Miscellaneous Tidbits 5776 - JG 32

Modeh Ani - Modeh מודה אני‎; "I give thanks,"
Modei ani l’fonecha… Thank YouHashem

Coming Soon…. 

Hanukkah Sufganiyot

"I thank G-d for you, Mom."

Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 
JGsome thoughts and actions to think aboutand you should

To those who celebrate Thanksgiving day in USA and around the world....Best Wishes......

and thank you Louis Vuitton............

Elegance. Sit like a Queen. Sheikha Mozah of elegance.

And as I mentioned many times before this is how you should wear all black but with
beige or brown shoes.....chic muy chic....

Louis Vuitton est une maison française de maroquinerie de luxe, mais également de prêt-à-porter depuis l'aube des années 2000, fondée en 1854 par le malletier, plus tard maroquinier, Louis Vuitton (1821-1892) dont l'œuvre est poursuivie par ses descendants. Louis Vuitton Malletier est la première marque du groupe LVMH - Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton fondé en 1987 par le rapprochement de la maroquinerie Vuitton et des Champagne Moët & Chandon, et propriété du milliardaire Bernard Arnault depuis 1989.

Meet the Pope of Fashion; Bernard Arnault, owner of Henessy, Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Christian Dior, and about 55 more brands

over 12,000 dollars of Louis Vuitton........ 

USC football honors Paris attack victims with helmet stickers

This is nice...........

Lauren Bacall was beautiful, and the way she dressed in this movie as well is the other is
elegant.....and Gregory Peck always was one of the best

When movie people were sexy without baring themselves or talking porn lines. Great movie, great talents. Bacall was truly a wonderful actress and a beautiful woman.



RG -there are not enough adjectives to describe her(smiles)....so I will just throw out a few....Bellisima...Bon Chic Bon Genre....intelligent.....well mannered...classy....sophisticated...a JEW....you get the picture? I rest my case!!! 

Japan is the land of polite capitalism

yes...i also like Indian models.....

adding to my iPhone collection........

Fountain es una marca que está despegando lentamente, pero no me cabe duda de que dará el pelotazo muy pronto. Right now, me parece que ofrecen los suplementos de belleza más elaborados y eficaces del mercado. Son unos pequeños botes de 240 ml, y cada uno de ellos contiene una serie de vitaminas y concentrados que nos ayudarán a conseguir un objetivo en concreto: uno es para el cabello, otro es para conseguir una piel luminoso, otro para retrasar el envejecimiento… Todos tienen algo en común: son belleza líquida, preparada y lista para beber.
Fountain is a brand that is taking off slowly, but I have no doubt that given the pitch very soon. Right now, I think beauty supplements offer more elaborate and effective market .. They are small containers of 240 ml, and each contains a number of vitamins and concentrates that will help us achieve a specific goal, one it's hair, another is to get a luminous skin, another to delay aging ... all have something in common: they are liquid beauty, prepared and ready to drink.

El resvetarol es el antioxidante más fuerte que existe, y la industria de la belleza lo ha bautizado como El Elixir de la Juventud. Es el componente que debéis buscar si queréis retrasar el envejecimiento, pero siempre con una visión a largo plazo. Si queréis empezar en serio con esto de los suplementos, es uno de los primeros que deberíais comprar
Resveratrol is the strongest antioxidant that exists, and the beauty industry has dubbed The Elixir of Youth. It is the component that you should look for if you want to delay aging, but always with a long term vision. If you want to begin in earnest this supplements, is one of the first that you should buy

Muy pronto os hablaré de su hermano gemelo, la botellita The Glow Molecule
Very soon I will speak of its twin brother, the bottle The Glow Molecule

requested all the way from Menorca......gracias Leticia.......

y este ritmo se te va quedar en tu mente cuando oirlo.........y que onda con los bailarines(sonrisas)

why haven't you ever seen a Lamborghini commercial before? Because the
people who can afford them aren't sitting around watching television.


Arcangel - 50 Sombras de Grey [Dance Video] performed by Arcangel
desde la Isla del Encanto....Puerto Rico.....la melodia...la coreografia....las bailarinas...
la combinacion de negro con rosado.....WOW......lindo video.......

