Miscellaneous Tidbits 5776 - JG 47

שבוע טוב
Shavua Tov! May the coming week bring us peace & good health.

to those who celebrate this wonderful holiday.....


A lover doesn’t
discourage your
growth. a lover

‘I see who you are today,
I cannot wait to see who
you become tomorrow’


Flag for Israel
Soy Judío - Aní Yehudí  - אני יהודי 

Things I wanted you to know - 
JG: some thoughts and actions to think about, and you should

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Beauty is also about the way you move, the way you speak and express yourself. It's about good health, warmth, spontaneity and charisma.


Poetry in Motion...........

Daphne said this:
"People deal with models like they are children. They think they can pull one over on you. It's actually funny. I'm always like, I'm about to pull something on you, and you're so focused on thinking I'm dumb you're not even going to know."

Toño Rosario aprovechó la aparición del término para utilizarlo en un merengue. Desde entonces el vocablo “chapiadora” se ha incrustado en el lenguaje de los dominicanos para definir, en especial a algunas conductoras de televisión y a las mujeres que deciden usar su cuerpo para obtener cualquier bien económico.

The Sexual Allure of Chanel No. 5 

Marilyn and Chanel No. 5.




Three words that clink and fit perfectly together

Sheikha Mozah in white Chanel Haute Couture suit. Flawless!

Slaying, Sheikha Mozah

Are you seeing what I am seeing? Trends come and go, but style is eternal. Grace Kelly and Sheikha Mozah in straw hats with square crown and black turbans with sunglasses. Classic and chic. 

not your typical Saudi.... shopping is a girl's cardio

I recommended the bucal fat pad removal and she is thinking
about it(smiles)

Perfectly Perfect and VVIP(very very important person) are two phrases that I have applied to get a copyright for myself.....let us wait and see if I will get them....I think so.....an update...I did get it((smiles)

  1. Bisogna trascendere dal reale - per capirne la magia.

Yes.....Beverly Hills is a fun place...........it is.......

Since I am not home in Miami Beach I missed the snow....yes the snow, sorry Global Warming
Kooks your theories are never true..........

The results of studies is very clear answer most of the questions that we ask ourselves in the mirror: the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and its perfect color provides hyaluronic acid - which helps to maintain an optimal water balance of the cells. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin loses tone and wrinkles.
This tablets,potions and pills help you for sure.

"A Diós Le Pido"

Que mi madre no se muera y que mi
padre me recuerde a Dios le pido 

gummy bear breast implants


"I love when you hug someone and they smell amazing."

Do Japanese say I love you?
Of course. There are two ways to say this, suki desu (lit. "I like you" but with a strong romantic implication) and ai shiteru ("I love you,") usually considered too strong for casual use)

Regardless of how cold it gets, the streets of Russian cities in winter are reminiscent of a fur fashion catwalk, with a kaleidoscope of women in pelts of all sizes, colors and designs.
A fur coat for a Russian woman is akin to a baptism: you are not a woman unless you have a mink pelt or better sable coat hanging in your closet.

I believe women look best when they're not overdressed. Ease is Chic.......

Girls you do not want to be in your 30s looking for stability that's what
your 20s are for. You should be trying to be 30 looking 20, Thinking
50 keeping it 100

and yes we spoke about the teeth and about the lower face....improving it

Les plus belles robes sont portées pour être retirées.

Lace is back.

Bella Hadid x Robert Riley Jeans

Two of people I will be missing all the Holidays to come...the late Bijan and the late Dr Fred

one of my favorites poets -e.e. cummings


You'll then become beautiful!

hair and makeup with professional make up and hair experts.....

been there done that.......

thigh gap

mini thigh gap

no thigh gap

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 Caroline Aquino one of the 4,000 + followers of the Tidbits




love of the Babushka.....Babushka Chic



more tidbits

Ce que j’aime en ce moment

some of my favorite things, people....places

Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen poses her first cry in this world on July 20, 1980 , in the beautiful country of Brazil. She is a Brazilian model known in the fashion world. Her father’s name Valdir Bündchen and her mother name is Vania Nonnenmacher. These two German immigrants gave birth to 6 girls. Gisele has a twin sister, Patricia, who, like other sister tried modeling. Gisèle only managed to break through and has an exceptional career that began in 1993.
© Gisèle Bündchen via Facebook

Gisèle Bündchen 


  • Name: Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen
  • Date of Birth: July 20, 1980
  • Birthplace: Horizontina ( Brazil )
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Profession: Model , actress
  • Son: Benjamin Rein Brady ( b. 2009)
  • Daughter: Vivian Lake Brady (born in 2012)
  • Marital status: married to Tom Brady
  • Height: 1.80 meters
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Measurements: 86-61-86 (EU ) 34-24-34 ( U.S. )
  • Bust: 34 B or 90 C
  • Size: 38.5
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eyes : Blue

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free


IN the melee at Paris Couture, all eyes used to be on the skinny French fashion elite, particularly Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt in one of her many pairs of black trousers. But attention has shifted and it's shifted to the East. The Russians, or more precisely a small group of Muscovites, are now the ones stealing the off-catwalk limelight.

