurant on top of the Centre Georges Pompidou. It’s expensive, not that great, the hostesses are more full of themselves than a model on a Balmain runway, but the view of Paris is just amazing, and the architecture of Beaubourg gets me every time I take the escalator up.

AL does regular things and looks sometimes geekish while laboring around Miami Beach....and we have to exercise the chin area, it is becoming flax(rsrs)....and yes, she has a sense humor about this......

And Gisele got a nice eyelid surgery and new breasts....I believe it was well done.....

Super Gigi is the beautiful cover of Vogue Italia this month, amazing picture! I  the colors. And nothing better than smokey eyes and nude lips 💋 make-up by my favorite artist Pat Macgrat

gummy bear breast implants


Really.... I had a visitor to the tidbits from North Korea...perhaps the dear leader, Kim Jong Un
was bored...tired of eating fancy foods, tired of drinking his favorite cognac, tired of smoking his favorite cuban cigars...tired of his bevy of young women, tired of watching the same American movies he adores and decided to read the tidbits....I hope he did not get offended with my recent comments about him(smiles)..........while the people around him are starving he is always enjoying himself.....no, Dear Leader....it is not nice....not kosher....

"The smell of Paris is perfume
& cigarettes"

Show me feeling, show me some emotion". Try it at home, it's safe 👀

עם ישראל חי
Masada Shall Never Fall Again

Elegance is the new avant-garde. I’m fed up with extravagant clothes, that are synonymous with tastelessness, and also with badly crafted garments. I find them passé, garments a second-rank actress would wear in one of those out-of-money, small-town theaters where the costumes where badly made using unappealing fabrics

Black reigns supreme

This is your wake up call...."Money Never Sleeps"

Russian girls love fur....and so do I and I have my own Sable Jackets....

maybe she is going to attend the Victoria's Secret Show on Tuesday(smiles)

Sheikha Mozah was spotted on the street of New York in her casual clothes and I have to admit it is very different than her usual haute couture style, she looks just like a normal New Yorker.
And i wonder where are the bodyguards????  I have never seen her without them????

Spoiled by Beverly Hills (you would be longer on this waiting list than for a Hermès Birkin)....and i like it but not like my JG Cartier special cologne.....

by request from Genève


J’étais donc dans la suite gigantesque du Hôtel de Crillon  à me balader en shootant tout ce qui me passait sous le nez, quand sort de la 4ème salle de bains une créature de rêve, dans une robe de rêve, avec un sourire en émail diamant massif de publicité. Je lui dis hello.

Been there done that

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap

Piernas Kilometricas

Palmeras Kilometricas

Ujjwala Raut one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic



more tidbits

Ce que j’aime en ce moment

some of my favorite things, people....places



While I thought I'd seen it all in the way of custom Hermès, I've never laid eyes on the likes of Abdulaziz's Birkin, hand-studded by  Eddie Borgo. Ditto the travelling beauty salon she rolls with. I am  talking enough Oribe to stock Andy LeCompte and enough Tom Ford to supply the counters at Bergdorfs. But we mean, what else would you expect from one of the first buyers (we're talking in the entire world) to latch onto everyone from Erdem,Prabal GurungMary Katrantzou and Jason Wu? And if this is what she brought for a week in Paris.

and less is so much more

“It” girls: Get “tons” of sleep, entertain “constantly,” and “be yourself.” Oh, and this: “When you’re trying on clothes, look at yourself sitting down and look at your reflection from the back side.”

Que tiempos...por Deus.......!!!!!!


Não sei como termina, mas sei como começa ..
Charlie Brown Jr. - Meu Novo Mundo * 

They look like vagrants(smiles) but they are both very very wealthy via their Rich Russian husbands....

CCC in Alaia

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........


️👬👭 PEEPY With P'Arng , P'Poom , P'Micky , P'Pueng , P'Koong At "THE RITZ LONDON

Lady Lee Pheungboonpra (ABL) in Velvet And Orange

Lee Pheungboonpra2
I finally figured out why the forums call her ABL. it stands for AstroBoy Lady! Here she is again, amongst crimson-lipped ladies with her dusky lilac velvet dress and shocking orange matching shoe-and-Hermes Bolide combination. Don't forget the gigantic jewelry and Astroboy.
All hail Lady Lee.

a little take on Japan-日本,

What's the difference when using the third person to refer to oneself instead of words like 私、僕、or 俺?
One of the cuter -- or possibly creepier -- things that Japanese girls do is refer to themselves in the third person. (I think is cute and I like it)
Usually, Japanese girls will use their own names in place of a first-person pronoun at a young age, then when they start school and begin interacting with other girls will switch toatashi, a feminine version of watashi, the most common word for "I" in Japanese

やった (yatta).


A growing number of people are combining facelift and eyelid procedures to try and fight the signs of ageing.

Excess, stress, pollution,… the body accumulates each day of the toxins which slow down the organic functions and can generate tiredness, lack of energy and scrambled dye.
Oenobiol Detox helps to purify the corps interior and to give  energy and lightness.

David A Hidalgo, MD, PC

Dr. David Hidalgo, MD

"Art and science intersect at plastic surgeon David Hidalgo's office on Manhattan's Park Avenue.  The prescription for eternal youth."
"The latest designer handbag may be recognizable from 50 yards, but according to plastic surgeon David Hidalgo, MD, the results of "designer" plastic surgery should be almost invisible. "Skillful surgery doesn't stand out," he says. "It blends in."

and women brag about their Hidalgos(Dr Hidalgo's breast implants)...........

Scarlett Johansson Breast Implants

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

She is Chic Chic Chic

The fashion icons always share the same taste and style despite the differences in time, geography and culture.

Sheikha Mozah vs Jackie Kennedy

Denni Patzcuaro arch 1
Denni Patzcuaro arch 4
Denni Patzcuaro arch 5
Denni Patzcuaro 1



Grammar in Plain English


Burberry, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

Is there anything more British than Burberry?
Show me some double breasting, fine tailoring and a patch of plaid and nothing speaks “Old Blighty” more.
Burberry, as a classic, is re-interpreted over and over by the brightest young things and is one brand that truly spans the generations.
158 years old and as distinctive and as relevant as ever… merging English heritage with fashion’s cutting edge is what Burberry does so well.

It’s an old story but there is nothing sexier than a woman in a belted overcoat and heels.

Burberry, Kate Moss, Showpieces, Vicki Archer

Elsa Pataky
La ropa interior es para quitársela'

Let there be print!

This is a book everyone should read...........it exposes the lies of Global Warming

one of my favorites places of all.....

If it is fish you are looking for then this place is a must. Within sight of the Burj this spot is about as far away from the luxury end of Dubai as you can get but the food is out of this world. Don't be put off by the scene, do as those in the know seem to do...

uno de mis lugares favoritos para comer es " La Dorada" en Madrid pero desde el 1999 hay una sucursal en Coral Gables y constantemente vamos alli.....y la comida es igual que en Madrid....

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


Zion is one of the Biblical names for Jerusalem. 

Someone asked me this question?

What is the difference between a Jew, a Hebrew, an Israeli and a semitic person?

The words are not interchangeable, and don't mean the same thing. They are not considered offensive when used in proper context -- but then, you can say that about almost any word, can't you?
Jew refers to religion. Hebrew is a language and is also used to refer to people who speak that language. An Israeli is a resident of Israel (All Israeli's are not Jewish) and Semitic refers to a race of people. Traditionally, the Semites are people who are descendants of Shem (book of Genesis) and this includes the Hebrews, Arameans, Phoenicians, Arabs and Assyrians. 

Till we meet again......Shalom to all of you

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the 
world and life is.....

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