A-listers from as far as London and Los Angeles head to the Sydney cosmetic physician Joseph Hkeik for his finesse with fillers. A trained sculptor, he approaches faces with an artist’s eye and claims he can erase 10 years in one session. 

gummy bear breast implants



IPO stands for Initial Public Offering.  In Wall Street lingo it means a company is "going public" Private to Public....listed on a stock exchange.....salir a cotizar en la bolsa de valores.

Gordon Gekko: I più di questi laureati a Harvard non valgono un c. Serve gente povera, furba e affamata. Senza sentimenti. Una volta vinci e una volta perdi; ma continui a combattere. E se vuoi un amico, prenditi un cane.

3 things to keep private

1. Love Life 
2. Income 
3. Next Move

Levanta a mão quem nunca foi ao salão e pediu por ondas bem largas, polidas e com muito movimento iguais as das angels da Victoria’s Secret (ou da ex angel Gisele Bündchen)

"I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty."

yo no se mañana, yo no se mañana 
si estaremos juntos si se acaba el mundo 
yo no se si soy para ti si serás para mi 
si lleguemos amarnos o a odiarnos 
yo no se mañana, yo no se mañana 
quien va estar aquí 

Difficile d’imaginer qu’il a existé un monde sans téléphone portable, une époque où quand on prévoyait quelque chose, on s’y tenait. Alors que maintenant, les gens ont trop la flemme, sont trop occupés pour s’engager
It’s hard to believe there was ever a world without mobile phones, when making plans meant sticking to them. Now, people are suddenly too lazy, too busy to commit…

on Monday after receiving a late call from the Kingdom I could not go back to sleep so I watched a Japanese film "Ginza Cosmetics" from 1951 and I love the film and I loved the fact that I did not need to read the captions to understand the film...........and yes, my Japanese is ótimo

Inventa quello che non c'è perché quello che già esiste è di tutti.
Ma se riesci a trovare quello che non c'è, beh, allora hai qualcosa di solo tuo. E se qualcuno altro vede quello che vedi tu, allora hai trovato qualcuno che ti vive.
(Nothing's real but love)

Invent what is not there because what already exists is all.
But if you can find what is not there, well, then you have something unique to you. And if someone else sees what you see, then you've found someone to be with.
(Nothing's Real But Love)

been there done that

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap 



Rocio Crusset one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




Love of the Babushka - Babushka Chic



more tidbits

Ce que j’aime en ce moment

some of my favorite things, people....places

some special places around Miami.......... 

Lunch spot: Mandolin at Soho Beach House 

Dinner: Makoto

Sweet spot: Jugo Fresh 

Special place: Graziano's in the Gables

Dessert: Anything with dulce de leche

and always the "News Cafe"

And special place not in Miami

 Pizza and profiteroles from Bruno’s Pizzeria in St. Tropez

Elena Perminova

Credentials: She’s a sometimes model, so what other credentials does she need to justify her outlandishly, super-glam wardrobe?

Signature uniform: She’s ahead of the trends and a head taller than you in her Alaia stilettos.

When she’s not milking it for the cameras she’s…the girlfriend of a former K.G.B spy turned billionaire businessman who’s old enough to be her daddy. If you care, she met him while distributing drugs outside a club.

CCC in a Sable coat or in a burlap sac is amazing.

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........



a little take on Japan-日本,

I do like it.....to me is amusing and nice..............

 The practice of referring to oneself in the third person in Japanese does carry with it a nuance of juvenility and immaturity, as young Japanese girls almost exclusively refer to themselves this way. However, some women continue to refer to themselves in the third person well into their 20s or 30s, either out of habit or to emphasize an aura of 可愛さ (かわいさ, cuteness) about them.

(Fun fact: 六本木 Roppingi means "six trees.") Foreigners are likely to use this word when counting chopsticks, since they're the right shape, but the counter for a pair of chopsticks is actually 善 zen, a word which Japanese themselves are often too lazy to use. Being a foreigner(Gaijin), I always go out of my way to use the correct counting word, saying something like お箸、一膳もらえますか?o-hashi, ichi-zen moraemasu ka? ("could I have a pair of chopsticks?"), mainly because Japanese don't expect gaijin to get this word right and I like to surprise them.


The Virtually Scarless Lower Face & Neck-Lift

In some people with lesser changes the lower face and the neck can be corrected without doing a full face-lift. Generally tiny incisions in the temple are used in combination with an incision behind the ears. This is the perfect solution for people who are considered too young for a face lift but want to have a more convincing appearance of youth.