Claire Courtin-Clarins  AT Louis Vuitton New Boutique Opening

The adventures of Peepy and Lady Lee..........

Peepy & Mother'LEE With The Anchavika Family!!!

a little take on Japan-日本,

Riyo Mori (森 理世 Mori Riyo\)

One aspect of the Japanese I'm a fan of, is their humility, the general tendency to be self-effacing and avoid boastfulness when dealing with others. This humility takes many forms, for example most Japanese will vehemently deny a compliment paid to them, or may deflect the compliment back to you with the phrase おかげさまで okage-sama de, which literally means "it's all thanks to you,"said even if you just met the person in question and they had nothing to do with helping you attain whatever skill or ability you've just been praised for.



I do not want to rain on anyone's parade but after you are thirty years of age you should no longer buy the expensive beauty creams that are over the counter ie in fancy stores: Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys just to name a few.....you need to get them from Doctors(plastic surgeons) or Dermatologists who specialise in beauty and are licensed to give you stronger creams and potions.
However this products are very good for over the counter.......

"The Beta-Lift Peel"
Moderate medium-depth peels result in a temporary all-over peeling with deeper pink tone to your skin for several days to a week. These peels are more effective on moderate wrinkles, precancerous skin growths and more problematic pigmentation. Mostly used on the face,medium peels are typically TCA peels.

The nose sits in the middle of a face, so there’s not much room for error: One millimeter can make the difference between an elegant proboscis and one that is porcine. A member of The Miami Institute team, Dr. Robert Simons has spent 40 years refining noses while maintaining each patient’s uniqueness. “Miami is very international, and there is more of an appreciation for ethnicity and individuality,” he notes.

Technique: Simons is a minimalist; he doesn’t believe in excising tissue, preferring to reposition it and strengthen a profile. “The cute, little nose is an old concept,” he says. He is not a fan of the popular open rhinoplasty; his incision is made inside the nose so there is no chance of scarring.

The facelift is the quintessential procedure in facial plastic surgery. It is the ultimate in surgical rejuvenation for a more youthful face. The true facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face. From a medical point of view, a facelift refers to lifting the cheeks, jowls and under the neck, which is why some doctors and patients actually prefer to call this a "cheek-neck lift." Patients and doctors sometimes expand this description of facial rejuvenation to include a browlift referring to it as a "Complete Facelift."


Demi Moore

some of the best, some of the chic and some of the beautiful in the world!!!! 

Plus Dorés" - “the most golden

   HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

Sheikha Mozah was talking to Susan Gutfreund & John Gutfreund at 
the Educate A Child charity event at Lincoln Center, New York. 
Susan Gutfreund is also a major couture client of Valentino and Chanel, 
she was featured in the BBC documentary The Secret World of Haute 
Couture. Sheikha Mozah was wearing gold couture jumpsuit from 
Valentino Fall 2012 collection. Two couture lovers must be taking 
about clothes and Valentino. 




Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success

Dazed & Confused February 2014 Lupita Nyong'o by Sharif Hamza


Have American men always been fascinated by Russian women?
Maybe its a legacy from the cold war, the forbidden fantasy of "sleeping with the enemy"?
Maybe its the impression Russian women make on American media as Victoria's Secret Angels and James Bond girls?

"Thanks to the size of the iPhone 6 Plus, high-waisted jeans are making a comeback."(smiles)

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I love Zebras....

Edita Vilkeviciute for Calvin Klein Concept Campaign by Fabien Baron

"There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense."

Is the below why Kate Upton was not part of the VS Show (she threatens female customers)?

“The merchants drive the decisions on the Angels. They [Victoria’s Secret] try the girls out, and certain girls sell product. They’re women that appeal to other women. And they’re special because they never appear in men’s magazines. Once you start to do that, they become threatening [to potential female customers],”

‘Je Bent Mooi’     

Anna Palma- notice the indirect reference to Freud

requested by a friend..........

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

made in downtown Los Angeles.....sweatshop free

Look – Wynwood

Newly arrived Olim learning to write Hebrew 1949

 that I am Jewish, I am identifying myself as part of a tradition, connected to our foremothers and fathers, and carrying on to the future a culture, religion, a way of life. I feel pride, and am overwhelmed with joy when I declare that I am part of this incredible people, our people Israel."

The native name of Israel is Yisrae'el
I am ...Israel is Israel...this blog is the truth as the world and life is.....

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