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We have no other land 

I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.
-Walt Whitman


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 
JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should

11-11  - 
The countdown of the 24 hours

Cheers....I stayed up all 24 hours of my Birthday....it was Fabulous, any better would be a sin. And both the Jewish Princess and myself were overwhelmed with all the calls, emails, sms messages from around the world....the presents were great but more important the thoughts behind them. I spent my time reading, taking phone calls from all over the world, I watched some of my favorite movies, my daily long walk, some mini-retouches from one of the best dermatologists in the world and some nice private visits.
and modestia parte even Google sent its regards with a doodle for moi

what i want, when i want, who i want

Here are some of the activities and presents during my 24 hour Birthday vigil

You think you only have to be born with the perfect body measurement and a barbie face?
You think that going to the gym everyday for a few hours is good enough?
Then think twice because PERSONALITY is also KEY!
It goes for any woman in a beauty competition.... behind the scenes decisions are as important as the stage selection process


An icon since the appearance in 1930, the Keepall embodies the spirit of modern travel. Light, supple and always ready for immediate departure, the bag lives up to its name: those adept at the art of packing can easily fit a week's wardrobe into the generously sized (and cabin-friendly) Keepall 60. Shown here in classic Monogram Canvas, with a strap for casual cross-body wear

Very Nice not surprising as she is very talented

It’s the Indian festival of Dhanteras today, signifying wealth and prosperity.

Lunedì mattina.
Ore undici e cinquanta.
I dubbi amletici.
Qualcuna di voi ha mai provato la BikiniBodyGuide di Kayla?

Insanely gorgeous... She will pull a huge fight for Miss Universe 2015 and she will strike hard as she has it all and more. Esta mujer es espectacular.

and yes,
¡Nunca faltan los 'arreglitos'! ¡Revelador antes y después de Laura Spoya!

And all Misses have work done so she is entitled to do so too.....

J'adore over-knee boots 

One of the best-kept beauty secrets is lingerie.
You are thinking how is lingerie a beauty secret?
Lingerie is a very powerful beauty secret because it makes women feel fabulous and if they feel fabulous their confidence grows, happiness soars and they are all round more attractive women.



gummy bear breast implants


I am excited about the Square(SQ) ipo in NYSE it will be a winner.....

Even the angels do it!!!

Leonie & Behati have very healthy tongue. I hate it when girls do it and their tongue are all white... Gross!

Black Reigns

E chissà dove va finire l’amore. Se si dissolve, se si trasforma o se – semplicemente – si nasconde come certi maglioni che dimentichiamo sul fondo dell’armadio.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show returned to NYC tonight, bringing together some of the hottest models and musical acts of 2015. Newcomers like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid strutted down the runway with VS veterans like Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge, while Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, and The Weekndperformed.

Pics of last night's Victoria Secret Show that you will not find out anyplace else....

Elsa Hosk, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio all hug totally naturally while in their knickers. No girls in the background on the left are jealous.

And AL is still the best so stop trying to get her to retire.........

The elixir of beauty sleep; we know it’s good, we know it works and we know we need more of it.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel
What would Coco say about JLO at 46 doing this?

Jennifer Lopez shows off toned bum as she rolls back the years in raunchy performance 

Been there done that

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap

Piernas Kilometricas

Palmeras Kilometricas

Linda Morelli one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits





Love of the Babushka.......Babushka Chic



more tidbits

Ce que j’aime en ce moment

some of my favorite things, people....places

Rows and rows of Louboutins in every color.

Chanel brooch is on every it girl this season

To buy in store, the Chanel brooch is not crazy expensive in comparison to their other items. You can get a nice one between 300-500£.

Once upon a time, the rich were content to be rolling in it quietly. Rather than advertising their enormous wealth, the aristocracy preferred, by and large, to live lives of obscure luxury.
Then came the Russians.

The sine qua non of this new bracket of oversharing billionaires is Elena Perminova, a Russian model blessed with high cheekbones, a snub nose, elfin looks, and a phenomenally wealthy husband almost twice her age, press baron Alexander Lebedev (he’s 55, she’s 28).

Claire Courtin-Clarins custom Thierry Mugler

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

Peepy at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

 PEEPY With P'Pueng ,
 P'Micky "Enjoy Shopping Day!!!

a little take on Japan-日本,


There are many reasons to like Japan. Hot towels handed to you at most every restaurant. Trucks that warn you they're backing up by playing the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade song. Walking behind a convenience store and finding a beautiful hundred year old Shinto shrine. Japan is also the land of some amazing desserts, and if you go there you'll probably discover some new taste treats. Japan's dessert world can be divided into two groups: 和菓子 wagashi, Japanese sweets such as taiyaki or kompeito and Kyoto candy; and 洋菓子 yohgashi or Western sweets, a word which covers everything from baumkuchen cakes to Kit Kat to the cutest doughnuts in the universe


Despite having the resources and the money, many times Celebs botch their plastic surgeries....but here a few of the good ones....

Alexa Ray Joel, the 24-year old daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley had a nose job to help give her nose a more narrow shape and get rid of the somewhat bulbous tip

Catherine Zeta Jones

Gwyneth Paltrow

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

"Les Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

Perfection has a name and it is Sheikha Mozah. Pure elegance and class. She looked beyond spectacular in white Valentino couture gown with amazing cape. This look is so chic and classic! One of my all time favorite looks of her.





She’s a trifecta; actress, model, singer. . .and pageant queen. Yeah, she’s so beautiful.


The British retailer brought together some of the industry's top rising talents, including Bella Hadid, Ella Richards and more.

Coldplay‘s seventh album, “Head Full of Dreams”, will be released on December 4. The first single to drop, “Adventure of a Lifetime”, is really good. Sadly, this album is said to be their last.

Cristiano posa junto a Ancelotti en la presentación de su película


hoi polloi........: the general populace : masses

Suzanne Koller is the editor in chief of Self Service and the fashion director at Vogue Paris, two of my very favorite magazines. I’m inspired by the Austrian stylist’s personal style—denim, capes, platforms, and over sized sunglasses

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


 They say that ׳כל המתאבל על ירושלים זוכה ורואה בשמחתה׳, All that mourn on Jerusalem gain the privilege to attend and see its celebration.”
May we all merit to attend Jerusalem’s celebration!

I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the 
world and life is.....

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