Dr Des Fernandes
Level 3,
Renaissance Body Science Institute,
183 Bree Street,
Cape Town, 8001, SA
+27 21 424 4868

Developed the ‘Suture Suspension’ technique for restoring dropped tissues back to their original youthful place.

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned 

Sheikha Mozah was hanging out with Russian couture designer Ulyana Sergeenko in Tbilisi Georgia in June. Ulyana has become Sheikha’s go-to designer for couture and apparently also become her travel companion to exotic locations. Just in this year alone, we have seen Sheikha wearing six Ulyana couture pieces.

Sheikha Mozah and Katy Perry both wore Ulyana Sergeenko couture dress from the Fall 2015 couture collection. In August Sheikha Mozah arrived in Croatia wearing this embroidered black dress; even though her version was different from the runway sample (minus the colorful pleats and plus the embroidery), still I can tell the inspiration was from this particular runway dress. Katy Perry attended the 8th Annual GO Campaign Gala wearing the runway piece. Both ladies kept the look simple and clean, I like both of the dresses, but cant say the same about Katy’s dark lips and clutch.




Cat’s Eye And Retro Cute

New York and Paris are two wonderful cities and both favourite cities of mine.

When I visit a city one of the things I do is walk, not only because it is a way to keep the body within some bounds but also to observe. I believe we learn so much through observation and watching a city at work and play is one way to do that. My interest is in fashion and style and there is no better place to learn than on the streets of Paris and New York. A metropolis is a metropolis but the small elements; the quintessential ingredients create the character and distinguish one from the other.

Kim Yuna And Kim So Young Support Social Welfare Society And UNICEF With Charity Bag Designs

is it worth it? I am leery of taking anything that is prescribed and even do not
like to take medicines as they all have some kind of side effects.

Nootropics, the new staple ‘brain enhancers’ in Silicon Valley that purport to increase productivity and perception, exist in an unregulated legal gray area in the U.S. In Colombia, you can pick up even the shadiest kinds over the counter. I did just that.

✤ I Love You ✤ From all around the world ✤
✤ Hebrew ✤ Ani ohev otakh (אני אוהב אותך) 
✤ Russian ✤ Ya tebya lyublyu ✤
✤ Farsi/Persian ✤ Dusset daaram ✤
✤ Macedonian ✤ Jas te sakam ✤
✤ Austrian ✤ Ich liebe dich ✤
✤ Italian ✤ Ti amo ✤
✤ Croatian ✤ Ja tebe volim ✤
✤ German ✤ Ich liebe dich✤
✤ Mandarin ✤ 我爱你 (wo ai ni) ✤
✤ Tagalog ✤ Mahal kita ✤
✤ Spanish ✤ Te amo & Te quiero ✤
✤ Nigerian ✤ A hurum gi nanya (Igbo) & Ina sonki (hausa) ✤
✤ Japanese ✤ 愛してる (aishiteru) ✤
✤ Lithuanian ✤ Aš tave myliu (Ash tawia miliu) ✤
✤ Russian ✤ Я тебя люблю (Ja tebja ljublju) ✤
✤ Polish ✤ Kocham cię (kocham cien) ✤
✤ Hungarian ✤ Szeretlek ✤
✤ Danish ✤ Jeg elsker dig ✤
✤ Romanian ✤ Te iubesc ✤
✤ Georgian ✤ Mikvarkar ✤
✤ Bulgarian ✤ Обичам те” (obicham te) ✤
✤ French ✤ Je t’aime ✤
✤ Australian ✤ I love you ✤
✤ Portuguese ✤ - Eu te amo ✤

Judias y Rusas no hay mejor combinacion de modelos....Jews and Russians there is no better model combination  

Lindsay Lullman, Alina Baikova, & Emilia Nawarecka for Les petites

..Italy's four mafia groups(Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian Mafia, the Camorra or Neapolitan Mafia, the 'Ndrangheta or the Calabrian Mafia, and Sacra Corona Unita or the Puglian Mafia.) now have estimated cash reserves of €65bn, making them 'Italy's biggest bank'

no plastic bottles no plastic cups...yes, only crystal bottles and glasses.

It started with Perrier. Somehow, a French company convinced people it's cool to buy bottled water. Today, Evian has surpassed Perrier in sales and now it's the chic French water of choice. 


 Make sure to go in & BUY lots.


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